AMITA - Music Band WordPress Theme

AMITA - Music Band WordPress Theme AMITA - Music Band WordPress Theme AMITA - Music Band WordPress Theme AMITA - Music Band WordPress Theme AMITA - Music Band WordPress Theme AMITA - Music Band WordPress Theme AMITA - Music Band WordPress Theme AMITA - Music Band WordPress Theme AMITA - Music Band WordPress Theme

Amita – Music Band WordPress Theme

Amita, Music Band WordPress Theme is specially designed for music, band, artist, music industry, fanclub website or other companies in niches.

Highlight Features:

  • Full solution for Amita, Music Band site. No empty link, no broken link.
  • Modern style of About, Music, Media .v.v.
  • Music Press Pro Plugin compatible
  • Clean, modern, multi-purpose design can be used for any type of website.
  • WordPress 4 Tested and Approved.
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • SEO Optimized ( also compatible with SEO Plugins ) Well organized, commented & clean code.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9 ~ IE11.
  • 100% Responsive Theme.
  • Comes with the Visual Composer, most awesome visual page builder for WordPress.
  • 1-6 Column Support.
  • 2 Theme Versions: Dark version & Light version.
  • Awesome CSS3 animations for every modules.
  • Child Theme Compatible – includes basic child theme.
  • Strong focus on design and typography, usability and overall user-experience.
  • JQuery Enhancements.
  • Includes Icons Fonts, more than 600 retina ready icons included!
Advanced Customization / Themes Options
  • Customize Every part of the website using the Styling options.
  • Unlimited Colors options, you can customize your website to match your colors.
  • Easily change Font and Font size.
  • Advanced options to enable/disable individual features.
Amita & Visual Composer
  • Amita include the Visual Composer, Currently the most famous WordPress page builder.
  • We made 17 Modules for the Visual Page builder, you will be able to customize anything you want super easily, never code.
  • Change style ( design ) and color of any modules super easily.
  • Easily create stunning pages using our awesome modules.
  • All you see on our demo is built only with the Visual Composer modules.
Music Press Pro Plugin
  • Easily Add & Customize Songs.
  • Easily Add & Customize Albums.
  • Easily Add & Customize Artists.
  • Easily Add & Customize Bands.
  • Easily Add & Customize Genres.
Popular Plugin Compatible
  • Music Press Pro Ready.
  • The Events Calendar ready with full design integration.
  • Slider Revolution with full design integration.
  • Visual Composer Ready.
  • Tz Plus Gallery Ready.
  • WPML plugin support.
  • WordPress Social Login support.
  • WooCommerce support.

Unlimited Color Options

  • Extremely detailed styling tab in theme options.
  • Unlimited Color Options / Skins with backend and front end Color Picker.
  • Full Color Customizations – change every element with ease including all Visual Composer Modules.

Advanced Blog Options

  • Set up left or right sidebar or be full width.
  • 6 post types ( video, audio, gallery, link, standard, quote ).
  • Set up multiple blog pages and set custom categories per page using blog module.
  • Auto generated thumbnails.
  • Post sharing with social icons.
  • Threaded Comments.
  • Tons of options to add remove data, excerpt, related post etc.

WooCommerce compatible

  • Plugin ready with full design integration.
  • Options for 2 to 4 Columns.
  • Custom Visual Composer Modules to display your products.
  • Custom layout for your shop pages.
  • Custom design for single product pages.
  • Display products based on category, SKU, sale, featured, newest etc.
  • WooCommerce shortcodes are included in the visual composer.
Advanced Typography Options
  • Use Google Fonts or Standard fonts.
  • All font options are controlled in the theme options panel.
  • Set different font sizes for all fonts, H1-H6 headings, body, footer, header, dropdown etc.
  • Set different colors for all fonts.
  • Set font-size, line-height, font-weight for each font type as well.


