Flexion - Creative Fashion Store Responsive Shopify Theme - Sections Drag & Drop Builder

Flexion - Creative Fashion Store Responsive Shopify Theme - Sections Drag & Drop Builder

Fashion items are always received the most attention from both men and women. However, they are also the products that received the most rigorous selections, because they speak up the personality and class of the users.

Recognizing these characteristics, many business owners have invested heavily in the use of e-commerce as a smart tool for boosting their business, besides direct stores. This is the main reason for a huge development of websites of fashion items nowadays. This boom has brought many benefits to customers, but caused a great competition among fashion shops. So, to improve your capacity of competition, what would you do? That would be a wise decision to use Creative Fashion Store Responsive Shopify Theme – Sections Drag & Drop Builder as an effective assistant for you.

Try to figure out what will you concern on first when going shopping? That’s right! They are collections of the latest samples and promotional information. No need to print a banner or something, a fullscreen slideshow right at the header of homepage with parallax effects and other configurations is a great design to convey these information to your consumers in a subtle way. At the first glance, you may fall for the beautiful imagery display of these amazing designs that are catchy, smooth and mostly animated. Not just that, with 4 different layouts for your homepage, this minimal shopify theme will be never mentioned as a boredom shopping place for both you and your customers, and this is also a remarkable function of our template. In addition, to optimize the convenience of shopping experience, nothing can make your customers more satisfied than a Drag & Drop Layout Builder combined with Mini drop down carts, and many other useful tools like these. All of them will work together as professional staffs who are always willing to bring best services to their customers during all the shopping time.

Moreover, not too prolix, not too fussy , a simple layout with white and black which are the dominant colors, will make your fashionable designs stand – out and luxurious. Do not try to sell all existing products, at this fashion store shopify theme, you can arrange individual product, highlight the design of each item, so that it self-affirms the value and speaks up its uniqueness. And then, when your customer catches up with one item and click to identify it, similar products will automatically appear right under that in a very subtle way. What an innovative marketing strategy to enhance sales!

And a lot of multiple functions that outperform other normal shopify themes, helping your store not only be a great place for shopping, but also give your customers the impression of being enjoying a high – class fashion show. Believe that this amazing simple shopify template will charm your store with the professional design, sleek layout and functional features!

No need to hesitate, you will not find such a wonderful template like Creative Fashion Store Responsive Shopify Theme – Sections Drag & Drop Builder anywhere else!

Flexion - Creative Fashion Store Responsive Shopify Theme - Sections Drag & Drop Builder

Highlight Features:

  • 5 Best Unique and Top Creative designs
  • Support Shopify Sections
  • Responsive Web Design: Design is optimized for all the most popular screen resolutions. When screen is resized, design elements are transformed smoothly on each breakpoint (from 320 to 1680 pixels) in order to adapt to the current resolution.
  • Dropdown Mega Menu (megamenu:
    • Dropdown menu support
    • Pushed menu style in tablet and mobile
    • Well responsive and mobile friendly
  • Main Slideshow
    • Support fullscreen
    • Parallax effect
    • Showing beautiful slideshow image with many effects and other configurations.
    • Free upload images
    • Well responsive and mobile friendly
  • Advanced Product Filter
  • And many more features…

Full Features:

  • Drag & Drop Layout Builder
  • Unlimited Color
  • Configuring background and color for header, content, footer and some other modules easily
  • Supporting Internationalizing, enables merchants to use the Shopify Language Editor to translate their storefront content into another language
  • Mini drop down login
  • Mini drop down cart
  • Showing popup message when add to cart
  • Custom logo, favicon upload easily
  • Supporting multiple currencies
  • Supporting Stay Update with Mailchimp
  • Working Contact form with Google Map
  • Related Product with slider effect
  • Easy social sharing buttons on products
  • Style customer area
  • Style checkout area
  • Integration with the Google Web Fonts library
  • Apply google rick snippet
  • Custom effect for product image
  • Beautiful typography
  • Detailed documentation

What are Shopify Sections?

Shopify Sections is a new feature that was recently introduced by Shopify Official. It make Shopify Themes more customizable than ever. Sections let you empower merchants by giving them greater flexibility when customizing their online store. This new feature allows them to easily add or move content on their homepage with just a few clicks.

Enhance the theme customization with Shopify Sections

Think of sections as individual, customizable components of a theme. Within each section, you or your client can easily add, reorder, and remove chunks of content such as products, slideshows, videos, or collections.

You can preview your changes in real-time in either desktop or mobile view, offering more options to test our updated layouts in Shopify Themes on the fly.

Emercato Sectioned Shopify theme allows to add new sections on your pages. Reordering existing sections. Editing content within sections a breeze.

Do all themes support Shopify Sections?

NO, only the a few of new Shopify themes support sections. Emercato is a new Drag & Drop Sectioned Shopify Theme which was developed to fully support and take advanced of Shopify sections’ powerfulness.

A few functionality of Shopify sections come with our themes:

  • Easy image uploading with image picker
  • Simplified resource referencing with url setting
  • Additional updates to the Shopify theme editor
  • And all other Shopify sections’ features.

Included in the purchase package:

  1. Shopify Theme packages to install on your Shopify store
  2. Detailed installation & user guide documentation.

Resource credits:

Sample images from:
- google.com

Icons from:
- google.com

IMPORTANT NOTE: All graphic images use for demo sample only and NOT include in the purchase packages.

We are NOT responsible for any copyright infringement by using these graphic images.

By purchasing our products, you acknowledge and completely understand and agree our notice.

If you are authors or own copyright of any resource, please submit DCMA notice to [email protected]

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July 13,2019
very nice theme, Good luck with sale!
July 07,2019
Nice theme, Good Luck With Sale
July 04,2019
Anyway to switch the navigation style? I like the layout of 5 but prefer a more tradition navigation on the desktop view.
June 28,2019
Very Nice Theme, Good Luck With Sale
June 26,2019
hi where can i find the code to change the account wheel icon in mobile view in your flexion theme 2 ?
June 26,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 24,2019
good job on this, fantastic big sales for the week and a nice day !
June 21,2019
Congratulations! incredible work well done,good luck for sale.
June 18,2019
It looks great. Can you please add a bottom menu bar in mobile view, which will have the shortcuts to checkout, wishlisted items, and my account. Thanks
June 05,2019
Hello, can I ask you please about Flexion theme? Is there an Instagram pictures column feature? Many themes has it, down on the page you have 4-8 photos from your instagram account… I didnt see it in any preview. Thank you for answer, I like your theme.