Zondimo - Angular Music app

Zondimo is a Angular music app template. Built using Angular2 and material design it follows all best practices and provides a fully usable music app with user’s playlist functionality, Albums, Artists, users profile pages, sign in pages, front page and a lot more. It also comes with a full blown backend ready to use with Firebase.

Zondimo is built to be adapted to your needs in terms of layout and integration with your own backend, it comes with effect classes using Redux pattern so switching backends is as easy as changing a couple of files.

The theme uses Material design so its easy to customize, using all best practices of good sass for building css (SMACSS). It also comes with nom scripts and nom for managing dependencies.

Feature list :

Angular Angular CLI Firebase Material design media player for fully functional playlists Artists page Albums page scss files Materialzed components Form validation and customisation Awesome single pages And a lot more…

Comments (8)

July 13,2019
this just for mp3 music or can be add shoutcast radio and can be show current song
July 11,2019
I paid for the application, I try to follow all the instructions but I can’t launch the application. when I make an ng serve, I am told: Local workspace file (‘angular.json’) could not be found.
and a bunch of other mistakes like that.
need help please.
July 10,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
July 03,2019
Great Angular Music app. Good Luck with sale.
June 19,2019
i would like to buy your template as a starting platform but would need customization and additional help in completing my needed additions. Are you available for hire?
June 16,2019
Hi, I’m planning to buy this template. Do you have plans to add the progress bar for the song that is playing, so can user can move to specific time in the song?
June 12,2019
Does this have an admin panel?
June 06,2019
This is great work! All the best