Gemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion Theme

There’re thousands of online stores out there, what differs yours from theirs? It’s your unique style of both products and website that impresses the visitors and helps to turn them into your customers. So, you’ll need a website which is full of essential functions (to catch up with other stores) and also has powerful possibilities to deeply customize as you like (to differ from others). Hold on, stop searching for a theme like that, no more. Because it’s right here!

Gemini is a clean and elegant Shopify fashion theme, both easy-to-use and flexible enough for any kind of users. With over 360 options to customize, you can turn this Gemini theme into Libra, Virgo… or anything else, and still keep the same great experiences for either you and your visitors.

Try it and you’ll love it.

Gemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion Theme

Gemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion Theme Gemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion ThemeGemini - Responsive Shopify Fashion Theme

  • Drag and drop section
  • Unlimited Color
  • Off-canvas Menu
  • Quick shop
  • Wishlist
  • Typography option: font family and heading font
  • Google Fonts Integration
  • 02 cart types
  • Instagram feed
  • Ajax Filter
  • Product Carousel
  • 05 product item styles with/without hover effects
  • Product image ratio
  • Product Label: Sale, Percent, New, Hot, Sold out
  • Grid & List Mode with/without Sidebar
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social network link
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Mailchimp Newsletter
  • Ajax Search & Autocomplete
  • Multi currency
  • Off-canvas menu mobile
  • Back to top button
  • Cookie Law
  • 5 header styles
  • Enable Sticky header
  • Megamenu / Dropdown Menu
  • Megamenu Image
  • Link on Mega Image
  • Show topbar
  • Announcement text with Link
  • Social media icons
  • Currency converter
  • Ajax Search with autocomplete
  • Wishlist icon
  • Left or center-align logo
  • Minicart: Dropdown or Off-canvas
  • Header background in each page
  • Full-width slideshow
  • Banners
  • Collection list
  • Featured Collection (carousel/grid)
  • Image with text
  • Image with text overlay
  • Video
  • Product list (carousel/grid)
  • Instagram feed
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletter
  • Store Info icon boxes
Collection/Category page
  • Collection Slideshow
  • 03 layouts: fullwidth, left sidebar, right sidebar
  • Normal grid
  • Masonry grid
  • Metro grid
  • Column number with/without sidebar
  • Top banner
  • Toolbar: filter, grid/list view, sort
  • Filter sidebar: by color, vendor, category, tag
Product Detail page:
  • Gallery with single slideshow
  • Gallery with thumbnail on the left/right/bottom
  • Center mode slideshow
  • Togglable Tabs (unlimited custom tabs)
  • Collapsible block – Accordion (unlimited custom blocks)
  • Color swatches (color or image color)
  • Size swatches
  • Size guide
  • 02 zoom types: popup or inner zoom
  • Product social share
  • Recommended products
  • Blog layouts: fullwidth, left sidebar, right sidebar
  • Simple grid
  • Masonry grid
  • Posts per row
  • Posts per page
  • Single post layouts: fullwidth, left sidebar, right sidebar
  • Related articles
  • Custom single post sidebar
  • Footer Menu
  • Store info
  • Newsletter signup
  • Social connected
  • Custom image
  • Payment methods
Other pages:
  • Contact
  • Wishlist
  • Collections list
  • Cart page
  • 404 page


