Orchestra - Responsive HTML template

Orchestra - Responsive HTML template

Note: Download files do not contain the preview images shown in the demo


  1. Slider Revolution
  2. Flexslider — A mobile friendly jquery slider from Woothemes
  3. gMap — jQuery plugin used to render and plot address on embedded google maps.
  4. Mixitup — jQuery filtering plugin used on portfolio page
  5. Responsive Nav — jQuery plugin used to render and plot address on embedded google maps.
  6. Bootstrap v3.0.0 — The new flat version of the popular bootstrap framework.
  7. Font Awesome — Scalable vector icons for bootstrap.
  8. Owl Carousel
  9. Unsplash for images.

Elegance - HTML Email Template

Send beautifully simple and elegant emails with Elegance, a template focusing on clean typography, grid layout and balanced negative space.This template is available in three colors and two different layout options including:

3 different color schemes: Black, Brown and Green
2 different layout options: Column format or Row format, expands gracefully
6 labeled and organized PSD files for each color scheme/layout option
12 complete HTML files, with your choice of original styling or in-line styling for each color or layout

Tested in all major email browsers for form and functionality.

Codex - Bootstrap + AngularJs + RTL Admin Template

Codex is a bootstrap admin dashboard template built with Twitter Bootstrap Framework and it has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with jQuery plugins also.It is also easy to use and modify that is suitable to your needs and can be implemented to your desire projects such Project Management System, CRM, HRMS, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Loan Management System, Billing Management System and more.

Comments (4)

July 12,2019
Hi! How can I configure the contact form?
July 09,2019
Really nice work. Congrats and good luck
July 08,2019
Nice template! Would it be easy to make the homepage image fit the entire browser window and make a paralax effect?
July 02,2019
Hi ! A simple question : How can I add a div before the header with the elements of the page going down accordingly ? It seems I have to check every item in the css to offset the new top position.