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Welcome to Love Travel – Creative Travel Agency

Love Travel is a multi-page website and a theme Multipurpose. Inside the package there are HTML5 files of all pages optimized in order to perform in a simple and fast any customization. The site has been designed for travel agency, tour operator, travel blog, but thanks to his creative graphics, simple, modern, flat and clean well suited to any business.

Thanks to its excellent structure and layout of the theme you can use Love Travel for all services related to tourism such as hotels, resorts, honeymoon, cruise, travel and much more. For lovers of travel, Love Travel adapts awesome to talk about your trip and your holiday between sea and mountains in both summer and winter. Love Travel may also be suitable for your creative agency (web agency). The theme has been designed using the 1200 px grid system with 12 columns.


  • Multi page Theme, More Than 50 Design Pages
  • Two “One Page” Style
  • Jquery Superfish menu with levels
  • Revolution Slider Included, Save 12 $
  • Easy pie chart
  • Alternative menu with effect on the left
  • Animated Block with Jquery Inview, Appear your code with some intro effect
  • CSS3 transition effects
  • Showbiz Pro Plugin for carousel, Save 10 $
  • Wordpress Ready, PHP files within the package to make your wordpress (useful for developers)
  • Png Icons included
  • 1200px Grid System (content width:1180px; full width:1200px), YOU CAN CHANGE GRID SYSTEM FOR EVERYTHING! AMAZING RESPONSIVE SYSTEM!
  • Well Organized layers makes it very easy to update
  • Modern, Creative and Flat Design
  • Clean and Fresh Theme
  • Fixed Menu
  • Progress Bar
  • Nice Scroll
  • Isotope Gallery with Filter and Masonry with Infinite Scroll
  • Twitter Feed
  • FancyBox plugin for your gallery
  • Flexslider with or without carousel
  • Parallax Section
  • Transparent style for some elements (New ios7 style)

Pages in the package

  • Home 1/2: Slider Width 100%, Slider Height 100%
  • Home 3: Carousel Version
  • Home 4/5: Slider Full Screen (Dark and Light Menu)
  • Home 6/7: One Page Style (Normal and Transparent Design With Parallax section)

  • Price and Team Page, you can center one price box with specific class (2 different style)
  • Tour Page, you can use it to show the prices of tour
  • Destinations Page, amazing page with nice scrool
  • About us 1,2,3 design
  • Single Project Page with flexslider and showbiz plugin for carousel
  • Simple Page, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, FullWidth, FullWidth Centered
  • Columns, This page shows the grid system

  • Isotope, Masonry and Fancybox plugin for gallery
  • Gallery 1, with same size, 2, 3 and 4 column
  • Gallery 2, with same size filter, 2, 3 and 4 column (Isotope Filter)
  • Gallery 3, with different size, 2, 3, 4 column (Masonry Style)
  • Gallery 4, with different size filter, 2, 3, 4 column (Masonry Style, Isotope Filter)

  • Archive Blog Standard, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, FullWidth, FullWidth Centered
  • Blog Masonry Infinite Scroll, 2, 3, 4 column
  • Blog Masonry with pagination, 2, 3, 4 column
  • Single Post, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, FullWidth, FullWidth Centered

  • Contact Page, dark, light style and with some text (without php mailer)

Images and icons

A special thanks to glyphicons for free png icons.
The amazing images used only in the previews are in wallpaperswide


14 January 2014 – v. 1.0
 - Initial Version

Your Multi Template

Your Multi Template is a Super clean Minimalist modern Responsive template using HTML5 & CSS3 based on Bootstrap 3.This is 2 different layout template, where you can choose your own template from 2 different layouts.

Comments (94)

