Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme

Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme

The Alchemists – Sports Club and News WordPress Theme

Welcome to the ultimate sports WordPress theme for your basketball, soccer or American football sports club and news site. Built with the legendary SportsPress plugin, The Alchemists is perfect for player, team, club or league sites, or for sports magazine and news pages.

Complete Sports Theme with SportsPress

Built with the top SportsPress Wordpress sports management plugin, The Alchemists is a comprehensive sports team, player, club, league or magazine WordPress theme. SportsPress includes a full suite of tools for you to create and customize your dream sports site, so the sky really is the limit!

Designed with you in mind, The Alchemists gives you everything you need for the ultimate sports site, including fixtures, results, league tables, player profiles, stats and rankings, club profiles, events calendar, match overviews, detailed match reviews, venue information and maps, news and updates, next match countdown, sports presets, a merchandise store, and loads more!

Complete Team Pages – We have designed team pages with rosters, overviews, galleries, standings, tickets, schedules, latest results and full statistics.

Team Roster Versions – The theme includes several different versions of the roster pages, ranging from a simple list to a dynamic player slider and player info card, so you can decide how you want to show off your team.

Full Statistics & Charts – Choose from a full range of statistics and game charts to keep track of how your team is doing, including latest game results, team leaders, team stats, lineup and tactics chart, timelines, logs, top goalscorers, awards, games history, and much more!

Full Player Profile Pages – We have designed multiple versions of the profile pages so that fans can scroll through their favorite players and get the inside info. Key information is displayed at the top, and users can then navigate through their statistics, biography, and more, via simple tabs.

Number Statistics & Averages – The theme offers full number statistics and logs (for both the team and individual players) that show scores, minutes played, assists, fouls, and much more.

Easy to Use & Highly Customizable

The Alchemists is user-friendly and intuitive, with tons of customization options, so you can arrange and design your site just the way you like it.

With one-click demo install, you can import all elements, widgets, pages, icons, and everything you need to get started, in a single click! We have also included the premium WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) plugin, so that customization is super quick and easy. With the real-time editor, you can see your changes as you go and make sure that your ultimate sports site is shaping up perfectly.

This complete suite for sports sites comes with 40+ custom blocks and elements, including various post styles and widgets, lots of different infographics, charts, statistics, and even a countdown to the next match.

The flexible Bootstrap grid layout uses 3 main columns, making it easy to re-arrange elements and widgets on your pages, and to change or replace blocks (such as standings, news and latest results). We have also created a huge number of variations of post pages, info blocks, game results and more, so you can choose the style that works for you.

With unlimited colors, Simple Line Icons, FontAwesome, and 870+ Google Fonts, you have thousands of options for branding your sports site according to your team or league and finding a unique look.

Best of all, with The Alchemists you can be sure that your dream sports site is fully optimized, fully responsive and retina ready, so players, fans and followers can check in on their team from any device.

Sport Specific Versions

We have even developed dedicated versions of The Alchemists for specific sports, including soccer, basketball and American football. Each version includes custom SVG vector icons, with its own elements, widgets, features, icons and color palettes, so it’s even easier to create the sports site of your dreams!

For example, the basketball version includes a team leader widget, showing points, assists, steals and rebounds, whereas the soccer version has a top goalscorer league table. We’re always working on more, so that you can get the best out of The Alchemists, so check back for the latest updates to see what’s coming!

WooCommerce Ready

Transform your sports news site into a complete sports hub, including a fully functioning online store. With WooCommerce integration, fans and followers can snap up the latest kit, branded merch, tickets and special offers and show their loyalty!

WooCommerce is the most user-friendly and customizable eCommerce platform, allowing you to build your online store in no time, design every element of how it looks and how it works with simple tools, and make it unique to your team, league or sport.

Social Media

The Alchemists is designed to bring fans, followers, players and teams together around the sport you all love! That’s why we’ve included social counters for all of your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, and more!

Outstanding Customer Support

We are proud to be an Envato Elite Author, and we have designed, built and tested The Alchemists to the highest standards. We have served thousands of happy customers with top quality themes and outstanding customer support, and we’ll do the same for you. You will receive a complete Help file with your download, but our friendly team of experts is always on hand if you need any extra support.


  • SportsPress Support
  • WordPress 5.1 ready
  • Built on Bootstrap 3+
  • WPBakery Page Builder included
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • One Click Demo Content Import
  • SportsPress Pro compatibility
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 40+ Customizable Blocks (including WPBakery Page Builder Elements and Widgets)
  • Redux Theme Options
  • Theme Customizer support (a real-time appearance editor)
  • Mega Menu
  • RTL Support (New!)
  • 4 Blog Pages
  • 3 Post Pages
  • Social Counters
    • Facebook page Fans
    • Twitter followers
    • Google+ page/profile followers
    • Instagram followers
    • Pinterest followers
    • Steam Community group members
    • Tumblr followers
    • Twitch channel followers
    • Vimeo channel followers
    • Site Counters: Users, Comments and Posts
  • Translation Ready (.pot file included)
  • Contact Form (Contact Form 7 Plugin)
  • 100% Responsive
  • Google Web Fonts
  • 84 PSD files included
  • SCSS based theme
  • Lifetime Updates


Version 3.2.4 – April 26, 2019

* [fix] Small fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.2.3 – April 21, 2019

* [tweak] ALC Team Leaders - added option to order players by AVG stat
* [tweak] Social - added Twitch social link (Header, Footer and Contact Info widget)
* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.6.0 compatibility
* [update] Slick.js 1.9.0
* [fix] ALC Awards Carousel - empty images
* [fix] SP Event Blocks doesn't display events if format is set to 'Default'
* [fix] ALC Team Leaders - Games Played parameter show only started games

Version 3.2.2 – April 2, 2019

* [tweak] ALC Event Results widget - added Sorting Order option
* [tweak] ALC Event Scoreboard - display last game for current team if event not specified
* [tweak] ALC Event Scoreboard - added option to select a team if Last Event option is enabled
* [tweak] Social - added Snapchat social link to Header, Footer and Widget Contact Info
* [tweak] SportsPress - added option to display player stats in various parts for Current Season (early only Career Total)
* [tweak] ALC Player Game-by-game - display only played games for selected player with option to display all games
* [tweak] ALC Roster Slider - added 'autoplay' and 'autoplay speed' options
* [tweak] ALC Event Scoreboard, Single Event - output Own Goals and selected icons
* [update] ACF 5.7.13
* [fix] Theme Options - Quaternary Alt color is not displayed if no preset used (Soccer, Football)
* [fix] Incorrect text color in Tournament brackets (appeared on dark skins)
* [fix] Duplicated players pictures in Team Roster if Lazyload used

Version 3.2.1 – March 2, 2019

* [tweak] Added Telegram social link to Header, Footer, Post sharing buttons
* [tweak] Theme Options - added option to customize Hero Unit - Static: Decoration (starts)
* [tweak] Theme Options - added option to customize Hero Unit - Static: Title text color
* [tweak] Theme Options - added option to customize Hero Unit - Static: Subtitle text color
* [tweak] Theme Options - added option to hide Page Title Text
* [tweak] Theme Options - added option to change Page Title tag
* [tweak] VC: ALC Roster Blocks - added option to overwrite number of players
* [tweak] Optimized backend for high loaded sites
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 5.7
* [update] ACF 5.7.12
* [update] WooCommerce 3.5.5 compatibility
* [dev] Added filter for Team and Player slugs
* [fix] Theme Options > Hero Posts Slider - Overlay opacity color isn't applied
* [fix] Event Scoreboard - circular Bar color for the Second Team is not customizable

Version 3.2.0 – February 9, 2019

* [new] RTL support
* [new] Theme Options - added option to customize Header Mobile background
* [new] ALC: Text Ticker - added option to include specific posts (by title)
* [new] Theme Options - added option to customize colors for Links inside Headings (h1-h6)
* [new] Theme Options - added option to hide Timeline
* [new] SP Event Scoreboard - added option to link the event
* [new] Theme Options - Mobile menu - added option to set submenu caret background color
* [new] Theme Options - Mobile menu - added option to set fullwidth mobile menu
* [new] Theme Options - added option to change link colors inside outline buttons
* [new] Theme Options - Mobile menu - added option to customize mobile menu font size
* [new] Theme Options - added option to customize color of the burger menu icon
* [tweak] Removed old Social Counters
* [tweak] Moved widgets to a separate plugin according to new ThemeForest WordPress Requirements
* [tweak] Removed ALC: Ad Spot widget
* [tweak] SP Single Player Header - don't show advanced stats if customization option enabled but fields were not selected
* [tweak] Woo - added page heading customization option for Shop pages
* [tweak] SportsPress Pro 2.6+ better compatibility
* [tweak] WP Queries optimization
* [fix] Hero Unit - author avatar alignment issue if numbers enabled (Soccer)
* [fix] Menu - submenu dropdown caret color (Soccer)
* [fix] SP Pro - Event Performance layout issue (appears if SportsPress Pro activated)
* [fix] SP Pro - League Menu, Scoreboard, Sponsors overlaps navigation on mobile devices
* [fix] SP - Player Birthdays fixed (PHP notice)
* [update] ACF 5.7.10
* [update] jQuery.Marquee 1.5.2
* [tweak] Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.1.0 – December 17, 2018

