Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme  Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate is a new way for designers, developers and users to experience WordPress. A Portfolio website reimagined to highlight your most important content.

In the same way that brave explorers carve pathways to new ways of living, thinking outside of the square and pushing the boundaries of human experience, your work also deserves new & original ways to communicate with your audience.

Introducing Calafate. WordPress, but different.

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Dedicated to a lifetime of updates and evolution, ‘Covers’ is a new feature added in v1.3.0. Created to introduce your latest project, featured works or highlight unique products in your online shop, it is a very easy to use tool that will generates a beautifully animated full-page visual, to dazzle your visitors on arrival.

We have created this fresh WordPress canvas with a focus on content first, and built the tools to help you create something really different and imaginative – you just need to add your best content to bring it to life.

Take it for a test drive now, and see for yourself.

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate comes complete with it’s own custom page builder, making sure that your website won’t be bloated with unnecessary code, and that your markup will be SEO friendly. The builder generates the cleanest markup necessary, without messy elements and extraneous code that other composers can add to your pages slowing your site down.

Calafate focuses on what really matters, creativity tools combined with your best content.

With a few clicks you will be able to generate complex layouts simply, while working with many different creative tools.

You can play with normal page elements in many different ways, use color schemes in each page and combine them with fade actions creating really interesting experiences, the combinations and possibilities are almost endless.

Stand out from the crowd with Calafate for WordPress.

You will be amazed with by the speed of the technology behind Calafate, making your pages load really fast, thanks to the advanced AJAX features.

You’ll also receive many easy to use tools that are included to help you create awesome project presentations. Over the years we have worked with different creative folks and we know the tools and features you seek to unleash your creative best.

Your website – from bland to amazing – in minutes, this is Calafate.

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Complete features list

  • Responsive, of course
  • AJAX driven theme. You can also disable this feature.
  • Two different navigations. A regular one and a compact one.
  • Unique & lightweight custom page builder. You can create unique and very creative layouts to display your projects in a very easy way.
  • Wordpress Customizer ready
  • Packery, Isotope & masonry layouts
  • Regular pagination
  • Cool filtering method for your project items
  • Multiple portfolio pages
  • Two different blog styles – ‘Minimal’ & ‘Magazine’ (notice that only one style is possible, different from the demo)
  • Custom fullscreen backgrounds for each project and section. With unique features.
  • Hero sliders and self hosted videos
  • Google fonts library
  • Select the portfolio columns and four different layouts kinds. Funcky, Clean, Boring & Text.
  • Fully customizable portfolio pages. Color schemes and heroes.
  • Adjust the sizes for your text, fonts, color. Combinations are unlimited.
  • Localization ready
  • RTL support
  • WooCommerce integration (e-commerce/shop features) support. Unique experience.
  • iOS/Mobile Ready
  • Touch gestures and keyboard support for sliders
  • Portfolio & Woocommerce XML to import dummy content (placeholder images) to have an easy and fast start with your new theme.

Outstanding Customer Support

We usually answer support queries between 24-48hrs during business hours (9:00h-18:00h UTC+1).

The dashboard and Ticksy, our ticketing system, are checked regularly for the most up to date queries. In the meantime check if your query has been asked before, and have a look at the FAQs.

Support tasks should be about the theme itself.
Support does not include customizations requirements specific to your website.
If you have any questions prior to purchase before, please do not hesitate to contact.

Change log

v1.5.5 // updated: May 17 · 2019

  • Improved lightboxes
  • Fixed a visual bug with hero videos
  • Fixed various minor style bugs
v1.5.4 // updated: Apr 24 · 2019

  • Added support for WooCommerce 3.6.1
  • Fixed some issues with self hosted videos
v1.5.3 // updated: Apr 1 · 2019

  • Added more options for hero header captions (title, description & link)
  • Added the possibility to set a full width column with background from the columns manager
  • Included the latest version of the ACF plugin
  • Fixed various minor issues
v1.5.2 // updated: Jan 14 · 2019

  • Added support for the WP GDPR Compliance Plugin
  • Included the latest version of the ACF plugin
  • Updated the Calafate Portfolio plugin (internal update)
  • Improved WooCommerce support
v1.5.1 // updated: Dec 19 · 2018