Version 1.5.3 -12/06/2018
    + Added Music Player to play song list at the screen bottom in Theme Options.
    + Fixed error that the area to fill song name disappeared when adding a new song in backend.
    + Updated Amita Plugin V1.3.3 to be compatible with Amita 1.5.3.
    + Fully compatible with WooCommerce v.3.4.2.
Version 1.5.2 – 26/05/2018
    + Fixed error that the area to fill song name disappeared when adding a new song in backend.
    + Fixed error that buttons in Album Detail were duplicated.
    + Updated Amita Plugin V1.3.2 to fix the problem that Album element did not work correctly.
    + Updated Slider Revolution plugin v5.4.7.4.
Version 1.5.1 – 24/05/2018
    + Added new page Contact with Contact Form 7.
    + Added new option Album Type in Album detail Option in Theme Option.
    + Added new option Song Type in Song detail Option in Theme Option.
    + Added new option Genre Type in Genre detail in Theme Option.
    + Added an option to show/hide Album Count Play in Album Detail Option.
    + Added an option to show/hide Download icon in Album Detail Option.
    + Added an option to change Tab name in Artist & Band Detail Option.
    + Fixed error with song source "Add Url or Embed Code" that was not work.
    + Compatible with Music Press Pro v1.2.
    + Updated Amita plugin v1.3.1 to be compatible with Amita 1.5.1.

Version 1.5 – 16/05/2018

    + Added new Header Type Music Store.
    + Added new Theme version Music Store.
    + Added new Home version Music Store.
    + Fixed error in Artist Detail that the total of songs was fixed in 12.
    + Fixed error in Media page that images were not in grid.
    + Fixed error with Instagram Widget.
    + Updated Album Detail that tabs will not be shown if content is not added from backend.
    + Updated Amita plugin v1.3 to be compatible with Amita 1.5.
    + Updated Slider Revolution plugin v5.4.7.3.
Version 1.4.1 – 17/03/2018
    + Fixed error that could not translate month in widget Event List.
    + Added sharing option for song detail and album detail in Theme Options.
    + Added option to change image of a disk when hovering an album in Album Release element.
    + Updated Amita plugin v1.2.2 to be compatible with Amita 1.4.1.
    + Updated Visual Composer plugin v5.4.7.
Version 1.4 – 08/03/2018
    + Fixed error that could not translate months in Tour Date element.
    + Updated Artist Detail and Band Detail so that when information of Album, Video and Song tab is not added, these tabs will not appear.
    + Removed in the theme package and used Music Press Pro plugin on
    + Updated one-click installation.
    + Updated Album Tracklist element and Album detail so that it is possible to select Band or Artists presenting the album.
    + Updated Amita plugin v1.2.1 to be compatible with Amita 1.4.
    + Updated Slider Revolution plugin v5.4.7.1.
Version 1.3 – 03/03/2018
    + Fixed error that menu type 1 was not sticky on mobile.
    + Added new home version 2.
    + Updated Amita plugin v1.2:
        - Added Upcoming Shows element.
        - Added Product Category element.
        - Added Featured Product element.
        - Added Top Rated Product element.
        - Added Recent Product element.
        - Added Sale Product element.
        - Added Best Selling Product element.
        - Updated Header element
        - Updated Latest News
        - Updated Featured Video element.

Version 1.2 – 09/02/2018

    + Added Option unlimited color.
    + Upgraded Music Press plugin to Music Press Pro version.
    + Fully compatible with WooCommerce v.3.3.1.
    + Updated Slider Revolution plugin v5.4.7.
    + Updated Amita plugin v1.1 to be compatible with Amita 1.2.
Version 1.1.1 – 03/02/2018
    + Fixed error that could not change logo image in Theme Options.
    + Fixed error that could not order events in element Tour Date.
    + Updated Amita plugin to be compatible with Amita 1.1.1.

Version 1.1 – 02/02/2018

 + Added Right To Left version.
 + Added Wide & Boxed option.
 + Added One-Click Installation Option.
 + Required plugin Music Press Pro in package.

