1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme

1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme

1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme 1040 Night Club - DJ, Party, Music Club WordPress Theme

Night Club WordPress Theme is designed to become an ideal solution for users who intend to build up a website like music recording studio, music bands and groups, music clubs, night clubs and live music events.

Coming with a range of cutting-edge and outstanding, Night Club is known as a simple but clean, modern and user-friendly WordPress Theme which will be your right tool to build an attractive website.

Highlight Features:

  • Clean, modern, multi-purpose design can be used for any type of website
  • WordPress 4 Tested and Approved
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • SEO Optimized ( also compatible with SEO Plugins ) Well organized, commented & clean code
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9 ~ IE11
  • 100% Responsive Theme
  • Comes with the Visual Composer, most awesome visual page builder for WordPress
  • 1-6 Column Support
  • Fullscreen video and Fullscreen slider for any page
  • Awesome CSS3 animations for every modules
  • Child Theme Compatible – includes basic child theme
  • Strong focus on design and typography, usability and overall user-experience.
  • JQuery Enhancements
  • Includes Icons Fonts, more than 600 retina ready icons included!
One Click Demo Content
  • One Click Demo Import – If you want to use some pages of our demo you just need to make one click to have our demo imported
  • Import fully widget with One Click Import
Advanced Customization / Themes Options
  • Customize Every part of the website using the Styling options.
  • Easily change Font and Font size.
  • Advanced options to enable/disable individual features
Visual Composer
  • This theme include the Visual Composer, Currently the most famous WordPress page builder
  • We made 24 Modules for the Visual Page builder, you will be able to customize anything you want super easily, never code
  • Change style ( design ) and color of any modules super easily
  • Easily create stunning pages using our awesome modules.
  • All you see on our demo is built only with the Visual Composer modules
Popular Plugin Compatible
  • WPML plugin ready
  • Contact Form 7 ready with full design intergration
  • Event Calendar Plugin Support
  • Visual Composer Ready
  • MusicPress WordPress Plugin Ready
Unlimited Color Options
  • Extremely detailed styling tab in theme options
  • Unlimited Color Options / Skins with backend and front end Color Picker
  • Full Color Customizations – change every element with ease including all Visual Composer Modules.
Advanced Typography Options
  • Use Google Fonts or Standard fonts
  • All font options are controlled in the theme options panel
  • Set different font sizes for all fonts, H1-H6 headings, body, footer, header, dropdown etc
  • Set different colors for all fonts
  • Set font-size, line-height, font-weight for each font type as well
Advanced Background Options
  • Choose Color of upload custom background image
  • Set Parallax background
  • Full width sections also allow background images with parallax
  • Page title bar background or custom bar title background


Version 1.1.9 – Jan-11-2019
+ Update Options tree plugin.
+ Update Music press plugin.
+ Update Visual composer.
Version 1.1.8 – May-16-2018
+ Added an option for adding items to Pagination in custom order on home page
Version 1.1.5 – April-04-2018
 + Update Plugin Visual Composer 5.4.7
Version 1.1.4 – March-01-2018
 + Update Visual Composer latest version to fix element.
Version 1.1.3 – October-05-2017
  + Update Option Choose Page Pagination
  + Update Plugin Visual Composer 5.3
  + Update Plugin Tz Night Club Version 1.1.3
  + Add link title element services
  + Enable  music player in mobile device

Version 1.1.2 – August – 14 – 2017

  + Update Plugin Visual Composer 5.2.1
  + Update Plugin Tz Night Club Version 1.1.2
    - Add option custom link element Book Table
    - Add option popup video vimeo, youtube of element Services
  + Add option show or hide pagination template homepage
  + Add sidebar right
Version 1.1.1 – May- 16- 2017
    + Update Plugin Visual Composer 5.1.1
    + Update Plugin Tz Night Club Version 1.1.0
    + Fix Element Slider Blog: Video HTML5 not play on mobile
Version 1.1 – January- 03- 2017
    + Update Install One Click
    + Update Plugin Tz Night Club Version 1.1.0

Comments (35)

