Marshmallow - Simple WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme

Marshmallow - Simple WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme      Marshmallow - Simple WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme

Marshmallow is a simple WordPress portfolio and blog theme with amazing Apple TV hover effect.

Firefox doesn’t support hover animation, it is disabled for Firefox browser!

It is designed in light simple style. It has an impressive design, suitable for any kind of projects, designers, freelancers and photographers.

Marshmallow is very easy to install and customize.

Documentation | Project on Behance

Marshmallow - Simple WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme Marshmallow - Simple WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme Marshmallow - Simple WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme

Theme core features

  • Smooth “Apple TV” hover effect
  • WordPress LIVE Customizer
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Responsive design
  • Default and Load More pagination
  • Demo content included
  • Grid and List blog layouts
  • Fullwidth featured image
  • MixItUp filters
  • SVG button animation


All icons used in template are Fontawesome and can be found at

Demo images (NOT included in the package)

Demo images (NOT included in the package)

Demo images (NOT included in the package)

Release Notes

Ver. 1.0.2 (21.11.16)

"White screen" bug fixed


Master Slider update

Ver. 1.0.1 (14.11.16)

"Load more" button bug fixed

Comments (30)

July 16,2019
Awesome theme! Good luck with sales
July 15,2019
could you please tell me how to edit social media links on work posts ?
July 15,2019
Congratulations. very nice theme. Good luck with the sales
July 15,2019
Excellent theme, clean and professional. Good luck with the sales
July 14,2019
Hi there, just wondering – do new blog posts show up in the grid like on the show all/homepage on live preview or does it have to be a portfolio post to show up for the grid format? Having trouble finding a theme that allows the gorgeous homepage grid format for my blogposts instead of having to post portfolio or gallery items
July 12,2019
I have purchased the theme
However, without the Google font key, my site opens is blank.
I am a Chinese webmaster, at present, can not use Google fonts because it is limited.
Hope can be removed, Google font restrictions, increase the local font display, or other fonts.
thank you very much!
July 09,2019
Good day
I can’t install theme (marshmallow-simple-wordpress). The mistake is lack of file style.css
July 08,2019
Just saw that the theme was updated on the 26 September 17 (Last Update).
Was anything important updated?
July 06,2019
Getting this error on every page: “Warning: First parameter must either be an object or the name of an existing class in /home3//public_html/.com/wp-content/themes/marshmallow/admin/functions/theme-fonts.php on line 41”
July 06,2019
Feature request from client: A setting (checkbox) to disable using the “hamburger menu” (when browser window width is below “x” threshold)
July 05,2019
Man o man i love this theme, it makes me an instant pro blogger
July 05,2019
Its almost impossible to use the mobile version of the site in the mobile mode when work section is being display. The boxes can’t be scrolled on. Is there a fix for this?
July 02,2019
I have no use for it now, but damn what a beautiful, clean and crisp theme! Bookmarked for now
July 01,2019
Really nice theme But don’t lower the price, it is worth more
June 29,2019
Not sure if you can help but I’ve submitted 450 images to Google using Yoast SEO sitemap and yet only 10 images have been indexed. I submitted them weeks ago.
Previously my site (when it was just http and not https and used a different theme) had the same images and all of them were indexed.
Is there anything you can think of that might be causing this that I should check?
Appreciate your help.
June 27,2019
Hello. Thank you for the great theme.
Two things:
1. On the PORTFOLIO PAGINATION TYPE, if I choose CLASSIC, clicking on any page other than page 1 gives me a 404 error page.
If I select the LOAD MORE option the extra work examples load correctly.
Any thoughts why the first option isn’t working?
2. How can I change the LOAD MORE button? The style of animation doesn’t fit with how I’ve set up the rest of the site.
Thank you for your help.
June 26,2019
Any chance of you responding to the tickets on your support hub? Have paid for extra support but not heard back from you in months!
June 26,2019
I do have a problem with the portfolio function of this theme: The work categories for sorting only apply to the works that are already loaded. I know you already answered comments about this and while I understand that this makes sense from a technical point of view, it’s an absolutely unacceptable bad user experience… It is a big problem that should be a top priority to be fixed and not worked around. Will this be fixed in a future version of the theme? (No need to give me tips on working around, already did that, but I want to know if it will work as intended/expected in the future)
Best Regards
June 26,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 24,2019
Hello. Any thoughts on the position of the logo as mentioned in my last comment? Appreciate your help.
June 24,2019
I love this theme and am pretty sure I will buy it, just two questions:
June 24,2019
hi. is it include demo content? do you have support to do that? thanks
June 23,2019
after purchased and install the theme, i just realize the filter only works after we load all items. if visitor try to click the filter without loading all items, he’ll got a blank page. and i think this is a bad idea because i dont think visitor will know he need to load all items before he can use the filters. so i need your suggestion how to solve this problem. thanks
June 21,2019
Hey there, I love this theme, I’ve bought it for my portfolio website but I realised that you can’t reorder the work projects as per your wish, is there any way to do that? Can you please please help me with this?
June 16,2019
Hi, Does it have RTL Support? Thanks
June 13,2019
Hi Pryanikov. Just curious: Is it possible to disable the hover effect?
June 10,2019
Hello! Any plans to add woo-commerce for this theme?
June 08,2019
” I suggest you to show all your items on homepage” – how is it possible?
June 07,2019
Hallo. Can you please help me with a small issue?
I dont need a featured image in the header of work’s page, but I cant find how to disable it.
June 07,2019
Hi, I’m pretty new to Wordpress and I can’t seem to find ANY demo content. Where should it be located?