Bikini Beach - Lingerie, Bikini Shopify Theme

Bikini Beach - Lingerie, Bikini Shopify Theme

Want to showcase your bikini / lingerie products, here is the perfect surprise. Combined with all the useful functionalities and meticulously designed for women’s bikini and lingerie ‘Bikini Beach’ provides you the perfect theme for your bikini product sale businesses.

Here are some of the features

  • Responsive Design
  • Two types of home page slider : Revolution Slider & Flex Slider
  • 5 different styles of Mega menu
  • Supports multi-currency
  • Drag and Drop Sections
  • Quick Shop
  • Pop-Up Search Option
  • Ajax Add to Cart
  • Product Swatch Options
  • Ajax Sidebar Filters
  • Custom About us and Contact page
  • Newsletter pop-up
  • Font awesome icons integrated
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Google Web Fonts Integration
  • Product Sale Label
  • Grid & List Mode
  • Wishlist Module
  • Customer Reviews
  • Timer Countdown
  • Instagram Integrated
  • Product Image Zoom
  • Product Owl Carousel
Note : Images used in the demo are not included for download, these images are copyrighted, if you are planning to use the photos we can provide the links to buy license.

Change log

Version: 1.7 - 26/06/2017

*Variant price changing option updated
*Quick view inventory updated 

Version: 1.6 - 20/06/2017

*Shipping information option moved to customization panel from language editor.
*Search option updated 

Version: 1.5 - 12/06/2017

*Adding logo option changed from section to settings

Version: 1.4 - 05/06/2017

*Cart option added with sticky menu
*Resposnive bugs fixed on details page

Version: 1.3 - 02/06/2017

*Sale, New & Offer tag options added to mega menu 

Version: 1.2 - 26/05/2017

*Slider typography updated
*Flex slider updated

​Version: 1.1 - 24/05/2017

*Wishlist updated
*Header & Footer types updated

Version: 1.0 - 23/05/2017

*Initial submission

Dealsdot - Discount, Coupons and Deals HTML5 Template

Dealsdot Discount, Coupons and Deals HTML5 template is a clean and elegant design – suitable for selling clothing, fashion, accessories, digital, flowers, watches, jewelries, shoes, beauty, furniture, sports, fruits, organic, vegetables, gifts, electronics ….It has a fully responsive width adjusts automatically to any screen size or resolution.

Comments (39)