Comments (33)

July 15,2019
Hello, i have a question. If i pay extra will you able to make modifications on the template? I need to add Composers like Artists and Compositions like Songs
July 14,2019
Adorable job, Great Job done by you …. congratulations! GLWS
July 10,2019
I just updated my theme and for some reason now my footer has disappeared. Its showing that it is active on the back end but not showing up on the site
July 08,2019
Pre-purchase question. We are attempting to sell production music as a subscription model giving our users access to download unlimited music only after signing up and making payment. Does this theme support a subscription model for music distribution?
July 08,2019
Amazing theme, Good Luck With Sale
July 06,2019
Hi there! There is one important pre-purchase question about the timeline that we want to make the main part of the site. It is important for us that links (to an album or a photo gallery) can be placed in a descriptive text . Will it be possible to do this?
July 05,2019
Hi, How can I get a new demo ‘Home Store’?
July 02,2019
Hi, When do you expect the new release with an update of bakery pagebuilder, because the one included is not compatible with Gutenberg.. I can not edit my pages now.
July 02,2019
I’m very interested in purchasing you theme. Pre-purchase question, I have many interns who work for us who do a lot of the updating of our current website. Do you have a demo backend I can view to see the ease of updating things. That would be a huge help in making my decision. Even screen shots of how you add content would work but an actual login would be even better just so I can have a 5-10 minute look around real quick
July 02,2019
I need support now
I also sent a ticket
But you have not answered
July 02,2019
hey why this item removed on envato elements ? can u tell me how recive new update ?!!
July 01,2019
I ended up purchasing the theme but there is an issue with the download. The events section is not correct. You can not add events. Something has not been included screen shot:
July 01,2019
These 2 pages and elements are not included in your theme right now. No option in the tour element to create either of these and not in the demo pages as well. In the menu it just links back to your site.


June 26,2019
hello on your demo, I see that you can download the music without making a payment,... so my questions is if buying the tracks is supported? or this is just for free downloads?
June 26,2019
So I have purchased the theme. Couple of questions
1. In list view on events how do you make the event that is coming up next on top. Right now its set backwards where it goes from furthest date out on top 2. In the backend when you change the logo it doesnt update from your logo. I would need to go into ftp and change your logo.png file to my logo. It doesnt update on the backend
June 25,2019
Hi – i’m web developer – i have done lots of projects for themeforest. if you need a developer please mail me at [email protected]
June 21,2019
Hello! I have a problem with importing a demo.
Slider stucks at zero.
June 18,2019
how can I change logo size?
June 18,2019
May I have any help? Your ticket system is very complicated‼️!!!!
Default fonts are not displayed correctly. There is sth like here
June 15,2019
Pre purchase question !!
I found your theme very good !!
The Music Press Pro sits at the bottom of the right theme !!
Plus I think it takes up a lot of height space
The question is, would it be to decrease the size of the Music Press Pro ??? LEAVE IT IN A SMALLER SIZE
June 14,2019
how do we supposed to import bulk Artists, Albums, Songs and their lyrics??
June 14,2019
Hi, I need the update for woocommerce 3.4.0 Please. Where I can get it?
June 14,2019
Pre Purchase Q: From the demo provided, I see that this theme is very will designed. I just wonder if you could include some essential parts like top Albums, top musics, top artists, top genres, etc… Also, daily, weekly, monthly for those tops.
June 14,2019
Is bug on music player 1. Image 2. Image
June 11,2019
Will the Visual Composer plugin get updated with the theme updates? It is so out date right now and isn’t compiled with the newer version of WordPress and PHP.
June 11,2019
Hello, I’m having trouble in the media session. Photos and videos are not organized in grid – as it is in the demo version. can you help me? Pleeeaseee
June 10,2019
Hi, I like this theme but have 2 questions;
1. Can admin choose to sell some songs and let some others for free download? i didn’t seen this option on the demo
2. Is it possible to download a whole album in one download click?
June 09,2019
very nice work , all the best for sales and a nice weekend
June 09,2019
Great theme!
Pre-purchase question:
Is it possible to change the playlist in a way which the song won’t be played, but instead on click on the title of the song it will redirect to a different page? I want to display lyrics for each song in a dedicated page.
June 08,2019
Hi team, we are using your theme and when we want to edit, there is internal error 500. Could you please check this issue?
June 07,2019
Is it possible to stop the main music player when pressing play on a song from the artist?
June 07,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 05,2019
Great work! i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales!