Be Mobile | Mobile Template

Be Mobile | Mobile Template

Be Mobile | Mobile Template Be Mobile | Mobile Template Be Mobile | Mobile Template
Be Mobile | Mobile Template Be Mobile | Mobile Template Be Mobile | Mobile Template

Be Mobile | Mobile Template

Be Mobile | Mobile Template

BeMobile | Mobile Template

If you’re into a personal site, or a business site, a page for marketing, a shop or just a page for fun, even if you have news to share or images to showcase, we have all these features, perfectly optimized, appstyled you’ll ever need for your mobile device.

Elite Author

  • Elite Quality Item with 7 + years experience!
  • Elite Quality Support with 24/7 responses to tickets!
  • Elite Quality Support with the best documentations on the market!
  • Main Features

  • Drodpwn Menu Design for easy use
  • Mobile & Tablet Ready
  • PhoneGap & Cordova Compatible
  • 400 + Resizable icons by Font Awesome
  • Crisp, Clear, and Beautiful Fonts by Google Fonts
  • OwlCarousel Slider & Swipebox Image Galleries
  • Lazy Load For Fast Image Loading
  • FastClick for no delay on taps
  • CSS3 / PHP / Ajax Contact form with Validation
  • Included Pages

    We’ve included all possible pages you can need, starting from the most basic Coming Soon page and the classic 404 Error page, down to Calendar, Charts, Checklists, Tasklists, and many more! Try the live preview to see them all!

    AppStyled Pages?

    We’re the first to implement pages that are designed to mimic and work like a native application page, pages that give your mobile site a native application feel to it. AppStyled features include Coverpages, Signup and Login Screen, Timelines, Tasklists, Reminders and much more!

    Media & Images

    We’ve included multiple gallery and portfolio variations for all your needs, if you’re using this a simple site template for your page or you want to highlight a gallery of products or images, we’ve got them covered!

    Want more features? Here’s a list!

    If you think that’s all, you’re far from the truth! We included everything your heart can desire in our mobile templates to provide you with a perfect site template for your page without compromising on features and without cutting them away.

    Typography Features

  • Text Columns
  • Image Columns
  • Icon Columns
  • Responsive Images with Aspect Ratio
  • Responsive Videos with Aspect Ratio
  • Responsive Maps with Aspect Ratio
  • CSS3 Multiple Heading Styles
  • CSS3 Dropcaps
  • CSS3 Highlights
  • CSS3 Table
  • CSS3 Quotes
  • CSS3 Toggles
  • CSS3 Accordion
  • CSS3 Tabs
  • CSS3 Large Notifications
  • CSS3 Small Notifications
  • CSS3 Fixed Notifications
  • CSS3 Fields
  • CSS3 Checkboxes
  • CSS3 Radios
  • CSS3 3D Buttons
  • CSS3 Squared Buttons
  • CSS3 Rounded Buttons
  • CSS3 Social Buttons
  • FontAwesome Lists
  • jQuery Features

  • jQuery Page Preloading
  • jQuery Device Detection
  • jQuery + CSS3 Navigation
  • jQuery Toggles
  • jQuery Accordion
  • jQuery Tabs
  • jQuery Quote Slider
  • jQuery Staff Slider
  • jQuery Image Sliders
  • jQuery AppStyled Back to Top Button
  • jQuery Share from Bottom Pop-Up
  • jQuery Contact Form with Field Validation
  • Design Features

  • Optimized for Touch Devices
  • CSS3 Based Design
  • Simple, beautiful, elegant Design
  • 8 Color Schemes for different elements
  • iOS / Android Home Icon & Splash Screen
  • High Definition / Retina Graphics
  • Ergonomic Navigation
  • Designed for a intuitive User Experience
  • Responsive for Tablets, for a better experience
  • Fully scalable icons, pixel perfect
  • OS Requirements

    iOS 6+
    Android 4.4+
    Windows Mobile 8+
    RIM 7.1+

    Mevo - Creative Responsive MultiPurpose Template

    Easily build a website to suit your needs with its flexible layout.Mevo – Creative Responsive MultiPurpose Template Features

    Fully Responsive Layout
    Multiple Slider Options
    Clean, Minimal Design
    Parallax Effects
    Smooth Page Animations
    Easy to Customize
    CSS3 and JQuery Animations
    W3C HTML Valid Code
    HTML5 & Bootstrap 3
    Google Web Fonts
    Font Awesome Icons
    Cross Browser Support
    Well Documented
    Superb Support
    and much more!

