Spa Landing Page Template

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Spa Landing Page Template

Main Features

  • One Page Template
  • HTML 5 & CSS3
  • jQuery/AJAX
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 Framework
  • Responsive Layout
  • 2 Color Options (Light & Dark)
  • Parallax Layout Option included
  • Smooth Page Scrolling
  • Animation Effects
  • Font Awesome icons + Glyphicons from Bootstrap3
  • Working Simple Ajax Contact Form (Get details on your email)
  • Working Subscribe form – get details on your email (guideline to use Mailchimp provided in documentation)
  • Modern Browsers Compliant
  • Easy to Work with.
  • PSD for one color scheme Provided (Check Screenshots above)
  • Change fixed width gallery to wide gallery by adding one class

What you are getting?

  • Detailed Documentation
  • HTML, CSS, JS and PHP files for all 4 options:
    Parallax (Light and dark)
    Non-Parallax (light and dark)
  • PSD for single color option for Light and dark layout (Check Screenshot)

Image used from photodune:
Flowers and female clean skin

External Plugins / Scripts used:

  • Main Background Slider
  • Date and Time picker
  • Content Animation JS

Note: Support or bug fixes (if any) for external plugins / Scripts are not guaranteed. We will try to fix those if we can Spa Landing Page Template
Images in preview are not included in download file

Spa Landing Page Template

Update history


Recent update is just for phpmailer.php. I have updated phpmailer.php for vulnarability in older versions.

Version 1.0.2 – 18 Aug 14

- Spam protection to forms 

Version 1.0.1 – 04 May 14

- Bug fixing shown by simonswiss in Item Comment Section 
- Parallax version bug fixed (some images was not showing in chrome)
- Documentation updated as per changes

Version 1.0.0 – 29 April 14

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Vera - Business Landing Page Template

Bootstrap HTML landing page template with filterable portfolio, pricing table and contact forms great for businesses, companies and startups.Features

Filterable projects portfolio section with details lightbox
Working newsletter signup and contact form
Image slider which opens large preview in lightbox
Product items open lightboxes for extra content
Customers logo sliding bar and testimonials carousel
Animated statistics section for important numbers
Google Fonts and Font Awesome integration
Pixel-perfect responsive design for seamless experience on any device
W3C valid code tested to work flawlessly on all major browsers


Please keep in mind that this an HTML template and not a WordPress theme
Images are for preview only and are replaced with placeholders.

Spaice Mail - Online Access + Mailster + MailChimp

Spaice Mail – Responsive Email Template is a Modern and Clean Design email template.Features:

Modern and Clean Design
Responsive Design
Mailchimp Ready
campaign monitor Ready
icontact Ready
StampReady Ready
Mailster Ready
Well Documented

Email compatible for

Campaign monitor
StampReady Ready
Mailster Ready

Browser Compatible

Microsoft Outlook (don?

Comments (52)

