FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template
FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

Flex is a bestseller, super flexible, multi-purpose Joomla template that can fit in any type of website you are building. It is clean, responsive, includes drag & drop Layout and Page Builder and comes packed with powerful options! With stunning animations and eye-catchy layouts, Flex will help you draw attention of visitors at first sight.

Flex is Joomla 3.9 compatible!. Click here for Changelog.

A big news is here! New Joomla 3.9 CMS has more than 250 improvements – central to which is a full Privacy Tool Suite, which will make site compliance faster and simpler. Joomla 3.9 addresses the concerns of GDPR, an EU privacy law which went into effect on May 25, 2018, and handles user-privacy in a well-suited way.

Flex is best selling Joomla template on ThemeForest in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019! Here are the reasons why:


  • Compatible with latest versions: Joomla 3.9.4 and VirtueMart 3.4.2.
  • Powerful Helix 3 Framework made with Bootstrap 3.4.1.
  • Drag & Drop Layout Builder and SP Page Builder Pro Integration. Flex is coming with fantastic page builder very easy to use and to edit. Only with drag and drop you can create complex layouts. With lightning fast SP Page Builder you can easily customize your website just in few clicks. Fastest and the most powerful drag & drop builder available.
  • Introducing “Ajax Intro Articles Module”
    Exclusively in Flex: super flexible Ajax Intro Articles Module shows the list of the most recently published and current Articles in Masonry Grid with Ajax Loading (Intro content).
  • 2 Quickstart Packages: with or without Virtuemart, both with demo data installer (Joomla 3.9.4, Template, used extensions, demo content). Install Quickstart demo to get same website as our demo site without any difficulties.
  • Fully Responsive Design with 7 Unique Home Layouts. Full Window Background and Onepage layouts included.
  • Newsletter Integration. We also added support for AcyMailing newsletter, because we know that email works a lot better than any other online marketing tool.
  • SP Cookie Consent Plugin will help you to implement “Cookies Alert” box anywhere on your website, in order to meet GDPR Privacy Policy [ link ].
  • Multi-purpose AP Smart LayerSlider (Save $24) included.
  • Portfolio component – Advanced, custom built version of SP Simple Portfolio with additional 2 styles for filter (tags), lightbox gallery, and custom dimensions for videos in lightbox gallery. Perfect portfolio solution for designers, photographers, artists, professionals and all kinds of creative business.
  • VirtueMart 3.4.2 Integrated. VirtueMart turns your Joomla! site into a powerful and full-featured e-commerce system. Create online shops and online catalog with ease. Configure the extension to handle multiple products and categories and support a wide range of shipping and payment options.
  • Multiple Headers. Flex comes with several header layouts to match your personal taste. Classic header with navigation, centered or inline, transparent, with video background, white, coloured or something more complex and place your ads and banners inside header.
  • Lazy Loading for Images included in template, with option (enable/disable) in template’s admin.
  • Mega Menu Builder & Off-Canvas Menu.
  • Vertical Accordion menu, for all module positions. Native, vertical accordion menu is now a part of template, no need to buy extra module.
  • 8 Article Post Formats: standard, video, gallery, audio (Soundcloud and Mixcloud), link, quote, status and custom. Each can be customized in the Article Manager to individualize your feel for blogging.
  • “Parallax” scrolling effect for background content (i.e. an image), while scrolling.
  • Font Awesome 4.7 (675+ Icons) + 202 Thin Pixeden Icons (v1.2)
  • Multi-languages Support.
  • Fluid and Boxed Layout – Use wide (default) or boxed layout variant.
  • Optional Page Title Options.
  • Sticky Header with Mainmenu. Improve your website usability using Sticky Header feature. Main menu and logo will always be at the top of the screen, automatically following when user will scroll down. Easily turn the sticky header on or off in template options panel.
  • CSS & Javascript Compression. Simple to use options to compress almost all CSS and JS template and Joomla files, which as a result will improve speed up of your website.
  • Support for RTL languages. With carefully styled every part of template for RTL (right-to-left), Flex supports middle eastern languages such as Hebrew and Arabic which are written predominantly right-to-left.
  • Unlimited Colors. Eight preset styles allows you to choose your own colors. Beyond that using custom CSS allows you to override all used color presets.
  • Retina Perfect. Perfect pixels and vectors looking great on higher resolution devices like retina or 4k display.
  • Built With HTML5, CSS3 & Less. Flex was based on a fast less preprocessor with additional functionality like variables, mixins, and functions for compiling CSS.
  • 700+ Google Fonts with update button – Typography based on Google Fonts, with unique update button, support for Subsets (like Latin Extended, Cyrillic Extended for example), choose font weight and font size for several HTML tags (H1..H6) and navigation.
  • Logo Options. From template settings you can choose logo type, logo position, logo image (also for retina screens) and upload logo used only for mobile devices.
  • Custom Code. Use your own custom code, for example: CSS, JS, meta tags, links and verification code by using the custom code fields or input more lines of styles inside custom.css file.
  • Social Icons
  • Social Share
  • Integrated Social Comments
  • Custom Coming Soon, 404 Page and Offline pages.
  • Documentation included. You can find it online here.

Our Reviewers are Our Customers:

FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

Sources and Credits:


Fonts / Icons:


  • High quality photos from pixabay.com. Free for commercial use. No attribution required. – https://pixabay.com
  • Beautiful free photos from unsplash.com. All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. – https://unsplash.com
  • Beautiful free stock photos from stocksnap.io. All photos are free from copyright restrictions – No attribution required. – https://stocksnap.io


What is included in package:

Flex Template Only Package
Use this package to install Flex template on your current Joomla site. This is “Template Only” package (flex_3.6_template_only.zip).

2 QuickStart Installation Demo Packages
  • Quickstart with Virtuemart (flex_3.6_quickstart_with_virtuemart.zip)
  • Quickstart without Virtuemart (flex_3.6_quickstart.zip)

Use this package(s) to install on your site demo as seen on Flex demo website. This includes Joomla 3.9.4 version, all the sample data, all the images and videos.

