Plain - Responsive Shopify Theme

Plain is a simple and easy to use Responsive Shopify theme; meaning it will work great on computers, tablets and mobile devices. The theme comes with a wide range of theme settings that are easy to customize, ready to use, and waiting for you to put your own spin on the theme to make it stand out.


  • Fully responsive, so it looks great on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Upload you own favicon for a consistent branding throughout your site.
  • Upload your existing logo, or create your own with an array of different font settings.
  • Upload a custom background or use a color of your choice.
  • Make use of 50 of the most popular Google fonts around.
  • Create drop down menus two deep for better organization of your site.
  • Upload images on the home page to create a rotating banner.
  • Showcase a collection right on the home page.
  • Customize fonts throughout the site.
  • Change buttons, and link colors to match your color scheme.
  • Display 2, 3, 4 or alternate between 3 and 4 products per row.
  • Display related products on your product pages to increase sales.
  • Fully integrated with social media throughout the site.

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Plain - Responsive Shopify Theme

Plain - Responsive Shopify Theme

Plain - Responsive Shopify Theme

Plain - Responsive Shopify Theme

Plain - Responsive Shopify Theme

Theme created by a Shopify Expert.

Plain - Responsive Shopify Theme


-- 1 Oct. 2014

Updating theme to use variant images 

  Update the product.liquid and cart.liquid files through your admin panel
  End Result-

-- 7 May 14

      - Added custom amount to Collections pagination (Theme Settings) 
      - Centering Collection images (for smaller images) 
      - Related products title spacing tweak

      - Product spacing issue 
      - Added extra space between content and Sidebar

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Comments (13)

July 15,2019
On the product page options, I have set related number of products to 3, but on various product pages (seemingly random), I’m seeing 4 related products displayed. I would like to be able to fix this, because if there are more than 3, the fourth related product is displayed in a second row with a smaller thumbnail, making for an inconsistent appearance IMO.
July 13,2019
i purchased this theme and while the documentation mentions a contact page template, the download does not.
July 12,2019
On the homepage and collection pages, is it possible to display products in rows of 3 for the entire page instead of 3 per row alternating with 4 per row?
July 10,2019
I just purchased this theme and when I upload it to shopify I get this error,
July 09,2019
Can The Mobile Version Display Shop Next To The Menu
July 03,2019
Hi Simon, have another question for you. I would like to be able to display products from more than one collection on the home page. Would it be possible to modify the home page collection settings to be able to select more than one collection at a time?
June 29,2019
Hi, what size do I need exactly for the Logo in the plain Theme and which format? Thanks++
June 26,2019
The tagline does not appear when viewing on mobile devices. Is there any way to change that? (Desktop and tablet work fine.)
June 22,2019
Can I get some support over on the dedicated support area… I have been emailing a few times now?
June 20,2019
Hi There, I am new to shopify, have read through the tutorials and primarily wonder, if I purchase your theme, will I be able to use it for its bones and go in and edit the layout of the pages in html and styles in css? (I am not a CMS developer and am most comfortable coding for html/css/js) Thanks!
June 19,2019
hey loving the theme!
i have some questions too :
June 13,2019
Hi, Does this site support Hebrew language?
June 07,2019
Hi, first of all congrats on the theme, looks amazing! Just one question away from the purchase: Is it available in Spanish language or is there a plugin that would make it easy to translate?