* [tweak] WordPress 5.0 compatibility
* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.5.3 compatibility
* [tweak] SportsPress 2.6.14 compatibility
* [tweak] Woo - Better styling for bank information section on Checkout "Thank You" page
* [tweak] Event - Event statistics aren't displayed for Player-vs-Player mode
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 5.6
* [update] ACF 5.7.8

Version 3.0.13 – November 11, 2018

* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 5.5.5
* [update] Alchemists SCSS Compiler 3.0.4
* [update] Advanced Custom Fields 5.7.7
* [tweak] SportsPress 2.6.10 compatibility
* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.5.1 compatibility
* [tweak] Theme Options: Added options to customize Logo Image path
* [tweak] ALC: Roster Blocks - don't display Height, Weight if they're empty or not exist
* [tweak] Removed unnecessary esc_html from 404 page
* [tweak] Improve sanitization for Primary, Secondary email, link, tel
* [fix] Content Nav colors are not changin with Card colors after customization
* [fix] Scrollbar disappears if menu was opened on tablet portrait mode and then changed to landscape mode
* [fix] Multiple ALC: Roster Slider elements trigger JS error
* [fix] SP: Single Player Radar - notice appeared if Total option is not checked
* [fix] PHP 7.2+ compatibility fix
* [fix] ALC: Event Scoreboard - wrong event date (American Football only)
* [fix] Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.0.12 – September 4, 2018

* [update] SportsPress 2.6.8 compatibility
* [update] WooCommerce 3.4.4 compatibility
* [tweak] Theme Options: added dropdown carets color customization
* [tweak] Widget Contact: added option to enter tel number for Primary and Secondary fields
* [tweak] Theme Options: added option to enter tel number for Primary and Secondary fields in the Header
* [tweak] Addede option to customize Album Page Headings
* [tweak] ALC: Contact Info widget - added option to use simple links
* [fix] ALC: Staff Bio Card - improved 3 columns width layout
* [fix] SP Team Roster block improved layout on mobile devices

Version 3.0.11 – July 26, 2018

* [tweak] VC: ALC Post Slider - link only thumbnail instead of whole content
* [tweak] Theme Options - tweak for Player Heading Overlay option
* [tweak] VC: ALC Featured Post - added option to output formatted custom excerpt
* [tweak] Theme Options: Player Heading Background - don't show default background image if customization option enabled and no background image has been set
* [tweak] Theme Options: Single Post - added option to disable author email and site link
* [tweak] Theme Options: Top Bar - added option to change dropdown colors
* [tweak] Theme Options: Player - added option to customize 'Player' sublabel
* [update] SportsPress 2.6.7 compatibility
* [fix] Countdown - Card Subheader color customization issue
* [fix] Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.0.10 – July 2, 2018

* [tweak] Theme Options: Added option to upload custom preloader(spinner) image (e.g. gif)
* [tweak] Theme Options: Navbar min-height changed to 40px
* [tweak] VC: Added Team Overview page template for American Football version
* [tweak] Theme Options: Hero Unit Posts Slider - added option to disable post title
* [tweak] Theme Options: Hero Unit Posts Slider - added option to link post slide
* [tweak] Team: Added option to output multiple Team Rosters
* [tweak] Theme Options: Team - added option to customize 'The Team' label
* [tweak] VC: ALC Post Loop - added option to exclude posts by ID
* [tweak] SP: Added option to customize Page Headings for Events, League Tables and Calendars
* [tweak] Translation: Improved SportsPress text strings translation
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 5.5.2 (formerly Visual Composer)
* [update] Translation files updated
* [fix] SP: Category notice on Venue/Ground archive page
* [fix] SP: Player Header - error appeared if seasons are not selected (Soccer)
* [fix] Hero Unit Posts Slider - sliding thumbs issue
* [fix] Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.0.9 – June 9, 2018

* [tweak] Replaced existing Social Counters with DF Social Count plugin. New social counters added: Github, Pinterest, Steam, Tumblr, Twitch, Vimeo, YouTube and additional site counters Comments, Posts and Users.
* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.4 compatibility
* [tweak] VC Awards Carousel - added option to enable autoplay (+autoplay speed)
* [tweak] Theme Options: Added option to change Megamenu Post Widget Text and Meta colors
* [tweak] Single Post: Added additional checkbox to post comment form if user non-logged users (WordPress 4.9.6 compatibility)
* [fix] Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.0.8 – May 29, 2018

* [tweak] Theme Options: Mobile Logo - added option to display a separate logo on tablet and mobile devices
* [tweak] VC ALC: Team Leader - added option to customize table columns headings
* [tweak] Blog - added option to customize Blog/News page separately
* [tweak] VC ALC: Team Points History - added ability to display multiple elements
* [tweak] VC ALC: Games History - added ability to display multiple elements
* [tweak] TGMPA - display plugin notices only for admin
* [fix] Blog - incorrect social cards width on Tablets
* [fix] Header - Social Links incorrect alignment if Pushy Panel is not enabled
* [fix] SP: Single Player Header - error notices if Player List is not selected
* [fix] Footer: Widgets - incorrect columns width in some cases
* [fix] Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.0.7 – May 19, 2018

* [new] Product Registration (via Personal Token)
* [tweak] SportsPress 2.6+ compatibility
* [tweak] Theme Options: Single Post - added option to disable post navigation
* [tweak] Theme Options: Single Post - added option to select type of post navigation
* [tweak] Theme Options: Added a separate Sidebar Position option for Single Post Layout
* [tweak] Theme Options: Added option to select between Horizontal or Vertical Timeline Layout on Single Event page (Soccer)
* [tweak] VC: ALC Newslog Static - added new types
* [tweak] SP: Player Bio Events - added new types
* [tweak] Added Chinese translation (thanks to @zxm159789)
* [tweak] Translation updated
* [update] Documentation updated
* [fix] SP: Timeline - fixed broken layout when entered a lot of match timed events (Soccer)
* [fix] Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.0.6 – May 4, 2018

* [tweak] Sync image duotone effect colors with main colors (American Football)
* [tweak] SP: Single Player - add 'avg' or 'tot' abbreviation to circular bars depends on stat type
* [tweak] WooCommerce Grid / List toggle plugin replaced with Alchemists WooCommerce Grid / List toggle plugin
* [tweak] Color Filters WooCommerce plugin replaced with Alchemists Color Filters for WooCommerce plugin
* [tweak] SP: Single Player Header - added option to change some strings via SportsPress panel
* [tweak] VC: Post Loop - added Excerpt Size option
* [tweak] Added Twitter Card meta tags (better Twitter Cards support)
* [update] ACF 5.6.10
* [fix] Some strings missed translation function in Player Cards (Soccer)
* [fix] Some letters are higher than other when using Exo 2 font (American Football)
* [fix] Woo: 'WC_Cart::get_item_data' deprecated function
* [fix] Woo: Header Cart - no submenu arrow in some cases
* [fix] Woo: Shop 'Add-to-cart' AJAX button doesn't work
* [fix] Woo: Select dropdown color issue
* [fix] Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.0.5 – April 12, 2018

* [tweak] Widget ALC: Event Results - added relative date range option which allows to display last event(s) of relative period e.g. last 7 days (similar to Event Blocks)
* [tweak] Widget: ALC: Top Posts - added option to select Popularity definition (based on likes or views)
* [tweak] Widget: ALC: Recent Posts - added option to select Popularity definition (based on likes or views)
* [tweak] Improved post sharing by adding Open Graph (can be disabled via Theme Options in case you're using third-party plugin)
* [tweak] Theme Options: Typography - added Footer Widgets typography customization options
* [tweak] Theme Options Added option to change card colors (box)
* [tweak] Theme Options: Added additional Categories groups (up to 5)
* [tweak] Theme Options: Prevent adding incorrect characters to slugs for SportsPress Team, Player
* [tweak] Theme Options: Added email and RSS icons to Social Media Links
* [tweak] Display Header Banner on mobile devices
* [tweak] SportsPress Player Statistics - changed Leagues order to 'menu_order'
* [update] Sample Data files
* [update] Translation files
* [fix] Footer Logo on/off option doesn't work
* [fix] Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.0.4 – March 17, 2018