Version 1.4.5 – Jan 14th, 2019
Fix URL to get Instagram access token
Fix minor bug when option value contains special characters
Fix minor bug on product gallery when use a combination of Popup zoom and Slider with infinite fade mode
Version 1.4.4 – Dec 17th, 2018
Add option to use different images on mobile for homepage slideshow
Add option to support variant dropdown in the product page and quickview modal
Add option to show social icons on the contact page
Change Google map to iframe to prevent bugs with Google map's new Terms of Service
Fix a minor bug of product item's image
Fix a minor bug of product gallery on the product page
Fix minor bugs with mini-cart
Version 1.4.3 – July 27th, 2018
Add some minor fixes and improvement
Version 1.4.2 – May 25th, 2018
Fix: some minor bugs with header05
Fix: some minor bugs with mobile navigation
Fix: a minor bug with homepage slideshow
Fix: a minor bug with wishlist page
Fix: a minor bug with product tabs
Version 1.4.1 – May 16th, 2018
Fix: a minor bug with dynamic checkout buttons
Version 1.4.0 – May 9th, 2018
Fix: some minor bugs with slideshow, product-list-item and list-collections page
Feature: Add option to support dynamic checkout buttons
Feature: Refactor navigation for compatibility with new dropdown UI
Version 1.3.2 – Jan 10th, 2018
Fix: a minor bug with sticky header
Fix: a minor bug with product availability
Version 1.3.1 – Jan 4th, 2018
Fix: Some minor bugs with currency switcher after generate new html
Version 1.3 – Dec 22nd, 2017
Fix: Some minor bugs related to swatch and homepage slideshow
Fix: Bug with megamenu when use more than 4 columns
Feature: Add more options for image-text section
Feature: Add 2 new demo
Version 1.2.2 – Nov 1st, 2017
Fix: Bug with condition to run slickGoTo in product-gallery
Fix: Bug with default arrows of collection-slideshow when disabling container
Fix: Bug with appearance of "Select options" button on soldout product
Fix: Bug with image swap function in masonry grid
Fix: Bug with half-circled arrows of homepage sections which use carousel
Version 1.2.1 – Oct 30th, 2017
Fix: Bug zoom function when product-gallery has only one image
Version 1.2.0 – Oct 10th, 2017
Fix: Bug with 'Continue shopping' link after add a product to cart on product detail page
Fix: Bug with Currency picker on mobile
Fix: Bug overlapped text when Product type/vendor is empty
Fix: Bug on product-gallery when set the same featured image for more than one variant
Fix: Bug on product-gallery when select a variant after select an unavailable variant
Feature: Add 2 columns layout on mobile
Feature: Add Google map (Contact page + Footer)
Feature: Add ajax newsletter
Version 1.1.1 – Sep 22nd, 2017
Fix: Inline css appears beside product-item
Version 1.1.0 – Sep 22nd, 2017
Fix: Vertical Menu not show enough menu when it's too long
Fix: No spacing between banners
Fix: No sticky header in mobile with Header 05 (vertical)
Fix: Bug with filter when use list-view mode
Fix: Collection Slideshow bug
Fix: Bug can't remove button clearly on homepage slideshow
Feature: Add option to config section spacing
Feature: Add option to direct to product detail page when click on product item's image
Feature: Add option to ignore some collections when get related/recommended products
Feature: Add option to support image swap on product item
Feature: Add option to show/hide sku/vendor/product type/availability sections on product detail page
Feature: Add option to enable/disable responsive in homepage's slideshow
Feature: Focus on corresponding featured image when change variant in product detail page
Feature: Add option to set max-width of quick-view modal
Version 1.0.1 – Sep 13th, 2017
Fix: Filter sidebar error when use list-view mode
Fix: Remove default arrows of input type number on Firefox
Fix: Change cookie-law z-index
Fix: Change product information spacing
Fix: Slide-right Cart error when update cart
Fix: Add My account to mobile menu
Feature: Add options to choose default state of sidebar filter
The images you see in the live demos are used for demo purposes only, they are not included in the download package, nor do we have any right to own.

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Comments (8)

July 13,2019
Hi! I like this them but I’ve two questions: 1. Can I change the font? 2. In the mobile version – There are some button (zoom, favorite) that covers most of the images. Its there any way those links can be eliminated or put in the button of the image? – Thanks in advance!
July 11,2019
Hello, i bought this theme and it`s amazing. Just 1 question. How can change the dimensions of the logo section ? It is small and the logo are not visible very well. Thanks
June 30,2019
Hello I purchase this theme however it seems i cannot find a way to add or to fix the color for the thumbnail choices? hope you can help please do email me
June 30,2019
Hello! I purchased the theme earlier today and I have been playing around and LOVE it! However, when I published my theme and started customizing it, I lost scrolling capability. I can’t scroll down on Chrome or IE. I went into the site on IE to see what I could scroll as an end user, and I can’t. I also cannot scroll while customizing in Chrome. Can you help?
June 21,2019
I have a issue with the homepage banner not resizing on mobile. Everything else fits ok but the banners do not adjust.
June 17,2019
Hi, I purchased this theme for my store but I am having issues with my product page. It says “checkout securely with” under the product but it’s just blank underneath. I can’t edit it in my shopify editor. Help!
June 12,2019
Hello, I have a question about the color swatched on products. When I put in the inventory with the colors and lets say they arent red, blue or pink…it more like…. fire red, or brillian blue, poppin’ pink etc. Will it effect the color showing on the product? The problem I have is that online it will show the words of the color swatch but no actual color and I didnt know how to adjust this. Can you assist?
June 08,2019
Im having trouble changing the text color of the menu in the header and sticky header. Where in the world can i go to find this setting????