Elono - WordPress Blog Magazine Theme

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Elono - WordPress Blog Magazine Theme

Elono – WordPress Blog Magazine Theme is a Premium WordPress Blog Theme that clean design and fully responsive layout. This theme is useful with many homepage style, slider style, theme options, custom sidebar and much more!

Elono - WordPress Blog Magazine Theme Elono - WordPress Blog Magazine Theme Elono - WordPress Blog Magazine Theme Elono - WordPress Blog Magazine Theme Elono - WordPress Blog Magazine Theme


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9+
  • Compatible WooCommerce
  • Unlimited layout
  • 10+ homepage style
  • Contact Form 7 compatible
  • Customizable typography settings
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Video and image backgrounds in sections
  • Menu Post
  • Mega Menu
  • Single slider style
  • Slider with thumbnail
  • Full width slider
  • Full Screen Slider
  • Center Slider
  • Slider with Text
  • Carousel 2 columns
  • Carousel 3 columns
  • Carousel 4 columns
  • Responsive Design
  • Menu Post
  • Ajax Post
  • Carousel Post
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Load more
  • Post format (video, audio, gallery, quote, standard)
  • Header post style
  • SEO Optimized
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Provided Translation file
  • Mobile menu
  • Google font
  • Unlimited Color
  • Unlimited Sidebar
  • Social Share
  • Nice homepage slider
  • Category color
  • Category image
  • 3 Category pagination
  • Ajax loadmore post
  • 8 single post style
  • 5 header menu style
  • grid post layout style
  • Menu background gradient style
  • Post and Page fullwidth
  • Good look mobile menu style
  • theme options
  • Widget Popular posts
  • Widget Recent comments
  • Widget Recent post
  • Widget Category image
  • Widget Category color
  • Widget Ads
  • Widget Post large text overlay
  • Widget Social icons
  • Widget About Us

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Comments (73)