    Comments (29)

    July 14,2019
    I plan to use your template to build a WeChat embedded HTML5 site. But when I use WeChat to scan your live preview QR code, it crashes at the loading screen. Safari works fine, but WeChat is what worries me. Any fixes?
    July 12,2019
    In gallery-filter.html file, when I set the data-rel of ‘All’ to ‘cat2’, it does not correctly get the cat2’s images, when I click on it, it updates the images.(It does not properly set the images on load.)
    May you help with this bug?
    July 08,2019
    I’ll be buying this tomorrow!
    July 07,2019
    Hi, does the theme support RTL?
    July 05,2019
    I want to disable the navigation menu which is coming from right. How can I do that?
    July 04,2019
    First, I tried to contact you through the ítem support and it is imposible (I open a new tickect and nothing happens). Oh well…
    July 02,2019
    Hi! I want to make Greeting Cards app with social sharing of each picture in the album. Is it possible?
    July 02,2019
    Thanks for this amazing template.. I need a help about sliders. Is there a way to combining sliders with galleries? For example what to do for popping up the gallery when clicking on the slider item?
    July 01,2019
    Hello! I am trying to find the best way to use this template to create a Cordova app. I see you mentioned other people didn’t have any problems porting the theme. The template is also listed as a Cordova template. But I am not sure how to do that?
    July 01,2019
    The template is not ready to phonegap. I´ve tryed everything but simple don´t work. After build phonegap the template elements are messed up.
    July 01,2019
    hi, I am looking for a couple of templates to use in my mobile and web application, I do like this template and I have few questions about this product and licensing. I have send few emails from this web portal with my questions but I did not get response. Would you let me know how to reach you to get answer my questions? thanks.
    June 30,2019
    I bould this theme, but ? can’t download.
    Download links is not work..
    please help me!!!
    June 30,2019
    Dear team, Im trying to use jqueryui to make a simple list sortable. Jqueryui allow you to specify if you want to scroll the page when the top or bottom is reached when dragging an item. But this option is not working on this template. I changed so many things in css and js but didnt solved.
    June 30,2019
    I’ve purchased the Template (which is very nice) a while ago and I’m just starting to use it. We’ve developed another portal with AngularJS and would like to use the same “business” code with this template. Do you have any experience people using AngularJS with your templates? Do you recommend any other of your templates with AngularJS?
    June 28,2019
    Does this support adding responsive ad code? like google ads?
    June 25,2019
    Just bought it and it seems nice! Only thing i miss is an “upload file” field in the input fields. But otherwhise it seems great!
    June 25,2019
    How can i install this them for wordpress?
    June 21,2019
    I have purchased your template, it is excellent! Thanks! A simple question…
    on Landing page template, how to be the height of each Div dynamically to re-size when there is more content or less to view it ?
    June 21,2019
    Can i convert my template to support wordpress theme
    June 20,2019
    I bought this theme,
    when you turn back some page, menu lock and not slide the menu
    June 19,2019
    I want to buy this theme but I don’t know how to convert it to Phonegap. Is there a guide to use it with Phonegap?
    June 19,2019
    I’m thinking of buying, but does it work in project?
    Most theme
    theme does not work in the field.
    June 18,2019
    Hi, does your theme support WPML?
    June 11,2019
    Hi, I need to add to my html website the mobile version. Your template is right for me but I need to know if it has the function to switch automatically the mobile user to the mobile version of the site or if this fuction in not present and I have to develop it by myself.
    Thanks a lot.
    June 10,2019
    How can I avoid showing side menus when dragging with fingers? I want to display side menus only when clicking on the icons on the top bar.
    June 10,2019
    This theme is obviously the combination of years of work, and the best part of following Enabled’s templates always seeing the latest features – well programmed, ready to integrate and supported like none other.
    June 09,2019
    I saw this item included the PSD files as well according to the themeforest files included but do not see them. Are you able to supply them?
    June 08,2019
    Hello, do you have a new version? I want to buy it, but I don’t want old frameworks version
    June 07,2019
    Is this theme installed within the AMP pluggin on a separate pluggin or a theme?