Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme

Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme

Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme

Kona is a modern and clean Premium WooCommerce Theme with a focus on a smooth and great user experience. It provides some unique tools and features which will make your eCommerce website stand out from the crowd.

Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme

What our buyers are thinking

Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme Kona - Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme

Key Features

  • WordPress 5.0+ ready
  • WooCommerce 3.5+ ready
  • Lookbook Option
  • Wishlist
  • Live Ajax Search
  • Live Filter
  • Product Variation Swatches
  • Revolution Slider included
  • Product Video
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • Retina ready
  • Different Menu layouts
  • Responsive
  • Video Support (youtube,vimeo + html5)
  • Revolution Slider (included)
  • Shop Classic pagination, Load More or Infinity Load
  • Intuitive & Easy-to-use Page Builder
  • Social Media integration
  • Video Tutorials
  • Optimized for Contact Form 7
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Smooth Animations
  • Parallax Background
  • Video Background
  • Great Performance (98% PagSpeed on GtMetrix)
  • Modern & Clean Layout
  • Font Manager
  • Sortable Portfolio
  • Well organised css
  • Icon Fonts
  • Google Fonts
  • Typekit Fonts
  • Custom Fonts
  • Easy-To-Use Admin Interface
  • Tons of Options and Features
  • Lighbox included
  • Cross Browser optimation
  • Smooth User Experience
  • Google map
  • Clean Code
  • Premium Support

Images / Video Credits

* some of the Images/Videos are not included in the download (demo import)

Font: The font used in the demo live preview is “Proxima Nova” and is not included into the download (demo import)


Version 2.3

* NEW: added search by tag for ajax theme search action
* NEW: svg logo option (svg support plugin needed)
* FIX: my account order details
* FIX: align mini cart icon
* FIX: header bar z-index
* FIX: Search input size
* FIX: product appearance on mobile if arrow gallery
* OPT: ALT text for product images
* OPT: WooCommerce templates update

Version 2.2

* FIX: hide select on grid variation
* FIX: center header bar if no left and right
* FIX: variation on load more 
* FIX: multiple load more grids on same page 
* FIX: cart delete for products marked as sold individually 
* FIX: center login icon on big logo
* FIX: hero,body,menu top margin on big logo
* FIX: submenu position on big logos
* OPT: pagebuilder hover index

Version 2.1

* NEW: choose variations on grid by attribute
* FIX: hide wpml on header when it's in top bar (style.css)
* FIX: Mobile images padding when top header bar (custom styling)
* FIX: init lazy load after load more (script.js)
* FIX: category display on shop catalogue page 
* FIX: out of stock message
* FIX: display variation image on grid (woo.js)

Version 2.0

* NEW: header top bar
* NEW: My Account / Login Icon option
* NEW: Quick View
* FIX: checkout button on mobile devices (100vh for mobiles workaround)
* FIX: gallery main switch image
* FIX: empty cart notice to language pot file
* FIX: disable zoom for mobiles
* FIX: variations on carousel
* FIX: html tag error for gallery
* FIX: Badges position when no gallery on single
* OPT: always display view cart if cart has items
* OPT: thumb hover stay when product media hover
* OPT: workaround for logos coming from a different location
* OPT: optimized for google mobile test
* UPD: Woo template update (3.5.5)
* UPD: revolution slider

Version 1.7.61

* FIX: gallery height adapt disable on mobiles

Version 1.7.6

* FIX: zoom for single image gallery
* FIX: badges for single image gallery
* FIX: gallery height adapt if different heights
* OPT: display 2nd address field (css)
* OPT: take default price output and switch sale via css

Version 1.7.5

* NEW: mobile column option
* NEW: enable/disable rating stars on products
* NEW: added sku for search
* FIX: bug for old edge browser
* FIX: product variation image show
* FIX: variation on search
* FIX: "create account" + "login" translatable 
* UPD: woocommerce files

Version 1.7

* NEW: Price font size choice for single products
* OPT: show hover image if no variation images
* FIX: font family for post navigation
* FIX: Wishlist icon align (top margin via custom style)
* FIX: Wishlist icon jump to transition
* FIX: Show main variation image if enabled in theme options

Version 1.6.51

* FIX: thumbs on mobile
* FIX: gallery thumb on special variation

Version 1.6.5

* NEW: zoom options for product gallery (only classic layout)
* NEW: price range option for variable products
* FIX: product gallery when multiple variations
* FIX: Upsells display
* FIX: fixed add to cart on smaller screens
* OPT: display main product gallery if no variation gallery is set
* OPT: loco translate compatible
* OPT: optimize some css (add to cart font size)
* OPT: hide scrollbar for product-nav (gallery thumbs)

Version 1.6

* NEW: Fixed add to cart button
* NEW: Sidebar for blog page/posts
* NEW: WeChat social icon
* NEW: Newsletter Sign-Up
* FIX: Hide quantity if stock is set to single add
* FIX: img hover on grid
* FIX: add lazy init after ajax filter 
* FIX: Share word translatable

Version 1.5

* NEW: Image option for variation
* NEW: variation swatches on archive/shop page
* OPT: sale price for variable products
* OPT: product-hero top spacing on mobile (custom styling)
* OPT: reinitialize isotope after ajax filter (kona-core ajax callback)
* FIX: theme options save

Version 1.4

* NEW: percentage option for sale badge
* NEW: NEW badge
* NEW: HOT badge
* NEW: back to top button
* FIX: mega-menu on different breakpoint (js)
* FIX: responsive menu when sticky
* FIX: gallery on variable product with no variable image/gallery
* FIX: bank details for thank you page
* FIX: js error on flickity sliders
* UPDATE: Wordpress 5.0 compatible

Version 1.3.5

* NEW: choose add to cart button appearance
* NEW: choose mini cart icon
* NEW: add main product image to gallery
* NEW: mobile breakpoint option on theme options
* FIX: add to cart message on product and archive page
* FIX: product gallery backend
* FIX: polylang error message
* OPT: stripe

Version 1.3

* NEW: WPML compatible
* NEW: Currency switcher (wpml)
* NEW: Autoplay for slider
* NEW: Portfolio Demo
* OPTIMIZED: remove items on cart for mobile
* FIX: Megamenu
* FIX: Single title Size for products
* FIX: Lookbook error if product does not exist
* FIX: External Product Link
* FIX: Pagebuilder Slider Element
* FIX: Tab shortcode frontend appearance
* FIX: page title on shop archive (brands, ...)
* FIX: variable images display (product-image.php)

Version 1.2

* NEW: Size Guide
* FIX: Logo custom height for mobile
* FIX: change price for variable products
* FIX: Megamenu position when menu right
* FIX: Wishlist position on scrolled sticky header
* FIX: Pagebuilder Import Issue
* FIX: Improved import process

Version 1.1

* NEW: Portfolio
* NEW: cta option
* NEW: visual composer compatible
* FIX: Pagebuilder lookbook bug
* FIX: My Account page responsive
* FIX: Megamenu position when menu centered

Version 1.0

* Release

Portu - Elegant and Professional Admin Dashboard Figma

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Organize every project and event of your company handle by using Portu, an elegant and professional admin dashboard template that will help you do everything you need to do.It is suitable for company admin, project admin, email dashboard, invoice admin, calendar dashboard, crypto dashboard, Kanban dashboard and many more.

Comments (95)

