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Unusual is a premium HTML/CSS theme that is best suited for individual designers/freelancers/bloggers/photographers.A beautiful theme where your content will suite perfectly + is very easy to customize.

Platemail - PSD

PlateMail PSD
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Comments (13)

July 10,2019
Hello- I tried to upload the theme and there is a 20MB limit. The theme is 112MB.
July 07,2019
Is the Live Preview Options by Webyze compatible with this theme?
July 05,2019
I need you to set up the theme in my Shopify exactly as in the Demo – can you please contact me right now as I would need it ready by tonight
July 05,2019
Hi. i liked boho chic theme. willing to purchase the theme. as i am new to shopify have some doubts. is it possible to use boho chic theme in wordpress.i mean can i install this shopify theme in wordpress and use..
July 01,2019
The top mobile navigation is in the middle. is it possible to move left or right side?
June 29,2019
Is there a way to change the font color of the homepage banner where you can have a custom message as well as the Shop Now font color?
June 29,2019
The Home page banner (background image on landing section) has stopped displaying the image and is always blank. I translated all texts and one item (“From” on Products / Product loop) does not present the translation inserted, saving more than once. The option now would be to upload again, and then lose all the translation work.
June 29,2019
I’ve got an issue where my site template loads the mobile layout even when on a desktop. It has happened on a Windows Desktop and on a Macbook. Both Google Chrome Browsers. I’m not sure why this is happening and was looking to get help with this bug. My purchase code is f44bdb50-82e0-4466-ab2d-223d75069e6e. Thank you.
June 28,2019
Before I purchase, is it possible to change the color theme on my own or is it something I have to request customization for?
June 28,2019
I have a question? I can see that this theme was last updated in 2016. Does it come with Shopify sections? Also, will there be updates to this theme? I am considering purchasing this theme.
June 25,2019
Hi, I’m brazilian, and I am developing an e-commerce to my country. I need to know what kind of payment method I can apply using your template? Is it necessary to use another payment pluggin? Which one do you recommend?
June 11,2019
Is it possible to request refund, I did not see this theme does not support Shopify Sections!
June 08,2019
Hi, I have purchased this theme and just read that you can set up the store like the demo store, is there a fee for this and how much. I am having a variety of problems setting up.