* [tweak] SportsPress Countdown - display team names even if a team logo is not set
* [tweak] Theme Options - Added various divider types and option to remove it for the Header Top Bar menu items
* [tweak] SportsPress: Event Result - added options to select stats in Theme Options > SportsPress > Event. Also affected on ALC: Event Scoreboard element
* [tweak] Widget: Featured Player - added option to disable link to player profile
* [tweak] ALC: Player Stats - added option to disable link to player profile
* [tweak] Widget: ALC: Event Results - added option to on/off Game Statistics
* [tweak] Widget: Contact Info - added option to customize icons
* [tweak] Added Spanish translation
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.7
* [update] ACF 5.6.9
* [fix] SportsPress: Event goals section contains the event result (Soccer)
* [fix] ALC: Posts Grid Slider - tags filter doesn't work
* [fix] Removed search icon on mobile devices if search form disabled
* [fix] SportsPress: Wrong order for custom Event Results (Single Event, ALC: Event Scoreboard, ALC: Event Results widget)
* [fix] Added American Football Home Page template
* [fix] Hero Unit - Posts Slider: incorrect post title font size on mobile devices

Version 3.0.3 – February 22, 2018

* [tweak] Added option to custom Single Player Header Metric, Statistics and Performances
* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.3.3 compatibility
* [tweak] SportsPress: Sport icon in the Dashboard Side Menu has been changed if American Football preset used
* [tweak] Added vertical paddings to Header Banner
* [fix] Woo: Grid/List settings disappeared after WooCommerce 3.3.1 release
* [fix] Removed unnecessary player image in Hero Posts Slider
* [fix] Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.0.2 – February 15, 2018

* [fix] Update for Alchemists SCSS Compiler plugin

Version 3.0.1 – February 14, 2018

* [tweak] Added option to link Sponsors (compatibility with WP Gallery Custom Links plugin)
* [tweak] Fallback for duotone images - IE11 and Edge
* [tweak] Added a single post option to select Single Post - version 5
* [tweak] Added option to select Roster Slider for Team (Soccer)
* [fix] Post next/previous broken layout (Football)
* [fix] Better wrap for progress bars on Edge browser (Football)
* [fix] Widget: Last Game Results - horizontal scrollbar on Edge browser (Basketball)
* [fix] 'Exo 2' Google Font issue (P and R) on Edge browser
* [fix] VC: Featured Post - overlay color and image padding issues on Edge browser (Basketball)
* [fix] Loading issue on IE11 (endless preloader)
* [fix] Custom Icons in the Footer are not affected on changing color
* [fix] Small tweaks and fixes

Version 3.0.0 – February 10, 2018

* [new] American Football version
* [new] Hero Posts Slider - numbered nav
* [new] Theme Options - Added option to enable/disable Hero Unit Posts Slider overlay
* [new] Theme Options - Added option to customize color for Hero Unit Posts Slider overlay
* [new] Hero Posts Slider - duotone images
* [new] Widget: Top Posts - added option to enable/disable post excerpt
* [new] Widget: Top Posts - added option to enable/disable post thumbnail
* [new] Widget: Event Results - added vertical layout
* [new] ALC Post Grid Slider
* [new] ALC Text Ticker for Posts
* [new] Widget Recent Posts - Extra Small Layout
* [new] Widget Recent Posts - Numbered List
* [new] Header Banner
* [new] Single Post - Version 4
* [new] Widget: Recent Comments - new layout
* [new] 36 new PSD files of the American Football (84 in total)
* [tweak] Widget Recent Posts - Added hover effect on thumbnails
* [tweak] Option to select Search Form position (Header Primary or Header Secondary)
* [tweak] Instagram Widget - now able to display shots using base settings (Theme Options > Social) if widget fields are empty
* [tweak] WooCommerce Shipping block styling improvements
* [tweak] Single Player Header - don't display empty Height & Weight metrics
* [tweak] Added pagination for posts/pages
* [tweak] ALC Albums - new type (Heading Top)
* [fix] ALC Event Scoreboard team custom colors (Soccer)
* [tweaks] Small tweaks and fixes

Version 2.3.1 – January 28, 2018

* [tweak] SportsPress 2.5.7 compatibility
* [tweak] Theme Options - added option to add a custom class for Hero Static - Button
* [tweak] Responsive tables styling improvements
* [tweak] Theme Options - added option to customize Top Bar links color
* [fix] Seach Form placeholder typo
* [fix] Removed Recent Posts Widget list markers if it's used with Widgetized Sidebar
* [fix] League Table pagination doesn't work
* [fix] Single Player Header layout is broken on IE11
* [fix] Product Title incorrect width if description is short or empty
* [fix] Team Page - option to disable List Roster on a Team doesn't work
* [fix] Theme Options - fixed 'transparent' color checkbox position

Version 2.3.0 – December 29, 2017

* [new] Added SportsPress Pro compatibility

Version 2.2.3 – December 25, 2017

* [fix] Issue with broken layout on Event Pages when Timeline is empty (Soccer version)
* [tweak] Removes recommendation to install SportsPress if SportsPress Pro already installed

Version 2.2.2 – December 15, 2017

* [tweak] Improved Event Title displaying for scheduled and published events
* [tweak] Event Staff - added more space between staff members
* [update] ACF 5.6.7
* [fix] Alchemists SCSS Compiler update issue

Version 2.2.1 – December 10, 2017

* [update] WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) 5.4.5
* [update] SP Event - changed title for scheduled events
* [fix] Woo - variable product bug with price
* [fix] SP Event - added style for Staff block
* [fix] SP Countdown widget - removed extra div after the update 2.2.0
* [tweak] Tooltip active after click

Version 2.2.0 – November 23, 2017

* [new] SportsPress 2.5 compatibility
* [new] Team Roster Cards and VC Roster Cards (for Soccer)
* [new] Team Roster Blocks and VC Roster Blocks
* [new] SP Single Player - added new player info layout
* [new] SP Game Timeline (for Soccer)
* [tweak] Added post sharing button to Post Version 3
* [tweak] Sort teams by 'title' in all VC elements
* [tweak] SP Single Player Header - added option to hide extended stats in the page header
* [tweak] Countdown Widget (Soccer) - restyled
* [tweak] Added Post Option to change layout on different posts
* [tweak] Added option to reorder, enable, disable post filter items
* [tweak] Added Hero Unit Description font color option
* [tweak] Added Custom Page Heading Options for separate pages, team and player
* [tweak] VC: Albums - added pagination
* [tweak] VC ALC: Games History - prevent js error if season includes non-number character
* [tweak] SP Single Player - added more details to display if enabled(Past Teams, Birthday, Competitions, Seasons)
* [update] ACF 5.6.5
* [update] Visual Composer 5.4.4
* [fix] Social Counter - count numbers displayed multiple times for multiple widgets
* [tweak] Small tweaks and improvements

Version 2.1.1 – October 28, 2017

* [tweak] Display Header Top submenus on mobile devices
* [tweak] Enqueue Chart.js script separately
* [tweak] Enqueue child theme stylesheet after all styles
* [tweak] Hero Unit Posts Slider: added 'autoplay' option
* [tweak] Hero Unit Posts Slider: added 'autoplaySpeed' option
* [tweak] SportsPress: Don't show filter bar if only the Overview subpage selected (team, player)
* [tweak] VC Player Stats - added options to select statistics
* [tweak] VC ALC: Player Game-by-game stats - display labels instead of variables
* [tweak] Single Player - display player details depends on SportsPress Player Options
* [tweak] Small tweaks
* [update] Translation file

Version 2.1.0 – October 14, 2017

* [new] WPML compatibility
* [new] VC Post Loop - new layout
* [new] Post Social Sharing - added Viber and WhatsApp buttons
* [new] Top Bar links replaced with Top Menu
* [tweak] Taxonomies (tags, categories) pages now display descriptions
* [tweak] Hero Unit Posts Slider - added new options to hide post info (meta, categories, author)
* [tweak] Hero Unit Posts Slider - added height options
* [tweak] Contact Form 7 image loader replaced with CSS loader
* [tweak] Ball Possession displays progress without % (Soccer)
* [tweak] Added ability to set both links and email address in the Header
* [tweak] ALC: Player Game-by-Game - changed date format to default
* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.2 compatibility
* [fix] Alert Warning Color (Soccer)
* [fix] Search Close Icon in the Header on mobile devices
* [update] Visual Composer 5.4.2
* [update] ACF 5.6.3
* [update] Demo Data files
* [update] Translation file