July 16,2019
I have a couple of questions, how do you activate reviews? It shows up blank. Do I need to add an app?
July 15,2019
Hi. How can I display a video in the slideshow area? Also, I would like to make it go to the edges. Thank you.
July 15,2019
Amazing theme, Good Luck With Sale
July 14,2019
This is a Wordpress theme with the Shopify plugin or it cannot be installed in WP and just Shopify?
July 14,2019
Excellent work ! Best wishes from Designfalls
July 14,2019
Hi, please tell me how can I change this bikini photo in the upper part of every page?
and also the wish list is not working it shows 404 not found page?? please help me fix this
July 12,2019
Hi, I would like to add privacy, returns policies on the footer of my page. I also want to have the blue wave footer. However i notice that particular footer (footer 2) does not allow me to put my policies on the footer but allows me to add the animation wave. While other footers allow me to add policies but It doesnt allow me to have the wave animation/background. So how do i fix this?
July 10,2019
Hi,My colleague bought the subject, but couldn’t bring it to the menu bar on the phone. It was invalid.thanks.
July 09,2019
New Updated Theme not working fine no header footer options. tabs on products page not working
July 08,2019
Hey guys. Is it possible to get the links for the pictures ?
July 07,2019
Pre-sale questions… I like your theme but I’m not loving the fade out of the second picture on the hover over product photos feature. Can it be changed? Does the theme offer different options for hover effects? Also, it seems like the image at the top of collections and product pages can only be one for the whole website or can I have different images for different pages? Thank you!
July 07,2019
I would also like to know how to add dropdowns for main menu navigation. I added the collections under each menu item in the navigation but it doesnt show in the website
July 06,2019
I’m wondering how to get rid of or change the image at the top of the shop page and contact page.
July 03,2019
Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale
July 03,2019
hi im from france i have many questions i want this theme for my website ! i buy my domaine name in a other website thank you !
June 30,2019
Hi guys… where i can change the language of my template? In my HOME PAGE i have a PINK TAG in NEW ARRIVAL PRODUCTS right? It is in portugues. I need in ENGLISH. Like in your example… write SALE. Could u help me?
June 29,2019
How can I add the same footer as your demo page? the blue wave and animation? & also how can I disable the email subscripe popup or control the timing of it.
June 27,2019
My drop down mega menu is not working. I deleted everything and installed it again and nothing.
June 25,2019
Hello! The map on the contact page. I’ve had to temporarily disable it because no matter what IFRAME code I put in it stays the Melbourne map. What do I do?
June 25,2019
Hi, I’ve installed your theme to my Shopify store and am facing some issues with the menu and more features.
Please add this email in cc so I could respond [email protected]
June 25,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 24,2019
This theme looks really fun! When you say drag and drop for home page, what elements can you drag and drop? I’m looking for something with a visual composer/page builder type thing for story telling – also would like this for other pages as well like the about page – thanks!
June 23,2019
This afternoon we had a lot of changes in the page, and there were a lot of problems. This made us very worried. The problems are as follows:
1. The sidebar shopping cart page cannot be used;
2. The product magnifier, pictures, and description parts have serious confusion;
Please help us as soon as possible, thank you very much!
Please check our website
June 23,2019
Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale!
June 20,2019
hello im having trouble with the theme, its fine when used on pc but when i try using the website that has the theme ive got a few problems unable to view tabs ect and some images not showing properly
June 18,2019
Is there a way to make the big hero images on the home page span the full width of the site? I think it would be great to have at least 1 or 2 other home page variations. Right now, it looks good, but I would like to remove the white space on the sides of the home page so that way the images cover the full width of the screen.
June 17,2019
Hi, I’ve purchased a theme.
To get started, I want my theme as a clone as in demo.
How can I get those Images and all?
June 16,2019
Hi, about this theme: Bikini Beach – Lingerie, Bikini Shopify Theme
When i input my image in the product, the theme will resize the image to fill the whole space? You can give me access to admin for testing that?
June 15,2019
fantastic work, very nice ! all the best for your sales and a nice day
June 14,2019
There is 1 error:
zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”, missing template “templates/index.liquid”, missing template “templates/collection.liquid”, missing template “templates/product.liquid”, missing template “templates/page.liquid”, missing template “templates/cart.liquid”, and missing template “templates/blog.liquid”
June 13,2019
Hi, Im trying to use the /collections page on my shopify using your theme, unfortunately when I go to the page appears blank. I tried using the default shopify theme and it worked just fine and I contacted shopify support and they said it was because of the custom theme and that something was not working correctly.
June 10,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale. DCSF
June 10,2019
I am trying to upload this on my shopify store but it gave me an error saying the theme is unresponsive. Please help me!
June 08,2019
Hey Buddha Themes. Can you please provide me with the links for the images?
June 08,2019
Hi, we bought a website from someone who already install your theme. We very like your theme and everything it offers, the theme is beautiful and simple to use we are totally in love! But unfortunately we have a small problem, we had worked on it very hard but we don’t find the error. The currency that shows in the left corner of the website has problem. We can,t change it to EUR or CAD money example it always stay on USD currency and we tried everything but nothing is working. We really don’t know what to do, do you think you can help us, please ?
thank you very much!
June 07,2019
HALLLLLOOOOO!! this is my 3rd mail. can i have some help please ?
June 05,2019
I would like to request a refund. I was under the impression that this theme worked for WooCommerce, but it seems it’s just for shopify.
June 05,2019
Hello, has anyone or would you recommend using your Bikini Beach theme for a saltwater fishing gear store?
June 05,2019
I’m trying to use the same footer image you used in your theme (the flowing wave GIF image). Is this something I can use as well? If so, where can I access this image?