  • SP Page Builder Pro (3.4.5)
  • AP Smart LayerSlider (3.5)
  • Ajax Intro Articles Module (1.0)
  • SP Simple Portfolio (1.6)
  • Virtuemart (3.4.2)
  • SP Cookie Consent (1.0)
  • Acymailing 6.1.2 (Starter)
Detailed documentation on how to configure and use template.

FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template


March 18, 2019 – Version 3.6

- Joomla CMS updated to 3.9.4 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.4.5 version.
- New: "Slideshow" Addon for SP Page Builder.
- New: "Form Builder" Addon for SP Page Builder.
- New: "Image Layouts" Addon for SP Page Builder.
- New: "Articles Scrollers" Addon for SP Page Builder.
- Updated: Bootstrap updated to version 3.4.1.
- Updated: SmoothScroll.js updated to version 1.4.9.
- Updated: Acymailing (Starter) updated to version 6.1.2.
- Fixed all known issues.

December 25, 2018 – Version 3.5

- Joomla CMS updated to 3.9.1 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.3.8 version.
- New: "Lazy Loading for Images" included in template, with option (enable/disable) in template's admin.
- New: Google Fonts API Key adding option in template's admin.
- New: Blog feature image alter text field.
- Fixed: Google Fonts automatic update blank issue fixed.
- Added: “Edit with SP Page Builder” link for front-end article editing (you have to update "Joomla Article Integrations").
- New: Static rating option added to the "Testimonial" addon for SPPB.
- New: Vertical divider option added to the "Divider" addon for SPPB.
- Fixed all known issues.

November 26, 2018 – Version 3.4.2

- Fixed: "In stock/Out of Stock" added in Category view, in Virtuemart (template's override).
- Fixed: "Add to Cart" button added even if it is "Out of Stock" scenario, in Virtuemart (template's override).
- Fixed all known issues.

November 22, 2018 – Version 3.4.1

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.3.6 version.
- Fixed: "Button" and "Modal" Addons now have fixed full width button and alignment.
- Fixed: Folder "webfonts" added in templateDetails.xml file, in order to refresh templates/flex/webfonts folder due to problem with Google Fonts "update".
- Fixed all known issues.

November 2, 2018 – Version 3.4

- Joomla CMS updated to 3.9.0 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.3.5 version.
- Added: New "Privacy Tool Suite" (new in Joomla 3.9) implemented in both Quickstarts.
- Added: "SP Cookie Consent" plugin implemented in both Quickstarts.
- Added: "Feature Box" Addon - new "Hover" options in template's override.
- Fixed all known issues.

October 21, 2018 – Version 3.3

- Joomla CMS updated to 3.8.13 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.3.3 version.
- Virtuemart updated to 3.4.2 version.
- Fixed: "Back to Category" button fix in SP Simple Portfolio > Item (template's override).
- Fixed: Button, Divider, Modal Popup Addons - button alignment issue fixed in template's overrides.
- Fixed: "Google Map" Addon - fixed javascript error (road.all) in template's override.
- Fixed all known issues.

October 1, 2018 – Version 3.2

- Joomla CMS updated to 3.8.12 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.3 version.
- Virtuemart updated to 3.4 version.
- Added: "Sticky Header Appear Point" field option in template's admin > Header. Now you can add custom "appear point" (pixels) from the top, to show Sticky Header, while scrolling.
- Added: Field option in "Helix Page Title" (Menu manager) custom color for Helix Page Title (Page Title/Subtitle Color).
- Fixed: Custom CSS and JS added for "Coming Soon" page.
- Fixed: "Person" and "Plyr - HTML5 media player" updated with new admin, compatible with SPPB 3.
- Fixed all known issues.

August 2, 2018 – Version 3.1

- Joomla CMS updated to 3.8.11 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.2.6 version.
- Removed: “Folcomedia - Cookies Alert” Plugin, replaced with SP Cookie Consent.
- Fixed: Front editing (articles) fixed in edit.php (HTML override).
- Fixed: SP Simple Portfolio fixes for popup images - 4 options for popup sizes.
- Fixed: Language Switcher module displays inline is now fixed for all module positions.
- Fixed: "Image Content" Addon for SP Page Builder fixed for RTL.
- Fixed: "Button" Addon for SP Page Builder fixed, to avoid loading forever (front editing).
- Fixed: AP Smart LayerSlider fix for for "arrows" (left/right), not showing arrows on some servers.
- Fixed all known issues.

June 28, 2018 – Version 3.0.4

- Joomla CMS updated to 3.8.10 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.2.4 version.
- Fixed: Joomla 3.8.10 menu compatibility issue.

June 18, 2018 – Version 3.0.3

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.2.3 version.
- Fixed: "Sticky Logo" and all logo images "maximum" height.
- Fixed and improved "Strip Whitespace" option in template's admin > Advanced > Strip Whitespace.
- PHP 7.2 compatibility issue fixed for template admin > Layout.
- Fixed: Checkboxes issue fixed.
- Fixed all known issues.

May 23, 2018 – Version 3.0.2

- Joomla CMS updated to 3.8.8 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- Added: “Folcomedia - Cookies Alert” Plugin, for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
- Added: Ajax Contact Form Addon for SPPB now has checkbox for GDPR Privacy Policy.
- Mootools fix improved.
- Fixed all known issues.

May 15, 2018 – Version 3.0.1

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.2.1 version.
- Fixed all known issues.

