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AppStack - One Page App ThemeAppStack - One Page App ThemeAppStack - One Page App ThemeAppStack - One Page App ThemeAppStack - One Page App ThemeAppStack - One Page App ThemeAppStack - One Page App ThemeAppStack - One Page App Theme

Features List

  • Fully Responsive
  • Page Builder
  • Custom Headers
  • Customizable Page Templates
  • Color Customizer
  • Animated Points of Interest
  • Custom Animated Modals
  • Animated Device Switcher
  • Animated Video Modal
  • Contact Form7 Integration
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  • RTL Support
  • WPML Support
  • Demo Content
  • Great Support

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Cleen Theeme

Cleen Theeme is a simple PHP/HTML template fit for any purpose.With its stylish jQuery slides and Lightbox effects it leaves a great impression on every visitor to your site.

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Comments (41)

July 16,2019
Nice theme. The screenshots of phones under the “Bold & Elegant Design”. Are those actual screenshots of things the theme can do, or are they just stock images?
July 16,2019
Hi. how can I add the login button/form from the header?
July 15,2019
what is this theme page builder name ?
July 14,2019
Hi The “X” button on my POI section takes reloads the page and takes me to main section rather than closing the image with the animation like original. how do I fix it to animate back and forth like it’s supposed to.
July 14,2019
How can i make the button link in the parallax scroll open i a new window, or better open youtube video in popup in parallax scroll?
July 13,2019
It seems that I can only add one POI section? When I add other one the button does not work and goes to /stack-product-tour.
July 11,2019
Hi, thanks for the great template!
July 10,2019
hi .. the parallax area doesnt look good on mobile screen
July 10,2019
can i change de section/marker #PAGE? o try via CSS style but not working =/
July 08,2019
Problem when using two buttons for the parallax header section. When each button is targeting a separate video, the second button plays the video of the first button.
July 07,2019
Hello – lovely theme – however when using the theme builder on a page and adding a ‘Heading’ in the sub text I cannot add any HTML formatting, not even simple paragraphs or breaks… can you help?
July 06,2019
How can i add the login button on the top right corner just like your demo?
July 05,2019
I love your template.
Is it landing page only without user function?
Can i have the userid/password login and see the DEMO before i decide to purchase?
Can it be seperate from WP?
Thank you.
July 03,2019
nice work ! i whish you lots of sales
June 30,2019
Hi There tried to register through your support system but never got the email with the password
June 28,2019
Hello can this theme use a video background for the home page banner? Also can the mobile view have a sticky top menu? Thanks!
June 28,2019
I need multiple POI sections, too!
June 27,2019
Page is not fully loaded, error in server log:
015/10/24 16:56:32 [error] 16257#0: *733 FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘endwhile’ (T_ENDWHILE) in /var/www/traceless/wp-content/themes/appstack/template-parts/content-pb.php on line 273” while reading upstream
June 25,2019
Hi there!
I was wondering if Wembley page builder features are also available in Appstack. I have not seen these features in your Appstack demo so I’m curious if this is a different version of your page builder module.
June 23,2019
Hi, I have noticed a problem with the POI section in Firefox you cannot click on the buttons to find out more information or close to return to the original screen. Also, is it possible to add the pop up contact form button into the POI or split banner instead of in a separate section?
June 23,2019
I like this theme and i want to use it for my ridesharing start up its it possible?
June 22,2019
I just bought the thema but not how to get the license Advanced Custom Fields PRO License to unlock upgrades
June 22,2019
Hi. I just bought the theme and tried to use “visual composer” plugin. How can I use it in your theme?
June 22,2019
nice! where can i translate the “CLOSE” of menu header? what the file?
June 21,2019
I renewed my support and don’t see anywhere on your forum where I can create a ticket. I am getting a javascript error and needs to be fixed please and I don’t know how. Error is:
June 20,2019
Great work & Good luck with sales
June 19,2019
Hello, just purchased this. 1. How can I make the nav header transparent? the CSS shortcode I’m using isnt working (could be me). 2. How can I update the devices used in the “Switcher” panel; as those are very outdated devices and I would like the new iPhone 6 or 7 and iPads that do NOT have the square on the Home button. 3. I’ve tried changing the overall font for the theme to Helvetica but the CSS shortcode isnt working. Thank you!
June 18,2019
hi! is possible translate the PHONE TABLET BROWSER words of navigation? where?
June 16,2019
Hi will I be able to change the sign-up function to contact-us form and add fields to it? and remove any extra login buttons?
June 15,2019
Hi, this theme is not one page, why? In the demo a see it one page theme
June 13,2019
Is there a way to add a slider instead of parallax header?
June 13,2019
hey how do I upgrade my site? It fails when I try and re-upload the theme.
June 12,2019
Are the colors customizable past the colors listed on the theme page or is it limited to just those?
June 11,2019
Hi Guys, does your theme reference some other site on pre-load or something? I am based in China, have a local server here, and your theme seems to totally slow down the load time of the site. This doesn’t happen with other themes. It’s basically pausing for 3-4 seconds “waiting for”.. If its referencing a site outside china, its going to cause a big delay on the load.
June 10,2019
Great Theme! I really like to build up my new site. But… I actually don’t find any option to edit the css. I would like to change the bezier (color of the Header overlay to white) where I can edit the css? Thanks a lot!
June 10,2019
Hi. Another user within China reporting the same issue: every time it takes 3-5 seconds for the browser to ‘pause’ before the real loading starts to kick in. The server is located in China and it loads contents with other themes just fine. It is so annoying that I have to wait for the several seconds ‘pause’ every time. I do not think it is related to google fonts (it is a issue that I am aware of since the GFW banned pretty much every single google service) because I have a plugin to avoid WP from loading anything from google. Please take a look in my case, I really wish to keep your theme.
June 09,2019
I am a potential new user of WP and thinking of buying this template. I have Azure as backend services. Do I need to install an SQL DB to run the Blog/Support data site? Do I need to install additional service to make all functionality work?
June 07,2019
How do you achieve the blog page in your demo on ThemeForest. This is not included in my demo content. Is there a short code for the blog posts or something?
June 06,2019
which plugin should I install to the lightbox work? for example, the screenshots section. usually have many problems when you need to install lightbox .
June 05,2019
just reassuring myself- this theme is PHP 7 compatible? switching to PHP 7, want to avoid any surprises. Thanks!
June 05,2019
AppStack Theme Page Builder first 3 tabs work but any new tabs that I add will show but will not work?