July 16,2019
I purchased this template, in the Gallery section, I can find where I put the all the photos for for each Gallery section, For example:
July 15,2019
sorry my frined another help where can fine the code for write my email site on the Fill up form below for appointment. All fields are required.
and how can i change the mesage Your Form Has Been Submitted Successfully.
We’ll respond to your message within 24 hours.
Please call 123.456.789 for any urgent queries. Thank You! after email sent Your Form Has Been .
thanks alot
July 15,2019
How or where can I remove the orange icon on the tab bar? was not able to find it anywhere.
July 14,2019
Excellent Work Brother I like it that’s why I Wish you Good luck With Sales
July 14,2019
hey my friend i am not found the image how can i get that ? thanks for help
July 13,2019
hi. i loaded images from gallery and they do appear when i load the website offline but not when the website is online. how can i solve this. lease help
July 13,2019
Hi, I am having trouble adding the mailchimp form to replace the subscribe form. In your documentation you say replace the form with the code but not specify which code or which code on which script to replace. Is it on the subscribe.php or in the source code of the main page in the subscribe section. Can you be more specific?
July 11,2019
I love the look of this template, im new to this i want to ask if you also do the installation? or i have to look for someone to do it? also can i add more menus? and also pages? like more space when i scrolled down?
July 11,2019
I am trying to change the contact form success message to a custom one. I have read and changed the place where the documentation says to but it is still coming up as the original. I have downloaded the custom.js file and checked it and it shows that my changes are made and recorded but the contact success message is still the original one. Can you point me to where div class alert alert success is? Is it possible I have to change it in another spot?
July 11,2019
Hi! Look the layout…thank you very much.
July 11,2019
hi it’s been 1 month, when wp version will be ready? also please don’t forget to add demo files
July 10,2019
Great theme. However, am having a problem. In the SERVICES section;
July 10,2019
Awesome clean design Animations are cool. Good luck
July 09,2019
Letter from the feedback form contains unreadable characters. This is a problem with the encoding. I have a letter in Russian. How can I solve this prblem. I wrote to support but received no response.
Example: Name: Антон Сесин
July 09,2019
hi very nice theme. i want to move the navigation bar/menu to appear on top or to appear on the bottom together with the slideshow without scrolling. currently when you open the theme you see full background picture/slide-show then you have to scroll down to see navigation bar/menu. i dont like this. i want it to appear without scrolling. what to edit?
July 05,2019
I’m having trouble getting the contact form to work. Whenever I go to submit, all that happens is the opacity decreases on the form elements but no submission message ever shows nor is an email delivered.
July 05,2019
Any chance of turning this into a WP theme?
July 05,2019
Don’t the pictures come with the template? I assumed they did.
July 04,2019
Hello, great theme BUT in the last months of having this theme, my landing page has been bombarded by 100’s of SPAM per day.
July 04,2019
It’s very nicely done. Do you provide customization?
July 03,2019
Hi, where I have to put facebook code for slider with likebox?
July 02,2019
Can you help with adding a captcha form, as the form is being used to send spam. I have tried using this but I cannot get ti to work. Thanks
June 30,2019
Hello, great theme BUT in the last 3 months of having this theme, my landing page has been bombarded by 100’s of SPAM per day.
June 30,2019
Can you make this template also for wordpress (themes), please?!? very nice template!
June 29,2019
I love the template. Great job. One thing that I would like to do is make the navigation show “above the fold”. Right now, there is nothing to tell you that there is more information below the first image slides. I have had clients be confused about that. I would like to make the rotating images at the top cover about 90% of the height of the window, so that they can see the navigation below it to get started. Can you help me accomplish this?
June 29,2019
I am the commenter from “clintdoggettdesign” above.
June 28,2019
very cool design good work man
June 27,2019
Instead of the slider at top, how hard would it be to just have a logo band about sixty pixels high… does it throw off the whole template?
June 26,2019
Hi, Is it possible to start the template with the menu started? Tks
June 24,2019
Hello, can you tell me why the testimonials on my website are shown all together and not seperate:
June 24,2019
it looks out of this world… Great work by the designer… Good luck for sales,,, its a quality work… rarely seen such outclass work…
June 22,2019
Hello. Tell me pls. When was the last update of the template?
June 22,2019
Is there a way to apply this to Wordpress somehow?
June 21,2019
Is there an option to add a submenu? I need to create more page links under the about us tab.
June 20,2019
I get an error message installing the .zip file
June 19,2019
Cool work!! Good luck with sales
June 18,2019
Hi! It’s an awesome template. Can I use cyrillic fonts?
June 18,2019
Hey, this template is fantastic! Question: is it possible to change/alter the loading animation? I’m using the dark color scheme and the white animation doesn’t go with it too well. Thanks!
June 17,2019
How to speed up the loading site
June 16,2019
Hi, I have noticed that the website takes a long time to load. Can you tell me how I am increase the speed at which website loads. I find that the main header photos are stalling the loading process.
June 15,2019
Could you tell me please, maybe wordpress theme will be soon? )
June 15,2019
Hi, I’ve bought this landing page, beautiful, Capeau! A question, when you click on an image under ‘My Images’ pretty Photo pops up and at the bottom there’s a Facebook like / dislike button. Where can I set the URL for that button? Please let me know!
June 13,2019
I would love your designs, I’m intending to buy and use, but I checked and saw the error, when I scroll down and if the load (f5) the website, the menu is gone, do not know this bug How to fix?
June 13,2019
I’ve been busy editing your nice web template for a client. Can you tell me how to make the company image not show the white background? I am using a transparent background on my logo, but it still shows white. I am not as expert in CSS as you are, but if you could tell me what to edit, I can get that done. Thanks and GLWS.
June 12,2019
SMTP sending doesn’t seem to work when you edit the phpmailer.php file. Is there a secret to get this to run through SMTP ?
June 10,2019
Hi, how can I make the slider just slide in one image and stop? I get a blank one before it stops.
June 08,2019
Hello. I thought this is the WP theme. Please refund if possible. Thanks.
June 08,2019
Looks nice, realy. But i Need as Wordpress Theme.
How long you need for this?
June 07,2019
our email form appears to work…success message displayed on page…but mail never comes through. what settings can/should we adjust?
June 07,2019
Hey there, everything looks good, however in the photo gallery, when you click on the image, and the hover window opens up, under the caption, there’s a Twitter link – which works, but the Facebook link – does not work. It shows up as a gray box, that’s all. I tested this on an unmodified copy of the template – same thing.
June 06,2019
I really like the look and feel of this template. However it shows only 5 services. can it be modified to include 30-40 services grouped in 3-4 categories?
June 05,2019
Hello, I see that the slide picks up the entire screen on the homepage.
  As I have put a fixed size height?
  Thank you!