Fahrenheit - Responsive Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Fahrenheit - Responsive Personal WordPress Blog Theme      Fahrenheit - Responsive Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Fahrenheit – is a stunning and remarkable WordPress blog theme. With features like featured image category and page title, featured image post title with parallax effect, big and spotlight post type, colored post for grid, custom color post page, multiple header layouts, toogle sidebar and bloglovin’ widget, 2 color schemes make it ready for any background color, etc.

It has bold and minimal design, suitable for any kind of blog.

You also get Master Slider Pro Plugin included. Premium slider plugin for your blog. Get Great Features from this Great Plugin. Save $20!

Fahrenheit is very easy to install and customize. Documentation

This theme DOESN’T have any page builder or visual composer!

Fahrenheit - Responsive Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Theme core features

  • WordPress LIVE customizer
  • Master Slider Pro included
  • 700+ Google Fonts built in
  • Dark and light color scheme: ready for any background color
  • Color posts on grid and on Post page
  • Featured image title for Categories and pages
  • Featured image title with parallax effect for Post Page
  • Extensive typography options
  • Responsive and retina ready
  • Contact Form 7 Plugin
  • Optional google-maps on contact page
  • Supports all post formats


Demo images (NOT included in the package) http://www.kayture.com/

Demo images (NOT included in the package) http://www.zara.com/

Demo images (NOT included in the package) http://www.juliatrotti.com/

ver. 1.0.1 (29.07.16)

Google fonts bug fixed.

Comments (44)

