Tribeca Wordpress - WP E-commerce Theme

Tribeca Wordpress with WP E-commerce plugin

You can use this theme as a full webshop. But you can also use it without the e-commerce plugin. So these are two themes in one!

This theme utilises the powerful WP E -Commerce plugin to create a versatile and feature packed Wordpress powered shop.

Works perfectly with Regular WordPress 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4.2, Multisite and WP E -Commerce Plugin.

Full Wordpress 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.2.1, 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.4 and 3.4.2 Compatibility!


Tribeca for WP is the Wordpress version of our popular selling Tribeca for Magento theme. Enjoy a high quality theme to use as-is or to use as a clean palette to customize your own design for yourself or your client/s.

Like many fashion boutiques these days, Tribeca for WordPress uses minimalist design to give off an air of urban sophistication. At the same time, the theme’s simplicity can create any type of ambience with the right product photos.

Tribeca has several custom theme options that simplify the process of creating and modifying key elements of your website such as the homepage slider, the footer and social links. There are also three page templates available to help you set up a blog page, contact form and a photo gallery. The gallery pages include free Lightbox gallery integration.

Three custom widgets can be added to each page’s sidebar. A Flickr widget displays either random or the most recent photos from your Flickr account. A Twitter Stream widget shows up to ten of your recent tweets. Finally, a third widget helps you easily display up to six banner ads.

Theme Features:
  • Homepage featuring a slider and sticky posts
  • 3 page templates:
    • Blog page
    • Contact Us page with a built-in contact form
    • Gallery page with free Lightbox gallery integration
  • 3 custom sidebar widgets:
    • Flickr feed
    • Twitter stream
    • Banner ads (up to six ads can be displayed)
  • Custom theme options that help you easily set up:
    • A custom logo
    • The homepage slider
    • Social links
    • The footer
    • Google analytics
  • Two navigation menus: top menu and footer links
  • Fly-out menus for multi-level navigation
  • Clean, easy-to-read design
  • Detailed documentation with screenshots

E-commerce Features:

  • Multiple payment options
  • Supports Tax
  • User accounts and order tracking
  • Shipping Options
  • Streamlined Checkout
  • AJAX Cart Loading
  • much more.

Comments (25)

July 16,2019
Menu feature is not working… only showing all my pages as menu items… seems like a common issue:
July 16,2019
No photos are appearing on the home page on the slider and I can’t figure out how to get the gallery working with the shopping cart. Please help
July 15,2019
Hey, love the template… Is there a dump of the test install?
July 13,2019
Found the fix to this nav issue. In the header.php replace mainmenu with menu:
July 09,2019
I bought this theme but the plugin (shopping card) it isn’t. And the link of the pdf it’s broken
July 09,2019
I recently applied this theme to wordpress, however none of my images are able to be seen after I hit publish. Also no pictures are seen on the home page on the slider. Just yesterday reinstalled wordpress losing all of my posts… I really don’t understant what’s going on. A broken code..Please Help
July 07,2019
I would like to purchase theme but would like to know is this mobile friendly ?
Please reply
July 06,2019
Already there. Looking forward to get some help.
July 04,2019
I’m also having trouble adding multiple product images. It seems to add them in the admin area fine but in the front end it only displays 1.
July 04,2019
already figured it out on my own thanks!
July 04,2019
Hi, I’m interested to buy this theme. I saw a better version of it in magento. DO you think I can have the same layout ( single products page…) with word press? If I can I like to buy it. Let me know
July 03,2019
Hi, I only need to know about 2 questions:
July 03,2019
I wish I could give this theme a high rating, but alas I cannot. The theme installs with the Main Nav broken, and there is absolutely NO customer service to speak of.
July 03,2019
Hi, I recently bought this template to create my wordpress store.
The problem is that when adding a thumbnail for a “Product Category” template does not recognize it, and instead shows me the default image template “Category image”
How I can fix this bug?
  Thank you.
June 26,2019
I figured out all my last questions. now for some reason it places the bottom tabs fine but the top it list all the pages. Not sure how I can fix it, I think it’s a glitch within the template it’s self
June 24,2019
The latest wordpress version is 3.8. Is this theme going to be upgraded
to be compatible with this version?
June 23,2019
Pre-Purchase Question: Is it possible to install this theme into Wp-Ecommerce without changing the overall main WP theme I’m already using? If so, how do I do this and is it very difficult to do? Thanks
June 23,2019
Hi, can the product page be accessed by clicking on the image in stead of the title of the product?
June 22,2019
Does this theme have promo codes for purchases?
June 21,2019
This doesn’t really help. I’m typing into the knowledge base and nothing’s happening.
June 21,2019
Just bought this theme and the top menu doesn’t register the changes I have made in Wordpress menu manager. I have looked through your comment list and see that this has been a recurring issue. Please explain how to fix so I can properly use this theme.
June 17,2019
I’m trying to figure out how to have more than one image per item on the single product pages. So far no luck, please help!
June 17,2019
I added a custom menu in the header, but it doesn’t work…
June 09,2019
By the way your Help Desk at “” link is forwarding to: “” and there is no content there
June 07,2019
I would like to purchase theme but would like to know if I am able to do a full width page where I can put information like an about us section.