Developer - Builder, Contractor, Developer WP Theme

Developer - Builder, Contractor, Developer WP Theme

Features List

  • page builder
  • responsive
  • customize colour
  • custom headers
  • google maps + markers
  • unlimited galleries
  • plus mini-galleries
  • video backgrounds
  • unlimited forms
  • points-of-interest section
  • advanced custom fields pro plugin included ($25 value)
  • parallax sections
  • timeline section
  • testimonial slider
  • split banners
  • tabs & toggles
  • animations & transitions
  • translation ready
  • *demo content included
  • support forums

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Harmony - Animated One-Page HTML 5 Template


Harmony is a professional template for any business or portfolio website, it’s animated and responsive design ready to look stunning on any device.Three Versions

Main Features

Home Fullscreen Slider
Home Fullscreen Parallax
Mouse Drag
Layout Effects
Touch Enabled Carousel Slider
Responsive Design
Google Fonts Support
Built With HTML5 and CSS3
Easy Setup
410+ Icons
Valid HTML5 Code
Unique Effects
CSS3 Animation
Includes Entire Font Awesome
Crossbrowser Compatible
Excellent Customer Support – We care about your site as much as you and will help in anyway possible
and many more…

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Adem - Corporate Multipurpose Muse Template

Adem is a ultimate responsive Muse template which can be suitable for web services, startups, portfolio sites, blogging, financial companies, Investment, or any other type of business as well.The template consists of well-organized components so it’s easy to edit and customize everything to create a unique website for your needs.

Comments (56)