July 16,2019
Hi guys, I have read that you do not use Visual Composer. Honestly, this leaves me some doubts about the purchase because 99% of my sites use Visual Composer and I can work with “closed eyes”. Can I see a preview of your theme builder?
July 15,2019
Hi guys, the theme looks really nice, great work.
July 15,2019
Hello, I am interested in purchasing you nice theme but I have a few pre sale questions:
1: I have not seen any newsletter sign in form in the templates, so i wondered if you provided this option in the theme.
2: I wanted to know if the page builder allowed us to customize only the home page and the CMS pages, or also the product and category pages.
For the Homepage, could we place and move elements as we like / or are we constraints by the template selected. Do you have any screenshot of the page builder?
3: is it possible to add social icons on the top header bar?
July 15,2019
Hello, nice theme! Please, fix the hover image issue after v1.5 update. It isnt work after update((
July 14,2019
Hello, any idea if it is possible to make this template work with Polylang ? i need to have the website in multiple language, i did try to activate and i get and error
July 14,2019
Looks nice! is there setup documentation?
July 14,2019
hello again! does your theme support svg? I use svg for my logo and for most featured images in blog-posts (“image” with just text.. svg text looks much better than text in .jpg image)..
July 12,2019
I’ve a problem, when back to previous broswing screen ( let’s say I scroll into the middle of page ) when press back button in the browser, It jumps back on top. please help.
July 12,2019
no ETA for the update fixing missing product variation description?
July 12,2019
I purchased this plugin and its great.
July 10,2019
Hello, I love this theme and I want to buy it. It is functional, clean and beautiful. However I have one question: in the demo I see all product pictures are vertical rectangles. Most of my products will have square pictures.
July 10,2019
Does this theme supports amazon, apple pay ?
July 10,2019
is this template translated in french ?
July 10,2019
This KONA theme’s design is very good. but I made website using this theme, very slow. this theme support low customization. I installed on hostinger(web hosting). very bad performance and bugs with this. http://www.wiederkunst.com used this theme. anyone can show website used this them, e-commerce?
July 09,2019
Hi, Im wanting to add WeChat to the social media options. Is it possible to add it, and if not could you provide me with the coding to be able to change the look of a different social media icon so that i can use it for WeChat.
July 09,2019
Hi, when I use typekit the does not display on Internet Explorer, any idea why?
July 09,2019
I quite like the minimal yet modern design of this theme, good work. Just for your notice, many internal pages in your demo are broken and not working.
July 09,2019
Hi SpabRice, please could I get a copy of the import file, the theme option only shows the classic import but I would like to see the rest also
July 09,2019
it is support multi language and RTL ??
July 09,2019
Hi – When adding a Youtube video Background (with these settings: https://puu.sh/CVYHw/a4a2dc4fba.png) I just get a black hero screen: https://puu.sh/CVYJ8/5ae78f78a0.png. Do I have a wrong setting?
July 09,2019
Last update doesn’t work, kona-core has an error, won’t load page.
July 09,2019
Very nice theme. Before purchasing, I was hoping to find out the answer to the following: You mention in your listing some images/video not included. I’m interested in the Minimal style, the video of the models in a Paris apartment, is that video included? I’m just interested in a small snippet of that video in addition to the theme. Please let me know if it’s included and I’ll purchase right away. Otherwise, can I license some of that video too?
July 08,2019
Hello there I purchased the theme, It’s very good. However, I would like to know what’s the variant of the font you’re using ?
July 08,2019
Please add Zoom features in product pages
July 08,2019
Very Nice Theme, but i miss in the demo the review stars on shoppage and singlepage. is this theme without ratings stars?
July 08,2019
Hello, How do I import the “Stylish Demo”?
July 08,2019
can any one help for a button created in kona with [sr-button-type] we cannot give a link of single product
July 07,2019
Hello again! Do you plan (or may be not plan this already, but this is possible) to add centered align header layout (logo and menu)? does theme compatible with WPBakery builder? What exactly is your custom page builder? Do you plan to add 2-3 single product layuts (your design and style is very elegant. Hope to see some layouts made by your designer). Could you promise refund if I find your theme useless in my case? (best way – to provide demo access to admin panel…..I can’t spent money for good-looking demo but useless product in real life… I have only one project, I do not make many sites… I use a couple of plugins and have principle points…and if it doesn’t work together – theme is useless for me…).
And one more – what wrong with your demo? some pages (main pages and roduct pages) are broken for some last days (I cleaned browser cache and tried some browsers…even mobile)...
