Depth of Field - Fullscreen Photography Portfolio

The entire theme documentation is available at: Depth of Field theme documentation

In case you need support or if you have feature requests, please send me an email through my profile page or contact [email protected] I also use the comment section of this item to answer simple questions.

Depth of Field is a fullscreen photography theme for Tumblr. It’s a great way for photographers to showcase their portfolio in a breathtaking way. Nevertheless, this theme also supports all the other Tumblr post types, meaning that you can also post galleries, videos, audio tracks, quotes, chats, links and normal text posts. Check the live preview for examples of how each post type looks like when using this template. In addition, this theme also supports the submit and ask post types.

Next to that, this theme enables you to display your latest Instagram photos, Dribbble shots and tweets, as well as a number of popular social media links. The popular Disqus commenting system is integrated and you have the option to choose from over 500 fonts from the Google webfont library for your headers and normal body text. Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry, because every little detail is described in the Depth of Field theme documentation.

Depth of Field is also a fully responsive theme, which mean that it will dynamically adept its layout for tablets and smartphones. However, as this theme is mainly geared towards high resolution photography, the most enjoyable viewing experience is still on a large screen.

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Complete feature list

  • fullscreen responsive layout
  • responsive images, slideshows and video
  • possibility to use any font from the Google web font library
  • Disqus comment system integration
  • Instagram photo feed
  • Twitter feed
  • Dribbble feed
  • Social media links for popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, G+ and many more
  • share every post on various social networks
  • custom logo image
  • tiled or full screen background image for post types other than photo
  • various color options
  • detailed documentation of all features included


Version 1.4

  • fixed a bug with icon background color in the sidebar
  • removed 2 custom links from the sidebar, which should only belong on the demo page

Version 1.3

  • due to a change in the twitter API on 11th june 2013, the twitter feed has been adjusted to accomodate for the changes.

Version 1.2

  • fixed a bug where the share button did not work and no modal window appeared.

Version 1.1

  • fixed a bug for the horizontal scrollbar
  • fixed an issue, where the comment box overlayed the contents on permalink pages


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Comments (12)

July 15,2019
love your work!! bought it an its awesome.
July 14,2019
Is it possible to have different background images behind the smaller photos? Or can I only change the background image when there is no additional content in the post?
July 06,2019
HI, is het mogelijk om de iconen (rechtsboven/linksonder) kleiner te maken en te veranderen in Z/W en hier eventueel een woord :menu: aan toe te voegen om het navigeren wat duidelijker te maken?
June 30,2019
Hi there,
Just purchased your theme but am having a little bit of trouble getting the photos to fit to the frame of the browser correctly. I have read through all your instructions and couldn’t find anything that would indicate why the photos get blown up a too big in the browser.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
June 30,2019
Hi, I was wondering if there was the ability to set solid colors for the background in lieu of photos. I didn’t see it in the documentation.
June 29,2019
Another question Alex, is it possible to change Background image per post? If so how…
June 28,2019
Just gave you the third rate for it to finally show publicly Can’t believe the others didn’t rate you yet!
June 26,2019
Hi,I would like to know how well this theme would work with a Blog type of tumblr.
June 23,2019
Hi Alex, i cant find the way to remove logo color background, can you help me please?
June 17,2019
Hi I just imported the new version v1.4 onto my sandbox tumblr, and all I get is text. There is appearance of the DOF theme? IS the html correct that you provided in the update? I am glad I tested this out before putting it on my prod site…
June 14,2019
Hi, is there a way to have a slideshow in the backdrop that automatically changes, thanks
June 09,2019
Awesome design I like it man!! That’s why I wish you good luck with sales