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Finally, Magento version of Boutique is here! Boutique is a simple but elegant shop/ecommerce template. Built with 960 Grid System.

Latest Update: v1.4 – 25.1.2012

  • Improved: Callouts slider
  • Updated: jQuery plugins

Main Features:

  • Callouts slider
  • Lightbox gallery
  • Lot’s of pre made pages:
    • Homepage
    • Category Page
    • Product Page
    • Shopping Cart / Checkout pages
    • My Account Pages
    • + Many More
  • Crossbrowser compatible (IE7+, Firefox 3+, Safari 4+, Chrome 5+ and Opera 9+)
  • PSDs and Documentation
  • Screencasts to help you in installation

I’m also ready to your suggestions to improve this template. If you can’t find something what you think this theme really needs or you spot that something is wrong, please leave a comment and I’ll get right on it!

And you don’t need afraid to leave without support because that’s not the case. So don’t be shy, if you have question just ask! I’m going to do my best to help you. Boutique - Magento Theme

All Updates

v1.4 - 25.1.2012
    Improved: Callouts slider
    Updated: jQuery plugins

v1.3 - 2.6.2011
    Fixed: Now compatible with version

v1.2 - 16.12.2010
    Fixed: Now compatible with version 

v1.1 - 13.10.2010
    Fixed: Shopping cart bug
    Fixed: Logout bug

v1.0 - Initial version

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Comments (41)

July 16,2019
Hey guys! I realize this is an older them, but on versions of Magento 1.8 and above, the order checkout page (where you go through the steps to check out), it gets stuck on “Submitting order information…” and doesn’t submit the order. If I use Magento 1.7, it works fine, but I was wondering if you knew of a quick fix to get it to work on 1.8?
July 15,2019
hey i need your installation service. is it also possible to get the demo contents mysql dump?
July 15,2019
I have been asking the developer to update this theme to be compatible with the latest magento version since 2012 with no answer. I really like this theme but I can no longer use it because it is not compatible with any recent versions of magento I am so sad that I wasted my hard earned $84 on it and their has not been 1 update since I bought it in the past 3 years this experience makes me never want to buy another theme from themeforest again Please update this theme to work with the latest magento and I will change my rating to 5 stars!
July 13,2019
We’ve published a great Magento menu extension for Magento Community. Mega Dropdown Menu , Left Mega Menu , Accordion and Responsive Menu for Magento… with Drag and Drop control in backend.. Please go to visit the website for more features.
July 09,2019
Awesome template! Excellent support from Smulii.
July 09,2019
I purchased the boutique magento theme from you and the submit button on the checkout page is not displaying. If I change the theme back to any other theme then the submit button re-appears. I am using magento 1.4.2. Please help me.
July 08,2019
Hi friend i like it, i have some doubts
July 07,2019
Not give any explanation?
That sucks! This is inconceivable!
July 06,2019
Hello. I have been using your theme for a while and now suddenly the home page won’t display. I have even reloaded old versions and the homepage content still won’t show. Advice?
July 05,2019
Excellent! Very nice slider and schemes! Good luck with sales smuliii!
July 04,2019
I cannot get the right sidebar to show on the front page at the same time as the floating sidebar on the left. How is this done. If I do as stated in the instructions then the left bar shows but the right is blank.
July 03,2019
the checkout section, like for payment and stuff like that
June 30,2019
I apologize that you all had to wait my replies over three months but I’m going to fix this issue in this weekend. Still I need to say that I can’t read these comments on a regular basis so I ask you to be patience and find solution from somewhere else, like from Themeforest forums.
June 28,2019
I Am using the latest version of Magento CE 1 .6.1.0-stable, i have follow step by step the installation instructions, all seems work fine, but the Green menu on the top doesnt appear, i have add product categorys, subcategorys, 1 test product, but nothing..
June 27,2019
This template is really well done. Good luck with sales!
June 26,2019
this one have a pagseguro gateway too? (brazilian alternaive to paypal)
pagseguro have a document how-to make a gateway with magento systems, is it possible to you read tis document and apply this payment gateway too?
how much is your hour rate?
Is It possible to use other languages?
June 24,2019
Having the same kind of issue as Jamiec1.
June 23,2019
Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update this for the latest Magento 1.9.1?
June 23,2019
Hi, I’m seriously considering purchasing this template but I need to add shipping information to the checkout page, similar to: Does this download version offer this functionality?
June 23,2019
I’m really new when it comes to using Magento, I was wondering how you add products?
June 19,2019
here here ! Great work. will be purchasing for upcoming project! do you know of any good hosting providers for magento?
June 19,2019
Hi, i’ve bought this theme and i’ve set it all up. The only problem i have is that i can’t get the top menu to appear. Any ideas?
June 19,2019
All sorted now, was a problem server side which my host provider sorted.
June 19,2019
Hi friend,
hi friend, i want to buy it for a new website i am doing:
- what type of hosting will i need to put this shop working in my website?
– is easy to add items and categories? (is it like code as html, xml or something like this)?
– can i work it with dreamweaver cs5?
– to receive payment with bank, is easy to configure it? – if i buy it, can you help if i have some doubt? many thanks in advance!
June 19,2019
I see your latest update
is listed for Magento 1.4.2
June 15,2019
great theme, im trying to change the amount of items on the category grid page from 4 across to 5 how do I do this?
June 14,2019
Hello, I sent an e-mail a few days ago about how to float right specific links in the navbar? Also, I can’t seem to figure out how to use the special products block. I tried pasting this code below in both the CMS static blocks and in the homepage:
June 12,2019
jquery callout slider on homepage just stopped executing tonight. It was workikng fine. Code is in the page on Magento CMS side, but nothing in browser on homepage page view. Any thoughts?
June 12,2019
As of now the page is blank, how do I go about adding products or even adding web banner and slide slows as your sample.
June 12,2019
Hello, the theme is installed on, and when you add multiple quantities of a product to your cart, the quantity subtracts 1 before sending the users to the cart page. It adds the correct quantity to the cart but flashes a lower quantity.
June 12,2019
Hi Can you build a custom e-commerce website?
June 12,2019
Hi, i have this theme running on this site but for some reason the homepage keeps jumping down to the slider images (kind of like an anchor) when each one scrolls. Only happens in IE9 ? Any ideas how to fix this???
June 10,2019
I’m not exactly sure what “hidden” means. I tried setting active to both “Yes” and “No” in addition to selecting not displaying it on Navbar. I also replaced the placeholder id of 36 with my category ID
June 09,2019
Smuliii, Could you please forward the E-Mail you sent to MarkSandora. I also need this information for the same scope of work that we do. I am also looking at purchasing this template but i would like to know if 1, the colors can be changed and 2, upon submitting an item to the shopping cart, customers would need to be able to choose from several options other than quantity…
June 09,2019
With the Regular Licence I can buy this theme EDIT it and sell it to a client?
June 08,2019
Hey there,
my client loves your theme but there are a few things she needs that I am not sure if this stylesheet offers…
June 08,2019
Just FYI , if you guys want to add the “Cart Widget” to the homepage sidebar, use this in the “Homepage Callouts Sidebar” Static Block:
June 07,2019
thanks for responding: You’ll note “start slideswihow end slideshow”. this is where the slideshow should be appearing. nothing when you view source.
June 06,2019
Hard to say why but it still says Not Found:
June 05,2019
i am about to buy it but i want some information about checking out, thanks.
June 05,2019
this template accepts paypal?
if no, can you do this work for me? if so, how much?