May 4, 2018 – Version 3.0

- New: "Ajax Intro Articles" Module with masonry and equal heights grid, with ajax "Load More".
- New: Header and "Sticky" Header re-designed. Total control over Header and "Sticky" Header, in template's admin > "Header" tab.
- New: Custom Logo for “Sticky Header” (PNG, JPG, GIF, or SVG graphic).
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.1.3 version.
- Joomla CMS updated to 3.8.7 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- Helix3 framework updated to version 2.5.3.
- Virtuemart updated to 3.2.14.
- Added: Menu items (links) in Off Canvas Menu, will now close "Off Canvas" on "Click".
- Added: Modal Login (module override) is now with "Secret key" 
- Added: Custom Off Canvas Background and Text Color in template's admin > Menu (tab)
- Added: Background size, attachment and position properties added for background image in "Helix Page Title" 
- Fixed: SP Page Builder page is now "fluid" when you have "left" or "right" module position active on SPPB page
- Fixed: Virtuemart prices (Calculation with Tax) Fixed
- Fixed: LTR-RTL fix for "additional images" (virtuemart.less and rtl.less) 
- Fixed all known issues.
- Documentation improved.

February 17, 2018 – Version 2.9.1

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.1.1 version.
- Joomla CMS updated to 3.8.5 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- Helix3 framework updated to version 2.5.1
- SP Simple Portfolio updated to version 1.6
- Added: Options to select each of "Social Share" buttons in Template's admin > Blog > Social Share.
- New: All addons for SPPB that are using buttons now support "gradient colors", new feature in SPPB 3.1.1 for buttons.
- Fixed all known issues.
- Documentation improved.

February 2, 2018 – Version 2.9

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.1 version.
- Joomla CMS updated to 3.8.4 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- New: "Animated Headlines" Addon for SP Page Builder.
- 30+ Addons for SP Page Builder updated and fixed for compatibility with SPPB 3.1, in template's override.
- New: Virtuemart registration added to Cart page in Virtuemart.
- Fixed: Front-end article editing.
- Fixed: Registration and shopper information in Cart page in Virtuemart.
- Update: All demo pages (SP Page Builder) in Quickstart packages updated for compatibility with SP Page Builder 3.1.
- Fixed all known issues.

January 3, 2018 – Version 2.8.1

- Virtuemart updated to 3.2.12.
- Fixed: Admin for 30+ Addons for SP Page Builder updated and fixed for compatibility with SPPB 3.x, in template's override. SPPB admin is now working properly within Articles (Joomla Integration).
- Fixed: Boxed Layout (Header) is now responsive for all devices.
- Fixed: Login in Cart page (Virtuemart).
- Fixed all known issues.

December 19, 2017 – Version 2.8

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 3.0.4 version.
- Joomla CMS updated to 3.8.3 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- Virtuemart updated to 3.2.10.
- New: Gallery Post slider changed to "LightSlider", with many options in "Helix Blog Options".
- 30+ Addons for SP Page Builder updated and fixed for compatibility with SPPB 3.x, in template's override.
- New: Virtuemart registration added to Cart page in Virtuemart.
- Fixed: tables in Cart page, in Virtuemart.
- Update: All demo pages (SP Page Builder) in Quickstart packages updated for compatibility with SP Page Builder 3.x.
- Fixed all known issues.

September 23, 2017 – Version 2.7

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 2.5.3 version.
- Joomla CMS updated to 3.8.0 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- SP Simple Portfolio updated to 1.5 version.
- Update: "Latest Posts" Addon for SP Page Builder: "Readmore" button added and Masonry layout (optional).
- Fixed: "Onepage" Off-canvas menu links - scroll.
- New: VM (Virtuemart) option to change Shoppergroup (added in VM 3.2.4).
- Fixed: Megamenu 3rd and 4th level and "Mobile" menu (click/hover on mobile devices).
- Fixed: Error page (error.php) compatibility added for Joomla 3.8.
- Fixed all known issues.

August 8, 2017 – Version 2.6

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 2.5.1 version.
- Joomla CMS updated to 3.7.4 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- New: Masonry Blog option added, for native Joomla Blog (articles), with options for custom background color and spacing. Option in template's admin to choose between two Blog layouts: "Masonry" and "Classic".
- Fixed: Login/Logout "MyAccount" revisited, with new dropdown menu, supporting icons.
- New: Google Map Addon "Streetview" fixed and "Infowindow" (new).
- New: SmoothScroll (smoothscroll.js) enable/disable option in template's admin.
- Fixed: Front-end editing for Articles (Images and Links).
- Fixed: Language Switcher (full name and only code name).
- Fixed: Body background color fixed and "Boxed Layout" background color added (new).
- Fixed all known issues.

June 9, 2017 – Version 2.5.2

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 2.4.7 version.
- New: External image link for “Image” addon, following SPPB update.
- New: Slide interval and speed added in Testimonial Pro, Carousel & Carousel Pro addons, following SPPB update.
- Fixed: Image addon gets Alt and Title attribute fields, following SPPB update.
- Fixed all known issues.

June 8, 2017 – Version 2.5.1

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 2.4.6 version.
- Joomla CMS updated to 3.7.2 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- New: Compress HTML (strip whitespace) option added to template's admin > Advanced.
- Contact Form Addon added Google reCaptcha system, following SPPB update.
- Fixed: Background colour for both fluid and boxed layout.
- Fixed: Blog item option for hiding/showing Article title.
- Fixed all known issues.

May 16, 2017 – Version 2.5

- Joomla CMS updated to 3.7.0 version, in both Quickstart installations.
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 2.4.5 version.
- SP Simple Portfolio updated to 1.4 version.
- Virtuemart updated to 3.2.2 version, both in Quickstart and Extensions folder.
- NEW: "Parallax" effect added to all background images, with "parallax" CSS Class.
- NEW: Accordion vertical menu (module's alternative) added, now for all module positions.
- NEW: Added new options to "Helix Page Title". Now you can "align" Page Title (left, center, right), change Page title size, height, enable/disable "Parallax" effect, and include Breadcrumbs (below title).
- NEW: Added new "Full Window Background" Homepage in demo.
- REMOVED: "Include Component Anywhere - Plugin for Flex" removed due to incompatibility with Joomla 3.7.
- Updated: Flickr Gallery addon for SPPB, now supports lightbox gallery.
- Updated: Accordion addon for SPPB now has an option to close all panels at start.
- Fixed all known issues.

