Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page

Please don’t forget to rate if you like it! Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page

Stylio is a one page app template that can be used as a landing page or an app startup; it’s fully responsive&retina ready design tested on all major handheld devices. Main highlight of this template is a layered slider with screenshots, “reveal” blocks and mobile fallback.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Built with Bootstrap 3.0
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3
  • Smooth HTML5 & CSS3 Transitions/Animations
  • 5 Color Schemes included
  • Font Awesome 4.0 integrated
  • Based on 1200 grid
  • Parallax background
  • Cross Browser Compatible (IE 9+, Chrome, FF, Safari, Opera)
  • All Templates PSD’s included!
Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page

Stylio - Responsive HTML5 App Landing Page

  • jQuery – jquery-1.10.1.min.js
  • Bootstrap 3.0 – bootstrap.min.js
  • Modernizr, crossbrowser support and much more – modernizr-2.6.2-respond-1.1.0.min.js
  • Skrollr, parallax and more – skrollr.min.js
  • Mailchimp – mailing-list.js
  • Scrollto, content scroller – jquery.scrollTo-
  • Appear, checks if an element is in the viewport – jquery.appear.js
  • Font Awesome 4.0 –
  • Fancybox – jquery.fancybox.pack.js

Comments (55)

July 16,2019
so cool.
Welcome to the Forest
July 15,2019
I’m getting an error with the contact form. I put data into the fields and hit submit but nothing occurs. I changed the email to a gmail account and also changed the permission to 777 for the contact folder. Is there anything else that is happening?
July 13,2019
Nice theme… Does the forms have CAPTCHA? thanks
July 12,2019
Good template!
I have a few question:
1. Can I delete some slide with template? Example: I want see only start slide, subscribe, feature.
2. Can I change button Download on the form subscribe?
3. What I can do for change?
July 12,2019
Stunning, what a theme!
Thank you for your work, this is out of this world for the price.
July 11,2019
1. The play button is off and not centered in mobile view, how do I fix that?
July 10,2019
Is it possible to have slides in the background (with the hand, phone and play button remaining in place) ?
July 09,2019
How do I change the color of the downloaded theme ?
July 08,2019
How do I initialize the slider in scripts.js?
July 08,2019
I’d like to have a look at the video background version but it seems that both video and static versions display the same thing. Can you share the link to the video background version of this landing page?
July 06,2019
love your template!
Is there also a template for ipad apps?
July 06,2019
awesome work, loved working with it, but why the video do not load in iphone how i can let it work in iphone thanks
July 05,2019
the contact form does not work
July 04,2019
hey there!!! LOVE this template sooooo much.
Could you please help me remove the left and right margins on the navbar? I added a secondary navbar at the bottom so it is a sticky footer and it too has margins that I can’t remove. How should I proceed? Also how does one control how the image displays at different resolutions (background image that is) Thank you!!!!!
July 04,2019
The play button is off and not centered in mobile view, how do I fix that?
July 04,2019
Hello! i would like to buy Stylio templetes… but i have some questions before…
1. the design…would it stay the same i just add my word and foto content, or i also can change the colours, delete what i dont need, clone if i need to have similar blocks….
2/ for smatrphones and tablets… need ho adapt& or is adaptable to all?
3/ aftre is constructed… i need to put it on admin panel? What is recommended?
4/ can i make up (construct) by myself…i have average skills.. i did some LPs on LP generator . or better ask somebody with skills&
June 30,2019
Hi there – if I want to change the anchor link in the top navigation menu, what do I need to do so that the menu item is underlined when u scroll to it? At the moment, it misses it out…
June 29,2019
continued: I also noticed: on android phone: there is no way to select which demo I want to see. I simply chose the basic one that automatically shows up, and there I actually see that the navigation is well donw for phones – that is what it also should be on pads, instead of the regular website menu
June 29,2019
hello, can you tell me the font you used for the logo stylio apps
June 29,2019
How can I change the color scheme in this.? Also previously the landing page showed the images regarding color schemes. But now those seem as not existing. Please update me how to change the color of this theme..!!
June 29,2019
Hi, this is a real nice job done. I do have a pre-purchase question, how would I customize this to showcase multiple mobile apps portfolio? and also allow redirect to the app store for download?
June 28,2019
