Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Inspiring Gala BigShop, the newest design from Galathemes, has been created as a Magento eCommerce solution for online technology accessory stores. A sophisticated look, well-structured layout and most powerful features, Gala Bigshop shines every product in store.

Like most of recent design from Galathemes, BigShop is responsive, too. Responsive feature allows web layout change from normal to mobile version automatically which ensures your store available in all customers’ shopping devices and it presents your products effectively. Besides that, Gala BigShop supports multi-lingual, multi-store, compatible with most of popular browsers IE 8,9,10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and tested with iPhone, iPad as well as Samsung devices.

Moreover, Gala BigShop contains a lot of powerful features to both impress and please customers while also help users to effectively manage the shops. Revolution Slideshow allows both images and content, presents most amazing items and its brief introductions, and impresses visitors with visual effect. A Drag & Drop Mega Menu sorts out products and makes customers searching easier. To help customer buy easier, Quick Shop and Ajax Add to Cart are very useful. And, to motivate visitors to shop, Label module for Sales, New Arrival and Best Seller is also supported.

There are many other functions and features in Gala BigShop which are ready to bring you to success. Check out details below for more information.

Compatibility with Magento: Community edition 1.7.x , 1.8.x, 1.9.x .

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Features List

  • Responsive design, adaptive screen solutions: 1280px, 1024px, and lower than 640px.
  • Built with Theme Framework allows to arrange different layout easily.
  • Visual Content Editor lets you edit content directly on front-end.
  • Powerful theme settings lets you change colors, font, typography and other styling flexibility.
  • Drag & Drop Mega Menu builder, build your multiple column menu never been easier. worth $49, included for free
  • Advanced Layered Navigation, browsing products easier and faster. worth $49, included for free
  • Set hover image on mouse over product thumbnail.
  • Included Advance CMS Static Block Widget.
  • Included Bestseller Products Widget worth $49, included for free.
  • Included Featured Products Widget worth $49, included for free.
  • Included Advance New Products Widget. worth $49, included for free
  • Included Sale-Off Products Widget. worth $49, included for free
  • Included Carousel Slider Widget.
  • Included Tabs Widget.
  • Product quick-view feature.
  • Ajax add to cart feature.
  • Included custom Product labels extension.
  • Customize your product image sizes freely.
  • Customize number of products display per row freely.
  • Typography for general elements, grid, buttons ready.
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Dedicated support team using support ticket system at [email protected]

Responsive Design

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Fit your various screens

Design in optimized for all most popular screen resolutions. When screen is resized, design elements are transformed smoothly on each breakpoint (from 320 to 1280 pixels) in order to adapt to the current resolution.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Built-in Layout Theme Framework

Our innovated Theme Framework built-in lets you change and ‘develop’ your own layouts with no restriction. You can add new positions or areas, change your displaying blocks and widgets in any position, change sizes of blocks and columns freely. EM Theme Framework also supports multi-stores that you can assign different stores using different layouts.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Visual Layout Editor

Another cool feature is let you edit your blocks visually. No more wasting time for finding block name in user guide.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Powerful settings panel & variations

  • Customizing your own colors, fonts, sizes, border shadow, rounded corner, headline 1,2,3,4,5, buttons and more.
  • Customizing image sizes and image background color on product grids, product detail page, related products, upsell, crosssell, shopping cart
  • Lets you choose 100+ included background stripes or upload your own background image
  • Support all Google fonts
  • Styling your own buttons’ styles
  • Adding your own custom CSS file and CSS code without modify the original source code. Convenience for your maintenance.
  • Support multi-store let you create your own layout, own settings variants applied to each stores.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Create your custom styles

  • Create your own custom.css or input css code directly in the theme configuration
  • Adjust theme variation settings as needed
  • No core files were modified
  • Support multi-stores, allow to set up own custom style per store

Drag & Drop Mega Menu Builder

  • Build your multiple columns menu with drag &drop features
  • Easily to embed static or dynamic contents on menu columns.
  • Support inserting static blocks, dynamic widget instances, dynamic categories listing or featured product details on menu.
  • Essentially support viewing Mega Menu on mobile with smart sliding menu allows to view all content in sub menus. Support native browser’s back button.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Advanced Layered Navigation extension

