Shop 'til you Drop Magento

Shop ‘til you Drop Magento introduction

We’ve distilled your feedback from our top-selling Magento themes, along with our experience to create Shop ‘til you Drop the ultimate customizable Magento theme. We’ve created this theme so that you hardly recognize Magento as the underlying platform.

Works with: Magento 1.4.x, 1.5.x1.6.0.0, and !

Features & Benefits of Shop ‘til you Drop

  • Awesome stylish design you can use for every type of webshop.
  • FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN AND TWITTER integration on product pages.
  • Easy to use Jquery slider system

Full Feature List

  • Homepage featuring:
    • Latest products
    • Top Sellers
    • Twitter integration
    • Newsletter Signup form
    • Social media integration
  • All the pages you need to set up an online store:
    • Homepage
    • Category Landing / Product Listing page
    • Full-Featured Product page with Facebook Like
    • Register / Sign In page
    • My Account pages
    • Shopping Cart page
    • General Content page
  • FACEBOOK Individual Product Page Like
  • Free fancybox gallery integration on the product pages
  • Minimal and Stylish header and footer
  • Detailed documentation with screenshots
All PSD files are included!

Need support? Our support desk is available at for all your questions!

Wonky Sushi - Tasty PSD Template

Wonky Sushi is modern clean PSD template for restaurants with delivery or small ecommerce sites.11 Fully editable , well organized, layered PSD
Easy to customize
2 styles for grid & list
980px width
Google fonts

Fonts used in template:
Lato – http://www.

Comments (30)

July 14,2019
Looks great!
Does the theme include PSD files for customization?
July 14,2019
We’ve published a great Magento menu extension for Magento Community. Mega Dropdown Menu , Left Mega Menu , Accordion and Responsive Menu for Magento… with Drag and Drop control in backend.. Please go to visit the website for more features.
July 13,2019
If I purchased your theme, would it be at all possible for you to help me set it up..? I am totally green when it comes to magento, like totally blank! I’m a wordpress person. Oh, the theme’s for me, not a client, just so you know.. Many thanks, looks good.
July 12,2019
I updated the ticket. Thanks.
July 06,2019
Just what I was looking for. I forwarded to client. I anticipate buying very soon!
July 06,2019
I can’t get any response through your website..? I can’t find skin and app folders in your download file. How long does it normally take to get a response to a ticket???
July 05,2019
I just purchased the theme and submited the ticket. Can you answer the following questions for me as soon as you can:
July 04,2019
You’ve aknowledged my questions in the morning, but you haven’t addressed any of the concerns. As far as I am aware the download file I purchased does not contain app and skin folders.
That’s really poor service..
July 04,2019
do u have same theme in black and iphone/ipad compatible, please confirm.
July 01,2019
Is expected to update the theme? with new functions?
July 01,2019
Thank you very much for lending your support.
June 30,2019
Ok, let me see if I can get some concerns cleared first:
- can I resize the slider to about twice the height.
- can I change the whole colour scheme?
- can I add size dropdown to an item?
June 29,2019
Great template! Is there any way of getting this to work with a mega menu?
June 28,2019
this is amazing. really great look. all the best
June 27,2019
Hello !
Still waiting about the final help from your support team !
I’m loosing my sens of humor there !
Please help !
June 24,2019
Hi, I bought styd-magento theme, skin, etc., but in the app. How do I install the files does not exist in a kind of installation I can not help you Do you understand?
June 23,2019
Otherwise you’ll be able to point me where to go to do the changes right?
June 23,2019
Great Theme!
May i ask how did you create the logo “Shop Till You Drop”
June 21,2019
Really i have the same problem as Gazerad: things in the theme are missing : •app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/controllers/Ajax folder is missing in your packages •Shop till you drop Page in the CMS •slider_image in the Statics Blocs •second_logo in the Statics Blocs •header_text_image in the static block •social_links in the static blocks •footer_line in the static block
June 18,2019
Thanks for a prompt reply.. So, if I provided you with a colour #codes and specific dimensions for the slider could you possibly do those for me? I would purchase now if you could..?
June 17,2019
Looks slick. Why does the created date on the Envato sidebar say 22 September 11? Weird!
June 16,2019
I can’t get the Shop Till You Drop Page to show in CMS /Pages.
I can’t wait any longer for the support, I have to request a refund please.
June 13,2019
is i possible to prepare it in black theme with some extra money?
June 11,2019
Dear goThemTeam
I am thinking about buying your shop til you drop theme but i would like to know if is it possible to establish a way to find products with an attribute filter or something like a advanced search in this theme
June 10,2019
Hi can you advise please I bought this theme a while ago and have been unable to get it to work I have the older version of STYD though not this one. I don’t want to upgrade and want to know if you will refund or try and put this right please? Thank you
June 10,2019
Ok, could you give me some pointers about the 2 issues I mentioned before?
- where can I fing css files and images to change colour scheme
- and how to change the size of the slider
June 10,2019
Hi I bought your file 3 days ago, I added a question on your support website becauses things are missing :
•app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/controllers/Ajax folder is missing in your packages
•Shop till you drop Page in the CMS
•slider_image in the Statics Blocs
•second_logo in the Statics Blocs
•header_text_image in the static block
•social_links in the static blocks
•footer_line in the static block
June 10,2019
I have tried to register in but NONE mail receipt to confirm the registration.
June 08,2019
Will I have to wait till tomorrow morning again?? hello?
June 08,2019
This theme in Black instant of purple.