July 14,2019
Where do I edit the bottom menu? I want to rearrange the items but Menu settings don’t help.
July 13,2019
Hello guys, Nice theme. But I want to know how well this can support WooCommerce or selling items and courses in general.
July 13,2019
Awesome theme, can you make a audio page which contains multiple audio tracks
July 12,2019
Before buying question. Is there integration with woocommerce?
July 10,2019
Hey guys! First of all sorry about my english… I really loooove this theme, but I have a few questions before buying it.
July 09,2019
Interested in this. but i dont see any share social buton in the event page…!!! possible to add..??
July 09,2019
Interested in this. but only if I can get my hands on the video template you have used too! could you link me to it?
July 09,2019
Hi, a client of mine purchased and uses this theme for his website. and I found that the page pagination you made is really using bad practice. My advice is just use wp menu, and the use javascript to generat prev/next link. Ordering the page by ID and not by menu is just doesn’t make sense.
July 08,2019
0 support. So many problems with the theme!!!
July 08,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
July 06,2019
Wondering if there is any way to embed YT video instead of using self-hosted files.
July 05,2019
Hi I have threepre sale question. 1. Is it possible to display in hompage section about instead of video as it´s in demo. 2. how it´s with localization, does the theme suport easter characters, like ěščřž etc.? 3. what about multilanguage site, is it possible to create 3-4 language versions of site and change it just with clicking on lang.code or flag? Thanks in advice, Lumir.
July 03,2019
Hi i was going to buy the template today but i just noticed there is no support for it does that mean if i get any issues using the template after i pay for it ill get no help! Please i need to know asap so i can sadly find another good looking template like this one. Thanks.
July 03,2019
Awesome theme! Great job! Good luck with Sales!
July 03,2019
Hi, the theme looks great but for me there are few essential features missing: Can you make this theme compatible with Revolution Slider? Also, is it possible to have longer pages with parallax?
July 02,2019
Excellent theme, clean and professional. Good luck with the sales
June 30,2019
How do I order the pagination? is it done by tab ordering?
June 27,2019
Hi, I’d love to buy your theme, but I need to know if I can use the license for my domain.com and for the 2 third level domains I have milano.domain.com and brescia.domain.com or I have to buy 3 licenses. In this case I wouldn’t buy it, thank you.
June 27,2019
Hi Guys ,
I cant able to import demo content in this theme. And Music Press plugin is also not available in market,I dont know how to put video in front page post.please help me if any one know
June 25,2019
hello, when i click on book the table, i cant close the reservation form. it seems the header is infront of the close (x) button. seems like a bug. how do i fix it?
June 25,2019
I have lost add-ons while updating the theme I can’t reach my customer. Could you please send us these plug-ins? [email protected] Thank u now
June 25,2019
Musica para quando troco de Paginas ,isso é muito ruim !!!
June 25,2019
nice work. any news regarding the facebook event integration?
June 25,2019
On Android mobile device, videos dont play is correct? eg. HOME page is see NO VIDEO?
June 21,2019
I really like this theme but from the comments and no support im curious if it make sense to still buy these theme without option tree and music press plugin not added in the theme
June 17,2019
Hello, I have a problem with the theme. I can’t download the demo if I don’t update the Visual Composer Plugin. As far as I am concerned it’s included in the purchase. How do I do to get the update please ?
June 17,2019
Dear, is your tempalte support youtube or vimeo videos (with sound) on homepage?
June 15,2019
Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 15,2019
Dear Autor, I have a similar problem like few previous buyers with the MUSIC PRESS Plug in. It is not possible to install this plugin and I am getting an error that says: “Something went wrong with the plugin API.” There seems to be no access to this plug in, althought it is a part of the product I have bought. Please either open an access for me or send me the plugin files directly. If you have another solution, please let me know. I would appreciate a quick reply. Thank you!
June 14,2019
Hi guys I got your theme from envato elements and im trying to add a background video to it as in the demo but i cant figure out where to upload it. Could you help me please?
June 11,2019
i have buy the theme now but not work : mething went wrong with the plugin API.
June 10,2019
i have downloaded your theme from elements.envato.com i am working on this sub domain https://new.djikonmusic.com/ i want to know from where i can change main slider video and main slider photo
June 09,2019
Hello, I am interested in buying this theme, but according to the previous opinions some plugins are not working correctly. Is this how they are saying or can I buy without any problem? thank you
June 07,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 06,2019
Hello, so my site updated and now the titles for the pages are not showing up! is there a fix for this?