  • Fixed and improved some minor visual issues
v1.5.0 // updated: Dec 04 · 2018

  • WordPress 5.0 Ready
  • Fixed a design issue with WPML switcher on mobile devices
  • Updated Google Fonts list
v1.4.7 // updated: Nov 28 · 2018

  • Fixed some errors with WooCommerce
  • Added RTL support
v1.4.6 // updated: Nov 14 · 2018

  • Improved support for WooCommerce 3.5.1
  • Fixed some minor bugs
v1.4.5 // updated: Oct 26 · 2018

  • Added support for WooCommerce 3.5.0
  • Fixed some small WooCommerce visual details
v1.4.4.1 // updated: Oct 17 · 2018

  • Fixed an issue related to full-width columns arised with v1.4.4.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.
v1.4.4 // updated: Oct 17 · 2018

  • Added support for WooCommerce affiliate products
  • Added ‘order’ & ‘orderby’ properties to the portfolio shortcode
  • Added ‘YouTube’ & ‘Behance’ social icons
  • Improved full width rows support
  • Improved touch support for submenus
  • Fixed an issue with ajax comments
  • Fixed button formatting issues
  • Fixed password protected pages & posts
  • Updated ACF Pro plugin
v1.4.3 // updated: Aug 08 · 2018

  • Fixed a bug related to video players and AJAX
v1.4.2 // updated: Aug 06 · 2018

  • Fixed video element issues
  • Fixed long submenu issues
  • Fixed some design issues in the shop area
  • Added support for native audio / video playlists
  • Added autoplay variables for the gallery slider shortcode
  • Updated Instagram icon
  • Updated latest version of the ACF plugin
v1.4.1 // updated: Jul 17 · 2018

  • Fixed issue arised with last update and related to featured image sizes in some specific configurations.
v1.4.0 // updated: Jul 3 · 2018

  • Improved Columns Manager cloning function
  • Added IBM Plex font
  • Added support for latest version of WooCommerce
  • Fixed many other minor issues
v1.3.9.7 // updated: Jun 17 · 2018

  • Improved Columns Manager for slower servers.
v1.3.9.6 // updated: May 26 · 2018

  • This should fix the issues related to latest update happening in some specific server environments. Our apologizes because these today’s updates. Just install this last one in order to get the builder fix. Thanks for your understanding!
v1.3.9.5 // updated: May 26 · 2018

  • Fixed issue with the column builder where columns stuck in a single one when saving pages. This issue appears when updating to WordPress 4.9.6 and it is fixed with this theme version.
v1.3.9.4 // updated: Apr 10 · 2018

  • Added support for WooCommerce 3.3.3
  • Improved Stripe´s add-on integration
  • Improved portfolio shortcode with a tag option
v1.3.9.3 // updated: Dec 05 · 2017

  • Fixed an isolated customizer bug
v1.3.9.2 // updated: Nov 23 · 2017

  • Fixed a bug related video players in WordPress 4.9
v1.3.9.1 // updated: Oct 19 · 2017

  • Improvement and fix for latest video update in v1.3.9
v1.3.9 // updated: Oct 18 · 2017

  • Fixed video background support for mobile devices
  • Added support for WooCommerce 3.3.1
v1.3.8 // updated: Sep 16 · 2017

  • Improved Covers behaviors
  • Improved portfolio options for mobile devices
  • Added “back button” for blog posts & shop pages
  • Added video background support for mobile devices
  • Added more social options
  • Fixed various bugs
v1.3.7 // updated: Aug 4 · 2017

  • Fixed an issue related to dropdowns within the text editor related to WP 4.8
  • Fixed some minor bugs
v1.3.6 // updated: Jul 26 · 2017

  • Maintenance update fixing some minor bugs
v1.3.5 // updated: Jul 4 · 2017

  • Improved support for WooCommerce 3.1.0
v1.3.4 // updated: Jun 23 · 2017

  • Fixed overlay menu issues caused by last update
v1.3.3 // updated: Jun 15 · 2017

  • Added support for lightbox captions
  • Improved the Covers page template
  • Fixed scrolling issues in WordPress 4.8
  • Updated – Added files for latest ACF version
v1.3.2 // updated: May 30 · 2017

