Berg - Restaurant Dedicated HTML5 Template

Berg is no ordinary HTML template for your restaurant business. We have put a lot of time, thoughts and effort into making this template.

It is crafted so that it looks beautiful, has all the vital elements and works flawlessly. Berg brings new quality to the table – simple, valid, well-written HTML5/CSS3 code makes the template fully responsive, lightweight, easy to use and customize. Created with Bootstrap and LESS.

Some demos:

Please Note: Position of the navigation bar can be adjusted freely, so the sections and homescreens.

Classic Style —>

Video Background—>

Full Screen Slider—>

Parallax Home Screen—>

Static Background—>

Berg - Restaurant Dedicated HTML5 Template

If you run a restaurant business then this is perfect solution for you. Berg has you covered:

1. Home page with immersive viewing experience in 4 flavors. We believe in love at first sight. – Parallax effect – Static background – Full screen slider – Full screen video

2. Five equally awesome modes to rock your restaurant page – Full Screen Intro Section with Text – Full Screen Intro Section with no Text – Top Header Intro Image with Text – Top Header Intro Image with no Text – No Intro Image

3. Minimal navigation you can set to be visible on hidden on your subpages

4. Restaurant / About section if form of vertical full screen slides to tell you story in a fancy way. Static images and youtube videos are supported.

5. Reservation – to make your life easier

6. Map and contact form – to reach your business even easier

7. Food menu with subcategories – your food never look that good

8. Shop ready – start selling online now – Shop view – Single product view – Quick summary pop-over – Shopping card summary

9. Blog with two types of single posts – write about your food, restaurant, people and functions you host.

10. Language Switcher and Social – be international and social

11. Footer – present all all required information across your page

12. Typography and elements so that your pages look good.

Note: Images, graphics and icons are NOT included, only for demo purposes.


16.03.2017 - iOS compatibility issues fix

23.12.2014 - Fix for windows phone navigation bar

19.09.2014 - Added missing restaurant-send.php

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Comments (56)

