Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme Granada

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Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme Granada

  • Outstanding Support
  • Lifetime free updates
  • 100% fully Responsive
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • HTML5 & CSS3 & Sass CSS
  • Font awesome icons integrated
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Google Web Fonts Integration
  • Wide & Boxed Layout Versions
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Mega Menu
  • EU Privacy Popup
  • Smart Cross-sell Product Popup
  • Mobile Touch Slideshow support multi layer images, video
  • Product Deal count down time
  • Product Carousel
  • Product Sale Label
  • Grid & List Mode
  • Product Hover & Quick View
  • Customizable product category page layouts
  • Customizable product detail page layouts
  • Wishlist Module
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social networking
  • Prefined Style Page; Contact Page, Typography, FAQs
  • SEO optimized : Speed, Google’s Rich Snippet, heading, title…
  • Google Mobile Friendly
  • Wow Animated JS
  • Pre-Loading Page Style
  • Browser comparison
  • And Much More! Check out the various demos!


Version 1.0 – 25 February 16

Initial Release

Version 1.1 – 18 October 16

- fix some bugs for homepage #1

Comments (37)

July 15,2019
can I add more colors in the swatch product’s color? or images?
July 14,2019
Hi, I recently purchased your theme – need help installing the theme. let me know what you need. Thx
July 12,2019
Hi, Will this theme be supporting ‘Sections’ in the near future?
July 11,2019
Hi – I’ve sent a number of messages and not gotten a response. We need a number of issues fixed and are unable to launch until these have been resolved. Please let me know when we can discuss or what additional information you need for me to provide other than what has been provided.
July 07,2019
Found a bug in theme, mailed to developer, now 1 week, no response from developer, very disappointed.
July 05,2019
would like to purchase this theme but it seems like impossible to add a discount code at chekout…a bug?
July 05,2019
Before I buy – for Demo 2 will all my categories show in the left navigation or only the ones I choose?
July 04,2019
I have a question, this theme supports size filters?
July 03,2019
Hello – My question is pretty easy and hopefully easy to fix (btw, I love your coding, your theme and the ease of customizing it)...That being said, in the top bar (from theme 5) I selected the checkout, the wishlist, my account and login however for some reason the only one that is showing is the checkout. Could you guide me on how to fix?
July 02,2019
I want to know how to disable the “You may also like…” modal
July 01,2019
Hello. Pre-purchase question here, is it possible to add a social bar at the top of the template above the main menu? I find this feature vital in today’s social media driven world. Thanks!
June 30,2019
Hi. How can I change the title of the “Custom Tab” in product tabs? It is pointing to a page, but the tab name is not changing to reflect the page’s title. It remains as “Custom Tab”.
June 27,2019
WHEN i click on get support, nothing happens!
June 27,2019
Hello, I can’t setup the color filter. Also I didn’t find info at the theme documentation. Could you please help me with this.
June 26,2019
This is another of your themes we like as we are trying to narrow down:
I really like this theme but have a few questions…
June 24,2019
Is it possible to put more social media like Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube on the footer ?
And is it possible to put a Youtube video on the first page ?
I want also just to do appear the home page, no the other, how I can do that ?
How I can delete this message : “WELCOME TO YOUR STORE!
It looks like you don’t have any products yet, would you like to create some now?”
on the home page ?
June 24,2019
I just bought the granada theme but it is missing Layout 2. It looks like someone saved layout 4 twice and titled one of the copies Layout 2. PLEASE HELP
June 24,2019
Hi I bought your theme for use on my shopify store. I have uploaded it to my store and tried to preview it. Every time I do so i get the “Something went wrong” page. Any Ideas why this would be happening?
June 23,2019
What is group by filter.Products are grouped into collections but not groups.
June 21,2019
Hi, really nice theme but I’m not sure if it is possible to have a sticky top menu on mobile.
It works on desktop but not on mobile :
June 20,2019
We’re having problems with the checkout button (Mobile version). Customer just called us and they hit the top right checkout and it’s impossible for anyone to proceed to the shopping cart or checkout easily. We’ve duplicated and triple checked this and you have to touch the button over ten times to it react and take u to the checkout page. Again, this only happens in the mobile version. is our site for testing it.
June 19,2019
not satisfied with this products because there are many errors in this theme homepage 2 not found in this theme that is major issue
i purchase this only homepage 2 but its not found
home page 2 and 5 are same
i want refund or provide me homepage 2
June 18,2019
I’m just starting to mess around with this theme and see lots of sloppy coding.
June 17,2019
Hello! Just a question before buying.
I have three different shopify store (the same store but in different language)If i purchase this theme once can i use it for all of them?
June 14,2019
Hi, a pre sale question: can we change the icon of truck, phone etc? is a web font? thanks
June 14,2019
Hi. I need some support. Theme is broken.
June 11,2019
Hi guys, a quick thing. I’m using this new theme of yours now, and I had a single page with only an embedded code for a slider, but with your theme it’s breaking the embedded code and gives a javascript error. If I change the theme it works fine.
June 11,2019
I am thinking of buying this theme, but wanted to ask you a question. Is it possible to add HTML5 video content to your slider? I know that Shopify does not host video, but say if the video (webm or MP4) was hosted on another server?
June 11,2019
The template is too big to upload to Shopify. It’s nearly 3 times the size restrictions. Do you have any solutions?
June 10,2019
It’s possible to use a YouTube video in the home page top banner?
June 10,2019
I know just html5/Css3 in Adobe Dreamwiever.(&Photoshop)
If i will bought your products, Can you help me with the picture or video tutorial?
June 10,2019
Hi I really want to buy but just Two Questions I have. One, Can I add Images with Text In Drop Down Mega Menu? .Second, Can I Edit Home Page Section e.g Add/Remove Edit Columns and Rows?
June 08,2019
The Theme is broken.
I can’t use links in Granada_1_0_demo1
I’m wasting time here and I want my money back asap!
June 08,2019
I want to know how to add twitter to the social links in footer.
June 08,2019
Couple of notes.
1. On product type one pages, I had a problem with image not scrolling on android phone. Issue is discussed here:
June 07,2019
I would like to purchase granada theme from you but notice it doesnt have all the page layouts that magneto version has. I like their demo five which has a team page, testimony page & choice of blog pages. The demo 5 with a few modifications really works for me. I will be using the shopify platform.
June 07,2019
Hello! I’ve purchased your theme – excellent; but I would really need to insert page content (plugin) on the homepage (above the banners) – is it possible? Thank you for your help!