  • Improved lightbox engine
  • Fixed various bugs
v1.3.1 // updated: May 12 · 2017

  • Added more options to “Covers” feature: Now you can add a default background image or video.
  • Added new style to Covers. Have a look at this ☞ here
  • Fixed various WooCommerce bugs
  • Improved the mobile menu
v1.3.0.1 // updated: May 01 · 2017

  • Fix for page options issue appeared with v1.3.0
v1.3.0 // updated: Apr 28 · 2017

  • Added a new feature: “Covers”. You can see a demo here. ☞ Read docs..
  • Improved general support for WooCommerce 3.0.x
  • Added support for Apply Pay
  • Fixed long submenu issues
  • Updated ACF PRO to latest available version
v1.2.8 // updated: Apr 05 · 2017

  • Improved support for WooCommerce 3.0
v1.2.7 // updated: Apr 04 · 2017

  • Added support for WooCommerce 3.0.0
  • Added support for product shortcodes
  • Updated ACF PRO version
v1.2.6 // updated: Mar 14 · 2017

  • Added pagination to the blog & portfolio shortcodes
  • Improved custom links in menu
  • Fixed issues with blog hero header
v1.2.5 // updated: Feb 23 · 2017

  • Added a third blog post style, featuring hero header. See it in action ☞ here
  • Improved parallax backgrounds
  • Improved hero header with more options
  • Fixed several other small bugs
v1.2.4 // updated: Feb 14 · 2017

  • Fixed the portfolio grid issue
  • Fixed some other small bugs
  • Updated ACF PRO
v1.2.3 // updated: Feb 7 · 2017

  • Fixed the portfolio shortcode (broken in v1.2.1)
v1.2.2 // updated: Feb 01 · 2017

  • Improved hero header with more options:
    • Now you can configure a hero element with ‘start’ & ‘end’ opacity. More creative tools! Calafate - Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme
    • You can handle the distance between the header and the content. See it in action ☞ here
    • Some calafaters wanted page backgrounds. Ladies & gentlemen, you can use the hero now as regular background with the new included tools.
  • Added custom color scheme for blog posts
  • Fixed some issues in the portfolio grid
  • Fixed a few WooCommerce styling details
v1.2.1 // updated: Jan 27 · 2017

  • Added a blog shortcode
  • Fixed some different bugs
v1.2 // updated: Jan 13 · 2017

  • Added a new hovering option (secondary images on hover grid items)
  • Added a portfolio shortcode
  • Added caption support for hero sliders
  • Improved WooCommerce notices
  • Improved WPML support
  • Fixed various minor bugs

v1.1.5 // updated: Jan 6 · 2017

  • Added pagination option for the shop
  • Added custom logo option for the blog
  • Improved lightbox functionanlity
  • Fixed a handful of WooCommerce bugs
  • Fixed navigation for posts when comments disabled issue

v1.1.0 // updated: Dec 16 · 2016

  • Added a new portfolio hover style (See it in live ☞ here.)
  • Added the option to load custom URL’s from the portfolio thumbnails
  • Fixed some minor issues

v1.0.5 // updated: Dec 9 · 2016

  • Fixed a bug in IE11
  • Fixed some search related issues
  • Fixed password protection for portfolio pages
  • Improved support for Contact Form 7 v4.6
  • Added option to display sharing links as icons
  • Added Spanish translation. ¡Muchas gracias, Mtreik!

v1.0.4 // updated: Dec 5 · 2016

  • Fixed a small issue related to page titles duplicity

v1.0.3 // updated: Dec 2 · 2016

  • Added the option to hide the page title even when there is no hero header
  • Added the option to display content before the portfolio grid
  • Added styling for “Related Posts for WordPress” plugin
  • Added password protection for content
  • Improved WordPress galleries with more options
  • Updated Calafate Shortcodes and Advanced Custom Fields plugins

v1.0.2 // updated: Nov 25 · 2016

  • Added lightbox option for portfolio grid items
  • Added toggle shortcode (updated the Calafate Shortcodes plugin to v0.2)
  • Added styling for “Related Posts for WordPress” plugin
  • Added German translation (Thanks a lot, Volker!)
  • Fixed contact form display bugs
  • Fixed laggish loading on Chrome
  • Fixed an error related to the WooCommerce checkout page

