BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page

Have you ever heard about John Reese with his marketing campaign and got more than 1 MILLION DOLARS within 24 hours? Let me disclose for you, this is because he has his own website to introduce and spread his upcoming product for a while before it was published. That is reason why we create BEBO for you – book author/publisher, artist, disk owner/publisher… to improve your income, to spread your products and reputation all over the world before and after it’s realeased.

And now, look at BEBO’s demo and find out its amazing features. Let’s be the second John Reese.

BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page


1.0.4 =
* Released: August 2, 2017
+ Dev/ Feature BeauAdmin Page
+ Dev/ Feature Patcher
+ Dev/ Feature Plugin Control

Version 1.0.3 - Updated on 4 July 17
- Update content demo
- Update require plugin version
- Remove thirdparty folder in plugin
- Update child theme

Version 1.0.2
- Update content demo
- Fix testimonial slider not show pagging
- Update main book not show full
- Update one click demo

Version 1.0.1
- Fix plugin version 
- Update content demo
- Update require plugin version

Version 1.0.0
- Initialize source code

Top theme

BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page
BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page BEBO - Book/eBook/ISSUE + Author Landing Page

Comments (52)

July 15,2019
where do i find instruction to import demo ?
July 14,2019
It’s possible change the format of the book in the home page? Change for square or portrait format ? thanks
July 14,2019
Do I need to purchase Visual Composer to use Visual Composer forever. It stopped working and is now asking for “A valid license key”?
July 14,2019
Hello, I have downloaded your theme, and I like it very much. Thank you. However, the person who is working on my website tells me that the contact us page does not work/not linked at all. How do you solve this problem? Thanks.
July 12,2019
After incorporating Instagram grids from WPBakery builder into the page, i’m unable to see the Instagram feeds or images.
July 11,2019
Has the bug been resolved with the contact form?
July 11,2019
We are having a really hard time with this theme – and your support. I can login to the support portal but do not understand how to ask for assistance.
July 09,2019
Hi. I bought your theme and I have issues with installation process. Your theme has a required plugin “BeBo Landing postype” and it gives me an error when I try to install it: ” Download failed. Forbidden” and if I access directly “” I have the same message: Forbidden . Can you help me? Thank you
July 08,2019
For the BEBO Book Issue CD/DVD/Store, the description lists the plugins that are included in the purchase. Where can I find this information for the BEBO Book/Ebook theme?
July 08,2019
HI, I have imported all the demo content but can’t seem to find the option to import the slider/ book. Thanks.
July 06,2019
Highly disappointed with my purchase.
- Asking for refund for weeks.
- Theme requires extra plugins to buy.
- Special gift advertised not available anymore.
- Ticket system not working
July 06,2019
Can i custom url? or translate /author-book/ to /autor/ ???
July 05,2019
Pre purchase questions for you, do you know if the theme is compatible with woocommerce and events calendar? My author would like to sell the book on her website too as well as maybe have a calendar of stores she will be touring with her book.
July 05,2019
There are a lot of basic items this theme is missing….any chance those will get added anytime soon?
July 04,2019
Nice work, Good Luck With Sales.
July 04,2019
In the documentation image of Show Testimonial, there is is a bullet counter for the number of testimonials. We are unable to find this to show this option in the theme option.
July 03,2019
How do you add a right sidebar widget to the blog area, instead of just a footer widget?
July 02,2019
Nice Theme. I send a mail to support because i have problem with “visual composer”. impossible to add post, or page, because it is like “no css” in the dashboard : blank page with only link and text
July 02,2019
Hi! I just discovered your themes. Exquisite! Bravo!
July 02,2019
Error activate visual composer
July 01,2019
Hi, I am having trouble with the book cover and book info overlaying on the homepage as shown on the demo site. Sent a direct message with the link to the website. Thanks for your help in advance!
July 01,2019
Preview Broken.. I see a cloudflare 404 page
June 30,2019
Hello, I love the theme. I know it was created for introducing books but I use it as my website/blog. It’s coming along quite well but I can’t seem to link to categories or tags. Is it a ‘bug’ or simply not possible using this theme?
June 27,2019
hey guys, is there any known error about the show main book item?
June 25,2019
