OnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

OnEvent - Special Event Landing PageOnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

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OnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

OnEvent is a responsive landing page template, designed for special events. You can display all the necessary information regarding your event using this template’s available sections. You can add a photogallery, commerical video, event schedule and invited execuive guest list.

Get Directions script using Google Maps is included to find directions to the event venue. Registration form is included to collect user information such as name, email, phone and message.

OnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

Main Features

  • One Page Template
  • HTML 5 & CSS3
  • jQuery/AJAX
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 Framework
  • Responsive Layout
  • Total 2 Layout Options
  • Smooth Page Scrolling
  • CSS3 Effects
  • Font Awesome icons + Glyphicons from Bootstrap3
  • Working Simple Ajax Register Form (Get details on your email)
  • Working Subscribe form (get details on your EMAIL as well as through MailChimp)
  • Extreemely Easy Color Customization
  • Modern Browsers Compliant
  • Easy to Work with.
  • PSD Provided.

What you are getting?

  • Detailed Documentation
  • html, js and css files for Both Layouts
  • PSDs for both layout styles

To get email address of your subscribers we have added 2 options:

- On your own EMAIL
- By using MailChimp

(You will see two folders in Download folder > HTML)

Note: Images in Preview are not included in the download file.

Update history


Recent update is just for phpmailer.php. I have updated phpmailer.php for vulnarability in older versions.

Version 1.2.1 – 10 Nov 2014

- CSS fixes done for Responsive Part

Version 1.2.0 – 16 July 2014

- Pricing Table Added 
- Sub navigation Added
- minor improvements
- PSD updated
- Documentation updated as per changes

Version 1.1.0 – 06 March 2014

- Some bugs shown by buyers in Item Comment Section 
- IE9 input placeholder issue fix
- For subscribe form 2 options added one for email and other for MailChimp
- Some minor styling fixes for counter, top bar bg for small screens
- Documentation updated as per changes

Version 1.0 – 10 January 2014

EVENT Landing Pages

OnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

OnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

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OnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

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OnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

OnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

OnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

OnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

OnEvent - Special Event Landing Page

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Comments (60)

July 16,2019
Hya, Saptarang!
Landing is great, i’ve almost complete the whole site for my event just about in 6-7 hours. Really cool work, buddy!
ps: I’ve found a lil bug in the first variant of landing (with slider and small countdown under). The registration form, poping out after “Register” button clicked, – still working without header, ya put him in the code not in the right place ((
July 15,2019
Is it possible to translate this theme to another language? I would need it in Dutch… Some other themes have no options to change the language of the titles and buttons?
July 15,2019
Thank you for the great template!
July 15,2019
I seem to be experiencing the same issue of images not appearing. the /img folder is set to 755.
July 14,2019
Awesome template, nice job !
I have a little problem here : my ‘background slider images’ works fine on my computer in local but i don’t know why it doesn’t work online and i tried on two different server.
Do you know why ?
Thanks for your help
July 14,2019
The countdown counter does not work on a iphone. Do you have a fix for this issue?
July 13,2019
Hi there, is it possible to set the calendar that show the coming next event (also if the next event is 3 months later)?
July 13,2019
I am having an issue with the google maps, error reads: This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.
July 13,2019
Route function: No route could be found between the origin and destination.
Origin is Event Location (fixed) and Get Directions I put big town nearby. I have no clue how it will work.
July 12,2019
Thanks for this template. I bought some months ago, but now I’m receiving lots of spam from the form. Also is missing some graphic elements, like the dark mask onf background photos. Please check
July 11,2019
I purchased this but I can’t figure out how to install this theme since there is no zip file included. I tried zipping up the 01 and 02 folders but that does not do it. There is nothing in the documentation about installation.
July 10,2019
Success message on registration form not working! when i press submit, the page goes to /form/register.php and does not show success message. emails do get sent to proper destination.
Please help!!!
July 10,2019
Can I set number of seats for each price? And can I change the number manually after receiving payment?
July 09,2019
Very clean and informative style, GLWS!
July 09,2019
how to edit header, i need menu from left and remove logo
July 09,2019
Nice design! Does it come with a working registration/Email form?
July 09,2019
Great Theme. one question, why is it that when i remove the unnecessary .js files (like the jquery.fitvids.js, or the prettyphoto.js) files i loose the smooth scrolling effect. The reason why i’m removing those files is because i am not using the gallery, or video features.
July 08,2019
Hey, just finished updating the theme for an event and I love the way it turned out! You definitely did a great job. I was asked by the customer however to add a few more fields to the registration form. Namely they want it listed as Name, Company, Title, Phone, Email, State and then comments. I was able to add them to index.html properly, and I then copied your format in register.php to add the extra items however my new items don’t seem to be working correctly. Is there anywhere else I need to add them or any reason they wouldn’t be taking correctly?
July 08,2019
Does it also work with ie8 or are there any important features missing?
July 07,2019
Hello. Registar form makes character corruption.
I use Japanese. How can I fix this problem?
July 06,2019
Nice template. I was volunteered to build a day school event website and this made the process quick and easy since I did not need to design the site from scratch. Thanks for a great well documented template! I will add a comment if I have any questions.
July 05,2019
Hi, I love this theme, but I have noticed that I am getting a lot of spam through the registration form, how do I stop this? Thanks
July 04,2019
Any idea on when this will available for wordpress? I’d purchase right now if this were the case.
July 03,2019
I love this theme and am almost done editing it for a client. However, they want a select option added to the register form. I have the HTML worked out, but can’t get the select variable to send out to their email. Do I need to edit the onevent.js and register.php?
July 02,2019
Can a print capability be added to the Google Maps directions results?
July 01,2019
“You can edit following options in the Register form. Go to template directory > Form and open Register.php ” I downloaded files but I can’t find directory with the form
July 01,2019
Greate theme! One question before purchasing, Is it possible to sell a ticket for the event. If this feature is not included, can you provide some suggestion on how to implement it (given I purchased your item).
June 29,2019
Hello, please i bought this theme now, but i dont find where i can change background. Please where is it? Demo2 html template…
June 27,2019
Great one indeed!