April 12, 2017 – Version 2.4

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 2.4.2 version.
- Virtuemart updated to 3.2.1 version, both in Quickstart and Extensions folder.
- NEW: Discount price and "percent off" added to Virtuemart's category and product pages.
- Fixed: Front-editing fix for Images and Links (front edit in articles).
- Fixed all known issues.

March 22, 2017 – Version 2.3.1

- Virtuemart updated to 3.2.0 version, both in Quickstart and Extensions folder.
- RTL Fixes: for Off Canvas menu, Ajax Off Canvas cart module and Timeline addon.

March 20, 2017 – Version 2.3

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 2.4.1 version.
- Fixed: Google Map addon issue with SP Page Builder's front-end editing.
- Fixed: Lightbox Gallery addon mobile view.
- Fixed: Person addon alt tag for images.
- Fix for VM Product module (mod_virtuemart_product) for default, list and single view.
- NEW: Accordion menu for VM Category module (mod_virtuemart_category).
- Fixed all known issues.

February 13, 2017 – Version 2.2

- Helix3 framework updated to version 1.9
- Added Helix Blog Options on front-end edit.
- Added auto load for custom.js if exists.
- Added background color for Body, in Boxed layout.
- Option to remove Joomla Generator Tag in template's admin.
- Icons are now included in "Off Canvas" menu.
- CSS & JS compression issue fixed.
- Logo h1 removed and SEO improved.
- Heading and separator menu type link issues fixed.
- Fix for Button, links and labels were disappearing in front-end editing.
- Fix in responsive.less, for mobile. User menu (Login Modal) dropdown on mobile now working.
- Fix for Comingsoon Logo. Custom logo (image) is showing properly.
- RTL Fix for Off Canvas menu
- Fixed all known issues.

January 22, 2017 – Version 2.1

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 2.3.5 version.
- Added styling for new "Timeline" addon for SP Page Builder.
- Added Touch-friendly support for dropdown navigation in Megamenu (for mobile devices).
- Fix for retina/default logo display on non-retina devices.
- Fix for VM Manufacturer (in details view). Now showing in category layout.
- Image Content addon (fix for show-hide button)
- Fixed all known issues.
- Documentation improved.

January 9, 2017 – Version 2.0

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 2.3.4 version.
- Update: 2 available Quickstart packages updated with latest Joomla 3.6.5 and all extensions.
- New: "Boxed Layout" is now with custom width, but still responsive and with custom top and bottom "spacing".
- New: 8 available CSS "Preloaders" (page preloader) with custom RGBA (semi-transparent) background.
- New: Copyright notice with dynamic {year} to show current year.
- New: Native "Offline Page", now with custom background image and countdown timer (similar to "Coming Soon" page).
- New: 8 Preset Styles. Each of presets now has additional options for custom Header and "Sticky" Header height and background colours (RGBA semi-transparent) for header and dropdown menu.
- New: Flexbox finally in Flex template styling. Flexbox Layout (display: flex;) introduced to many parts of template's layout, specially in Header.
- New: "Search" toggle module introduced in Header.
- Fixed: In template's admin > Layout manager > Main Body (Component), now can be "Fluid" or "Boxed" (container-fluid or container).
- New: Added "dropdown" option for languages (with flags) in multi-lingual websites.
- New: In template's admin > Menu (tab), 8 available dropdown animations and 5 "Off canvas" animations.
- Updated: Mootools Fixes. In template's admin > Advanced (tab), two options: to enable/disable Mootools library and to enable/disable Mootools Fix (for various conflicts with jQuery).
- Updated: Social Share on: Facebook, Twitter, Google and Linkedin, in native Joomla articles and Blog.
- New: PrettyPhoto Modal and Countdown (timer) addons for SP Page Builder added.
- Fixed: VM Category custom fields.
- Fixed: VM Fancybox Popup image and buttons (mobile view).
- Fixed: VM Cart module (fix for <hr /> tag in Firefox).
- Fixed: VM Product page (review-rating-stock) enable-disable working now.
- Fixed: VM mod_virtuemart_product (default style headings - titles to be same size).
- Updated: RTL (rtl.less) Improved. 
- Fixed: Video Post fix for Youtube (URL fix).
- Fixed all known issues.
- Documentation improved.

September 25, 2016 – Version 1.9

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 1.4 version.
- VirtueMart updated to 3.0.18 version.
- Update: 2 available Quickstart packages updated with latest Joomla 3.6.2 and all extensions.
- Fixed issue with LESS Compiler, showing 0 error page.
- Improved: striped tags in "Latest Posts: addon for SP Page Builder.
- Improved: AP Smart LayerSlider's admin.
- Fixed: Front-end editing, image select and tabs.
- Fix for VM Review tab.
- Fixed pagination for mobile view (pagination.less).
- Fixed all known issues.
- Documentation improved.

July 19, 2016 – Version 1.8

- Update: 2 available Quickstart packages updated with latest Joomla 3.6.
- New: Option to have “Accordion style” vertical “Off Canvas” menu, for mobile view.
- Some fixes in Virtuemart’s PrettyPhoto styling for responsive layouts.
- RTL styling fixes in rtl.less file.
- Fixed all known issues.
- Documentation improved.

July 4, 2016 – Version 1.7

- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 1.3 version.
- New: Plyr - HTML5 Media Player, addon for SP Page Builder added.
- Fixed all known issues.
- Documentation improved.

June 22, 2016 – Version 1.6

- New: 2 available Quickstart packages: with or without Virtuemart.
- New: Custom Post Format introduced for blogging in Joomla’s articles.
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 1.1.0 version.
- SP Simple Portfolio updated to 1.0.3 version. Added button “Back to Category” in Item view.
- Font Awesome icons updated to 4.6.3 (634+ Icons), both in template and SP Page Builder.
- New: Custom icons for post formats in template’s admin.
- New: Mootools Fixes. Now you have options in template’s admin to remove Mootools or fix conflict with Mootools library.
- Virtuemart's shipment and payment method fixed.
- Fixed all known issues.
- Documentation improved.