July 16,2019
Hi, are You going to have it in Wordpress? Very nice theme!
July 15,2019
We bought the incorrect theme and would like a credit towards the wordpress theme please. Have tried to contact you via your website but the person there cannot assist. This is getting very frustrating and it seem like there is very little concern for actually assisting, more just waiting till the problem goes away. We also contacted Envato but they told us to contact you directly.
July 15,2019
The site look great on chrome, FF and IE latest versions but doesn’t look good on old IE versions (for example IE .
July 15,2019
hellow, a simple cuestion, how can i change the “team area” from 4 members to 6 members, using carousel mode. thanks in advance.
July 14,2019
Thank you for this great job! For a long time I have waited! Code clean and well organized, easy to edit! Congratulations!
July 14,2019
Hello Nic , I recently purchased your wonderful theme for my travel agency . I have a question for you : I always used Dreamweaver to edit the content of my site , but with this I can not , because I do not have a perfect view graphically . Could you recommend a software or tell me how I can see the right layout dreamweaver ?
Thanks, Tony
July 14,2019
Hi. Is this theme will be available soon for wordpress?
July 13,2019
Is this theme useable for Drupal?
July 13,2019
I need a refund of this theme.
July 11,2019
Hi there,
we are looking for a responsive template, capable to resize and mobile friendly.
July 11,2019
I made the purchase of your theme two days ago. How can I activate the revolution slider?
July 08,2019
hi: this theme its compatible with WPML translate plugin ?
July 08,2019
Very nice & smooth transition! Good PSD and Great HTML
July 08,2019
Amazing, I’m waiting for the wordpress version.
July 07,2019
I add some Destinations, but it only show several of them. Could you tell me how to display all the destinations. Thanks.
July 07,2019
Good job! i’ll buy it
July 06,2019
Need some quick help please. Site is supposed to go live tomorrow.
July 06,2019
Hi, is it possible to change the color scheme on this theme?
July 06,2019
any idea when the Wordpress version is coming out? Might just end up buying other theme if this won’t come out soon.
July 05,2019
Hi I’m trying to put two carousels in the same page but I can’t. When I duplicate the code it controls the wrong carousel. I was wondering if you could tell me how to make this work please. Thanks!
July 05,2019
How do I add google map on “Contact”?
July 05,2019
Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales!
July 04,2019
If this was a WP version, I wouldve bought it right now! I have short time so might getting other theme.
July 04,2019
Can I pull up a video in the carousel gallery?
July 03,2019
Hi. I want to buy the HTML theme, but I need to use the Ken Burns zoom effect in the slider. Is it posible? Thanx
July 03,2019
Would love to WP version – best travel theme I’ve ever seen…
July 01,2019
can i use this template less slider revolution and used slider revolution for another template?
June 30,2019
hey add!
love travel can run with wordpress?
i want use love travel but it write by html5…
how to? thanks
June 30,2019
Hi! I am new on this.. and I wanna now if I use your HTML5 template the only way to edit it is with Dreamweaver? I’m wondering if there is something similar as WP system… with a admin login…?
June 30,2019
Hello. Under Pages, when I want to use just one template, what do I do with the rest? Do I delete it? Or I can keep them without displaying them?
June 29,2019
Can we use this theme in drupal 7…If yes….please tell us the process…..Its urgent…..
June 29,2019
Does this template supports imports of xml cruise listing? with about 3000 line items
June 29,2019
Wow, this is cool ¡¡ One question, to much problem to make index Carousel Version slide runs by default ? Thanks and good luck with sales.
June 29,2019
Dear author, does the template has its own php mail form, and validation for the fields.
June 28,2019
Can i upload it on wordpress?
June 28,2019
What can i do with this DAY 4?
Something goes wrong with content below.
June 28,2019
Nice? If have a html5 audio player and video player , it will be great !
I like it , I will buy it. Good sales ! If you add the player ,please tell me.
June 27,2019
I’ve purchase the html5 version of love travel template
I realized that are missing styles for some form element, as select, radio, etc.
June 27,2019
This website doesn’t show that well on smart phones. Can you please advice as to how to make it look decent on phones? Other than this I love the look. I would love for this to be on Wordpress. I noticed you mentioned you would have it soon. What is the time we are looking at as of now?
June 26,2019
Hi – Can you please let me know, what images are included in the package, if any ?
June 26,2019
Are you kidding me? I LOVE this template but please make a few more videos on how to use it. I am super frustrated on how to do the travel part, etc.
June 25,2019
Wonderful theme, the efforts put in this theme seems to be large.
June 25,2019
Hey Nicdark,
I just purchased this theme. It’s very awesome!
June 25,2019
Hello nicdark,
Your template was exactly what i was looking for.
Where can i find the slide images on the front page?
Is it possible to download them somewhere?
Thank you
June 24,2019
Beautiful Design. Do you include the revolution sliders?
June 23,2019
do you have an idea when the work will be finish ?
I really want to buy your wordpress template
June 23,2019
Hello this can used on script ?
June 22,2019
Hi. I love your theme but, What are the possibilities with API or XML EAN Expedia integration?
June 21,2019
Hi dude!! Your theme is wonderful!! Very easy to edit!! Glws man
June 20,2019
How do I get 2 showbizpro carousels on same page? When I duplicate the code it controls the wrong carousel. Please advise.
June 19,2019
I’m looking at your work. I think it’s wonderful
I have a question, maybe a little silly …
