Chair - Responsive Shopify Theme

Chair - Responsive Shopify Theme

A stylish, mobile-first Shopify theme for niche markets. Tell your story and reach customers wherever they are.

Mobile First Design

Chair is designed specifically for handheld devices to help you increase mobile sales.

Product image zoom

Give customers a closer look at product details when they hover over images on product pages.

Color Swatches

Display color swatches on your product page to showcase available product colors.

Advanced Product Filtering

Allow customers to filter by brand, type, and other options, right on the homepage.

Multi-column Menu

Feature a multi-column drop-down menu to help customers easily navigate your store.

All images are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the download package

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Comments (18)

July 12,2019
Is it possible to have the review stars & number of reviews on the product within the shop page (collection pages), and product page?
July 12,2019
Your support system is down- so if possible can you advise me on how to add button on red hover overlay positioned above add to cart that says Product Info and leads customer to product detail page? Currently customers are not getting that they can do this by clicking on product name. Thanks and also great job with support really good, very happy!!! Rudy
July 09,2019
Hi – I added a third slider but it’s not showing. Is there anything I need to do to get it to show? Thanks!
July 07,2019
To my big surprise this theme doesn’t use one of the greatest “Sections” feature Shopify offers. I’m looking at a comment you answered 3 months ago that said that “the update is on its way”. What’s up with that?
July 05,2019
Hi, im planning to buy this theme but want to be sure if it is possible to add several variants to one product? What I mean is – i want to have one product but in several sizes where each size has different price and photos. So, one product but with a possibility to choose different variations.
June 29,2019
Hey there! Are you planning on updating for Shopify’s new “sections” editor?
June 27,2019
Pre-sale question. Is it possible to embed a video in your theme homepage sections?
June 27,2019
I am very close to purchasing this theme. I just have one question. Can the buttons that allow the viewer to switch from seeing the items in grid, list or full width view be removed?
June 27,2019
Hi – is there a way to add a 3rd featured section? thx
June 21,2019
Hello, when I’m on that page: /admin/themes/179897412/editor#/collections/all
June 18,2019
Is there a way to make the slider header to slide automatically?
June 17,2019
Can you provide access to your demo? It isn’t accessible at the moment due to a malware alert
June 16,2019
Hey There! The Support Ticket platform isn’t loading for me, so I’m submitting it here. Is it possible to have the review stars & number of reviews on the product within the shop page (collection pages), and product page?
June 13,2019
is there a way to display the product variants as drop-down instead of displaying all the variants as blocks?
June 13,2019
Hi – The 3rd slider isn’t showing up for some reason. (even when my custom css is disabled) How do I enable this?
June 10,2019
doesn’t this theme support woocommerce?
June 07,2019
Is there any way to change to boxed? not full with.
June 07,2019
Sorry to bother you. I Love your theme but I have a slight problem.