July 06,2019
Awesome Design! Good Luck With Sale.
July 06,2019
the pagebuilder is very buggy, can you implement your elements with the visual composer please?
July 06,2019
I managed to import finally. On the other hand now I will like integrated Proxima nova typo as in the demo, how can I do?
July 06,2019
I am still waiting for support answer ;(
July 05,2019
Maybe there’s a problem in your demo?
July 05,2019
Hi, love your this theme Good job!! I’m planning to buy but wanted to know the following;
1. Does the theme have a product zoom-in capability? If not, does it work with any product zoom-in plug-in.
2. Is there a way to have “Continue Shopping” button in the cart page?
3. Can the “newsletter” sign up be enabled for all home page options?
Look forward to your quick response…Thanks!
July 05,2019
Hi guys, there is a carousel images gallery? Usually the shop themes have it, to be able to show the brand logos …
July 05,2019
Hello! Is it possible to set a ‘coming soon’ page so I can work on the content in the back without the page being visible for clients?
July 05,2019
hi, all demos is broken for me: https://i.imgur.com/rrLxtAl.png
July 03,2019
Hello, I have 3 pre-purchase questions: 1- How to search by sku ? 2- Are you planning to include social media to log into account ? 3- Will you include a 5 star rating on product pages? Waiting for your answers. Keep working on, your theme is a killer. Rgds, Djul.
July 03,2019
Is this theme compatible with Visual Composer please?
July 03,2019
Hi, Thanks for this theme, it’s beautiful.
July 02,2019
How can i change the color of the add to cart in my single product page
July 02,2019
Please take a look below at the bottom right … http://preview.themeforest.net/item/kona-modern-clean-ecommerce-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/22715908?_ga=2.55145387.103900497.1543370851-363907053.1522754587
July 01,2019
I can’t understand how to put an image in the mega menu
July 01,2019
Hi, I am considering purchasing this theme and I’ve got a few questions:
1. Is it easy to add social icons to the header area?
2. Does it integrate with Mailchimp?
3. Does it offer countdowns to use before product launch?
4. What is your average response time for after sales support?
5. Do you offer guidance for minor CSS modifications?
6. Is it possible to change the logo’s size and position easily from the composer without coding?
7. How does it manage forms? Contact 7?
8. Does it support pre-ordering items that are out of stock?
9. Is the composer drag & drop?
July 01,2019
Hi, your theme includes .po and .mo files?
July 01,2019
I have purchased kona creative (demo) theme in that how to create a filter for products.
June 30,2019
Wow this theme looks amazing! In your next update is it going to be Gutenberg optimized as well? Thanks!
June 29,2019
Hi. I want to make a separate product card for each color of one model. is it possible to place a color variation swatches inside to the single color product card so that you can switch from one card to another in a different color ?
June 29,2019
Product Image using Product Extras for WooCommerce plugin is not working
June 29,2019
Hi! looks good. Do you plan to add header and footer visual builder – to make any layout??. (like as in “Sobari” or “Jupiter” theme or some others you could find here on themeforest. I need to make same header menu-topbar-logo layout as I have now https://vesssna.com ). Does your woocomerce templates compatible with 3rd party woocommerce plugins like “woocommerce booster” (adds tons of options and tabs management, for example) and “WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode & Enquiry Form”? may be, you could provide demo access to admin panel?
June 29,2019
Helo. We are interested in your theme. Is there an option to put a Shipping Calculator on Single Product page?
June 28,2019
May I know what kind of builder does it use ?
June 28,2019
I bought this and it won’t install on any hosting accounts I have can you help me here
June 27,2019
Hello, I just bought your template. When I try to import all the contents, I have a 500 error, memory limit… are ok, I can not change the version of PHP because I am in a folder /NEW and if I change my site to the root will not work anymore. Can you send me a file so that I can integrate it from the import tool or with the all in one migration plugin. Waiting for your return. Kevin
June 26,2019
Hi! i have this error… can u hel me?
June 26,2019
Hi. Nice looking project. Gird is on flexbox of floats?
June 26,2019
Really beautiful theme. I have a question: is there a version of the menu text with centered text?
thanks a lot
June 25,2019
Nice theme. Can a video be used instead of the slider?
June 24,2019
Never got a reply from emailing – so here’s my comment:
June 23,2019
Great job. Impressive design and functionalities. Good luck with the sales
June 23,2019
Hello, I have some pre-purchase questions:
1. To what extent can category pages be customized? Is it possible to display the picture full width and filters below it, not like in the demo there filters cut in the picture (http://spab-rice.com/wordpress/kona/demo/product-category/women/)?