Version 2.0.3 – October 6, 2017

* [tweak] Improved Staff Bio Card title for long names
* [tweak] Added links to Featured Player element and widget
* [tweak] League Table text colors (Soccer)
* [tweak] Statistics Circular Bars on Single Player Page are dynamic now (if Player List selected)
* [tweak] Average stats Circular bars in VC Team Leaders are dynamic now
* [tweak] Changed Single Album description on hover effect (Soccer)
* [tweak] Added guides to generate Social Profiles credentials
* [tweak] Added predefined VC Page Templates
* [tweak] SportsPress Birthdays Widget restyled
* [tweak] Blog Pagination Soccer styling
* [fix] Fixed issue when you need to deactivate Redux Framework to change SportsPress fields
* [fix] Dropdown Menu z-index
* [update] Translation file

Version 2.0.2 – October 2, 2017

* [tweak] Logo - added Logo Position Adjustments option
* [tweak] ALC: Posts Widget - added Category field
* [tweak] ALC: Contact Info widget - added Instagram link
* [tweak] Added ability to define last name for player
* [tweak] Theme Options - added Single Player Header Background option
* [tweak] Dashboard notices now can be dismissed
* [fix] Redux Dimensions field fix (appears after update to Redux Framework 3.6.7)
* [update] Visual Composer 5.3
* [update] ACF 5.6.2
* [update] Translation file

Version 2.0.1 – September 29, 2017

* [new] Croatian Translation (thanks to @zskiljan)
* [tweak] Check for empty products gradients
* [tweak] ALC: Event Scoreboard, ALC: Event Result, Event take statistics labels, description from SportsPress
* [tweak] Added shrink-to-fit meta tag for iOS devices
* [tweak] Added Customized Content Top and Bottom padding in Theme Options
* [tweak] ALC: Event Scoreboard - added option to hide/show detailed statistic
* [fix] "Ball Possession" incorrect spelling
* [fix] Ball Possession progress bar displayed incorrectly on Firefox
* [fix] Tags Cloud widget hover text color
* [fix] VC Games History fixed float number
* [fix] Mobile Menu background color
* [fix] Disabling Link Events option doesn't work for some VC elements and widgets
* [fix] Player Metrics now based on Variables (previous Labels). Fixes issue when Player Metrics Labels were changed, e.g. another language
* [misc] Various minor fixes tweaks
* [update] Translation files updated

Version 2.0.0 – September 21, 2017

* [new] Soccer version
* [new] 2 color predefined scheme
* [new] Hero Posts Slider
* [new] 14 New PSD files (46 overall)
* [tweak] Various tweaks and fixes

Version 1.3.0 – September 17, 2017

* [new] Roster Slider as Visual Composer element
* [tweak] Widget Top Post - changed order for Popular Posts output
* [tweak] Changed Schedule table order option DESC->ASC (closest go first)
* [tweak] Post Loops improvements
* [tweak] Styling tweaks for Footer Menu links size on mobile devices
* [fix] Widgets without titles (e.g. ALC: Social Counters) breaks layout if placed in Footer Widget Area
* [fix] RSS Widget has some styling issues if used in VC Widgetized Sidebar
* [fix] Contact Widget - incorrect labels and icons for Twitter and Facebook
* [fix] Venue link not displayed correctly
* [update] Translation files

Version 1.2.0 – August 26, 2017

* [new] Added options to change Single Team subpages labels, slugs and order
* [new] Added options to change Single Player subpages labels, slugs and order
* [new] Added Blog Categories Color Options
* [update] Visual Composer 5.2.1
* [update] ACF 5.6.1
* [update] Alchemists SCSS Compiler 1.2.0
* [tweak] SportsPress for Basketball removed from TGMPA
* [tweak] VC - Removed side padding for non-responsive layout
* [tweak] VC - Games History element default chart line color
* [tweak] VC - Points History element default charts color
* [fix] Single Team and Single Player subpages slug
* [fix] Event Block - fixed long team names
* [fix] Widget Blog Posts on some pages don't have Comments
* [tweak] Translation file updated
* [misc] Other small fixes and tweaks

Version 1.1.0 – August 11, 2017

* [new] 25 New Styling Options
* [new] VC Albums Element
* [new] VC Content Nav Element
* [tweak] Added new option to removed Top Bar links - Theme Options > Header > Top Bar > Show/Hide Links
* [tweak] Added new option to remove categories - Theme Options > Blog & Posts > Show Categories?
* [tweak] SportsPress removed not used options
* [tweak] Predefined SportsPress options after demo import
* [fix] VC - Post Carousel alignment for short Post Title
* [fix] Single Player Radar Chart custom color
* [fix] Post Author empty fields
* [update] Translation files

Version 1.0.4 – August 7, 2017

* [tweak] Replaced anonymous function for site-url (PHP 5.2 fix)
* [tweak] Countdown - time format now depends on theme settings
* [tweak] Event Scoreboard and Event Logos tweaks
* [tweak] Featured Player - check for empty vars
* [tweak] Game Results check for an empty stats
* [fix] Event Logos Inline & Blocks markup
* [update] Translation files

Version 1.0.3 – August 2, 2017

* [tweak] Recent Comment widget now display only approved comments
* [fix] Recent Comments widget date/time bug
* [fix] Incorrect meta for posts in [VC] Posts Carousel
* [fix] Added Comment Icon in [VC] Post Carousel
* [fix] Tags, Hero Unit and Featured Posts buttons custom color issue
* [fix] Widget / Event Blocks arrow position for second command on mobile devices

Version 1.0.2 – July 31, 2017

* [tweak] Added options to change icons in the Header
* [tweak] Added new color options for body, header, footer
* [tweak] Added option for Page Heading to on/off last word highlight
* [tweak] Events Block Team name width
* [fix] Default Logo path for Header on mobile devices
* [fix] Circular bars colors now changing with Primary Color
* [update] Translation files

Version 1.0.1 – July 29, 2017

* [tweak] Added icon to VC Newslog Item
* [tweak] Home Sidebars now exist by default
* [fix] Links for nav menu in sample data files
* [fix] Box border custom color for Game > Recap box
* [fix] Demo Import
* [fix] Pushy Panel default logo path
* [fix] SCSS compiler issue on nginx servers
* [update] Translation files

Version 1.0

Initial release

Other Info

  • All images used in the theme are for demo purpose only.
  • Alchemists theme needs PHP >= 5.4 to work.

Alchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress ThemeAlchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress ThemeAlchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress ThemeAlchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress ThemeAlchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress ThemeAlchemists - Sports Club and News WordPress Theme

Trenda - Multi Concept eCommerce HTML Template

This Template Contained 18 HTML Files


5 Unique Home layouts
About us Pages
Blog Categories Pages
Two Single Product Pages
Navigation Style
Free Icon Fonts
Extended Documentation
Flexible and Multi-purpose
Fully Layered and Organized HTML File
Easy to Customize
Based on 1170px Grid System
And Much More…

HTML Files


Zip File Contents:

HTML Template (16 files)
Full Documentation

Zip File do not Contents:

The preview images are not included in the template.1 – 22/10/2016
- Add Contact page.

Comments (271)

