Raw - Responsive Photography HTML5 Template

Raw - Responsive Photography HTML5 Template Raw - Responsive Photography HTML5 Template Raw - Responsive Photography HTML5 Template Raw - Responsive Photography HTML5 Template Raw - Responsive Photography HTML5 TemplateRaw - Responsive Photography HTML5 Template

Raw - Responsive Photography HTML5 Template

Raw HTML template is a fully responsive HTML5 template that is ideal for photographers, agencies and creative freelancers.

It offers several homepage layout options, full and fixed width portfolio grids, awesome hover effects, full width sliders with HTML5 background video & touch support, fashionable captions, contact form with honeypot spam prevention and tons of professional styling options.

Raw - Responsive Photography HTML5 Template Raw - Responsive Photography HTML5 Template Raw - Responsive Photography HTML5 Template

Theme Features

Responsive Layout

Adapts to fit your users’ device, from large desktop screens to tablets and all the way down to mobile.

Three Skins

We have included three skins (black, white and white alternative) to get you started.

Portfolio Full Width / Fixed Width Grid

Choose between two different grid layouts for your portfolio index.

Filtrable Portfolio

Categorize your projects and optionally use a portfolio filter.

Awesome Hover Effect

Great looking hover effect with customizable parameters such as zoom factor, rollover color, font color and choice of using either a rollover graphic or custom captions.


  1. Full width slider with touch swipe support by UDTHEMES with support for HTML5 background video, custom captions and different transition options such as left to right, top to bottom and fade. Set different transitions for desktop and mobile.
  2. Flexslider with custom captions.

AJAX Contact Form

Sleek AJAX contact form with form validation and honeypot spam prevention.


Fancybox lightbox with custom captions, image, video and SoundCloud support.

PSD files

Full source plus invidiual PSDs for all sections and patterns included.

Well Documented

Extensive online and offline documentation

Supports Major Browsers

Supported by IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Note: some CSS3 styles not supported in older browsers.


All support is handled in our support forum at support.udthemes.com. We encourage you to post all your questions there as they may have already been answered or may be of help to other people that have also purchased this product.

Accessing the Forum

To access the forum you will need your “Item Purcahse Code”, which can be found in your download section of your dashboard. Click Here if you need help finding it


To see all contributors and credits for photographs, videos, and scripts used please click here


Version 1.2 – Status: LIVE
Update includes:

Changed Accordion behavior. Active Accordion can now be closed
Honeypot bugfix

Version 1.1 – Status: LIVE
Update includes:

Updated Twitter icon
Updated all template files to Windows line endings

BuildPro - Construction PSD Templates


19 Layered PSD
04 Homepage layouts
Google Free Fonts
Active and Hover stats are included
Easily customizable Photoshop files
Every page is fully layered and organized with proper names
1Clean and Modern Style
Pixel Perfect
1170px Grid System

InnoTech - Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

Welcome to InnoTech, a fully responsive WordPress Theme
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Comments (38)