v1.0.1 // updated: Nov 18 · 2016

  • Added autoplay option for hero sliders
  • Added “always visible” option for the header
  • Added the option to display content after the portfolio grid
  • Added option to display search icon on mobile devices
  • Added support for Visual Composer
  • Improved video lightbox support
  • Fixed some minor bugs

v1.0 // Initial Release: Nov 15 2016


A special big ‘THANK YOU!’ for those talented artists and creatives that provided us with some of their amazing pieces to illustrate Calafate Portfolio & WooCommerce Wordpress Theme.

The products in the shop area are courtesy by:

And a very special mention to my mate Ruben for all the stunning magics & hard work done in this project. Such a pleasure, mate.

IMPORTANT: Images used to illustrate the demo are copyrighted by its owners. The illustrators & designers mentioned above. In no way, any of these images are included on the final package you download from Themeforest. They are only used for demonstration proposals.

Manchester Email-Template + Online Builder

20 unique modules

Responsive email template

Drag and Drop Online Email Builder

Unlimited colors and variations

Save template and edit later

Multiple export options (HTML, MailChimp, CampaignMonitor)

Email on Acid tested, test results provided

Commented code

Well documented

If you need support, please mail us to [email protected]
For online help documentation Click here

Responsiveness is not supported in Gmail Android with a Non Gmail Account.

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Comments (90)

July 16,2019
Hi, I would like to add a javascript file to my theme ?
Is it a way ewist to do it in functions.php file please ?
July 16,2019
Hi, is it possible to add a slider to the homepage? Or build a homepage that is not a portfolio? Thanks!
July 15,2019
Hi team, thanks for creating such a beautiful theme! I just bought it and I’m really happy with how my website is shaping up.
One thing; I keep encountering a problem when I try to upload a new portfolio page. The portfolio page itself is fine and the contents load without problem. But my homepage (where the portfolio items are displayed in the funky lay out) takes a long time to load and eventually just shows a blank rectangle on a blank background. Do you know how I could fix this?
I don’t use any third party plug ins apart from the one’s recommended at the start of installing Calafate, and the clone plug in.
July 15,2019
When using the Button Format inside a Textblock, if you hover over the Button there is this Animation with the arrow.
July 15,2019
Chris, welcome on board too man!
July 15,2019
Thank you Van! I found the account through which I purchased the theme. I would like to update the theme, but I’m not sure if I set it up correctly as a child theme and all that when I first installed the template. Could I send you a screenshot of my WP admin themes page for you to see what you think?
July 14,2019
Hey, i’m sorry i have a problem with the caption of a portfolio on a page : as you can see they overlay the title of the portofolio… what can i do?
July 11,2019
hi it seems like no matter what I remove – padding, margins etc… using CSS. The grid items in this theme seems to always preserve an 8px gap of sorts. Is there any way to remove this gap? I’ve also tried to set grid-gap to 0px, 0px, but that does not seem to do anything as well.
July 11,2019
Nice work, congrations and GLWS – DCSF
July 10,2019
Hi there, how do i hide the purple (view cart) pop-up in de bottom after i placed a product in my shoppingbag? Is there any css code to do this? Please help
July 10,2019
Quick question:
When activating “Full width w/ background” the background and the content becomes full width correct?
When I want to have a Full width background but the content only 25% width I have to apply custom css. Am I right or is there another easier way?
July 09,2019
Hi VanKarWai, First of all thank you for this amazing wordpress theme. It loos fantastic and it looks how i ever wanted!
July 09,2019
Hi there, awesome theme. Loving how easy it was to get everything set-up and looking good. I just have 2 minor things I need help with.
July 09,2019
Hi, I’m loving the theme, but one problem I’m having is with the pagination for blog posts. It works for for page 1 and 2, but always breaks (just loads forever) beyond that. I have followed all the instructions regarding setting up a child theme. Could you help me resolve this?
July 08,2019
Is it possible to remove the underline only in some parts of the website? I noticed that text-decoration:none!important; is not working!
July 08,2019
Hi. Does setting the Content Visibility Percentage to a lower number improve page loading speed? Curious to know what it’s actually for.
July 08,2019
Hi again- I’ve had this theme for some time now and it’s really great. The support has been on top of everything.
July 08,2019
Hi. I can not close map after opening it(pressing button or other space). I’ve just installed theme, so didn’t make any changes. Also, i have no error in console.
July 08,2019
Really impressive! Especially the amount of detail. Wow. Good luck with sales!
July 07,2019
Hi there
Love the theme and I’m just about to buy it. But got some questions:
July 07,2019
Hi pre-sales question here: is there a way (though css perhaps) to adjust the vertical gap between items on Portfolio pages? My idea is to have a single column of items but I want to be able to adjust the vertical gap between the items. Thanks
July 07,2019
Hi there to the community. I’m encountering a problem with the theme on my website : . I created an svg animation on the homepage using bodymovin. When I clic on the logo “Oni”, the homepage doesn’t properly reload and the animation doesn’t appears. Any of you have an idea on where the problem comes ? Thanks in advance
July 07,2019
​hello I’ve uploaded the child theme and activated it, but when I add some css to the css file any changes are visible. why because I’ve followed all the steps ?
July 07,2019
Hi and congrats on the fantastic template. I am really interested in it but I would like to know whether it can be a good solution for the creation of an eshop. I have created this and now I want to turn it into an eshop. Do you think that with this template I could do this, with product categories and constant addition of products?? thanks a lot…
July 06,2019
Awesome. Far above the rest, as always. Congrats!!
This is one of the rare moments that i regret not to buy from this marketplace anymore.
July 06,2019
Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to hide the entry-caption-text for each post in my portfolio page when I create a portfolio item. I’m talking about this part of code of each portfolio item:

Big title

July 06,2019
Hello. I have a problem when updating some pages on my website. Sometimes i save and it randomly duplicates some blocks of the page. Any advice to avoid this?
July 03,2019
Hello, at this time it is not possible to access the support page, are you aware of the problem?
July 03,2019
Haha, we’ve got the same fans, man! snikolai is #1 client of ours!
July 03,2019
VKW always maintain difference, consistency, creativity, style, and originality.
July 02,2019
Hello, my support is ended but i finally start working with Calafate. I just bought Airtifact too.
I have a question about the flexible portfolio grid. It took some time to make it looks great on large screens (more than about 1650 px) but on smaller screens it breaks that lay-out. Most viewers have a laptop 1280 pix. Can you please help me to modify the responsiveness of the grid and/or tell me where to find this.
July 02,2019
Hi VanKarWai,
First I am very happy with the theme, and having a great experience using it, so thank you .
I had a question, and I am not sure it has been answered yet on the comments. I would like to improve the user experience by using some scrolling snaps. (both for a welcome page, and a portfolio project). The idea would be to have for each ‘column’ an automatic centering when scrolling down. I found some properties like “scroll-snap-type” described there “” , but for some reasons i ignore, the css customizer on wp says it is an unknown property. Is there any way I could implement this on my website ?
Thank you !
July 02,2019
Rule number one for digital professionals of all kinds:
When, VanKarWai releases a theme, license it.
It’s always a stunner.
July 02,2019
I have a problem with the site: I just migrated to a new host and I transferred the site and the database. Everything is ok in the admin panel but on my site the pages and the Portfolio do not work yet!
And also, impossible to update ACF Pro, even with this method:
Can you help me ?
July 02,2019
I would like to set a hero header full screen image. At my backend this option is missing. What do i have to change? I do not have the option “Enable the fullscreen fixed hero header and there is no option “add to gallery”... What do i make wrong?
July 01,2019
Love the theme. Is there a way to remove the category breadcrumbs from the woocommerce single product pages?
July 01,2019
Is it possible to have the masonry portfolio 100% witdh? something like my site right now:
June 30,2019
What about Gutenberg? Will this theme will be optimized for that in the near future?
June 30,2019
Hi Van, thanks for your great-looking theme. I just installed Calafate and imported the demo content .xml-file. Alas, it seems like the ‘Huge’ Works effect from the main portfolio page is missing from the options (only Funky, Boring, Text are there), as is the ‘Agency’ demo page (there’s only ‘Studio’ and ‘Freelance’). Some demo elements apparently did not install properly tho. Can you advise on how to get this running? I particularly wanted the ‘Huge’ text hover effect. Thanks!
June 29,2019
hey there, i have an enormous space between my text and my portfolio (actually in the top of every portfolio) a CSS to fix that?
June 29,2019
Hello, Can you please point me in the right direction to add a link to the hero header caption (added in v1.5.3 “Added more options for hero header captions (title, description & link)”) Thanks!
June 29,2019
Hi, First of all. Really awesome theme and easy to manage I have a question
tho. Is it possible to have a “sort by” and a “filter” drop down on the shoppage?
Thanks in advance.
June 29,2019
Can I make a button on this theme?
June 27,2019
Hello there,
fist of all I want to say you that I love this theme, is really curated and looks great.
June 27,2019
Since 1.4.6 I don’t see any update available in Wordpress for my Calafate theme. Under themes in my dashboard it show “Your themes are all up to date.” Any idea how I can get up to date with the latest version.
June 26,2019
Hey there, first of all brilliant looking theme!
June 25,2019
with the last update 1.5.4 I have on the Safari browser and on the iphone a small black box in the top left of the header area, in my self-hosted videos? If I increase it via CSS does it look like a video player? With version 1.5.3, this box is not there?
Best Peter
June 24,2019
I have another Question. Is there a possibility to change the font size “caption animation – classic”?
June 24,2019
I would like to change the url structure from my portfolio from /portfolio/portfolio-item to /work/portfolio-category-1/portfolio-subcategory-a/portfolio-item 