July 16,2019
I can’t add players after the last update of sportpress. White sheet coming
July 16,2019
Hi, I can’t see the player’s details in the roster slider mobile version when touch. Regular version in laptop is ok
July 16,2019
This theme is beautiful but rather narrow for body content. Do you have this in different body widths?
July 16,2019
I love this theme The Alchemists but have some questions. The theme support FIFA, Mortal Kombat and PES or only FPS and MOBA games? If it supports FIFA and Mortal Kombat, is it possible add on players stats some stats like Goals Scored and others footballs or fighting stats? Is it possible add fields? And how about the match stats? I want to use just the eSport theme and not football theme. Can the player register for a tournament in the platform? is it possible to create tournaments 1v1?
July 15,2019
finally I bought your theme
But i have some problems with it…whan I want to install and activate plugins, visual composer particulary, i have the following message :
July 15,2019
As I change the design of a working site, I have purchased another domain I am working on.
Can I use the template for the main site after I finish my work. Work project will be deleted (second domain).
July 15,2019
is it possible to multiple sports, sports club ? seems this is separate sports clubs only
July 15,2019
Hello Dan Fisher. I am a basketball agent and I wanted to purchase your theme. I need to simplify the theme and just have a roster called client list. Shouldn’t be a problem I guess. But is there any limitations to the amount of players I can put as this is not a team but a basketball client list (I need 30 spots roughly more or less)? Also does the gallery support video, as this is crucial for me? Thank you
July 14,2019
Congratulation ! Nice theme. Good luck with Sale
July 14,2019
I want to set this view to my site’s home directory. I want him to do the portal job. Users first when they enter the address, the theme in the picture will meet, so that the visitor wants to enter what content, example: football icon will click and thus lead to the theme of football. How can I do that? does this HTML page exist in the theme files?
Welcome page:
Live Preview:
July 14,2019
Hi, lovely theme! Presale question, can it be use for Tennis News and Tournament site? Regards
July 14,2019
What is the best way to update?
July 14,2019
Hello! May I use the “Football” slider in the “Soccer” theme? Or there is others sliders options in the soccer theme?
July 14,2019
Are match results and tables connected? So when you type results for two teams, does score automatically go into table where are points, goals, etc.?
July 13,2019
Hi! Love the theme! Just having problems importing the football demo. Keeps giving me a 500 error. Looking at the site, it seems that some of the customization are loaded already but I am just not sure if that’s all of it.
July 13,2019
Hi! Dan, could you please tell me, is there shortcode/shortcodes for all staff list? (manager, coaches etc.). And 1 more question. I bought this theme and my programmer installed it on my subdomain. He makes some changes before installing the theme on the main site for which this theme was purchased. When he installed theme on a subdomain he used a token. Will this cause any problem when I will setting the theme to the main site? Of course, I will remove a theme from the subdomain.
July 13,2019
Will he create a football league on this template? I care that this is not just a template for 1 team and the whole league.
July 13,2019
Dan, Great work here! Question: I’d like to know if there is the capability for the players themselves to login and update their own stats, etc? Instead of it relying on one admin person to update weekly stats, profile pics, etc.? Thanks for your time.
July 13,2019
Hello, do we get the logos (for basketball) with purchase and are they editable? Thank you!
July 13,2019
Hello, is there any live commentary for each match ? We have seen the match timeline, but we would like to ask if there is available any live commentary for the match….
July 13,2019
Any ETA for the eSports WordPress version?
July 13,2019
Hello Dan first of all congratulations for this theme, I manage a league with sportpress pro and wordpress and I would like to understand how to customize the player registration form to insert additional fields and to ensure that the players after registering can go directly to their page. ../player/name_player/ from the front end without having to log into the wordpress administration panel
July 12,2019
Hello. I have a question. In 2018, I bought the Alchemists template from you. Some time ago, I ended up with a one-year license. Therefore, I have a question. What does it mean to renew the license? Will my download template not be updated after my annual subscription? Is renewal of the subscription mandatory to receive a new update ?? Does the renewal concern only help in case of problems with the template? Best wishes and thanks for the answer
July 12,2019
Hi there, I’m a new buyer.
I tried to find something but I didn’t find the answer.
Is is possible to hide the author / date in a “Post Slider” or “Post Loop” module?
Thank you!
July 12,2019
How I disable the slideshow on alchemist football theme?
July 11,2019
Any news on when the eSports will be out? This is what we’re needing it for.
July 11,2019
Hi dan
There was an error importing demo data.
“[ERROR] Failed to import “post-img3” (Media)”
Page alignment error.
July 11,2019
Hi just had a look at the psd for American football home v2 is there a way to get that on the home page but change the duotone colours bearing in mind it is for soccer? Thanks
July 11,2019
is it possible to change the color? The yellow to red example?
July 10,2019
Hi Dan, I have a friend who is interested in this product. Could you possibly tell me which version of Sportspress this comes with? Standard or Pro? and is this product suitable for running a league system in which the team managers can enter their own statistics without having too much access to anything else?
July 10,2019
Hello, I have noticed that several webs have your template. There is a way to change the design of the header(top menu, primary and secondary)?
July 10,2019
Is it compatible with SportsPress Pro?
And if so, how long does it take to upgrade to a new version; for example: in the next version you will get live scores.
Thanks anyway.
July 09,2019
Really great theme. Are you planning a hockey theme as well?
July 09,2019
Thank you for the realization of my suggestions,
July 09,2019
Hello Dan,
I’m trying to change the custom post slider height but can’t find where to go, would you help ?
July 09,2019
Hi dan
I don’t know what the reason is, so I can’t create a ticket.
I ran into a problem and I adjusted the website display color.
The picture cannot be uploaded, sorry.
The web page address is:

—But how do you adjust these white lines?
Is there a way to solve?
thank you.
My email: [email protected]
July 09,2019
I’m really interested in your theme, but I have some questions.
I would like to create a french website of soccer with advices for betting.
1) Is the stats and latest matchs automatically refreshed or I have to do it by myself?
2) Is there translation of the theme in french?
3) I would like to put in the shop the services and I would like to allow the access of the advices pages only to people who bought this is it possible with your theme?
4) Is there any widget or plugin to put the ribs of the matchs also?
Thank you so much
July 09,2019
Hey, in the sidebar the post listing, is it possible to disable the hook in the upper left corner? It makes no sense to me to display it…kid regards
July 09,2019
HI,Dan,I purchased your theme, now updating it to my WP account, but it’s going off duty soon. So can I use my personal laptop to update it on my same WP account in my home?
And does it supports Chinese? Should I use some plugin or something else?
July 08,2019
Hello, I love the new Esports design. Just curious will the basketball theme get an update that has all the features of the Esports version? or is there a way to make that version work for basketball
July 08,2019
Hi! I’m looking forward to buy this theme, but I need it for a soccer project I’m working on.
July 08,2019
I need your help solving a mystery … at the moment, find a strange result in the players’ cards … instead of the the name of the player appears the name of widget competition…can you help many thanks! Manuel Garcia
July 08,2019
Its really sad to see, that esports isnt avaible for wordpress. Was back announced on june or july. I hope, thar in some months it would be avaible, because i’ve waited so long for it. Looks great and got tons of functions.
July 08,2019
Hi Dan, hope you’re keeping well! I have a quick question, can I adjust the width of the hero static post slider? as you can adjust the height just not the width.
July 07,2019
Hey there Dan!
I was wondering if there is any ETA on when the esports version will come?
Or any approx month
July 07,2019
Hi Dev, I buy the new theme, I install it on my WP installation for the WPBakery licences?
July 07,2019
Hi, can you give me an approximation as to when you’ll have this theme ready for BuddyPress and bbPress? Thank you.
July 07,2019
How do I display more than 10 teams on the league table? Currently it has a second page to the table even though I have changed the team limit under Sportspress>Clubs>League Tables.
July 07,2019
Hello, I would like to know how to add the chronology of a match( game timeline )? for the football version.
July 07,2019
Hello! I can’t make ticket your website again….
I have got question. Can i change or How can i change player profil picture ? Many Thanks Daniel
The theme is awesome!
July 06,2019
Hello, i want to make an NFL Football Blog Magazine. Is there a function to auto sinc all the statistics from the NFL? I dont have to update and write down every statistics manually right?
July 06,2019
hey, how can i change seize of the logo via css?
July 06,2019
Hello, When is esports feature coming?
July 06,2019
Hi! I’ve been using the theme for a few months now and we love it.
July 06,2019
Hi, Dan . Can I create custom homepage with a lot of tables via shortcodes, right?
July 06,2019
I am waiting on the e-sports version of this for wordpress…. will it be exactly the same as the html version you guys have already? Do you have an eta on this because i want to purchase this as soon as possible… do you have any screenshots of the wordpress version of the s-sports theme for me to look at?
July 06,2019
Hi! Nice theme…need to buy urgently a soccer theme. Please, can you tell me when will be soccer version be ready? I’m really interested, but need to decide next week. Thanks in advance!
July 06,2019
Is it possible to have team stats (like players stats, for example best 5 rebound teams, best 5 blocks teams etc) ?
Is it possible in Tournaments, to have more than one game between matches? For example 2 matches with point difference or best out of 3?
July 06,2019
When will the soccer version will be released? I’m just waiting fort it to come live and purchase it!
July 06,2019
Hello, Do you have how to create championship groups?
example Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D in the same championship?
July 05,2019
Is there a simple way to switch from the football to basketball theme?
July 05,2019
I’m extremely interested in the esport theme. Through the comments I’ve gathered that you will be working on that after the American Football theme is done. Any idea when the American Football theme will be done? Also, I did sign up for the newsletter. If you have any info that you can share it would be super helpful.
July 05,2019
Just wanted to thanks Dan for his kindness and fast help on any trouble concerning his products.
July 05,2019
any chance to have baseball theme?
July 05,2019
Super incredible work man!!!! really an enormous job!! congratz!!
July 05,2019
Would this theme work for a whole league site rather than just a single team? Or does it have the capabilities to display stats from 6 different teams?
July 05,2019
Hi would it be suitable for Rugby clubs (including different age groups in the club)? Also, can user/member upload their own videos or images after login? Can you user comment on the post using 3rd party social login e.g. facebook login?
July 05,2019
Hi. Presale question. Are you going to release version for Fighting sports like MMA of boxing. kickboxing clubs?
July 05,2019
Thank you, you turned that publishing date into birthday?! ok. Your ALC Post Carousel uses a transparent dark overlay. Can I color it another way and if so, where and how? kind regards
July 05,2019
HI dan
Sorry, I can’t create a ticket again.
May be related to the network of our country.
But this is not important, I think you consult the following questions.
July 05,2019
I might be missing something obvious but where are we supposed to adjust the home page hero banner?
July 05,2019
Hi, I was thinking of buying the theme but can you give me a couple of informations first:
July 05,2019
Can this be done on an instant score page?
July 05,2019
Hi there, cannot insert the Iubenda script in the secondary footer (copyright). The editor doesn’t allow the scripts, only HTML. How to fix?
July 04,2019
Pre purchase have a site looking at changing themes. Can we change the soccer site to look like the football site or the basketball one?
July 04,2019
Do you have any plans to release something related to Cricket Sport? If Yes, when can we expect that?
July 04,2019
Hi, is it possible to add a product/shop section showing some products in the main page? Is there a complete list of blocks, widgets available in Alchemist for reference? Thanks.
July 04,2019
​Hey guys! (can’t submit a ticket with my valid purchase code)
July 04,2019
Hi again…is it soccer version ready? I can’t see it on the last update. Thanks!
July 04,2019
very cool work, good job big sales to you
July 04,2019
Hi. Im going to setup multilanguage website. Im using polyland for now, because its quite more easier and user friendly than WPML. Anyway, ive managed to translate a lot of content but, there is some strings in theme options. For example “footer” Where you can change logo, primary and secondary email labels – is there a way to make this options translated to another language?
July 04,2019
I’ve just installed 3.0.6 version in my website and when I try to activate Alchemists Color Filters for WooCommerce plugin it shows an error:
July 03,2019
I’ve just update SportPress to 2.6.3 version and now it shows an alert in theme backend because many theme files are not update. Are you planning to update theme sportpress files to make theme compatible with this SportPress version??
July 03,2019
Super interested in purchasing this theme for a huge upcoming project, but it’s for American Football. I know you have intentions of creating a football version, but if we purchase this one is it possible to convert the stats and other aspects to football or are those hard coded in?
July 03,2019
do yo u have beta testers ?
July 03,2019
Hey Dan is there a way to add an image slider instead of the static image n the home page
July 03,2019
Hello, I’m very interested in the theme but I have some doubts, I want to fill automatically the data from a sport API, but I don’t know if this is done by a SportPress plugin or similar and I have to add the results, classification, matchs manually or it’s can be done in some way automatically.
July 03,2019
Hello, I need to edit the shortcodes of visual builder of ALC, but I cant find the code!! Help me…
July 03,2019
Why I don’t have any Code from the theme, that shows that I buy the theme? A Purchase code or something.
July 03,2019
Hi, Dan,
Can I optimize the URL slug like / event or / team with my own choice? I want to do a sport news magazine and I need to customize these slugs in my own language.
Thanks for your time.
July 02,2019
WordPress new 5.0 updates has a weird editor. I am sure you are already working on an update for it. Do you know roughly when we can expect the theme and plugin to be compatible with the new 5.0 editor?
July 02,2019
i want ask some question before purchase.
July 02,2019
Can’t get support as your ticket system says my purchase code is not for your product. Can you help please
July 02,2019
When are you going to improve mobile navigation? Your mobile menu is bad, really bad. And when we use megamenu on desktop, it gets even worst.
July 02,2019
Hi, is there any way to stop the players name from displaying in the 2 different colors, for instance when a player only has 1 name and no surname?
July 02,2019
hi, can I change color of this element?
July 02,2019
Do you have ETA for esports version?
July 01,2019
What is the minimum version of PHP to use Alchemist?
July 01,2019
Hi, when do you expect an American football version?
July 01,2019
Can i try the theme before purchasing ?
July 01,2019
I can’t make ticket your website.
I have got question.
Can i change or How can i change player profil picture ?
Many Thanks
The theme is awesome!
June 30,2019
i love this theme. Is there a way to add content to the album posts and not just photos?
June 30,2019
Hi i have send a ticket to your support yesterday can you help me with this issues , many thanks!
June 30,2019
Fired you off a question via your contact form Dan – Good work on the current release!
June 30,2019
When will the eSports version come out? Really interested in that one.
June 30,2019
When is the Espor version published? I’m waiting impatiently.:)
June 30,2019
Hello, we would to use Your template to multiple end products – sport teams pages. Some questions:
June 30,2019
Hi can I add different teams to different leagues like UEFA, UEFA, NATIONAL LEAGUE and at the same time have different sports like SOCCER, BASKETBALL, RUBGY on this theme?
June 29,2019
Hi Dan! I just purchased and installed the theme with the soccer version. I need help to place the logo. What is the best measure to place the logo? I can’t fix it right.
June 29,2019
Can I have ETA for Football version?
June 29,2019
Hello is it possible to add more of this social boxes like facebook, instagram, twitter and google? Maybe for twitch or steam?
June 29,2019
We use WP Club Manager instead of Sportspress. Would it require a lot of work to make this theme work with WP Club Manager? If it is possible, do you offer a trial, so we can try?
June 29,2019
hi, just a presale question : is it possible to have a menu instead of register/login at the top ? I’d like to have 2 menus separtly…
June 28,2019
I love this theme. Alot going on with it and makes for a very professional website. only issue im having Issues with installing the plugins and connecting to designers AWS services. Theme wont work properly without it. Other then that. beautiful!
June 28,2019
Hi Dan! Any updates on the video post format and the related posts?