April 28, 2016 – Version 1.5

- Quickstart package updated with Joomla 3.5.1.
- New plugin: Include Component in Article.
- Onepage version included in Quickstart.
- New: Bootstrap modal Login.
- New: SVG option for logo and "retina" logo. Fixed in logo.php.
- Virtuemart's one page checkout fixed.
- SP Page Builder (pro) updated to 1.0.9 version.
- VirtueMart updated to 3.0.16 version.
- Fixed all known issue.
- Documentation improved.

March 30, 2016 – Version 1.4

- Quickstart package updated with Joomla 3.5.
- AP Smart LayerSlider is updated to version 3.4. Now, it automatically starts playing video on the first slide.
- Fixed: Articles Blog layout fix.
- Improvements in RTL languages support in rtl.less file.
- Added: Instagram icon added to “Social Icons” in template's settings.
- VirtueMart Home Page Settings fix for all views.
- Documentation improved.

March 18, 2016 – Version 1.3

- Major improvements in RTL languages support. 
- Improved: SP Simple Portfolio has additional, custom background color for columns and options to enable/disable “View”, “Zoom” and “Tags”.
- Person addon for Page Builder with new “Flip” style.

March 4, 2016 – Version 1.2

- AP Smart LayerSlider and SP Simple Portfolio included in package, in required "Extensions" folder
- Improved: Updated privileges for Quickstart folder (permissions 700 changed to 755). Note: install Quickstart with 755 permissions. 700 permission was causing problems on some servers.
- Minor improvement in headers.less file.
- comingsoon.php updated. Logo is centered on mobile devices.

February 29, 2016 – Version 1.1

- SP Page Builder Pro v.1.0.8 included in package, in required "Extensions" folder
- Improved: RTL support in Slick Carousel (Addon for SP Page Builder)
- Added option to enable/disable page loader in template's admin

February 26, 2016 – Version 1.0

- First release.
FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

Akea - Blog

Akea – Gutenberg Minimal Blog WordPress is a premium responsive WordPress theme designed for personal blog, blogging, blogger, journal, lifestyle, magazine, photography, editorial, traveler.Gutenberg Friendly – Akea works great with Gutenberg, the next generation of WordPress editor that will be built-in all WordPress installations.

Comments (388)

