Fengo - Responsive eCommerce PSD Template

Fengo - Responsive eCommerce PSD Template

Fengo - Responsive eCommerce PSD Template

Fengo designed for opencart, magento, woocommerce and prestashop platforms.


  • 4 Homepages
  • 74 PSD template
  • Fully responsive design
  • Well organized layers
  • Only free google fonts used
  • 01_home.psd
  • 02_home.psd
  • 03_home.psd
  • 04_home.psd
  • 05_category_page.psd
  • 06_category_page_preview.psd
  • 07_product_page.psd
  • 08_blog.psd
  • 09_blog_post.psd
  • 10_shopping_cart.psd
  • 11_about_us.psd
  • 12_portfolio_4_column.psd
  • 13_portfolio_3_column.psd
  • 14_portfolio_2_column.psd
  • 15_portfolio_item.psd
  • 16_contact_us.psd
  • 17_product_comparison.psd
  • 18_checkout.psd
  • 19_404.psd
Tablet Landscape
  • 20_home_940px.psd
  • 21_home_940px.psd
  • 22_home_940px.psd
  • 23_home_940px.psd
  • 24_category_page_940px.psd
  • 25_category_page_preview_940px.psd
  • 26_product_page_940px.psd
  • 27_blog_940px.psd
  • 28_blog_post_940px.psd
  • 29_shopping_cart_940px.psd
  • 30_about_us_940px.psd
  • 31_portfolio_4_column_940px.psd
  • 32_portfolio_3_column_940px.psd
  • 33_portfolio_2_column_940px.psd
  • 34_portfolio_item_940px.psd
  • 35_contact_us_940px.psd
  • 36_product_comparison_940px.psd
  • 37_checkout_940px.psd
  • 38_404_940px.psd
Tablet Portrait
  • 39_home_724px.psd
  • 40_home_724px.psd
  • 41_home_724px.psd
  • 42_home_742px.psd
  • 43_category_page_724px.psd
  • 44_category_page_preview_724px.psd
  • 45_product_page_724px.psd
  • 46_blog_724px.psd
  • 47_blog_post_724px.psd
  • 48_shopping_cart_724px.psd
  • 49_about_us_724px.psd
  • 50_portfolio_4_column_724px.psd
  • 51_portfolio_3_column_724px.psd
  • 52_portfolio_2_column_724px.psd
  • 53_portfolio_item_724px.psd
  • 54_contact_us_724px.psd
  • 55_product_comparison_724px.psd
  • 56_checkout_724px.psd
  • 57_404_724px.psd
Smartphone Portrait
  • 58_home_280px.psd
  • 59_home_280px.psd
  • 60_home_280px.psd
  • 61_home_280px.psd
  • 62_category_page_280px.psd
  • 63_category_page_preview_280px.psd
  • 64_product_page_280px.psd
  • 65_blog_280px.psd
  • 66_blog_post_280px.psd
  • 67_shopping_cart_280px.psd
  • 68_about_us_280px.psd
  • 69_portfolio_280px.psd
  • 70_portfolio_item_280px.psd
  • 71_contact_us_280px.psd
  • 72_product_comparison_280px.psd
  • 73_checkout_280px.psd
  • 74_404_280px.psd

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Comments (13)

July 12,2019
Alysum modules will work in this template?
July 07,2019
Hi thanks for this its great, is there a more user friendly way to view the psd’s clicking on images and then scolling down on the page is a bit of a nighmare via themeforest
June 28,2019
Great Work! Very Clean and Unique, I love it
June 27,2019
hi, any idea when magento will be released? I urgently need it
June 25,2019
After how many days – weeks – months, wordpress will be released?
June 24,2019
Great work!
When is scheduled to come out of WordPress, after how many weeks?
June 21,2019
will this be available as a magento template? if so, do you know when you will release it?
June 18,2019
Very neat and clean. Well done!
June 17,2019
Looks amazing!! Plans on wordpress or HTML??
June 11,2019
may I ask you:
I want to buy this design
and buid into a template, theme.
then sold to other clients.
Là nó ?n?
thank you!
June 08,2019
All I do is get pissed when I see AMAZING PSDs like this that are NOT a Wordpress theme yet. It’s almost foolish. 90% of the people who see SICK designs like this say to themselves, “I hope there’s a Wordpress theme available.” Lol.
June 07,2019
Is the wordpress version for sale?
June 07,2019
Hi, great work. Are the images in PSDs?