Vodi - Video WordPress Theme for Movies & TV Shows

Vodi - Video WordPress Theme for Movies & TV Shows Vodi - Video WordPress Theme for Movies & TV Shows Vodi - Video WordPress Theme for Movies & TV Shows

Vodi – Video WordPress Theme for Movies, TV Shows, Videos, Streaming, Reviews & Entertainment Websites

Do you want to create a website that looks and works like YouTube, Amazon Prime or Netflix ?

Or do you wish that your video blog or reviews website looked much better than it already is ? Presenting to you Vodi – Video WordPress Theme for Movies, TV Shows, Videos, Streaming, Reviews & Entertainment Websites. This theme is brought to you buy the same theme that built the most popular Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme, Techmarket – Multi-demo & Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme and many other popular themes

Vodi Features

Vodi comes with various features and we’ve described select few below.

Built for MAS Videos

We developed a plugin called MAS Videos that provide the core functionality for Vodi. MAS Videos is forked from the most popular and stable WooCommerce plugin. MAS Videos allows to create and manage movies, videos and TV Shows. Along with WordPress’s core blog feature, you can use Vodi to build beautiful looking video blogs, video websites like YouTube or streaming website like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Built with Gutenberg

Vodi has been built with Gutenberg. The theme comes with 47 Gutenberg Blocks that can be used to build a variety of home pages. We’ve included 9 Home Pages, 4 Headers, 4 Footers and a Dark/Light version of our pages. Our theme also includes 4 Demos which are :

  • Vodi Main – This is our main demo. You can view Movies, TV Shows, Videos, Blog and other Static Pages
  • Vodi Magazine – This is part of main demo. This home page is built specially for magazines based on entertainment industry
  • Vodi Sports – A sports magazine along with Videos
  • Vodi Stream – A Gaming Magazine along with Gaming Videos
  • Vodi Tube – A website exclusively for Videos
  • Vodi Prime – A website exclusively for TV Shows

5 Different Demos

A Movies Magazine, TV Show and Video streaming website, video blog and sports magazine are all demos included with Vodi. The possibilities are unlimited with our 47 included Gutenberg Blocks

4 Headers, 4 Footers & Light/Dark Versions

You can choose between 4 headers and 4 Footers for your website. The area is customizable through widgets and custom code via actions/hooks. There is also a light and dark version for each header and footer provided.

Movies, TV Shows & Videos Pages

We’ve provided pages to list Movies, TV Shows and Videos. They are archive pages and we’ve included filters that can be added to the sidebar of these pages and allow the users to filter through all the content that have been added. We’ve also introduced features like viewing most commented, most viewed, history, most liked and featured movies, TV shows and videos.

Advanced Filter & Sorting Options

Vodi provides advanced filter and sorting options to movies, TV shows and videos. When used with plugins like JetPack and WP ULike, our theme provides advanced filtering options like most viewed and most liked options. There is also a page to view history for logged in users

4 Single Movie Styles, 6 Single Video Styles & 4 Single Episode Styles

Once the user clicks on an item in the archive page. They are navigated to the individual Movie, Video and TV Show page. Vodi has provided 4 single Movie styles, 6 single Video styles and 4 Single Episode Styles.

Structured Data for Movies, TV Shows & Videos

MAS Videos and Vodi will automatically include structured data about your movie, TV show and video on every individual listing page. This helps Google and other search engines understand certain information about your content, such as the type, ratings, reviews, release date, cast, and so on.

Vodi Documentation

You can view our Vodi Documentation here :

You can checkout our demo import video :

Trial & Dummy Data

We encourage you to try our theme before purchase. Please reach out to us via our support tab and we’ll setup a trial for you.

A word about the Dummy Data. Once you import the dummy data provided with the download package, you will get a website similar to this :

This is with placeholders and does not include preview images.

Help & Support

Generally the comments section is reserved for pre-sales questions and questions that does not require much technical help. For better response and management of support request please create a new support request by contacting us via support tab. Our usual response time is 1 business day. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays which are weekends. Due to different timezones, a request raised on Friday evening may be answered on Monday ( 3 days ).

Please note that the comments section and support email are our only support channels. Please do not use Envato form to send support requests.