July 16,2019
There is a bug in onpage mode. if you click on a menu item, the site first jumps to the top of the site before scrolling to the anchor.
How can I fix this?
July 16,2019
Does anyone know why the login box goes like this and does not go out in modal? It only works like this when I’m on the menu.
July 16,2019
HI there! I just wonder if there is any update with Flex for new SP Pagebuilder 2.4 though they fix some small important issues there. Cheers!
July 16,2019
Hi, I have a row of FlipBoxes on my page. But, when I open this page from my mobile phone, I can not get the flipbox to open. It is completely unclickable. Is this normal? I thought FlipBoxes are mobile friendly.
July 16,2019
FYI there is a new SP Pagebuilder 3.2.9 with support for OpenStreetMap and also Joomla 3.8.12
July 15,2019
i can give you hosting on the server and you will have commision for that if you offering that with free installation of the script
July 15,2019
Hi, I’m setting up a row of 4 flipboxes, I tried directly over a clean fullpackage install of your last flex release. Flip Boxes aren’t resizing correctly, according to the column layout. It seems that the widget isn’t scaling width and height to fit inside the column, it keeps his standard height and cut the image. Any tips on how to make it working? Here’s an image of “the problem” and what I’m trying to achieve.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UMzBsaP4dmd89Y8lwbk2eO8WeBw06Tlz/view?usp=sharing
July 15,2019
Still working on switching a live site to this template; which I anticipate would look awesome. I want to point out that while still going through early stages, I had a problem with the slider, and sent a support request. Amazingly fast response; and developer was able to point me in the right direction to find the solution.
July 15,2019
Good morning I did the installation flex_1.9_quickstart_without_virtuemart but I do not see the option of shop or the virtualmart where I can see documentation?
July 15,2019
Hi, triing to change the main color of preset, but even by changing it in template config doesn’t work.
July 15,2019
I have mega menu only selected in template settings but on page load the off canvas position animates onto the screen and disappears again. Very disruptive.
July 15,2019
Hello… we are thinking in buying this template, but we have a question….
Is there a newsletter suscription module?...or a way to an easy suscription with just email?
July 15,2019
hi there is a bug the Base price and discount off dont show in virtual mart category view in other language just show in English please tell me how can fix that
July 15,2019
Hello, is there any possible way to add a drop menu to the top2 position? Our client is looking to add a utility menu with a few menu items at the very top above the main nav menu which would have some submenu items. Or at the very least a horizontal menu?
July 15,2019
Hi! Have you updated SP Pagebuilder? system is asking for update! Thanks!
July 15,2019
is there a change log for the latest update?
July 15,2019
Hi friends, pre sales question.
Do you plan to update to helix ultimate, If yes then when?
At the end of year joomla 4 is out. Do you plan update template to joomla 4?
July 15,2019
I went through whole selection of theme forest Joomla based templates and i couldn’t find anything that was suitable form my project. Few days later i just searched for latest templates and Flex was the only new upload. When i saw it ,that was it ! It looked as someone just made it the way i need it to be.
July 15,2019
Nice template. Love it. How do I update to version 1.2 without deleting old files. Thank you
July 15,2019
Hello. Nice theme. I am interested in buying. I wonder if you can change the font size of the main menu and you can change the main menu background color? Thank you. Antônio – Brazil
July 15,2019
How can I add responsive on-page navigation to this template, working also on smartphones?
July 15,2019
Hello, congratulations, this template is AWESOME! I have a question, I have to make a website in 3 languages, I have installed the language pack and all was perfect but for example the texts of the countdown and the text holder of the contact form are still in english. Which file I need to change? Thank you in advance
July 15,2019
I have a simple request, i updated the sp simple portfolio, how ever the “text in the back button at the bottom of the page is odd” here is link http://lowrysfishingfarm.com/index.php/4-columns-default/item/39-lowry-s-fishing-farm-11
July 14,2019
hello, congratulations for the template, great job. I wanted to know if you can help me, I need to make the menu in the mobile version, appear aligned to the right, where the shopping cart appears, from which part can I modify this ?, because when I see them in mobile, I get over the logo, and there is space to the right http://www.mcserver.cl/vista.jpg
July 14,2019
These amazing 5-Star reviews are fresh from our beloved customers from last 5 days!
July 14,2019
Hi! Since i have installed/updated to the last version of Flex, I got some problems with my Kunena Forum. Example: When I click on the “quick reply” button, the scroll bar disappears. And the “Wysiwyg” editor (when using Kunena) is misaligned and overwriting the text box. So I cant see what I’m writing. I have tried to do a clear install (using the quickstarter and the kunena instaler) but the problem persist
July 14,2019
Hi, I am interested in buying your nice theme. I have some bad experience after buying a template from another vendor, that there are no updates released which makes it impossible to update to the latest Joomla version. How long will you support this theme?
July 14,2019
I want to buy it. just tested . Cart page is not mobile friendly . any plan to fix it?
July 14,2019
Are you going to make a magazine/news portal version?
July 14,2019
Hi! I love your work! I see some html errors: https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=https%3A%2F%2Fflex.aplikko.com Is there a chance to fix them, please? Many thanks.
July 14,2019
How can i stop the templae from responding to ?tmpl=comingsoon
Even with the “Coming Soon” feature disabled it will respond.
July 14,2019
Hi, before I purchase the template again to update my old site that currently uses Flex, I’m wondering if the issue with not being able to edit articles in the regular site (not admin area) is working in this release?
July 14,2019
hello , I purchase this template but i cant install it ,, when I try to install it not complete and back to page “overview” again…i have tried to install many time but nothing change…
July 13,2019
Hi, I am trying to setup multi-language – so far I have done the usual Joomla setup.
July 13,2019
Your template seems awesome. Although I need to know If the main screen slider has the ability for ken burns effects and full active screen (width and height of the window and the rest of the content follows below, when scrolling is applied)
July 13,2019
I want to buy your great template but it’s kind of slow based on gtmetrix compared to another website which i designed with another template. but that template does not update anymore so i want to purchase your template. https://gtmetrix.com/compare/l54vmWjs/3PFdk3tC
Is there anything to improve website speed in the next update so that the homepage would be smoothly moving in the browser? + Our main language is Persian which is RTL, is everything alright with RTL languages in your nice template,too? thanks for answer.
July 13,2019
I have trouble to translate placeholders in contact form of page builder.
July 13,2019
Is there some issue with contact us form? The email that we receive corresponding to the contact us form submitted on our website, we don’t receive the email and contact number of person.
July 13,2019
I updated the site with the latest version you released. Now its asking for entering email and license key for SPP page builder import page template? What should i enter
July 13,2019
Kindly …can I see an example using this theme as a magazine
July 13,2019
I want to update my Flex, but I’m afraid of updating
July 13,2019
I am considering buying this template, can I connect and use my own programmed php module with this template?
July 13,2019
Any possibility of ecwid shopping cart intergration?
July 13,2019
How can I show a rsform inside SP page builder? I have tried text block, raw html and joomla module but not working. Any ideas? Rsform works with joomla article. Thank!
July 12,2019
