Hoki - eCommerce PSD Template

Hoki designed for woocommerce, opencart, magento, prestashop and shopify platforms. You can use this design for any ecommerce platform.

Hoki - eCommerce PSD TemplateHoki - eCommerce PSD TemplateHoki - eCommerce PSD TemplateHoki - eCommerce PSD Template

Hoki - eCommerce PSD Template

The list of PSD files

  • 01_homepage.psd
  • 02_homepage.psd
  • 03_homepage.psd
  • 04_homepage.psd
  • 05_homepage.psd
  • 06_homepage.psd
  • 07_homepage.psd
  • 08_homepage.psd
  • 09_homepage_01.psd
  • 09_homepage_02.psd
  • 10_homepage.psd
  • 11_category_page_grid.psd
  • 12_category_page_list.psd
  • 13_category_page_grid.psd
  • 14_category_page_list.psd
  • 15_category_page.psd
  • 16_product_page_01.psd
  • 17_product_page_02.psd
  • 18_product_page_03.psd
  • 19_product_page_04.psd
  • 20_blog_01.psd
  • 21_blog_02.psd
  • 22_blog_03.psd
  • 23_blog_04.psd
  • 24_blog_post.psd
  • 25_about_us.psd
  • 26_portfolio.psd
  • 27_portfolio.psd
  • 28_portfolio.psd
  • 29_portfolio.psd
  • 30_portfolio.psd
  • 31_portfolio_single_item.psd
  • 32_portfolio_item.psd
  • 33_portfolio_item.psd
  • 34_shopping_cart.psd
  • 35_product_comparison.psd
  • 36_checkout.psd
  • 37_register_account.psd
  • 38_contact_us_01.psd
  • 39_contact_us_02.psd
  • 40_lookbook_01.psd
  • 41_lookbook_02.psd
  • 42_lookbook_03.psd
  • 43_lookbook_item.psd
  • 44_404.psd
  • 45_comming_soon.psd
  • 46_pop-up_window.psd

Notice! Images are not included in the package

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Key Features Overview

3 PSD Files with Layer Styles.

Comments (12)

July 07,2019
I have a problem with SocialIcons font. Photoshop told me i dont have that kind of font and thats why i cant save or change this template.. i spent money for this template so i would like to use it. Where can i find Social Icon fonts that you use? I downloaded one but it still doesnt work.. Please, help me! I found your Social Icon font in the folder and i set up it but it still DOESNT work. I cant safe this template…
July 05,2019
Great Design and Creative Job, GL …
July 03,2019
Nice theme, I am loving it GLWS
June 26,2019
Any plans for coding this item?
June 20,2019
may be this happens not because of icons font, i downloaded all fonts that you use in this psd, but it doesnt work anyway. i cant save my changes, i cant save this file like psd. Can you help me or can i get my money back. I spent already 2 hours to fix this problem and nothing!
June 19,2019
Is the compatible to shopify websites?
June 19,2019
Awesome! Clean & Unique Design! Good luck with sales!
June 12,2019
Great work, any update regarding creating it for WooCommerce?
June 11,2019
Nice Work Good Luck My Friend
June 10,2019
It says you can use on any eCommerce site, can I use on Shopify? Or do I need to convert?
June 08,2019
Witam, czy ten template jest kompatybilny z PrestaShop Informatyk powiedzial mi, ze nie da sie zainstalowac psd template. Czy jest mi Pan w stanie odplatnie zaistalowac template? Wiadomość od Informatyka => “PSD Templates can’t be installed on Prestashop, Choose another Prestashop Theme for installation”.
June 06,2019
Hi does this psd come with links to where to buy the images from?