Incorporated - WordPress Theme

Incorporated - WordPress ThemeIncorporated - WordPress Theme


  • Two Post Sizes: Featured posts will expand to two columns in width. Great for high quality videos and images.
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Responsive: Looks great on all devices. Resize your browser to see it take place.
  • Custom Photo Hover
  • Google Analytics Ready
  • Theme Options Panel
  • Upload your own header image
  • Background uploader
  • Supports all post types: Videos, Gallery, Photo, Standard, Aside, Status, Quote, Link, Audio, Chat
  • Large & Small Pages Available
  • Shortcodes
  • Custom Recent Tweets Widget
  • Drop Down Widget Area

AppLords_One Page Multipurpose PSD Template

AppLords is a minimal, clean and modern One Page PSD Template for anyone who wants to build an amazing & modern portfolio website.AppLords Initially Built for 3 major niches

Mobile App
Event Organizers
One Page E-Comm (Specially who have just one product)

Page List with Purposes

Home V1 General App Publisher or General Business or Movie Page

Home V2 Event Orgnizers or One Page Portfolio

Home V3 One Product Based: When Client have only Products e.

Comments (14)

July 14,2019
Nice looking theme. Considering purchasing but curious about a few things and wondering if you could answer a few quick question. I’d be using it as a mixture of text and photo posts.
July 05,2019
Sorry – one more comment/question. The plugins (for formatting and text) doesn’t seem to be working with the new WP update.
July 04,2019
Hi I like this theme very much so far ( thank you for making it ) I bought it through the bundle. —I find it rather odd though that there is not an easy option to change the footer content? Am I missing something, because it looks like the only way to edit the footer is by editing the php code in the footer.php file in the parent theme?
July 04,2019
Hi There, I setup the profile fine. Did one post worked, did a gallery and it stopped working?
July 03,2019
Is there a way to include constant links social media icons on the face of the site. Thank you!
June 29,2019
Hi PHILSE, great theme, I get via Blundle, and I don’t know if I can get support. but i have installed the theme in a Wordpress 3.7.1 I have only one post with an Image Gallery on it. I have published the post and now the theme doesn’t load. I have the preloader image and never loads the home. BTW my site is I have disabled all plugins and no luck.
June 26,2019
I own this theme, and the background colour on the BLOG page won’t show up. On every other page, the dark grey background colour works perfectly. for some reason, on the BLOG page, it shows up white colour (or no colour). the checker pattern comes up, though. so it looks weird. any ideas?
June 26,2019
Am i allowed to remove the footer?
June 13,2019
I would like to know the answer to this MacJosetty’s question aswell.
June 12,2019
For some reason, my posts are not showing up automatically to my front page even though set to the Front Page in Settings>Readings. I have also noticed it will fix itself randomly and then default back to posts not showing. Is there something I may be missing?
June 12,2019
Hi there I bought this quite a while back for a client’s small WordPress site, and it started sporadically failing (pages hanging at the “spinner” thing) with some weird console error about CloudFlare’s Rocket Loader script (rocket.min.js) causing troubles with some async javascript libraries, which seemed to be in particular the isotope library used by this theme. I don’t know if it’s possible to upgrade this without issues or whatnot, but I thought I’d let you know. Cheers!
June 11,2019
I’ve been using the tumblr version and it worked great. I’m having some trouble setting up the wordpress theme.
June 09,2019
I would like to make it so the them is not responsive. What would I need to remove, change or add to accomplish this?
June 05,2019
I love the look of this theme – but Im finding some inconsistencies with the text formatting within posts.