July 15,2019
Hello, how to use yo anim outside class=”basic-info” ?
July 15,2019
Hello, video background on the restaurant page is not working properly. Is there a solution ?
July 15,2019
too many js files in the homepage… do i need all these js request in the inde2.html???
July 15,2019
Hello. The parallax background changes for the desktop version but not fot the mobile version. The default image with the watermark with the dimensions is still there for the mobile version instead of the one of the normal version.
July 14,2019
Hi Guys Ticket no #2581, need a reply please
July 13,2019
Ok, I have a quick question.
July 10,2019
Purchased it, love the layout! Did you receive our email?
July 09,2019
Hello on the index page through mobile, the text always is grey and the social media aren’t lined up but goes down in the middle. how do i change the info text to white color?
July 08,2019
Hi, is it possible to embed youtube video in gallery page?
July 06,2019
Amazing template. what are the odds we can get an instagram icon to the match the rest of the set on the main page?
July 05,2019
if we want to use smtp in the contact, do you have the code?
July 05,2019
Hi there. We are a studio-academy from Spain. It’s the second purchase with you. I love your designs: they are neat, nice and clear. I wanted to thank to you for your nice work. I live in a very touristic area with many restaurants and if you could design in the future some templates for pubs and disco I will buy it more items from you. dzi?kuj? bardzo!!
July 04,2019
I setup the site like i want to. but when i look to it on mobile it still looks partly ‘Berg’ template… pls fast solution
July 03,2019
one of the major problem in google pagespeed is the following:
July 02,2019
Hi, when I uploaded the original files that I downloaded from It never worked like the demo on idevices. I don’t have that on my server anymore but you can view my site on an idevice to see what the problem is. Some of the css rules weren’t applied to idevices I think. Please help me with this because all of the css rules were dumped into 1 file, so I couldnt possibly go through them.
July 02,2019
Hi Luciferis, i have the same probleme on idevice but on your site i see that the gallery page work perfectly ! Not mine !!! Did you change somethink in the original files ? Thanks
July 02,2019
I have been trying to change the footer and sub menus etc from black to red but it does not allow me to do it. i have followed the instructions as per the documentation yet it still will not change. Also as advised on the documentation there is no “opacity” section in the custom.less file.
July 02,2019
no video autoplay in restaurant page?
July 01,2019
For shop page is it build using php cart or something else, coluld please let me know thanks
July 01,2019
i want to remove the loading-wrapper in the homepage,because when i fetch with google it sees only this png file as a home page, can you help me?
June 28,2019
This Template had a beautiful nice feature “Page Intro-Section” (dont remember, how you called it).. In my opinion this was a key-Aspect of this work. So, why did you remove it? Is it possible, I can buy it as this earlier release?
Thank you, Andreas
June 26,2019
where’s the stylesheet? I can not install this theme!
June 26,2019
Hello, ¿Is there the possibility that the menu is always visible somewhere in the upper part and that has not been reliably displayed to the upper right button?
June 26,2019
Hi. Im trying to compile my Less files with SimpLESS, and everytime i try i get the error: Syntax Error in navbar.less on line 94, and it says: Result of expression ‘e.message’ [undefined] is not a message. I dont know what to do, to correct this error, hope you can help me.
June 25,2019
Hello, what has been changed on 1.3 version please ? Is there any changelog ?
June 24,2019
Hey there i´ve opened a ticket 3 Months ago … but there is nothing happend it´s also on a reportet bug with safari / mobile #2595. Tanks
June 23,2019
Waiting one month for support. Is anyone bothered to help?
June 21,2019
Hi, can you test menu page in safari? There is problem with images
June 20,2019
I get this error when trying to compile the LESS files:
ParseError: Syntax error on line 643 in berg/less/bootstrap-3.1.1/mixins.less:643:25
June 20,2019
waiting 8 days for an answer in a support ticket. Footer doesnt appear as expected in apple devices (macbook/ipad/iphone) seems the css doenst work as expected there. any advice?
June 20,2019
Hello, I’ve got one problem on restaurant.html subpage. Whenever I put a short text in the
June 19,2019
WOW ,Unique Layout with nice typography ,like the navigation idea and blog page .Creative Work ! GLWS
June 19,2019
Just wondering if you had a chance to look at my ticket.
June 19,2019
reservation-send.php is not working… you have comment the last lines:
June 19,2019
hi, on mobile index3.html (video backcground) doesn’t show up
June 18,2019
I cannot find reservation-send.php file in the downloads
June 18,2019
Hi, how do I compile the less files?
June 18,2019
Hello, great and nice template, very clever design and unique.
It says the template is responsive, but the portrait layout doesn’t work on tablets. (even the demo on your website).
Can you please fix it ?
June 17,2019
Hi, the ”reservation” form is not working. Documentation says “just change the email address in reservation-send.php file” but the package does not have that file. Please let me know where to download the file! Thanks!
June 16,2019
is there a simple way to update the theme? i have made a site with the first version and i want to updated it with your last version
June 16,2019
Hi there, I need to have the nav menu showing on the video homepage (index3.html).
June 16,2019
I haven’t change anything yet. Just try to see how it looks on mobile. But this template doesn’t work on mobile. The gallery function doesn’t work, and the text and social media is not line up on home page. Please tell me how to resolve these problems.
June 16,2019
Just wondering if you had a chance to look at my ticket. Its been sat there for a few days now ?
June 15,2019
Hi there. I bought this theme a while back… never used it in the end. Now maybe got a new reason to use it… downloaded again…. and when uploading I’m getting an “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” which when I look inside is true… there isn’t one. Little help, please.
June 15,2019
I like this, and want to buy. However I want to ask you something. Is it possible to have the meunu always expanded on inner pages, like here for example:
June 15,2019
Hello, in the contact section you can enter the classic google map instead of the one that you have used?
June 14,2019
I love this! Buying it. Is it just in HTML5? I see some buyers complaining about issues with LESS files. What is this bug they’re reporting?
June 13,2019
Awesome stuff – top of to buy list!
June 13,2019
NOT able to compile the original less files coming with this Template (Crunch, Simpless). Request for support – NO reaction.
June 13,2019
Please, i’m got the same less error on line 94, i tried to compile with simpLESS.
June 13,2019
I want to remove the line under the heading how I do ?
June 11,2019
Have you seen the problem with full-screen intro and iPad? Is there any way to solve it? It is not allowing to scroll down.
June 07,2019
Hello. Autoplay on video home page isnt work
June 07,2019
Hi, the “reservation” form is not working. Documentation says “just change the email address in reservation-send.php file” but the package does not have that PHP. Please help, urgent! Thanks!
June 05,2019
The reservation module is not working? I have already send a ticket, can you help me?
June 05,2019
Amazing! Wordpress in the near future>?