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Set hover for product images

Configure image change when hover product.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Image Slideshow Widget

  • Create image slideshow widget instance and display on any position
  • Embed to any pages, static blocks
  • Add up to 10 images per instance
  • Configure slideshow effect, auto sliding, thumbnail, text, navigation…

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

CMS Static Block Widget

Improve default Magento CMS Static Block widget to support adding custom class, custom HTML wrapper

  • Display bestseller, featured, sale off, latest reviewed products in certain categories, support sorting, limit number of products, width & height of each item and thumbnail.
  • Allow to configure whether to show product title, description, reviews, price, buttons, label or not.
  • Template listing, grid or your custom template.
  • Cache enabled to improve performance.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

  • Create unlimited sliders in pages, static blocks or any positions.
  • You can make products slider, image slider or any content slider.
  • Support vertical or horizontal slider, auto sliding, number of items sliding, sliding speed…

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Tabs Widget

  • Create unlimited tabs in pages, static blocks or any positions.
  • Each tab contains other widgets or static blocks.
  • You can embed products listing, slider or any content into tabs.
  • Support multi-lingual.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Product Quick-View

Allow customer to quickly view a product details on fancy box popup without leaving current page. You can turn on/off this feature in the backend.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Ajax Add to Cart

Instantly add product to cart without leaving page.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Custom Product Labels extension

Allow to create and manage product labels show on top of product images like to indicate bestseller, new, special products… You are freely to create more label and configure conditions to display labels in the backend.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Customize image sizes

All product images, product thumbnails’ sizes can be configured in the backend as you want. If your web store has different background color, you can configure product image background accordingly.

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Grid Pages & Sidebars

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

Typography & Custom CSS Classes

Theme support general typography, support all HTML elements, 24 columns grid system, support adaptive layout. Check out the Typography and Widget pages for details.


Detailed instruction to help you install the theme on your store or install build a full demo site like our demo store. Detailed instruction for using our extensions, widget, theme settings. For developer, it guides you to develop a custom style extended from the original style without modifying the original source code.

Video Manual Install

Gala BigShop – Theme Package Installation
Gala BigShop – Full Package Installation

Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop  Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop
Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop  Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop
Responsive Magento Theme - Gala BigShop

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Version 1.0.2 - 06/06/2014
- Update package magento
- Improves ajaxcart

Version 1.0.1 - 1/23/2014
- Release package theme magento

Version 1.0 - 11/19/2013
- Initial release

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Comments (50)