SP Page Builder 3.2.2 comes with inline editing system along with lots of enhancements https://www.joomshaper.com/blog/sp-page-builder-3-2-2-inline-editing-system hope to see this update soon too.. Cheers!
July 12,2019
It’s been a while since the last update. Are we having a big update? We’d love to know the news
July 12,2019
i got 1146 error after update, only in RTL language, but everything is fine in English language.
i updated all other extension in package as well.
July 12,2019
hi! use one page, but no visible sp-pagebuilder-page-tools, and not save
July 12,2019
Dears – you said – will come for sure this week – you already know the date ? thank you
July 12,2019
hello dear,
In the new version of this template beside the menu bar, there is 3 line which is for mobile (it opens the menu in the sidebar ). how can I hide it?
July 12,2019
Flex is a fantastic, flexible and above all user-friendly template and support is absolutely brilliant. Dragan has been particularly helpful in assisting me with technical issues and answers are always clear and prompt. Highly recommended!
July 12,2019
Front end editing of VM products has no template? Or its just me that i see unformated page?
July 12,2019
Hello, I purchased Flex template a few days ago and today, while building a website with SP Page Builder I’ve tried to add Google Maps to my home page. After saving and refreshing my front page looks fine but SP Page Builder doesn’t load anymore. How can I revert or fix? Thanks!
July 12,2019
Pre-sale question please
Is it possible to have a full-page slider ? Or do I have to install an extra component such as Unite Revolution Slider ?
And by association, does the helix framework works well with third-party extension ?
Thanks, you have great comments !
July 11,2019
Hi there, we are installing your template with quick start option, but when we “copy” the template within administrator to give it our own name not “Flex” it fails to translate the template headings.
July 11,2019
Dears – actually I am thinking to buy your template but first I have just two questions please…. do you know when your new Version of Flex 2.0 will be available ?
and do you have the option to put language flags on the top position or the possibility to choose between flags and a drop down for multilanguage ?
oh and the last thing I see – you don´t have a contact page with a form an map ? thank you – kind regards
July 11,2019
Really excited - does it mean it you guys need some more time and will not be released in 2016 ? thank you
July 11,2019
Hello dev team, need SP Page Builder 3.3.4 update, and Regular Labs – Modules Anywhere 7.6.0 update. Thank you.
July 11,2019
FLEX uses Smoothscroll.js v1.3.8. That script produces an error in current Google Chrome browser: “SmoothScroll.js:2 [Intervention] Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener due to target being treated as passive. See https://www.chromestatus.com/features/6662647093133312" Please fix ASAP – thank you!
July 10,2019
Hello developer, I bought this them around a month ago. It’s working well on desktop, today I found the menu on mobile isn’t working, when I click the top menu, the search bar popup, it’s not what I want. I cannot find where I can change it, or maybe there is something wrong, please have a look at www.foresightfoods.com.au
July 10,2019
Hello, Aplikko
How to enable “this little triangle” or “button” (i don’t know how it names) thats scrolls site up, it appears left side bottom..
July 10,2019
Comes bootstrap4 in the near future?
July 10,2019
When Flex with SP Page Builder 3.0?
July 10,2019
After updating there seems to be some issues with SP Page Builder when trying to amend existing pages or add new pages. Page templates does not show and addons do not show. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a setting I need to adjust?
July 10,2019
Hello, template is very nice and works very well.. anyone knows if there are some problems with AddThis sharing buttons? Cause i installed the code but i can’t see the sharing buttons on any pages
thanks a lot.. anyway good job
July 10,2019
Is there a way of disabling the image zoom effect when you hover over images? For some reason on my Virtuemart shop it is pixellating my images that look much nicer without it.
July 10,2019
Hello developer, i think there is problem with latest Quickstart with VM package, Joomla Preinstallation requires “Mcrypt Support” though it is not required neither in standard Joomla 3.8.13 neither VM Quickstart with joomla 3.4.2 package.
July 10,2019
Hi guys and gratz on the theme. Very easy to install. Modern and will match perfectly with my teaching’s need.
July 09,2019
Great that you update but there is a new SP Pagebuilder 2.5.4 now too https://www.joomshaper.com/downloads/extension/sp-page-builder-pro that have some important fixes. Cheers!
July 09,2019
Hi, it´s a really nice template! But how can i change the video in “full window background” to a vimeo video – and where can i find/change the fallback image (for mobile devices)? Thanks in advance! GeraldK
July 09,2019
“The plan is to have both Flex versions, one with Helix3 and the one with Helix Ultimate framework. This is because of “transition”, from Helix3 to Helix Ultimate, to make it as smooth as possible. It takes time, for this “transition”, mainly because of old Flex user, that have Helix3 based Flex version used on their website(s).”
July 08,2019
when I try to upload queckstart virtual mart , this error appears:
July 08,2019
Hello, is there a way to set the breakpoint for when the mobile menu is triggered? Our client’s main menu has menu items that are a little lengthy as well as a wide logo. When the browser width is smaller, there is a point where a menu item will fall below into another line below the header. Currently the mobile menu will appear when the browser is 989px or smaller. How/where can I change that?
July 08,2019
Theres a default url to main menu items, that turns the menu into link no matter if i choose on “menu item type” the option “Menu Heading”, where can i change that?
For example:
July 08,2019
Happy 2017 guys, how are your update is going on?
July 08,2019
please, could you help me about this two “problems” with your flex theme:
July 08,2019
Hello, does it make sense to use JCH Optimize Pro with Flex?
July 08,2019
menu in rtl language have problem please fix that http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/2160799/a4f1eeaff24c15b8a5bc8edadd095578
July 08,2019
Guys, you will succeed! I believe in you!
July 07,2019
Hi, this morning we updated flex to the last version, unfortunately the contact form (pagebuilder widget) is not working anymore. When you push the “send” button it displays a generic error (In italian “Errore nell’invio dell’email” which means “error sending mail). With the previous version all was working fine (with phpmail and with an external smtp).
No error displayed on php or webdeveloper console, so I don’t have a clue of what’s causing the problem. I rolled back to the previous version (via backup)...
July 07,2019
Hello, we have two problems:
1. If we activate Compress CSS in Flex, many components of the layout, as buttons, toggles and tabs, are broken.
2. With the last update the width of the pagebuilder pages has changed. Why?
July 07,2019
Hi, I loaded both the carousell addon and the AP smart slider, but I couldn’t get it to work properly, how do i get it to show like the demo?
July 07,2019
Very good template, had some problems first day with prices (didnt show) but i managed and solve it
One question is with Google map API.. few days ago, google wants to put an API for google maps to work.. or we see a message “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”
July 07,2019
I cant find. How can i change menu text color ? Thanks
July 07,2019
Hi. Before buy this theme i want ask, why inside CART second goods is not display quantity and photo go to right wall???
July 06,2019
Hi, I have been using your template for a year and this last template update breaks any mobile viewing of the site. I have Joomla updated and all plugins & extensions, but when I install the “template Only” flex_2.9.1_template_only.zip my site is no longer viewable on any mobile device.
July 06,2019
Is this theme compatible with Joomla 3.5?
July 06,2019
Hello, Is there a way on how to fix responsive on screen or browser resize? Because right now I have to reload the page to see it after resizing.
July 06,2019
Hello, how to change the social icons, contact color and its hover at the top?
July 06,2019
Template and support are really great!!
July 05,2019