2. Can a banner be added on top of other pages like about us, contact etc.?
3. Does it support RTL writing?
Thank you.
June 23,2019
Hey there SpabRice I just have a few pre-sales questions.
June 22,2019
Hello, the demo does not work :/
June 22,2019
How do I hide the quantity of items showing in stock on the frontend
June 22,2019
Can I have sidebar on homepage and product page?
June 21,2019
This theme has everything I need, Is it possible to add single product gallery scroll into this theme? If so I’m going to make my purchase. Which is widely used in fashion website?
June 20,2019
Hi! have kona theme lightbox image in product-page? (in demos when you click to main image doesn’t have a zoom).
And, is kona theme compatible with elementor builder?
June 18,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 17,2019
How can I remove the long string of menu pages on the product item page. Its at the top above my item title. I would like to remove it. Thank you
June 16,2019
Cant even activate the page builder inside the pages. Im just stuck!
June 16,2019
is there any additional plugin should i paid for advance feature?
June 15,2019
Hello, the footer for the theme is not displaying on the pages. How do I fix this?
June 14,2019
This is great! Is it compatible with wcvendors?
June 14,2019
Hello there! I’m in love with this theme! But, can I use the Loco Translate plugin? I have tried to translate using Loco but the plugin doesn’t get the string files to translate. I do not want a multilingual store, so there’s no point on using WPML as Loco has a lot easier translation method.
Looking forward for your quick response.
Thanks a lot!
June 13,2019
No matter how many edits I make to pages in the backend, they’re not shown in the front end. Ive tried everything, but unfortunately whats on the back doesnt represent whats in the front. Whats going on? how can I fix this?
June 13,2019
Hey, was browsing the demo and noticed an error in the console (in the Classic demo) eg: https://d.pr/i/B0YMrn . Cheers!
June 12,2019
Hi, how do I change the price range in the filter. Right now max price is 212 and I have products that cost more than that? Thank you!!!
June 11,2019
Problem Kona Core plugins
The download failed. Not Found
Plugin not activated. A higher version of Kona Core is needed for this theme. Please update the plugin.
June 11,2019
Hello! This theme is superb! Congrats! I’d like to know if it’s possible to try out the admin panel? Thanks
June 11,2019
can’t push “checkout” button on iPhone X if 2 product in the cart, take a look – http://i.imgur.com/g1HfhPX.png
June 10,2019
I have two pre-purchase questions. Can you add custom css for minor changes? The second question is, if I purchase and it does not suit me when I have tried it, can I get a refund within 30 days or something like that?
June 10,2019
Hi, i have been emailing you guys without any replies – is there an update coming that supports videos on cellphones etc.
June 10,2019
How to adjust the quality of the product thumbnail images? They seem to be blury.
June 09,2019
I have a product picture and a hover picture. they load fine but when I click “load more” to see more products the hover image no longer shows and when the mouse is hovered over the main image, the main image goes white.
June 09,2019
Which page builder do you use?
June 09,2019
how to use the new currency options? I dont see where I can change the currency option for the customer to choose
June 09,2019
It is a super awesome theme!
I was just wondering on the SHOP page with 2 items only the images seem pixelated, or scaled up with low quality. Is this fixable_
June 08,2019
Hi, absolutely loving the theme. Page builder is extremely easy to use and everythng is so clean. Im wanting to add some social icons to the menu area, ideally to be positioned about the main menu as a top bar, along side the language switcher icon. Are you able to assist in the best way to do this please.
June 08,2019
Hello, can I please try the backend before purchase? How many plugins are required for theme functionality? I don’t like themes that require many plugins installation.
June 08,2019
Hi I sent an email requesting a refund. Can you reply please. Thanks in advance
June 07,2019
Hey guys, can you guys update WPBakery to 5.6 as the recent update of wordpress 5.0 unable to allow us to use WPBakery.
June 07,2019
Hi guys, I’m using Hero Appearance Full but I need the solid menu background. How can I do?
June 06,2019
Hi does your theme supports or compitable with woocommerce bookings plugin or not it’s urgent
June 06,2019
hello! is this possible to achieve same header layout that I have now – https://vesssna.com ???? what about demo acces to admin panel? and what about header and footer builedr? is there just some options or full-features-builder (any layout possible to make)? is this possible to make on mobile layout shop sidebar off-canvas with button (look at from mobile https://vesssna.com/portfolio/ ), but not at the bottom of page (hate this scrolling-scrolling-scrolling on mobile)?
does your theme compatible with 3-rd party woocommerce plugins like WooCommerce Booster (some themes doesn’t compatible cause templates completely rewrited)
June 05,2019
Where can I find the iconfont code list?