hi there, i downloaded the latest version of stylio, but when i want to use video-index, the moment i clicked stylish design, easy to use button and others, it’s not working and it’s directed to the header, how to solve this problem?
June 27,2019
Is the sign up to newsletter field connected to mailchimp?
June 26,2019
Somehow, I lost the top image when I changed to my own video urls.
Maybe it changed because I changed the background color [I needed this to match my dark site] and now I do not know how to get a background image back [when the background video is done playing], all I get now is the dark plain background color – help is appreciated
Great template btw.
June 25,2019
Can help me? I’ve tried to set the contact form. I put my email in the contact.php in ajax form folder. But it doesn’t work.
June 25,2019
Hi guys, beautiful template! Just a quick question – can the mobile app theme that’s shown in the screenshots be purchased too?
June 24,2019
How soon would this update come out? If we’ve already purchased Stylio, do we get free upgrades?
June 23,2019
hi after submit email i get this link , please help!
June 23,2019
The new register page has no scroll bar. Hard to fill out the form and submit when can’t see the bottom of the form. Not sure if it truly has a purpose without a log in page as well.
June 22,2019
Hi the “screenshots section” are not centered in the mobile view. On a iPhone. how can i center them
June 20,2019
Is it easy to install this? Since this is not a wordpress platform, how do you install this theme? Thanks.
June 19,2019
Today I bought the template and the menu is misconfigured
June 19,2019
Hi, I have purchased the theme, and I can’t change the default color theme to Berry ! Although I’ve done exactly what your documentation says, it doesn’t change anything.
I have tried on a new computer + new navigator + empty cache : same thing. Basically, I have updated the two occurences of #ff7701 into #fe6760 in main.css (I don’t see any other occurence).
Please help… this is urgent
Thanks !
June 19,2019
Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales!
June 18,2019
Hi ?great App Landing Page?thanks.
I have a problem, I want to delete the pricing page,and put menu link to REVIEWS page. what should I do?
June 17,2019
Awesome work and Welcome To Forest
June 17,2019
Hello, the contact form sends an email with only ”” as content of the original message. Howto fix it? I sent an email to Bill, but I found it in comments from 2 years ago. Is there a quick way to solve this?
June 16,2019
Hi there, i need help here, i want to change the color scheme into #f3be1d , how to do so?
June 15,2019
very nice job mate, bravo!
Why won’t you make it a Wordpress theme too?
June 14,2019
Hi, you are right, I bought it from my other account. I hope that you can help now ! I’m stuck
June 14,2019
You have been contacted by Bill Liew with regards to , their additional message is as follows.
June 14,2019
hi there, i want to ask, how to speed up the video in the background, it seems slow as normal
June 14,2019
I really like this theme…good job!
I see you have come out with version 2.1. When I bought this theme it was version 2.0. Where can I download version 2.1??
June 13,2019
HI, question about the demo here: did you update the demo for the latest version of your template?
Asking because the top nav shifts the contact on to a third row on my my idea pad and on my smasung galaxy SIII, that shifts the logo down to the second row – leaving a large space on the top row of the navigation.
Could it be that the demo here has the top menu set to be centered?
June 13,2019
Vivaco, I just purchased this lovely template, it looks great! one thing i just noticed that the top black navigation bar mess up when i scroll up and down in Chrome browser. sometimes it only show partial bar or even disappeared. It will show up if i mouse over it. can you help? I tried it on 2 difference computers, but i got same result.
June 12,2019
Hi! great work!...
I just want to know if this one include a simple HTML version (without Wordpress).
I only want a HTML5 template for my project.
June 12,2019
what is the time difference between your support and CST [USA] ?
Would be helpful to know
June 12,2019
If i need to have image (foto) gallery, is it possible to have the section of foto gallery?
June 11,2019
HI, I love your theme, but will you kindly provide information about the icons used and how to replace them.
June 11,2019
Hi! i cannot understand, how can i change the small icons (the truck, the star etc…) ?
June 10,2019
I changed it of course to the 600 px. No biggie – but you should know that this is what it still is on the latest download.
Like your work
June 08,2019
Is it possible to get the the underline show up in the navline for the contact/footer?
June 08,2019
June 06,2019
Hey I love the template. It is easy enough to change your content, love it.
June 05,2019
Hi, what font do you use at the StyleApp Logo? I’m trying to change the logo but I want keep the same font.