Hi. You made a beautiful template!
Is it possible to add a checkbox to contact form please? Thanks!
July 05,2019
hi, how can i disable off menu canvas ?
July 05,2019
I have some problem, but can fix it now. Thanks
July 05,2019
Hi Aplikko
I have a question: if I going to use SP Page Builder to create an article. where should I add the sort introduction (show intro text) on Latest Posts add on?
July 05,2019
Hi, great job. A question. I have activated the coming soon page. How can I enter the frontend area, to see the changes I do in the backend. Do I have, each time I work on the page, to disable the coming soon page?
July 05,2019
Is there any way that I can use one footer on all pages SP Builder pages? I can copy it manually, but them if I change something on first page I need to go to each page and change it manually…
July 05,2019
I’ve updated the template and extensions
I used one page style. Now my links do not move as a scroller. When I click on the link, the page jumps.
Where is the problem?
My update 3.0.4
July 05,2019
Hello dear,
I hope all your team guys to be fine.
I have a question. I do not know why slick slider in my web does not work as well. It has illogical height.
Can you please tell me how to fix it?
Thank you in advance.
July 04,2019
Best of the Best Template, but most important is the support which is outstanding.
July 04,2019
We are very interested in buying this theme but would like to know can the page preloader be disabled.
July 04,2019
I’ve installed the latest update which includes SP Page Builder 3.1 and now all my pages that use the Text Block addon have got a strange formathat i can’t edit. See example at https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqmpS9zT6kwFhlLLaImJa1jgn6q0
July 04,2019
Hi, can I update the Page Builder to the versión 3.1? I need to update it
July 04,2019
Hi, looking for a new template to use mainly for easysocial and easyblog, how well does your template integrate, i know ill need to do a load of css for ES components to match but my current template is getting in the way and based on the old warp7 framework as opposed to helix.
July 04,2019
a week ago I buy this template and I’m really happy about this topic, easy to use, understandable and beautiful. Greetings from Colombia
July 04,2019
Hello, preview page is not loading
July 03,2019
Our client bougth yesterday your template and I’ve some question about it. SP Page Builder > Homepage (default). There under Addon: Latest Posts we select under “Select Category” ”- All Categories – but after saving these setting we received a 1064 error on his frontpage. We need to select at least 1 category for e,g. Science to remove the SQL error 1061 but we want to show 3 article in 3 rows from all categories. Of course we could create seperate latest post addons but we want 1 addon latest post where all categories are visible.
July 03,2019
i updated to joomla 3.7 and sp portfolio not working
July 03,2019
Hi! Excellent template! I love it. But… i don’t understand where can i change background color of Megamenu, please. Thanks!
July 03,2019
The front page SP Pagebuilder editing not work for home page versions “Homepage 3” and the “One Page” alternatives. The bottom bar for Save Cancel ( Add new row, Tools, Undo Redo) disappears for the Flex template so you cant edit on front page with these home options.
July 03,2019
I’m trying to change header’s custom height in the Presets section, but my value gets ignored
July 03,2019
Hello, I’m trying to add a section in SP builder but get a message saying ” email and Licence key” – please can you help with this?
July 03,2019
Wondering why sp page builder frontside editor brings up only a blank page… at any of my 3 Flex Websites with newest Flex and pagebuilder versions.. Page Builder Admin works fine.
Tested with new or existing Flex-Pagebuilder Page, sometimes frontside edit works, but after adding some new addons and save, frontside comes up blank with nothing displayed.
Something wrong in my config?
July 03,2019
Is this template full compatible with extensions from dj-extensions.com ?
July 03,2019
Hello Aplikko.
Can you send me tutorial how to set Modal login?
July 03,2019
Please indicate in the changelog what particular files were changed. Thanks.
July 03,2019
Could you please add the Boxed Layout to the demo?
July 02,2019
Hi, I’m interested in buying this theme but would like to know if the main color (dark gray) can be easily changed. Please note that I am a complete noob when it comes to stuff like this. Thanks
July 02,2019
I’m really pleased with this template. Building a site for a major law firm at the moment. Excellent work boys.
July 02,2019
nice theme, i am wondering if there is a plan to convert it to wordpress
July 02,2019
Thank you for a good template !!!
July 02,2019
Hello, thanks for latest update! Unfortunately with it my custom logo in sticky header is missing. If i select no custom logo then the main logo is showing in sticky header but if i select custom it is not showing at all (even if i select same file)..
July 02,2019
Excellent and versatile template.
Are they going to update soon? There are modules and add-ons that ask for updates, such as SP Page Builder that is already in version 3.0.4 (the template version is 2.5.3).
July 02,2019
Hi Aplikko,
Can I use K2 with Flex template?
July 02,2019
Hi, how to change the background color of the main menu and the BG Color for the sticky menu? I changed the color in “Layout” (Header row settings), but the dropdown menu and the sticky menu is still the same grey.
July 02,2019
Hi, is this theme WCAG compliant? For example frontend switching option to high contrast mode?
July 02,2019
Is it possible to show menu link like a button?
July 02,2019
Hey guys, I have been notified by my customers that when they are trying to log in but get the info wrong they are being redirected back to the homepage and no warning notice is given why – I have had a couple abandon ordering as they were not seeing the correct pricing for their shopper group.
July 01,2019
Hi mate, Your demo on Safari (for Windows) looks very bad.
July 01,2019
Hi, does portfolio have “load more” button instead of paging?
July 01,2019
Hi Aplikko, I recognized that Google Maps is not working anymore. I checked for the API-key, even renewed it, but still the map on Contacts page says “Oups, something went wrong…See Javascript console…
July 01,2019
Good morning,
A strange event happens and I would like to explain:
In all the site’s articles when I hit the social buttons below I open my social, but does not include the image of the article and its title.
You can try yourself at this link: link:
July 01,2019
can virtuemart be deaktivatet if no need for this ?
July 01,2019
Dears, as you seems to be a great supporter and developer team I would like to ask you – if you know a joomla template including a forum component ? thank you. Kind regards
July 01,2019
Hi guys when i try to import a page template, is asking me for email and license key… please help… thanks
July 01,2019
Where are all the icons? I’m trying to use them to create modules and within articles.
July 01,2019
We have a User Registration form here: http://www.proliquidity.com/open-account
July 01,2019
Hi, can I use Docman, document & download extension with this template?
July 01,2019
Hi, great template so far, do you have any plans to make this Google AMP compatible for future releases as they seem to be pushing this for SEO moving forward.
June 30,2019
Tried to contact author via Contact Form on author’s web site few times, but no response whatsoever!
June 30,2019
On the off canvas menu, i have to click the menu item twice in mobile view to get the page to change.
June 30,2019
I just bought the template and was very sceptical at first, because it seemed to good to be true, but when after downloading and installing it, it worked like a charm. Very easy to use and it looks amazing!
June 30,2019
in version 2.6 there is an error on the acymailing module:
June 30,2019
Hi, I like flex, but have some questions before deciding, please let me know the following: Did you fix the LESS compiler issues mentioned for firefox? Can this template be used as a one-page design? Does the flex template have good documentation and forums or help desk? Thanks looking forward to hearing back.
June 30,2019
The theme always shows invalid email even if I provide correct email and purchase code. Can you help me? Thanks
June 30,2019
Hi Aplikko, I love this site. Great good. I wanted to learn if there’s a way to import an