July 16,2019
Can you tell me where to edit the two sections:
July 15,2019
For some reason, I can not disable preview. In which the front page is showing the red boxes where each placement goes. I have clicked disable preview, but to no avail.
July 15,2019
Looking from your latest theme just like and
July 14,2019
Hello, in your example i found this New Arrival widget.
The thing is i dont know where to find the usable widgets shortcodes to use in menu.
I want to know which widgets i can use in MegaMenu and its respective shortcodes?
July 13,2019
How would I go about setting up a chlid theme for your theme to use in a different store view?
July 11,2019
is there any option to default open footer ? now it is opening when the cursor on the arrow and disable to keywords
July 11,2019
Hello. Awesome theme!
Some pre-sale questions:
1. How to customize theme on demo site? I want to see how looks full-width main page with 6 products per row and category page with 4 products per row (as on screens
2. Is it possible to set full-width product page (without sidebar)? – this one
July 11,2019
Hello tvlgiao,
After reading the commnets above i am not clear what is included in this bigshop theme. If you can write the name of all the modules eg: ajax quick add, it would be a huge obligation from your side. Many others will also get benefited and by the way i am also interested in buying this theme.
July 10,2019
Is it possible to add the layered navigation (filters for price, manufacturer, etc) from the search page to the category landing pages?
July 10,2019
I’d like to purchase by our client requires a horizontal mega menu along with the category sidebar. Is it possible to replace the “Today we have a special gift..” section with a mega menu?
July 08,2019
I added a new product to It does not show the EM tab on Homepage
Please tell me how to set it
July 07,2019
Good work , but when I press compare I can’t go to the compare page ?
and the side menu can I purchase your theme with this side bar to code it as help center ?
also can you customize to show the products as default like ( ?
July 06,2019
When I update the megamenu, it is only updating in one of 2 store views. Do you know why this might be?
July 05,2019
on the demo I noticed you had a onestep checkout process which is very cool, but I was not sure if this is included with this theme?
July 04,2019
when latest version of magento release
July 03,2019
How can i show in the index page the GalaBigShop Vertical Menu and GalaBigShop Horizontal Menu together?
July 03,2019
How can I translate some the elements that is not translated by default magento pack, like:
July 03,2019
hi, i installed sucessfully the full version of the theme
July 03,2019
Just to follow up on some comments about slowness. We bought this and I’m going to have to can it because loading time is terrible.
July 03,2019
Good job! Best of luck with sales
June 30,2019
Awesome Design, I like it so much. Good luck dude
June 30,2019
Absolutely EVERYTHING about this theme and your other theme, Rainbow, is completely awesome! Extremely well thought out work. I have no words. The only thing that is honestly making me have a slight pinch of doubt is the loading time. I’m in a pretty fast internet connection and links seem to be a little slow on both themes. Even the whole site takes a while to load. Is this only happening on the demo or will it get faster once I buy the theme?
June 30,2019
Unable to download file i have recently purchased this theme, reply me [email protected]
June 29,2019
Tell me and in the template includes a module blog and also if I buy it you will be able to install this template to me?
June 27,2019
Some Pre-Sales Qtns if you don’t mind.
June 24,2019
I have been trying to install these themes for few days but unsuccessful. I sent a message to [email protected] but did not get nay response. please help me.
June 23,2019
at our website add to cart button on grid and on product details page not working it just shows loading loading to manage it ?
June 23,2019
Hello I want to buy this theme but i want RTL can you tell me the price LTR to RTL ?
June 22,2019
1) I did no see a sample of a product grids with reviews with it. Can it show in the grid (the stars reviews)?
2) Is it possible to show different header for mobile and for desktop (i.e. removing welcome message, my account only for mobile (smaller screens)?
June 22,2019
One question…
Are you going to make this available for wordpress?
June 20,2019
i want RTL
Can you tell me the price ?
June 20,2019
This theme (and almost all the other magento themes you have made) seems great, with all features, user friendly design etc.
The thing is, that there is a very low grade (D) when using slow to check loading time.
Do you have any plans to make you theme faster, improve code etc?
You can download the chrome extensions: yslow and google page speed and test your wonderful themes.
June 20,2019
Can you tell me which files i need to edit to change the following:
June 18,2019
What a great Theme!!!
OUTSTANDING Piece of work.
June 18,2019
which extensions are given free on this theme ? may i know the list ?
June 17,2019
Hello, pre-sale question:
this template is compatibile with magento 1.9.1 ?
June 16,2019
Nice design!! Is it possible to change theme color for each category?
June 15,2019
hello i wann site user can upload their content to the site example sell car rent house add product ???do u have ? like ebay?
June 15,2019
link showing me an error message :Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/giftflor/public_html/app/code/local/EM/LayeredNavigation/Model/Resource/Filter/Collection.php on line 1
June 14,2019
Too complicated design. And user manual is imperfect
June 14,2019
I bought Bigshop gala theme from here , theme has issue on home page tab has load more option for products . if i click on load more button then products over lapping on footer. I need your help to fix this problem.
June 12,2019
How can i remove these —&ndash ?? thank you
June 11,2019
Why when any page of the website is opened , the page is opened to the bottom ?
June 10,2019
I have purchased the theme and installed but its not working please give me resolution
June 10,2019
Hi When i click on gala themes > bigshop setting & galathemes > EM Quickshop, i get error 404 page not found
June 09,2019
Is this theme compatible with Magento version ?
June 06,2019
I get a 404 error when I try to click on “bigshop settings” in admin panel, please help!
June 06,2019
You mean that onepagecheckout option not included in this theme.. than why you are showing this extension in this theme. Also would like to know that Filter row (All, Electronics, Fashion, Office,) given for showcasing products on home page. Can we use 4 rows with different tab name showcasing 4 different set of products..
June 05,2019
the bigsettings tab is not working I am getting this error
June 05,2019
I need the vertical Mega Menu that is on the homepage to be the main menu on ALL pages (category, product pages, CMS, etc.). Is this possible?