Orange - Full HTML

Update 1.5: Added Skybluecanvas CMS support, look for it in the “skyblue” folder.

Update 1.4: Added 4 pages – Blog, About, Services, Contact, changed text-replacement scripts to Cufon, code cleanups throughout.

Update 1.3: Made all tab states pre-loaded, for instant loading

Update 1.2: Fixed small screen gray overlay issue.

Update 1.1: This Theme Now Includes 2 Full PSD Files!

Get the PSD version of Orange!

Orange, as the name suggests, is Orange Themed Orange - Full HTML It’s great for portfolios and has a clean, slick design, made by the pros Orange - Full HTML


  • 6 Full HTML Templates
  • 2 Full PSD Templates
  • 1 HTML Documentation


  • jQuery Image Slider
  • jQuery Tabs
  • jQuery Portfolio Viewer
  • sIFR flash font replacement technology
  • IE PNG Fix

Fonts: I use Helvetica 67 Medium Condensed, Helvetica 47 Light Condensed & Various versions of Arial, so you should be safe Orange - Full HTML


*note: If you require other colors, simply edit the header bar and some of the link texts. Otherwise, contact me through my profile and I’ll see what I can do! Orange - Full HTML

Jewelry Shopify Theme

Jewels is a clean, pleasant, responsive theme for your Shopify store that stands out of the crowd.This stylish and fashionable Shopify theme is ideal for creating a Jewelry store, gift shop, mobile store, clothing store or any fashion industry related shop or any other type of e-store.

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