July 14,2019
Hello, I´m considering buying this template. My question is: Is it possible to have in the portofolio page, bigger thumbnails and define, for example, 2 or 3 images in a row maximum, instead of 4? Thank you!
July 12,2019
Hi, very modern template, my compliments!
One question: is it possible starting in home page with menu bar closed ?
July 12,2019
nice work! so far one of the best here!;
July 10,2019
I have HTML version of the template. We will use a video in first slider (epic slider) and the rest will be photos. Is it possible to set different speed for slides ? For example, video duration will be 10 seconds in first slide and next slides will be 3 seconds.
July 09,2019
Hello, I have a problem with this template bought and it does not work in your system FILTER tablet or phone. Is there any upgrade or update to correct this issue?
July 09,2019
Very good job! This is one of my favorites GLWS!
July 06,2019
in the portfolio grid I would like to hide the thumbnails that are not filtered instead of greyed out. Where can I tweak of modify this. I have a little css experience.
July 05,2019
Great theme, just a quick question on the epicslider I want to fade in each caption. The css class is es-caption but I can’t see the javascript line to add this delay requirement ?
July 05,2019
Great template. Can you help me?
If I had a portfolio page of all my work and a page with a slider of all these pictures too is there a way that when i click on an individual picture it opens that slider image and not the first one.
July 03,2019
I smell a top seller for the WP version.
July 01,2019
I really love this template!
But there is one bug, on Android Phones or iPhones the filter system doesn’t work. You can touch the categories and the hover and active workes but no image is fade out.
This problem appears just on the mobile devices. Not if you scale down your browser by yourself on the pc.
June 30,2019
Awesome work. Good luck with sales.
June 30,2019
Hi and I love the template. My questions is on the image slider, being for photographers and SEO being important is there a way to add “alt” text into the images in the slider.
June 29,2019
great. can I sort the porfolio without fadeout. I want to see reorder them automatically instead of fading out.
June 29,2019
Hi, I think is running very fast the home slider. I try to change values in js/jquery.epicslider.js in line 97 slideShowInterval:2500, but nothing happend, Do you have any tip for make slider slower, Thaks
June 28,2019
Hello, I bought yr beautiful template and I really liked it; during the testing session, before launch, I found out that the sub-menus on the top are not working with the smartphones (both apple and samsung). How can I fix it?
Thanks in advance and BR
June 27,2019
great theme!
I am willing to buy! It ‘important, however, to have the possibility of the “menu” can flow when you “scroll” page!
This is possible!? if “yes” is FANTASTIC!
June 27,2019
Nice one mate! Why don’t you try to slow down the slider, I think your sales gonna benefit from this.
June 26,2019
I would like to buy this template.
Could you please explain me how to install it or suggest somebody to help me to install it. Thanks!
June 26,2019
Hi there, this looks like a great theme. I have some questions, though:
June 26,2019
Hello! Thank You for this Template) It is very very nice!
I have a question: on mobile version: i can’t make a zoom with standart 2 fingers method on my iphone (especialy for images) ! Can i fix it somehow?
June 25,2019
I want to buy your template, but I want to ask:
a) The template supports lightbox gallery using butons next and previous image?
b) I check the lightbox in mobile and opens it in a new window. Is this a bug???
June 24,2019
I have two questions about slider :
1- How can I add a mute button for the slider sound ?
2- Is it possible not to stop music of the video after slider change ?
thank you
June 23,2019
Can there be a fullscreen background image slider page? Similar to the slider on this page: video-and-slider.html
June 21,2019
Hi there, I installed the ‘white’ version onto my website but it is showing as the ‘white alternative’ layout, how can i fix this??
June 20,2019
Hi – on the portfolio pages the epic slider goes 100% width which is good and is set at a height of 530px when not in fullscreen. . Is there a way that we can display the image initailly from the top down instead of middle out as the top of many of my images are cropped (when not in FULL screen mode).
June 19,2019
Hi there, I found this web very interesting. Before purchase though, I would like to ask one question please.
Is the slide effect only that push effect? Is there any option that I can make random effect and have lots more transition effects in each slides? thank you.
June 16,2019
This is missing from your sample and from the files:
June 15,2019
Hello! Live preview is offline, thank you!!
June 15,2019
I love your work. Good job!
I am Digital AD. I want to change the grid portfolio for my visuals have more impact.
We currently 3 column positions.
4 columns / desktop
3 columns / tablet
2 colones / mobile
I would
2 columns / desktop
2 columns / tablet
1 colones / mobile 420
June 13,2019
Good afternoon. I utlizando your theme (http://bianofotografia.com.br/) and I want to make appearing in the post only the date and category. how do I do?
ps: I am Brazilian and I am using the google translator.
June 11,2019
Hi, I installed the 3 skins ( FTP) but there is an error : The model is missing. Thanks for your answser.
June 11,2019
Hi, can you please help me to modify white template portfolio html image gallery default is hover in gray colour and mouseover to the image only will show the original image with colour? I don’t know where should I add mouseover function in common.js. I’m new to jquery and javascript. Thanks
June 09,2019
Hi there, downloaded the theme last night. Really happy with it.
June 09,2019
Great Theme, In the part of Portfolio, when i do mouseover and do a click i want show the image like Lightbox (like page Media Lightbox) is possible?
June 07,2019
Overlay pattern on top of video on epic slider is not working!
June 06,2019
Nice layout!
I want to buy but have some questions.
June 05,2019
Hi, I”m considering buying this template. Just wondering, how many images can each slider hold? Is it limited to 4 like in the live preview or can I add many more?