June 28,2019
Football version eta is November? What date will it be available?
June 28,2019
I just purchased this template. I like it so far, My question is what our the size for the player backgrounds. Im going to create my own backgrounds in photoshop, but i need the height and width.
June 27,2019
hello I just bought this theme and I’m having issues.
June 27,2019
Hi, I was wondering if I could use this for hosting a Soccer League rather than being specific to one club? For example on your demo you have Club > Overview > Shows overview of alchemists, Could I have it Club > Overview > List of clubs names to pick from. Basically I really like what you have it but your demo is for 1 club. I want to run a league using your work, would it be possible?
June 27,2019
Will you add esport demo? İf yes when??
June 27,2019
just curious how do you get it to display player points on the player profile/page. I purchased the theme a while ago but just started using it.
June 27,2019
All my php settings are allright but still it won’t import the soccer demo.
June 27,2019
Hello! Do you have an ETA on the Hockey Version?
June 27,2019
Theme looks great! Can you tell me what that social media widget in the soccer home sidebar is? The “follow us on Facebook (darkblue)/twitter(lightblue)/instagram(purlpe) squares. Between primary league and popular news.
June 26,2019
When will be available the version or update for soccer
June 26,2019
Hi! First of all… Awesome theme!!
June 26,2019
Amazing creativity and quality work, GLWS
June 26,2019
When the premiere of the football template will take place? Its a February!
June 25,2019
Hi guys,
you do a great Job! I´m looking for the eSports-WP-Template, the HTML version looks so great, and you said earlier in the comments, after the html you could give a ETA for WP …
Best regards!
June 25,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 25,2019
Hi Dan…... Can You write dedicated Crm For This Theme? No Wordpress Or Html.
June 25,2019
Hello, how can I remove the sponsors bar before the header and above the footer aside from deleting all sponsors?
June 25,2019
I just purchased this theme. Very good theme! However, I cant figure out how to use the standard static header as opposed to the slider.
June 25,2019
It’s a great theme – Good work Dan. But I stock a little in trouble with the WooCommerce Shop. The layout looks totally different. I had disabled the WooCommerce Plugins and did a re-activation/install of the theme, but it doesn’t change anything.
June 25,2019
Great theme. I’m going to buy but really looking forward to the American Football one. Thanks
June 25,2019
good work. who has the name of the best soccer player, can you add more than one football player in your WordPress theme? and the match information is automatically drawn from a different source automatically? Can you provide information manually or enter information.
June 25,2019
Great job! good luck with sales!
June 25,2019
I want this theme so bad do you know when the esports will be out ?
June 24,2019
will this template support baseball and aussie rules?
June 24,2019
Hi, probably stupid question but when do you guys think the esports version is ready?
June 24,2019
I would like to know if you are open to the idea of adding a Motorsport/ Racing theme to this ?
June 24,2019
hello, is it possible to copy the style under the sportpress plugin to another template? I wrote a template and would like to copy a few things on my own, is there an option?
June 24,2019
Hi there! Some of the widgets are disappeared…i can’t see the latest post / post tab widget anymore…how to fix? Thanks!
June 24,2019
Can you change the filter for posts to events and change the verbiage?
June 24,2019
I purchased this and understand it is for basketball. I need it fro baseball and for the most part it is fine for baseball. The only thing I see I need to change is on the Player Main Stats. Where can I change it from lets say Fouls to Hits or 2 Points to At Bats…etc Thanks
June 23,2019
Is there an Estimated Timeline for when the American Football will be finished?
June 23,2019
It looks like a really REALLY nice theme. Great job!
Is it support RTL?
June 23,2019
How can I set and choose what I post I would like to see on the slider?
Any way to change the slider?
Thank you.
June 23,2019
I would like to know if the theme supports an online payment such as a purchase of a membership (registration/login). Also “Private Website” (Members access) supported by this theme? Thank you in advance
June 23,2019
Good day I keep getting this when I try to upload it.
June 23,2019
does this work with custom sports? for example i really like the styling of players and teams and their shortcodes in your theme – will that skin work with any sport custom i put into sportspress ?
June 23,2019
I think the theme is an intensive functional code structure. does this functionality affect the site’s opening and loading speed? (without a normal hosting and CDN, how many seconds does the theme load on average?)
June 23,2019
After months of creeping on this theme I finally bought it. Great theme! I’m looking forward to getting it set up. Thanks for putting in the long hours.
June 22,2019
Hello! I successfully import players and teams into an excel csv file, but I have a problem … the language I use is Portuguese, and whenever one of the players’ names has an accent, it leaves the field blank in the preview Before you import. then I have to manually enter, can you suggest some idea or solution? ex name of player José or Gonçalves or joão
June 22,2019
Hi just wondering how to change the header image on the 404 Page Not Found? I am able to update all content through the 404 Page tab in Theme Options, but not the image?
June 22,2019
Hello, So I am working on a clients website who bought your theme. Using rwmb_meta_boxes just doesn’t work with it. No output at all. It is quite a popular plugin, many plugins use it. Any fix for this?
June 22,2019
What time UK time will the update be available?
June 22,2019
Hi dan_fisher, is there’s any update about the football?
June 22,2019
Very good Job. State of the art! Good luck with sales!
June 22,2019
1) Is it possible to limit the maximum number of displayed comments in single posts easily?
2) I am choosing page heading – None in deafult news page, but it still shows as Title. How can I fix?
June 21,2019
I would like to know if the theme have adsense support.
And another question, is there any page for a complete league instead of a single team one?
Kind regards and congrat for the theme
June 21,2019
Hello! When can i see american football theme? In release it must be in November )
June 21,2019
Hey, where to put in the birthday?! No field for it…
June 21,2019
Got a little problem here, it doesnt display the points and give me a huge php error. You can see it here:
June 21,2019
Looking forward to purchasing the soccer version soon!
June 21,2019
Is there anyone using this theme on a live site? Would love to see it in use outside of the demo
June 21,2019
Can you please make one for baseball?
June 21,2019
I have one issue at the moment with the theme. When people try to access the site via mobile phone they’re getting a fatal error: Uncaught error: call to undefined funtion.
June 21,2019
How to get a schedule to show up at “The Team Schedule” tab???
June 21,2019
Excellent theme, clean and professional. Good luck with the sales
June 20,2019
Hey guys! great work! can you tell me when the eSports update it’s going to be ready? thanks
June 20,2019
Hello, is there an option to enable sticky/fixed headers in your theme? I’d love to have a sticky/shrinking header, is this possible or not?
June 20,2019
Hi, I am enthusiastic about this splendid theme since it seems to cover my needs, but I got 0 about logings and DB stuff. ¿Is there any support about it?
June 20,2019
One final question:
At the player’s page, is it possible to remove some elements (like height, weight, etc.) through the admin panel, without code?
June 20,2019
hi, When will the e-sport WordPress theme be published?
June 20,2019
In the near future he will set up a website about sports and I really liked your template Therefore, by buying your template I have several questions. I would like to connect the Joomsport plugin to wordpress and will it not interfere with the template settings or the correct operation of the script? Is it possible to disable a large slide with news at the very top of the page ?? And is it possible to easily attach the widget above this news slider ??
June 20,2019
Fantastic job on the new wordpress version, think I’ll wait when the soccer one comes out, you’ll soon notice the sales increase now you’ve got the html template and now the wordpress version, good luck to you sir!
June 20,2019
I am trying to display last game results with event results widget, but it does not work, does no show the last one, shoes the first…
Can you help?
June 19,2019
Hi there, pre purchase question. Are all the Sportspress widgets in the theme demo automated?
June 19,2019
Alchemists Demos Can Only Be Imported With A Valid Token Registration.. Did all things as instructed including one given here but unfortunately it shows the same. Even tried with checking all options available yet it shows the same. What’s wrong?
June 19,2019
Hello dan fisher, my support has expired and I can not renew at this moment, I want to report some errors! FOOTBALL
June 19,2019
I want to build a site to cover the events and activities for FIFA U-17 World Cup
But as per your PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING statement mentions that ask you about what version & in the timeline it says SOCCER is next Aug/Sep so wanted understand the following:
June 19,2019
Any plans on an app for the basketball theme? If no, any recommendations on who to use for one?
June 19,2019
Does the solution support Multisite and BuddyPress?
June 19,2019
Any update on SportsPress Pro compatibility? I’m interested in using this theme for a rugby league, and would need the metrics for rugby, as well as the ability to show multiple teams in the league. Is this functionality available with your theme as it currently is or would I need SportsPress Pro?
June 19,2019
Hi, Football theme compatible with PHP 7.0 or 7.1 ver? thnx
June 19,2019
Hello Dan,
We purchased this theme this year and love it! We are not looking for support, but wanted to make you aware that after upgrading the Alchemists theme to version 3.0.13 and PHP to 7.2 on our website we are getting the following errors ONLY when using PHP 7.2 (NO issues when running PHP 7.1):
June 19,2019
Oh how im excited for this, waiting for “football” as we call it in England , This is going to fly
June 19,2019
I think something has broken with the latest Wordpress update (5.1).
June 19,2019
Just to summarise, the SOCCER version is just an additional inc/demo/soccer/...
June 19,2019
Amazing work, Good luck with sale!
June 18,2019
nice theme
support RTL ??
no 50% sale soon ??
June 18,2019
Hi Dan, will the E-Sport version support multi game teams?
June 18,2019
Great theme…!!
Your default font size is very small, and google dislike it… Bad for SEO!
Is it possible to set font size at theme option without editing css file?
June 18,2019
When I update the theme to the latest version 2.3.1 the website is not working and I take the message “Undefined variable $preloader-bg: line: 3”.
June 18,2019
When we can change the top menu style? All soccer team or league have the same top menu style… We can just change colors, icons and names….
June 18,2019
In approximately 1 or 2 weeks at most we will have the Football version, can we use the new features, styles and pages without installing again? Can you use that purple color?
June 18,2019
Hi Dan, will the Joomsport version support multi game teams?
June 18,2019
Is it possible to set default language in german?
June 18,2019
WPBakery Page Builder is not updating, wants a license key.
June 18,2019
I bought the theme now but this is the error I get when loading the theme
June 18,2019