How posts are inserted into the blog? The site has a panel or something?
Thank you!
June 19,2019
Hi! Does this theme have a review system? I see hearts with numbers what is that?
June 19,2019
Hi, I’ve purchased the HTML and PSD files of the theme, looks really good. I was wondering is it possible to get the HTML of the starting page, as it is in your Wordpress version (because of the booking module)?
Also, is it possible to set up navigation like it is in the Wordpress version (2 column dropdowns)?
June 19,2019
Awesome works! Your work is so nice! Simple yet professional. I like it so much!
June 18,2019
Is this a wordpress template?
This translated into Spanish?
the support includes template installation on my hosting?
June 17,2019
Hi I wuld like to speak further regarding paid custom development of a Wordpress version. We contacted you via Facebook as well as left our email contact. Hope tp hear from you soon.
June 17,2019
Hi first of all thanks for this awesome theme.
June 17,2019
Please tell me nicdark how i can delete the mobile and pad version in HTML 5 of Love travl
June 17,2019
how CMS was fremwork or expand this template
June 15,2019
Very nice work you have here. Will your wordpress version come with a booking system? Thanks.
June 15,2019
When the wordpress version will be released? i’m waiting for that before purchase
June 15,2019
Know there have been a lot of questions about this, but any idea when the WP version will be released?
June 15,2019
when is the wordpress version of this awesome work comes?
June 15,2019
Hi i just buy this theme and i would like to know how can i make the effect like the girl, beach, and sun on the first slide sorry no to much english, but wonderfull theme!
June 14,2019
Your WP was great! May I ask how can I use the Login and Register function?
June 14,2019
Why the page consumes a lot of cpu resources on loading? I think the issue is the slider but I can’t discover what’s happening.
I’m using Chrome on Mac…
June 13,2019
Do you have a documentation on configuration for showbiz carousel?
June 13,2019
Is there no update since 2014 ?
right now we are meet with bootstrap 4
June 13,2019
is this theme available just like the wordpress version? the html and wordpress version has different designs.
June 12,2019
Hi. I have bought your template.
Wich class i must to use for responsive images?
June 12,2019
Can’t wait for the WP version. Do you do website customization also?
June 12,2019
Hello, I have a serious problem with the installation of this theme.
When I install I get this error
June 12,2019
is this theme is built in bootstrap with latest version?
June 12,2019
The contact/map page doesn’t really work as one would expect: the “pin” icon doesn’t use the Google Maps Javascript APIs but it is just a static layer floating over the map so if you resize the page the pin move to a completely different location.
To be honest this behavior is a little bit misleading, I purchased the theme but when I found this I felt a little bit tricked.
June 11,2019
Hi I am trying to understand if I just need this template installed or I need to install this html5 together with the previous love travel theme? Anyone can clarify? Thanks
June 11,2019
Does your wordpress theme come with the Easy Pie Chart?
June 10,2019
can customers book a tour package and make payment online with this theme?
June 10,2019
Hello, does anybody now how to make the slider on home page work in Internet explorer?
It works fine on chrome and firefox.
Thanks in advance…
June 10,2019
How can I start the page gallery-masonry-with-filter-4-column.html with .filterone (Filter 1) applied? I cant make it work on page load.
June 09,2019
Is it possible to have 5 columns showing instead of 4 on the home page carousel? sample page here:
June 09,2019
Hi, you did a great job, I am going to purchase the Html template but you haven’t update id to be like the wordpress theme, can you make the update, cordially
June 09,2019
Are you going to add a signin/signup page?
June 08,2019
Hi, great looking theme. Will your WP include any booking system? Thanks.
June 08,2019
I do my own cms but this theme doesn’t have any reservation or payment form like wp versions can you implement it?
June 08,2019
What is the new shortcode for tabs? I upgraded the theme and it now seems the shortcode [vc_tabs] doesn’t work. I figured out the button shortcode as it was in the components of visual composer. But I can’t seem to find tabs in there now? I tried to send a support ticket but your support section is closed?
June 08,2019
Travel templates should be colorful like this one. Very good work and good options given.
June 07,2019
nice theme ! i plan to buy this theme . before i buy , i have one question . is it possible to make the menu in mobile view show “three line” and show like “Love Travel – Travel Agency For Travel And Tour Webflow” does?
June 07,2019
Very good job! I will surely purchase it!
June 06,2019
I would buy this the second you release it as a WP theme.
June 06,2019
How do i get captions and a title on the gallery image fancybox popups?
June 06,2019
Boa noite!
Não estou conseguindo instalar o tema no meu Wordpress. Pode me ajudar.?
Não sou programadora e aprendi a trabalhar com o Plugim OPTIMIZEPRESS dentro do WordPress, mais não estou conseguindo instalar o tema.
Será que o seu tema não é compatível com o Wordpress, se não for, tem como fazer a troca?
Aguardo contato.
June 06,2019
Hello, I hope that you had a great vaccation.
I just got a small question. I need to have my website in two languages one is default which is english and another is in dutch. And I want something like a flag icon on the header to change from one to another.
Please help.
June 05,2019
Hi, I can’t see left menu icon and search icon on 1280px width screen resolution. Can you fix it?
June 05,2019
Hi, after buying the theme i noticed that the Contact Form doesn´t Work.
I read some comments and saw the PHP Mailer was not included..why?