Kollar - Responsive Fullscreen Ajax Portfolio

Kollar - Responsive Fullscreen Ajax Portfolio

Kollar - Responsive Fullscreen Ajax Portfolio


  • Horizontal & Vertical Menu Variations
  • Ajax Content Loading
  • Amazing CSS3 Animations
  • Timbthumb image cropping
  • Working Contact Form
  • HTML5
  • Stylish GoogleMap
  • Easy Skin Changing
  • Filterable Portfolio
  • Fully Responsive
  • Impressive page load effect
  • W3C valid HTML5 & CSS code
  • Working ajax contact form
  • Fully layered PSD’s (2 files)
  • Easy to customize
  • Full Background Slider
  • Social Icons
  • Fancybox
  • Cross-Browser Friendly


  • Home
  • 3 Blog Layouts
  • Shortcodes
  • Singlepost
  • Singlework
  • Gallery
  • Contact

Kollar - Responsive Fullscreen Ajax Portfolio

Kollar - Responsive Fullscreen Ajax Portfolio

Leopold - Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Theme was designed with a combination of clean minimalist and functional.Features

Light, Clean and Elegant Design
Fully Responsive
Lightweight, very fast and easy to use
Validated Code
Used BEM methodology
Based on Bootstrap Grid

6 types of the Blog layouts:

Classic blog layout
Classic blog layout full width
Grid layout
Grid layout full width
List layout
List layout full width

2 types of the Post layouts:

Standard post layout (sidebar)
Standard post layout full width (no sidebar)

Gallery, Video, or Audio format for posts:

Gallery format sample: http://feelman.

Comments (36)

July 15,2019
Any update on the WP part? I have already purchased the theme and I don’t know what to do with it now? Can I get a refund if you are not planning for WP because it seems WP wont happen soon.
July 14,2019
Great template… but how i can convert in wordpress?
July 14,2019
Hi! Work is good – bought. I want apply it to my gallery spherical panorams. Can also add the fullscreen function?
July 14,2019
great template. however, how do you change the images?! ahh!
July 11,2019
Cool template guys. Could you however fix the responsiveness issue on smaller devices (iphone 3gs etc.) -currently only 1-2 items appear in the menu because of the small resolution
July 11,2019
Is there a fix for images being stretched in the full page image view.I mean in project photos fullsecren It does not keep the proportion of the image. If there is fix for this ? or just preview like that ?
July 10,2019
Can the size of the grid boxes on the right be changed easily? Can you size them at any size you want or do they have to be certain sizes?
July 07,2019
Can I get an answer for my question!?
July 06,2019
Well, a bit too late to find out that this is NOT A WORDPRESS THEME!
July 05,2019
Hello. I am looking for a template like this but need to know the following if possible:
July 05,2019
i have to combine home page and blog2 page
how can i do that, please provide solution
July 04,2019
Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!
July 03,2019
Hi, I’m very interested in this theme but I saw there’s no version for wordpress or at least I’m not being able to find it. Am I missing something? Should we expect a WP version soon? Regards.
June 30,2019
Do you have a beta for it? cause i just bought it.. and i screwed up i thought it was for wordpress..
June 29,2019
hi, great job on this theme.
just a question: what about portraits?
all the images here are “landscapes”, how this template deals with vertical images?
June 28,2019
i repeated this code twice (so i should have 2 tiles)
but i’m getting 3, one of the 2 is getting repeated.
June 28,2019
Hi really love your template….
Could you please tell me how to change scrollbar color?
June 27,2019
The best fullscreen portfolio i’ve ever seen.
June 25,2019
Can you add ecommerce feature when building wordpress theme?
June 25,2019
hi !
buy kollar theme ? used horizantal theme but iphone not showing properly
can you help this about immediately pls
June 20,2019
Is there a fix for images being stretched in the full page image view. It does not keep the proportion of the image. If there is fix for this, i will buy the template.
June 19,2019
ckemi …me pelqen shume puna jote dhe doja t dija nese pranon te besh nje sit t posacem dhe sa do t me kushtonte dicka e tille ,,,,klm
June 19,2019
Hi almost ready to pull the trigger on this theme. Well done by the way. I just have a few questions before I do so.
June 18,2019
Një punim i mrekullueshëm.. Uroj të arijsh numër sa më të lart të shitjeve.
June 17,2019
Hi, I’m interested in buying this template but I wanted to know, is there any way to support VIDEO?
June 16,2019
The horizontal version is not working correctly when opened on mobile devices (tried Safari and Chrome with in both horizontal and vertical). The menu appears in the middle of the screen and it is blocking the content. I would purchase the theme, but I need the horizontal version. Is there an update or fix for this issue?
June 14,2019
There is a horizontal scroll bar when template is on iPhone. Can you fix it or post tutoria howl to fix it? Thanks!
June 13,2019
can we use this layout in asp.net ????
June 12,2019
When can we get the WP version??
June 12,2019
Hello! A friend of mine purchased this theme and the following doubts: When he clicks on “go to project” carries no portfolio. The page is blank. Already tested in all browsers, ftp put in and still not appear the project. How to configure each project? In that part of the code set up each project? I wait. Thank you.
June 11,2019
images are showing on home page
June 10,2019
vizyon7 I know.. you say what I mean,on phone not work.there is bug.
I see comment and poor support I heave doubt to purchase .I wait till author fix this bug than maybe ..? I say maybe! because of poor support
author not answer people comment and problem.wait maybe he fix all.
or we fix ..no more purchase
June 09,2019
vizyon7 I wanted to purchase but before I try on all device and on my phone also not work its samsung galaxy s2.on mobile phone template behave crazy not fit well and you cant enter gallery and when you click to gallery just scrolling up but not opening image
I thing this template need more modify .
after this than will be very good template.
June 08,2019
baddal ? buy this template and iphone4s not working horizontal and send e mail themeforest still not answer about
exporer and chrome so pc version not problem but mobile version problem
frankly, I was disappointed this site because not answer this problem
still ? wait
June 07,2019
-also is there an option to include a fingerswipe function in the gallery? It may seem a little confusing for some users as to how they can browse through the pictures.
June 05,2019
When will this be available for Wordpress?