Theme did not work out of the box. Received errors on downloading needed plugins. Requested a refund because went with another theme instead. Buyer is refusing refund request. This Theme is broken and as a previous buyer I do NOT recommend purchasing this theme.
June 24,2019
HI! Please let me know how to remove the email subscription part from “Count down & subscribe” I just want the countdown. This is kinda urgent, really appreciate if you can reply quickly.
June 23,2019
When is it updated?
Still 2.0.4 = Released: August 11, 2016
June 22,2019
Hi, Thanks for all your previous support. I am just following up on a ticket ID #5345. The status says ‘on hold’ . Not sure what that means. I look forward to your reply on the forum. Cheers.
June 20,2019
Does this integrate with a paypal and shipping widget?
June 20,2019
Hi There, is the them wpml compatible?
June 19,2019
The support is so weak. Waiting on my reply since 27. of March.
June 18,2019
Hi, I can’t install uber menu, it doen’t found the source. What shold I do?
June 17,2019
Hi! I’m back again one last request. Is there any way I can make that Hamburger nav menu to a sticky one. So that the users don’t have to scroll all the way back up to access the menu. Cheers!
June 17,2019
Is it possible to add a gallery to show the parts of the book?
June 17,2019
I am completely appalled!! I contacted you 4 days ago about importing demo data – since I had a client waiting and I did not hear back from you I spent HOURS getting the theme set up and adding my client info. Apparently while I was sleeping last night you finally imported the demo data (WITHOUT looking at the existing site that I had ALMOST COMPLETE!!!) so now everything is GONE and I have to start over from scratch. Absolutely disgusted with your level of service. Thank you for costing me not 4 hours, but now 8 because I have to redo everything that you erased!! TOTALLY disgusted.
June 16,2019
I checked my site and found this:
June 15,2019
Purchased a couple of weeks ago and Theme was working fine until I installed the Woocommerce plugin. Now Visual Composer is not working and I cannot expand the “screen options” on the page to even try and see if it was turned “off”. Also in Firefox there seems to be a bug when I go to the plugins page it redirects automatically to …wp-content/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/assets/js/vote.js?ver=4.9.9 page.
June 13,2019
Hi, Is it possible to add a Paypal link to the theme and a gallery of book images? Many thanks!
June 13,2019
Hello, thanks for a simple and beautiful theme design. I have installed it, but don’t quite seem to be able to get the book image to show up halfway below the slider like in your demos. What am I missing? I also can’t get the horizontal sections to show up in my site. Please advise.
June 13,2019
I have installed the latest update. Yet again, i have problems with email through contact form from firefox. I sent support an email. Still no reply.
June 12,2019
First thanks for this nice theme.
I wanna list all books of the author on a page it called “All Books”.
How can i do that?
Thanks now.
June 12,2019
please check your support channel e-mail address! I’m getting no response for three days now. Thank you!
June 12,2019
hi there, love ur theme, but are there any known problems with the vc_form.php? I always getting a 404 when calling admin-ajax.php (but the path is correct) if i copy/paste the requestet (404) url into my browser, i get a 200.
June 11,2019
I only need html. I will not use wordpress. Does it inclued HTML??
June 11,2019
hi I am having error with my newsletter, saying my email address is invalid…already installed the API key from mailchimp but still not working. thanks!
June 10,2019
Hi, great theme! But unfortunately the contact form doesn’t seem to work. I get 404 errors after pressing ‘Send’. How do I fix this?
June 10,2019
Hi! just want to ask why my newsletter is always giving me an error
the API key from Mailchimp is already installed by my coder but still having the problems..thank you
June 09,2019
I am interested in purchasing this theme, but I need a theme with a full horizontal menu, not a hamburger menu. Does your theme allow for this option?
June 07,2019
Still the baddest support i´ve ever seen.
June 06,2019
hello, your theme is among the ones i’m evaluating for buying. i’m writing regarding in particular, a couple of questions : a) could the hamburger menu icon be set to float following the scrolling? b) the only way to preview parts of the book is by placing them as standard pages or there could be a flipping pages widget to be used? c) could i have the list of required plugins? d) spacing between book cover and top of the page could be easily reduced via css? many thanks in advance!
June 05,2019
Hi, pls tell me how to modify the Main Menu typography
June 05,2019
I am also experiencing the problem posted by modeltheme. “BeBo Landing postype” Download failed. Forbidden.