For example. We have a case for one of our clients “Client A“ titled “Case 1”
I have created a portfolio category called ‘Work” and a sub-category called “Client A“. I would like the url to this case study to be
June 24,2019
hello.. I want to buy this theme for my client. so does it comes with eCommerce shop and all as I have to deliver it within 2 days. is it ready to use theme or I have to integrate woocommerce ?
June 24,2019
Hello from Spain, I am trying to redirect from ‘header.php’ the url of the logo to a different page to the home page. Could you tell me how to do it?
June 24,2019
i want to know if there is a chance to rewrite the code to get a better menu like in your theme airtifact, because it would be much easier for our customers on our site. would be great to get some help to rewrite it. I think im not alone with this idea
but thanks so much for this great theme!
June 23,2019
First of all, a big thanks for this amazing theme
June 23,2019
Our support system provider is having some issues during the latest hours resulting in our support platform having problems to get accessed. If you cannot open a support ticket, in the meantime or if you are in a hurry, you can write to us via our contact form on our profile page.
June 22,2019
Hi, I updated to Calafate 1.5.2
What newer version for ACF is included now ? Under updates in the Wordpress dashboard it still reads “You have version 5.5.2 installed. Update to 5.7.9.”
Anyhow, tx for the great theme I am still using and fond of.
June 22,2019
VanKarWai, this is by far the best portfolio theme on TF in 2016! GLWS
June 22,2019
Hey wanted to know if there was a way to sticky a project. I have a projects added but I want a certain few to stay on top no matter the date. Is that possible?
June 21,2019
Hey there! My website is running on Calafate but I’m currently locked out of editing. I’m getting the error
June 20,2019
I’m having trouble adding a second navigation title to my front page? I want to add an ‘INFO’ page next to work. I have created my info page but need help linking it. my page is:
June 20,2019
Now that’s a beautiful and original theme! Great work!
June 20,2019
Hi Guys, I have an issue, using WPML the language switcher paperers not on the mobile menu. Any idea how to play around that? Unfortunately my support just expired maybe you can help me here the last time, Cheers Andy
June 19,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 19,2019
Hey there! I can’t find out how to change the sizing of text in my custom appearance? I want to change to type size of my Front page titles
June 19,2019
Hi, Is is possible to hide both logo and menu on a single page? Thanks in advance
June 19,2019
Hello Van… the “” give me this error: 503 Service Unavailable – No server is available to handle this request. ” I have one ticket and I want to answer you =) Thank you
June 17,2019
How can I make an image full with? like the ones in:
June 17,2019
Hi, first of all, awesome theme , I have a question before I buy. Is it possible to have a header slider similar to the one on the lobo homepage? So A slide show to start the page
June 16,2019
Hey! Do I need a wordpress subscription plan for this to work? Really like the look of this
June 15,2019
Hi, if I create some tags, can I integrate them to the portfolio items that I’ve created ? If yes, how because I’ve added them but can’t see them in the page like when I create posts. thank you
June 14,2019
Hi where can i find how to make this page with masonry tiles. thanks
June 14,2019
Hey friends! The theme has been awesome to work with! Couple of questions…
June 12,2019
Hi VanKarWai. Big fan of Calafate and have used it for about a year or so now. Lately I’m having trouble editing posts. The Visual editor is really buggy and starts putting content within frames within other frames, kinda like frame inception! And then content inadvertently starts duplicating itself whilst I’m editing. Not sure if it’s a problem with a particular plug-in, or what? Can you help please?