Hi, is it possible to custom to any sport? I want to build for cycling
June 18,2019
I want to know how I add or remove fields in player header.
June 17,2019
Hi I have installed the theme as a demo as we already have a site that has been in operation for over 20 years and do not want to override all the content only the styling. Having said that I installed the American football as we like the different category post colours and the breaking news and a few other styling things but are a soccer football website. I am having trouble getting to know how to change the post category colours and what are the card styling etc. it is not in the documentation that I can see. I have also imported their content onto another demo site and then going to try and put your theme onto it to see what happens. Can I add those elements to the soccer football theme from the American football theme please. I have to do this as quick as possible as the season starts this week and the SportsPress Pro has stopped working with the current theme setup. Thanks sorry to be in a rush.
June 17,2019
I can’t make the “Facebook Token” works in theme’s options. I could generate Twitter tokens and Instagram tokens and display in real time how many followers I have, but Facebook it’s impossible and I’ve tried many different configurations.
June 17,2019
Can this theme be set up that every member that joins gets their own player page?
June 17,2019
Hello, I have a problem. The player stats doesn’t fit for the volley. It is possible change the codes or hide player stats? Or moreover hide the links on the single player page?
June 17,2019
I am interested in purchasing. The sport I am making the site for isn’t basketball or soccer. Can I change the statistics on the league table and other sportspress areas? I don’t care to use your custom analytics you’ve made as much. I just like the demo home and other areas. Would this work?
June 17,2019
1. is this compatible for a basketball league with 16 to 24 teams? 2. would it be possible to adjust the height of the featured image? 3. does it have a related articles feature? if yes, is it sorted by tags or categories? 4. does it have a latest posts widget with thumbnails? is it compatible with bbpress and buddypress?
June 17,2019
I will buy the kickstart this evening, one little question. Once the kickstart is up, if i upgrade to sportspress pro, will all the dummy content and setup be still available, or will I have to start over again?
June 17,2019
Hi Dan,
after last update ALC: Post Loop is not working as expected.
In this instance 4 posts should be in two columns but they are actually shown in one column.
June 16,2019
Do we get a manual in the kit?
June 16,2019
Does this theme work with the FeedSyndicate for WordPress service?
June 16,2019
American Football version is near to be released??? I’m waiting very impatient to buy it and deploy it in my American Football team website!!! Any ETA?
June 16,2019
Does this work with sub domains? I want to active the theme in three different sub-domains for each sport in my multi-site installation.. But once I activated for football, other sub-domain activation doesn’t work. It shows invalid token. Please advice.
June 16,2019
Can this be edited in such a way that i can use this for a pool or darts league? can the scoring be changed? also does this have player logiins
June 16,2019
Automatic update does not seem to be available?
“Last Update 23 October 18”
Updated version of the Envato Market plugin: Version 3.0.12 – September 4, 2018
Is it necessary to renew the fee to update?
June 16,2019
Hello, the default register link in top bar does not function, it’s the same as log-in option ( which doesn’t have registration in it. Can you please tell me what to do?
June 16,2019
We are currently in the early stages of development for a basketball club website and we were considering using your theme to build it.
We love the modular look of it but we do have some concerns regarding its features. The main thing is that the club we’re doing this for has several age groups that operate in different leagues. If I look at the demo that you provided, there seems to be only one league presented. Would it be possible to add two or three different leagues? (say under 18 and under 14 different leagues). A good example of this would be:
I know that the fixtures and league tables are done with a plug-in called SportsPress. Would we need to upgrade to Sportspress Pro in order to create more than one team and implicitly one league? (also, is the theme currently compatible with SportsPress Pro?)
Thank you.
June 16,2019
I was really excited to use this theme. I receive an http error 500 though, and it’s due to the REQUIRED visual composer. Everything else works fine except for that one plugin can’t be activated otherwise the http error pops up, front-end and back-end.
June 16,2019
Awesome Work Good Luck For Your Sales
June 16,2019
Hi Dan, quick question as my item support expired, will I still receive updates? as it shows I have one but it won’t let me update.
June 15,2019
Theme looks beautiful, but I have a couple of pre-buy questions:
June 15,2019
Is it possible to use both football and basketball on the same site?
June 15,2019
How to change social url(ALC: Social Buttons) on this page:
June 15,2019
is there is any chances to get ETA for the american football version?
June 15,2019
Please is dark layout available for the basketball template?
June 14,2019
How to change ALC Post Slider font size
June 14,2019
Fantastic theme thank you so much beautifully done and documented code.
June 14,2019
Google Maps API Key tell me has expired, where i can change it on theme pls?
June 14,2019
Hi Dan is it the GAME TIMELINE will be an available option in the the Football version?
June 13,2019
Hi Dan, when trying to watch the theme using live preview in Wordpress 5.1 I get a “The Customizer is currently disabled.” error. I use the latest version 3.2.1, what do I need to do in order to be able to use the theme?
June 12,2019
Hello Dan;
I Like your themes but I purchased Alchemists WP Theme, Dose the theme support RTL or any of the developers who bought the theme did RTL version?
June 12,2019
I want to buy this theme. Can I add different teams/clubs to different leagues like EPL, UEFA, NATIONAL LEAGUE and at the same time have different sports like SOCCER, BASKETBALL, RUBGY on this theme?
June 12,2019
I’m having trouble adding the ALC button element, whenever I set the link in there it takes me back to the posts page in my WP admin control panel, is it bugged? I tried it on more than one browser, I can’t seem to be able to add a button and set its link.
June 12,2019
Advanced custom fields pro, Visual composer, twitter, envatomarket, woo commerce. Impossible to install these plugins because : “A higher version of … is needed for this theme. Thanks for your help.
June 12,2019
Hello, I am interested in buying your theme but, I want to know if it possible to customize it for Multi sport like Soccer, Boxing and other sport? And if I want to use it for only Soccer Web magazine, I need to be able to show various leagues in the world and league table, top scores of each leagues and other sportpress functionalities, please provide me with this information, you got an excellent team but it seems limited to just one sport or just one league… please advice. thank you
June 12,2019
Hi Dan, when trying to import demo date, i’m receiving the following problem saying – Error: Internal Server Error (500). Is this something on my end or can you help me fix this issue?
June 12,2019
Hey Dan, the overall theme looks really good congratulation !
June 11,2019
How can i get only header from football to soccer theme?
June 11,2019
is this including sportspress premium for match stats, scoreboard and league menu?
June 11,2019
Hi, I want to create a website for a league, and is it possible to create multiple clubs and create a news related to that club?
June 10,2019
hi, does not show the prominent image when I share the content on facebook
June 10,2019
How can I get the icon of basketball that is in the header but that sea of ​​football? Can you help me
June 10,2019
Hi again, for the SportsPress plugin included with this theme, is it the free version or the pro version ?
June 10,2019
Dan – would you anticipate any issues using this for sports not currently supported? Could it be used for other sports that SportsPress supports?
June 10,2019
Hey there! I was wondering if it’s possible to change the stats on the players from regular football/Basketball stats to more like E-sports stats with sportspress? This would be for an e-sports team.
Also If i buy this theme, will the esports version of this theme be free?
Thank you. Kind regards.
June 10,2019
Have you a release date for Alchemist Soccer? I’m starting a new web project based on a soccer team and I really need the soccer features, How much time i have to wait for? Thanks!
June 10,2019
Hi there, i’ve a problem: my cover image for blog post is 773×380 pixel, but i’d like to see the full width image, how to solve? Where to setup the images dimensions for blog post? Thanks!
June 10,2019
i’ve waited really long for the esports template. Are there new functions in or somehting?
June 10,2019
When will sportspress pro be compatiable with this theme
June 10,2019
So is this template for single team or can multiple teams be on one site. I have an idea where I want to keep up with about 25 team with rosters, schedules, player stats and videos. Is this possible with this theme?
June 09,2019
hi, may i ask when is the esports update and also, been trying to import data and its just stuck at please wait. thanks!
June 08,2019
After changing the site design, would you be authorized to change the authorship in the footer?
June 08,2019
I have a problem, the game preview does not show me the result of the match. However, the result is entered. Can you please help me? I have 2.5.4 sportspress version and 2.2.1 theme version.
June 08,2019
hi can you verify this last update, in mobile tables apears wear, with no information…can you verify many thanks!
June 08,2019
Hello, when I activate Sportspress Pro a problem is generated in the background colors, how can I fix it.
June 08,2019
Tomorrow is may day, will esport be launching at may?
June 08,2019
Hi ! Is it possible to add the breaking news bar to the basketball template ?
June 07,2019
Hi, static hero unit is very useful, but as sports events are very often recurrent it would be very convenient to be able to save multiple hero unit settings for different events. Any plans in that regard?
June 07,2019
awesome work, very cool ! i wish you all the best for this week sales
June 07,2019
hello, this theme compatible withh sportpress pro?
June 07,2019
I’m waiting for the eSports version, I hope it will not be long, despite being the last one to be released!
June 06,2019
When is the esports demo coming ? It says May – Jun but we are way past that!
June 06,2019
hi dan, all button url are not working. when im trying to put a link, it will redirect to posts section after i click “set link”. i already updated to the latest version. i know my 6 months support has ended but i don’t think this matter have to do with basic function of wpbakery
June 06,2019
When can you expect the football american version?
June 05,2019
The plugins Alchemists SCSS Compiler, it is not possible to activate it, doing so is the gray screen.
June 05,2019
I find the dark mode of the basketball theme more beautiful and I would like to use it for a football site.
June 05,2019
How’s the soccer theme coming along? fingers crossed for this week!
June 05,2019
If I buy this version of Basketball will I be entitled to the Esports version in the future or will I have to make another purchase?
June 05,2019
Pre-purchase questions. Can we change English words (Breaking News, Latest News…) into other language, and if yes, is that something easy to do or do we need to dive into Cpanel? Also, would we need any premium plugin purchased to have demo looks ?