Satria - Professional Hosting HTML5 Template

Satria is Professional Web Hosting Template. Suited for Web Hosting business / corporate web sites but it can be used for every type of web site with some modifications. There are four different homepage layouts, this template is robust and easy to modified because it uses UIkit framework.

Support :

What you get:

  • 4 Homepage Variation
  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • 28 HTML page layout
  • Working contact form
  • CSS files
  • JS files

Changelog 2.0 version (26/7/2016)

- updated uikit framework to version 2.26.4
- fix icon layout issue on firefox
- add domain pricing page (domain-pricing.html)
- add single login page (login.html)
- improve html code on megamenu
- improve blog post design (blog.html)
- improve portfolio filter with built in uikit (portfolio.html)

Changelog 1.1 version (11/01/2015) :

- added sticky menu
- added mega menu
- fixed logo broken layout in IE11
- fixed heading text layout with icon issue in Firefox


Amike - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Amike – Gorgeous Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme with clean design pattern.Amike is most suitable for freelancer, resume,developer,designer,personal portfolio,corporate,creative person,photographer etc

Amike theme are fully responsive.

Comments (53)

July 16,2019
This theme is the best I’ve ever worked with
July 15,2019
support for right to left languages ?
July 15,2019
Hi, your template looks great, but not that great in IE 11 –
July 14,2019
Nice item, Good Luck with Sales.
July 14,2019
Hi, r u plan to develop this WHMCS supported ? How many months for develop time. Because i will wait for this theme Pure WHMCS ?
July 13,2019
Currently the template only display cpu, memory, default disk when in responsive mode
July 12,2019
Hello Indonez , I am waiting for WHMCS .tpl files for this template. How many days it will be done ? I am not purchuse any other templates. Because i have searched 1 week on web for WHMCS Hosting them. This is Best for design so when you will finish this WHMCS Then you will get more money.
July 11,2019
Hi, really nice theme. But have a question. Is possible to make it as onepage layout? thnx
July 10,2019
Hi, can you add domain pricing table page,? i will buy then
July 08,2019
Hello, You say that whmcs support is only on wordpress version. But there is no wordpress version ??.
July 07,2019
i was wondering , this page client-area.html, how can this be integrated with the whmcs portal. It’s really great clientarea design
July 07,2019
Hello, I have checked the live demo and is very nice but I was wondering if this has a cart/checkout template. Thanks in advance for your reply.
July 07,2019
Are you planning to create WordPress version of this template?
July 07,2019
Hey team, just curious what your ETA is for WP version.
July 06,2019
I have sent you 2 request thru your support system, but there is no reply. Wtf :/
July 03,2019
Do you have wordpress version of this theme.
July 02,2019
how to change highlight color from blue to red or else?
July 02,2019
I’ve moved the images, css and js to a “inc” directory to keep things clean at our FTP, but had a lot of work fixing the routes to each file.
June 30,2019
Do you have an ETA on the WP version yet? Maybe a preview demo?
June 29,2019
Hi, I recently sent you an email regarding the email form not sending the email, any idea how to fix?
June 29,2019
The lack of WP release is getting tiresome waiting on. You should be more proactive to responding to all these inquires here as well. When you clearly ignore some questions and take days to respond to others, that’s a bad impression.
June 29,2019
is the client area even finished? seems buttons are unable to be clicked
June 28,2019
Hello Team, I am interested in purchasing this theme but do you plan to update it anytime soon?
June 25,2019
Please update this theme. I was just checking out the demo, and there are many responsiveness issues. For example the dedicated server pricing table :
June 25,2019
I’ve tried to add a tooltip like described at without success, after adding components/tooltip.js. Should we do something else to support this?
June 24,2019
When will come wordpress version? It will be also an e-commerce for package payment?
June 24,2019
Great theme, Good Luck With Sales.
June 23,2019
I want to purchase your template, however before purchasing I have small question.
June 22,2019
Great item, Good Luck With Sales.
June 21,2019
very nice design. . good luck for sales
June 20,2019
Hi Indonez,you have created a very powerful template with rich design features and high.versatility. Congratulations and kind regards, fbyte
June 18,2019
+1 for adding a domain pricing table as requested by ‘AstonH’ above.
June 17,2019
I see there was a update today. I’m looking for release notes or changelog so I know what changed? Could you inform me what changed in the latest one or was fixed? Thanks
June 15,2019
Good template but you should check your support topic… you never answer.
June 14,2019
When will the WP be released? I asked this 2 times before and you ignored me?
June 13,2019
WOW! wordpress version will be available? awesome template
June 13,2019
Hi, where are you at with the wordpress ? We really need a wordpress version of that soon, if you’re not close to finishing we’re going to look for a different one,
June 11,2019
Nice template indeed. I love it.
June 11,2019
the first and last update was in 1 November 15
template is great but has some bugs and errors
you should update your template, i’m not asking for new feature but just fix bugs/errors
June 11,2019
Are you all images, icons, background images included?
June 11,2019
Hi, love the theme. Need support, so I opened a ticket on your support forum. I notice a TON of open support tickets back to 2015, all marked “NEW”. What’s the turnaround time for replying to tickets?
June 10,2019
1 or two little fixes in almost a year just does not cut it.
June 10,2019
Nice theme! Any ETA on WP version? Also, will it include WHMC?
June 09,2019
Dears, i need to Wordpress version !! thanks you
June 09,2019
this is a bad theme, don’t buy it… i stil waiting for refund
June 09,2019
Was considering buying this theme, but it doesn’t appear to be actively supported. That’s fine…. but then can you include the SASS or LESS files so maintain it ourselves?
June 08,2019
Mas, saya mau merubah menu ketika dalam mode responsive mobile bagaimana caranya ya?
June 08,2019
Installing Theme from uploaded file:
Unpacking the package…
June 07,2019
When can we expect an update for the IE11 issues?
June 07,2019
How do you expect to make a checkout transaction with the dedicated servers table on 479px screen mobile? does not show any Order Now buttons or anyway to show checkout in that resolution. Input please?
June 06,2019
too many bug,,please update soon.. i neet it
June 05,2019
I think that sreethemes is referring to adding WHMCS support to the HTML version. I would like to see that myself. It would really complete the template.