July 14,2019
do you receive my email ? don’t forget to reply ^^
July 13,2019
Hello, I would like to know if there is a simple way to create “Demo 4” or if you provide these demos to import into in Wordpress. I really liked this but it’s found it very difficult to build from scratch.
July 10,2019
I want know if this theme support the RTL modes
July 10,2019
Hi – I was wondering if the plugins installed by the theme are all GDPR friendly – also the use of the social share buttons.
July 10,2019
How do I change the blog name? I have already changed in general setting, but it continues to appear “Elono”.
July 09,2019
thanks for set up, appreciate it. Could I ask one question, Sometimes when I click on already created pages or if I post something, I get A 404 message, is it just something needs tweaked or possibly something else?
July 09,2019
Does this theme works with WP 5.0.3?
July 09,2019
Hi, this is Kerem from WPSelected. Hope you’re well!
July 08,2019
How can I make megamenu as in the demos?
July 08,2019
How do I make the theme like demo 7?
July 07,2019
Does this have infinite single post scroll?
July 07,2019
Hello how do I make my WP theme like Demo 5? having the hardest time. I purchased the theme today.
July 07,2019
I put a logo on my site that is 117 × 67 in size using the header 2 format and the logo looks good when viewed from desktop but when its viewed on the mobile, the logo looks small but blurry. How do I keep my logo smaller but still look clear on mobile? Thanks
July 06,2019
Great work! I wish you big sales!
July 06,2019
Hello, what is your time zone?, pls answer my email.
July 06,2019
I bought the theme. I do not see any documentation that supports the demo. What’s going on? I do not see any demo data. The documentation is is basically how to create a blank webpage, I dont get it. Strange information considering the way the theme is profiled on themeforest.
July 06,2019
Im using pages not posts.
How i can make page with background? Like “category background image” http://jellywp.com/theme/elono/demo/category/gaming/?header=style2
July 06,2019
hi mark, can you help to with demo 7 on my new page
July 04,2019
At the moment not liking the theme, can’t seem how to make the demos. If there is anything to help would be great if not Im now regretting buying the theme. So far 10 years using wordpress this has been hardest theme to install and edit
July 04,2019
Good theme. Enjoying so far, only qubble with it is that there are large portions of the theme where there are massive gaps between headers (such as related articles) and the actual content, creating unnesercerry scrolling.
July 03,2019
how to make logo bigger on web and mobile ?
July 03,2019
The mobile menu open animation is too fast, how can I make its opening speed slower?
July 02,2019
hello plz help me i bought these theme i don’t know how to setup
July 02,2019
WP can not install due to missing style.css.
July 01,2019
Horrible documentation!!! No mention of the demo import, nor how to make the site look like any of their demos. Never been so pissed in a long time.
July 01,2019
Can you help to make import as demo for me?
I already email to you
June 30,2019
How do I make the theme like demo 5?
June 30,2019
Hello, jellywp how to get the system that allows to easily change the images and the writings then the color without coded. I need help. Thank you
June 29,2019
I just purchased and imported the XML file and it is failing, how can I get the demo content to upload?
June 29,2019
Hello.. If we can try this theme before buy it? We have bought the 1 template but not used. I hope could try before buy more. Thanks
June 29,2019
how can i change the header?
June 29,2019
I bought theme but I couldn’t do it like Demo 2. Does this setup have a simpler way?
June 28,2019
Hi I just bought it. but How can I import demo?
June 27,2019
Olá, comprei o theme e queria colocar a DEMO 2 (demo/home-magazine-1/) como minha página inicial porém não existe arquivos para importação e não consigo encontrar um lugar para fazer isso.
June 26,2019
Hi, How Can I hide featured image in single post?
June 25,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 25,2019
The demo has a small carousel under the main row. The XML you provided with the main.zip doesn’t include the home page. Can you tell me what widget you used for the small carousel?
June 24,2019
I set up a favicon as in png format but it doesn’t appear.
June 24,2019
Hello ! I did not understand well these are the 12 themes that cost $ 29
  or. I want an explanation because I want to buy only this theme. Need explanation please.
June 23,2019
I would like to change the titles in lower case, they all are now showed in uppercase. How can I fix this in CSS? Or is there another way?
June 23,2019
Hi I just bought the theme. Why isnt there a demo importer? or am i missing it?
June 22,2019
Hi! Thanks for this amazing theme. Is it possible to show under categories in the mega menu, instead of just articles ?
June 21,2019
Hello I not sure you got my message that I sent by contact form in support page so If you receive my email pls tell me. My email is [email protected]
June 21,2019
How do I change the color of the header to this color #ebb0b0 is there a css custom code I can paste? Thanks
June 21,2019
Hi, How can I change carousel background color under slider?
June 20,2019
Hello! Does it support an infinite scroll? Thx in avance!
June 19,2019
Hey, I want to make my website like DEMO 6, is there a demo importer option?. Please help
June 18,2019
Is the theme compatible with Wordpress 5.0?
June 17,2019
Awesome Design! Good Luck With Sale
June 17,2019
Is there a contact page with this theme? Also.. I like the gallery post format. Is it also possible to put a gallery inside a post as well?
June 17,2019
Hello, How can I modify the cell/row height in Category and Tag Archive? I want equal height cells/rows, without large spaces.
June 16,2019
hi, im having a lot of trouble with setting up the theme. Could you tell me how to import all of the demo content so it’s easier?
June 15,2019
Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale
June 14,2019
Can this theme hide sidebar in some page? I want full width post in some page like contact page.
June 14,2019
Sorry I have another question! How do I change the header? I don’t have the ‘Header’ option under appearance
June 14,2019
Hi team. I cant set up elono demo 2 theme because I dont have; jelly wp: Widget Grid 6 Post and jelly wp: Widget Grid 5 Post. What can I do for that? There are they in this video.
June 13,2019
i’m still confused about making pagination. demo 11 in elono. how to make pagination for posts. thank you
June 13,2019
Hey jellywp,yours theme is awesome,but I have some problem with display on tablet and mobile. When I am use header 3-6 in mobile version the icon menu goes beyond the screen resolution and add some white band. What is the problem?
June 13,2019
How do I disable/remove the the next and previous post links at the bottom of a post? Is there a custom css code I can use? Thanks
June 12,2019
Hi I have the following questions:
1. how do I change the panel below the home banner?
2. how do I change the colour of the categories as shown on the post grids?
3. how do I make head menu sticky but contents within the body non sticky?
June 12,2019
Hello! Just bought the theme and LOVE IT. Do you have a youtube tutorial for Demo 8?
June 12,2019
I couldnt remove comment/rewiev section on posts. I did try to remove it from theme settings but it didn’t worked. Can you help me?
June 11,2019
incredible work Good luck With Sale
June 10,2019
I would like to change the titles in lower case, they all are now showed in uppercase. How can I fix this in CSS? Or is there another way? (i used the wrong account)
June 08,2019
I would like to know how to configure demo 7. Do you have a tutorial?
June 08,2019
hello.. GLWS.. you have greats products
June 07,2019
Hi, I bought your theme and I find it fantastic. I’m interested in Demo 2 and I’ve already followed your video for settings. The only thing I ask you is how do I set the home-page.hml in the index. I hope I was clear.
Thanks and good job.
June 06,2019
Hi I love your theme!, I have a doubt, allow integration with facebook instant articles? or it may cause some kind of inconvenience
June 06,2019
Hi, lovely theme – is there anyway to make grid layout behave like a gird layout with rows aligned (right now, it looks like a masonry layout with unaligned rows)?
June 06,2019
Where can I put my google analytics code?
June 06,2019
Love the theme! One question though; I need to change the language for the “Read more” buttons. How do I do this?
June 05,2019
Hi, i wrote you through email contact form but I didn’t hear back.
June 05,2019
How can I make sticky widgets for ads?