June 12,2019
Hi, I have a small problem with the “latest-works-shortcode”. Whenever I use it, it works fine on desktop, but as soon as the grid changes into single items like on mobile, the portfolio items are smaller and have a bigger padding to the right than they should. The normal porfolio page works totally fine though.Thank you for any suggestions.
June 11,2019
Hi Van, 2 days ago I was about to purchase the CALAFATE theme, but had a few questions and dropped you an email. Could you please check and come back to me – I am itching to try the theme…
June 11,2019
Is it possible to have more Footer columns and a Footer background color? If yes, how do i change this? thanks for your reply!
June 11,2019
Hi! We are interested in buying your template, it looks great! We’d like to know if there’s a way to easily import your demo content, to create a “prototype” of our site that looks exactly like your demo, so we can then edit it with our own images and text.
We are especially interested in:
- Having portfolio pages like in your demo, where the main image remains as the page background
- Easily change background / font colors for each page
Thanks for your help!
June 10,2019
Really nice original style, dope work!
June 10,2019
Before I purchase the theme I would like if it is possible to custom the color of the fonts and backgrounds in everysingle product in the store.
June 10,2019
I love the theme!! I just purchased it and can’t wait to have my site live. Is there any way to update the Google Fonts list? I’m using Spectral and Overpass Mono for my branding and none of them are showing in the list.
June 10,2019
Is there a way to add the “Next” button feature to a simple page?
June 09,2019
Curious about buying this theme. Do you plan on optimizing it for Gutenberg?
June 09,2019
Problem with importing dummy content. WP 4.9.8 No messages about memory limit etc, which described in your support site tickets. I checked error.log file and dont see anything strange by my server-side, only once i have message about time limit exceed (60 restriction of my provider), but only once and i try about 10 times, with different import WP plugin. When I installling dummy about 1 year later all was ok, not but now. Please answer me here, because my support tickets time is expired ;(
June 07,2019
Hello !
I was wondering if there was any option to have two differents color schemes for a single portfolio page ? I have a dark hero so I want my logo and navigation to be white, but then I would like to keep the rest of the page white, which doesn’t work since it’s all white text.
June 07,2019
Hi again, is it a way to compile all ressource added in the head (css + script) in few file ? to make it load speediest ? Thanks a lot
June 07,2019
I am encountering troubles while switching from http to https. Most of the pages are working, except the calafate portfolio items. When I click on their links, they lead me to a 404 page. I can’t find any reason why.
I am using the plugin ‘really simple SSL’ because my site was ‘insecure’ despite the well working SSL.
Best regards,
June 06,2019
Hi guys, many compliments for this theme!! I love it and I’m using it about 2 years!
Now I need to see the captions under the images but the default FancyBox doesn’t show them. Why?? thx in advance. Paolo from Italy
June 05,2019
Wonderful works guys. This theme will be hot!
June 05,2019
Excellent theme, clean and professional. Good luck with the sales
June 05,2019
WP 5.0
Can I update safely to WP 5.0 even though Advanced Custom Fields PRO Version 5.5.2 is still activated and not all that recent ?
June 05,2019
Hi, I would like to change the font for the word “next” or remove it completely at the bottom of each port folio item. Should I renew support to find out how to ?
Any help appreciated.