July 16,2019
Love the theme! When will a version be available with the current version of Wordpress? 4.6.1 Thanks!
July 15,2019
Is there a way, through CSS or something, to have arrows over the image in the mini gallery? It’s just not obvious enough that you need to click on the picture. On mobile, however, the images have arrows on them. Just want to see if that can be done on desktop too.
July 14,2019
Is it possible to run the theme properly without javascript? I mean is there are a preloader working which I could switch off?
July 14,2019
Very beautiful theme. I will buy this soon
July 13,2019
Hi, I have downloaded the them and installed it successfully but when I activate it I am getting an error where it says ” Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in \\nawinfs06\home\users\web\b2109\ipw.opentecm\barringtonglobal\wp-content\themes\developer\functions.php on line 331”
July 12,2019
Is it possible to change the opacity of the home page image?
July 11,2019
Great job my friend. Good luck
July 11,2019
Great theme. I purchased the theme, installed per directions and also used the dummy xml file to insert content. I am having some issues with this theme though! Right now, something that I have spent hours trying to figure out is on the models page slideshow- I cannot see the icons in the little circles when photos are being displayed. Can you please help?
July 10,2019
I am hoping that you can contact me as soon as you get this. I purchased your theme and it was stolen from me. I own the license, and a Home Builder logged into my Godaddy account without my knowledge and now are using the theme after I customized it without a license.
July 10,2019
I have a problem with google maps…
This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.
Could you please tell me how to fix this problem?
July 10,2019
Beautiful theme. but i need a quick solution. standard password protected page is not asking for password for some reason. please advise. thank you.
July 09,2019
Any way to have the menu at the top of the pages instead of a side menu?
July 09,2019
(3) When you select View modells > All modells > and click to one big picuture, the probleme is same than 2. Picture is not streched. (4) And when you click this big picture in right side, the animation always come from the left side.
July 09,2019
How can I adjust the overlay opacity for the Hero Banner / video on the Home page? Thx.
July 08,2019
If you cannot see the svg object, like up,next, prev arrovs, only add to htacces theese: AddType image/svg+xml svg
AddType image/svg+xml svgz
But, when you click to one picture, it will show, but not stretched to scrren, and you see the go up arrow too. How can remove it? And when you click the right side picture, this will always come from left, what is not nice.
July 08,2019
I’m having the same issue as n8thegr8422 – I can’t seem to add video to the page at all. I’ve tried using the embed code, just pasting the url and changing the section it’s in. Nothing seems to work. Video should be appearing where the number 1 is a the bottom of the page – any pointers on how to fix?
July 05,2019
Video on my homepage stopped playing. No changes have been made. I checked and still have the 3 video links in the background of the hero header. Any ideas why?
July 04,2019
Dear PixelGrapes,
I consider buying this theme for my client. I would like to know if it possible to get the psd file with layout too?
Best regards
July 04,2019
How can I get an updated version of ACF Pro? I just purchased this theme in Sept of 2018 and the plugin version is from May of 2017? I am seeing issues on mobile because of the out of date plugin.
July 04,2019
I’ve a problem with google map API, installed version 1.1 of your theme, entered google map API from customizer, but on admin side, when want to add map section, errors are there still.
I tried adding this to function.php but still not works:
July 03,2019
Hello, I wanted to know If you could leave the video background even in smartphone browser?
July 02,2019
Great template! Is there a way I can change the header transparency overlay to white from black?
July 02,2019
Hey is the them ready for WP 4.8.1 ?
June 30,2019
Can the menu be changed from the static bar on the right to a static menu on the top? Or is the menu locked the way it is?
June 30,2019
Is there a way to not show the logo on one page?
June 30,2019
What is the page builder based on?
June 28,2019
Like others I am not getting Map to work. ACF I have is 5.5.14. Forum link does not work. Can you help? I just purchased.
June 28,2019
Posted a question on your support system – change color of font in header. Thx.
June 27,2019
Just installed theme. Advanced custom fields pro plugin is outdated. Is there a fix for this?
June 27,2019
How do I get the toggle buttons to open in a new tab? I tried adding target=”_blank” to the end of the url but that didn’t work. Any help will be appreciated.
June 26,2019
when i use iphone to browse the website and click register, the form pop up and it is oversized for handphone, I cannot close the form. please help!
June 23,2019
Hey! Looking to purchase this theme. Is it compatible with Visual Composer? Thanks!
June 23,2019
will you be updating ACF Pro soon?
June 22,2019
that ”<” before https
P.S. I’m helping on this theme for someone else, so there is no PURCHASED label near my name here cheers for good code.
June 22,2019
I posted this question in the support forum several days ago but have not received a response. We are having issues with the animated loading icon not working in the browser Microsoft Edge. Additionally some of the icons on our neighborhoods page are not loading.
These features work in Firefox, Safari and Chrome for us.
Thank you.
June 21,2019
Hi, I’m thinking about buying the theme, but I have some questions.
1. Is it possible to play video with sound in the background of home page?
2. Is the background video whole page template, or can it be just a part of any template? I mean can I add something at the bottom of the background video section, like build a whole regular page under this section?
June 20,2019
How to show video on homepage?
June 19,2019
is there a way to remove the dark effect on the header?
June 19,2019
How do I update this theme to the latest version? I have Envato Toolkit installed, but this is the only theme I have that doesn’t have an automatic update button in the plugin. Also, when the theme is updated, will the Advanced Custom Fields plugin finally be updated, because it’s so annoying that it keeps saying it needs to be updated but gives errors when trying to update it.
June 18,2019
The Map Marker search is not working anymore. I type in an address and it doesn’t do anything. My theme is updated but the ACF Pro plugin has an update. It says to stay updated I need a license key. My pages that are already published have working map markers but I can not make any new pages with map markers. Any ideas how to fix?
June 16,2019
Nice Theme!! But i found some bugs: (1) I tried to install ( But when i try to activate in Appearance > Themes, i get a blank whithe screen, and i cannot access the admin site. Need to reinstall WordPress.. (2) When i tested ( in this site MENU > View modells > All models - select one Detail -> I click to on of the picture, and i cannot see in full image.. Sliced under, and the go up button always visible.
June 14,2019
Great theme! I’ve already purchased, one quick question: is there a reason why embeded videos don’t show up when I put them on a page? It’s just an empty space where they should be. The videos are from YouTube, is there some pre-existing code that strips iframes or something? I’ve tried some different page content options (editor, accordian, gallery) and anything that has the wysiwyg editor where I could normally place the YouTube embed code, does not work
June 13,2019
Hi, wondering why this theme hasn’t been updated for two years?
June 12,2019
It looks like a great theme but can we replace the home page video with a nice professional photo?
June 11,2019
There a update for Advanced Custom Fields PRO
June 11,2019
In the parallax section, is there a way to adjust the opacity over the image? I just want it to not be as dark. If there’s CSS or something, please let me know. And where would I put it.
June 11,2019
can you update to the new version of: Advanced Custom Fields PRO included in the theme?
June 11,2019
Hi, I’m interested by this theme but when i test on iphone or ipad, background video don’t work. Any solution ?
June 09,2019
There seems to be a problem with the CF7 shortcode. Will NOT work if it is not linked to a button??? It will not work if the shortcode is just added to a page???
June 09,2019
Does your theme allow me to change the font size and style of the text on the home page. Its labeled H1, H2, H3 in the embedded features. If so, how?
June 08,2019
hey i am planning to purchase this theme i was wondering if i can have the blog section added to the main page?
June 08,2019
hi can I have some instructions on installing the theme with pages exactly like your demo, plz plz help!
June 07,2019
Hi, I want to buy your theme, but I would like to know if there is a Models (or house/projects) section in the admin panel where I can just fill the fields and it will add itself to the models page.
June 07,2019
When I switch pages a little block of 4 lines comes up and movies around a bit before it goes to the new page. Is this normal ? Can I get rid of it? Is the video on the opening page included in the download?
June 06,2019
Out dates Plugin: Advanced Custom Fields
Current Version:
Latest Version: 5.3.7
June 05,2019
map zoom not working – doesn’t zoom in any direction. I have taken out markers changed zoom levels and nothing changes.