Vodi Demo Pages

Vodi Demos


TV Shows

TV Shows

Blog Pages

Static Pages

Release History

v1.0.2 – 2019-05-16

Feature : My Account page added
Feature : Thumbnails for Videos
Update  : Header account links updated
Fix     : Fixed style issues in movies list
Fix     : Fixed an issue with orderby views
Fix     : Fixed style issue with single video player
Fix     : Fixed admin sidebar meta field style issue
Fix     : Fixed an issue with Movies Filter by Year

v1.0.1 – 2019-05-07

Feature : Playlist pages added to user dropdown
Fix     : Fixed issues in footer theme option
Fix     : Fixed warning with jetpack views
Fix     : Fixed style issues in home v2

v1.0.0 – 2019-05-01

Initial Release

Woody - Responsive Coming Soon

Woody is a flat and minimal design, business, responsive coming soon HTML5 template.css
25 Background Styles
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– Slideshow Background
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– Rain Animation
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– Rainbow Squares Animation
– Gravity Animation
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AJAX Subscription Form
Working Contact Form
Well documented HTML and CSS files
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MAGiC - Universal Coming Soon Template

About MAGiC

MAGiC is an Universal Coming Soon, clean and elegant for every creative people, corporates, agency, e-commerce, business, portfolio etc…

MAGiC has been built with the Framework Bootstrap 3, responsive on every screens, easy to customize, HTML5 verified 100% by the W3C, CSS3, SASS and Mailchimp.A documentation is provided in your download pack for your customizations, you have also the possibility to contact me for more help )” title=” :)” />

For the youtube variant, the player doesn’t work as background for devices (mobiles,tablets) due to the restriction policy adopted by all on managing multimedia files via javascript.

Comments (31)

July 14,2019
Hi guys! How are you? Do you have plans to release an HTML version of void? Thanks for your time!
July 14,2019
Hello, can you add a download link button like this? https://prnt.sc/npqy8r
does it support JWPlayer? Thanks!
July 14,2019
We have some improvement suggestions related to your theme. Are you interested? Shall we e-mail?
July 13,2019
Hello there, The theme looks very good but I would be better with some hover effects for the thumbnails.
July 13,2019
Hello, many demos seem to not being working (it linking to the Tube theme). Can you confirm that?
July 06,2019
hi can you use this for music website not just a video
July 05,2019
Great creation, great theme.But I have a few ideas
July 04,2019
Can this also use as a magazine ?? And how come there current movies in the plugin do not understand …..
July 03,2019
Realy very nice theme
Valthukal Mr.Ibrahim.
July 01,2019
Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 29,2019
Hello, I am writing to you from Turkey. Your theme has a great design that is really eye-catching. Can I try the admin page before buying? I apologize for my bad english. Good work, congratulations!
June 28,2019
Wow amazing work…best of luck with sales
June 28,2019
Is it possible to sell individual videos, then in the back end of the clients area it will show each video purchased from the past purchases and then each one bought in the future will be added to that one central location for easy access for the client to view.. ? hope this makes sense.. thanks
June 27,2019
How do I set a custom height width for an embedded movie?
June 25,2019
I see here that you have updated yesterday but there is not information release details.
Wsiting to add tmdb integration is already added for the last update?
June 21,2019
1. Is the template optimized for seo? The sample test on Google PageSpeed Insights went terribly wrong
2. Does “Sources” work as it is demonstrated here: https://s3.envato.com/files/256767993/24-Single-TVShow-Tabs-Dark.jpg
June 20,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 18,2019
Will there be a discount for this product when it just comes out?Have you joined the official 40% discount program?
June 18,2019
Does it work as a pay per view theme? I wish people would purchase a movie than they could watch whenever they would like to.
Great design.
June 17,2019
This is SUPER legit! My mind is blown that this is built with Gutenberg!
June 17,2019
I like this theme very much, great creation.Just a little bit different from what I needed, the type of database for making movies (Japanese animation).Would you consider making a style home page similar to IMDB or TMDB?Use is IMDB or TMDB any API, import existing data, complete an animation database.A Japanese animation database here for class themes.If you’re thinking about it, I suggest you use this provided API to make an importer.https://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?The show = software
June 17,2019
Hi there , can one remove the upload video feature for users ? Could one also use this theme for Netflix subscription model using the Ultimate membership pro plugin ?
June 16,2019
Do you plan to integrate with buddypress?
June 15,2019
Can i use all setups diffrent pages together in one site?
Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 15,2019
hi, i want to buy this theme but not sure how it’s going to work with the wordpress traffic. does wordpress themes good with movie streaming? or which platform should i use the stream movies?
June 14,2019
playlist feature doesnt work and when creating a new user it keeps putting me in the wordpress dashboard.
June 13,2019
Hi, we would buy but needed the following in place before we do:
June 11,2019
Are there any websites already made with this theme?
June 09,2019
Amazing. do you have a demo with landscape videos, (not portraits) showing just video thumbnail images in landscape.
June 08,2019
I wanted them to fix something, in the part of adding videos, it does not keep the videos added, I liked it, as I saved the player for movies and episodes.
Please improve the theme to be perfect. I did not find a theme better than this one in beauty.
June 08,2019
Very beautiful design. Can i import Movies and Series via iMDB or TMDB?