July 16,2019
Just checking in to see if you’ve received my message about the customization page not responding?
July 13,2019
Hello, i need lastest version master slider for your theme slider. i want add same slide.
my email : [email protected]
July 12,2019
Awesome work and you did it well! Good Luck With More Sales!
July 12,2019
i would like to know if have solution for one problem that I can see in the template.
For example, when I go to this page: http://alteatroyaloloco.es/category/videos/
July 10,2019
Hello! I’m interested in your theme Fahrenheit. Is it possible to customize the single post in your theme to full width without sidebar?
July 10,2019
Congratulations! Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale
July 09,2019
Hi Pryanikov,
thanks for your theme, we bought it for our client, everything looks good so far,
We need to install a infinite scroll on homepage and category page (we use the masonry 3 columns + right sidebar. We did try many plugins but no one of them is working.
We tried to configure the last one : Ajax Load more but without luck. How can your theme be compatible with infinite scroll plugins ?
Awaiting your feedback.
July 09,2019
I keep getting a pink strip saying Failed to load content css: https://mydomain.com/wp-content/themes/fahrenheit/includes/css/bootstrap.css any idea why this could be?
July 06,2019
Hi Pryanikov, do you have any backend demo that I can see? I need to evaluate how easy is going to be for a customer. Thanls.
July 05,2019
Hello, I read that this theme comes with master slider pro and I can’t seem to find the purchase code for master slider so that I can set it up. Also, my title and tagline isn’t showing up at the top of my website. I’ve entered my blog name and tagline with no logo upload and nothing appears. Thanks for your help.
July 03,2019
do you supply a psd with the theme?
July 02,2019
hello there! First of all I’d like to thank yo for the amazing theme! You’ve done a great job! WELL DONE!!
July 01,2019
I’ve purchased Fahrenheit theme. Could you please uodate ‘Master Slider Pro’ plugin to actual version 3.1.3 for it?
June 29,2019
HI I am interested in purchasing your theme fahrenheit. After dwindling down a list of almost 40 themes, yours made it to the top 3! I just had a few questions that I wanted to ask to help me make my decision.
June 29,2019
I would change the post of Master Sliders but can not find where the id of the post is
Could you help me?
June 28,2019
one of the most beautiful theme in Themeforest! I swear.
I want to buy this so much, But i need RTL support. Is it RTL supported??
I hope so!
June 28,2019
I installed the contact form but the design is not as in the demo.
Could you tell me what should I do?
June 27,2019
Hi, just a question regarding the instagram widget.
June 27,2019
What size should the logo be? And what do I need to change in the CSS to make it bigger? My logo is showing up blurred and not how I made it in photoshop
June 27,2019
Hi there, can you help me fixed the search result page for my site http://lippielust.com/?s=test
June 27,2019
Hello, I would like to place the Slider that appears in the image of the theme, is it possible? I hope to reply thank you very much.
June 26,2019
Congratulations. Amazing work. Good luck with the sales
June 23,2019
Hi There- My site isn’t showing the number of likes on a post on the home page- they are only showing when you click into the post. Do you know how I can fix this?
June 23,2019
Hello, is it possible to change the pink color of the fonts by sliding the mouse for the titles and others?
Thank you
June 22,2019
Greetings, I just recently purchased the FAHRENHEIT theme – I absolutely love it. Several issue however with the instructions… 1.) The NECESSARY plugins did not auto upload, the path supposedly did not work, however when I check the path, i would be prompted to download the plugins, so that tells me it works, not sure why wordpress couldnt find it to AUTO UPLOAD them. Nonetheless I got master slider and other necessary plugins to work, by manually installing them. Will there be issues when I try to update these plugins? For example there is a NEW version of MASTER SLIDER, if I update, will this have any negative affect on my site? 2.) I love the DEMO 2 sample content, however when I tried IMPORTING them, it failed… Any ideas why? I look forward to hearing back from you, and keep up the great work with your themes
June 22,2019
Hi there!
My purchase code is 1e22263e-9f9e-496f-897d-1dbc5130a0b1
June 21,2019
I would like my posts on the homepage to show the excerpt but it doesn’t; is there a way to do this?
June 20,2019
Hi! Is it possibe to use Mega Menu?
June 18,2019
I see again this problem. See Yuo too this? see respolitica.it
I should attach You a picture but I dont know how do it….
June 17,2019
Hi, can i turn off the following: “Hi. I’m Paola Alberdi” and hamburger?
June 15,2019
Hi, what is the font used for your “Fahreinheit” Logo? Thanks & Kind regards, Arjuna Dean
June 14,2019
Hi there,
I would like to thank you for such an excellent theme for my website. I would like to ask you some questions about a step by step process that I could possibly follow in order for me to setup my theme. I purchased your theme and I love the way you have it setup. I would like a step by step guide on setting it up please. Is that possible?
June 13,2019
I have the error: “Stylesheet style.css. is missing” What can i do now?
June 13,2019
Hi, I have come across two problems
June 13,2019
I would like to place the Slider that appears in the image here, is it possible? I wait for answers
June 11,2019
We have found that when we do ‘share’ on facebook , in several articles does not appear the first photo of the article, but another one which belong to another article . The same happens to the demo … May you set it up ?
June 11,2019
Hi, I bought your theme but I have a problem. I write a post and I write an apostrophe to an article eg: “L’Europa” (i see it is all write) but when I share it with a social, eg: Facebook, I see in preview FB post a strange character. So “L’Europa” comes “L’Europa”. Have You got an idea?
visit my blog, respolitica.it, and Yoo see….
June 10,2019
Hello, nice theme. question: easy digital download will work with your theme? I think its important that you check it, also Woocommerce..
June 10,2019
Hi, can you upload/send the logo PSD (Photoshop original file) for editing? I only see the png included in the theme documentation folder.
June 09,2019
I would like to translate the words “Read More” that are in this link in the sidebar right http://alteatroyaloloco.es/index.php/2016/08/07/fashion-is-about-something-that-comes-from-within-you/ on “Últimos Posts”.
June 08,2019
I am thinking of buying a theme but don’t see any ads on the grid page. Does the theme support ads or does it have to be added thru the widgetized area with text? Also, is there an infinite scroll or “load more” button? Is there a way to create a different layout for each category or does it have to be the same as the homepage?
June 08,2019
1) I’d like to make my personal blog appear like the MAIN or SPOTLIGHT demos. Could you please explain the steps/settings for achieving this? The documentation doesn’t show how.
June 08,2019
Hi there –
First, I LOVE your theme design. Well done!
Second, I need your help getting the homepage set up as per your demos. I have followed your documentation carefully and am still having problems getting my homepage to look like one of yours. What is the best way to make that happen?
June 06,2019
Hi. I bought your theme on Themeforest today and cannot find how to design the home page including the posts.