Good luck with the sales
June 27,2019
Sorry, I got it – the coding in your direction.js was wrong, tiny little different and it works. So just cut off all map question and please see the mobile part…
How to change Miles to Kilometers?
June 27,2019
saptarang, I see that REGISTERing is possible but I wanted to know f there is a way or adding it or changing it so it can have a paypal account attached to it.
June 26,2019
Is it possible to change the hover color on the Nav bar links without changing the hover color everywhere else?
June 25,2019
Hi there.. I think your preview website can not be viewed, because your Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. check your hosting guy. thanks
June 24,2019
Hi, i need help. Images and some js functionalities are not working properly. I uploaded the web document and i chmod -R 755 to the complete folder.
June 24,2019
Great template. Love it. Question: How can I change the amount of time that each slide shows in the main image slider? I want it to switch images quicker.
June 24,2019
Hi, i’m getting this error “NetworkError: 403 Forbidden –"
June 23,2019
Purchased theme. No images show up or the countdown. Using option 2, host and site is Thanks for your assistance
June 23,2019
Does all the forms work like joining event ? Easy to edit this forms ?
June 21,2019
Hi, it’s urgent for me to implement a datepicker for birth dates. I have been trying to do this but i have not been able to do it.
June 20,2019
Hello, thanks for the product, have one slight adjustment to the theme function i cant figure out, might be in the onevent.js file,or the FAQ section .panel-heading how can i get one faq to close once another faq is clicked open. Because right now, once one faq is clicked open it will stay open and you can click them all and they will all stay open. What file can i change to get this to work with only one faq question being open at a time.
June 20,2019
Great work! how can i set background slider images? in your demo is activate, but not show it in my installation
June 20,2019
Great template!
I don’t suppose there is a way to automate the tabs in the event schedule module? Say so they skip between the video, gallery etc every 5-10 seconds?
June 19,2019
(Sorry, but cant find this answer in comments).
June 19,2019
I noticed the slider images have no Watermark so are we allowed to use them on our own websites without replacing them? (If we purchase you item)
June 17,2019
Good and useful scheme. We have already incorporated it into our site but 2 things that I missed:
June 17,2019
From todays morning the registration form stop working (i cant received any emails). I’ve already “reinstall” the package on my testing ground – but the same thing happened.
Is there any global reason (server, gmail mailbox setting)?
June 16,2019
How to add sub menu under main menu ?
June 16,2019
I really also wanted the splash page with the two options side by side, as you have. (the two monitors!) Also the header with the choice of viewable sizes.
June 16,2019
sweet theme.. i looked at the countdown.js and was wondering, if thats how you change the countdown?
June 15,2019
Is there a way to make the Registration Form Submit Button also print the form before it submits?
June 15,2019
How do I change the Number of FAQs to 10 instead of 8? When I add an extra to each column, it glitches and pushes #5 into the second column still.
June 15,2019
Do you perhaps have a wordpress version of this template?
June 15,2019
This is just a great template overall. Nice design + Code clarity + Clear documentation + Very well organized file system. ¡Congratulations!
It was very easy to translate, edit sections, and customize google maps widget. Of course one needs to have a little knowledge of html, css and js. It’s hard to find the PROs in code canyon but once you find’em dont let them go!
June 12,2019
I am running on localhost but the background color specified in the custom.js doesn’t work. Strange because other scripts like slider is working.
June 11,2019
I can’t seem to even get it installed to my client’s site. Can you please let me know… I’ve tried unzipping it and zipping up the file on the inside and several different variations of that step, also tried uploading it through the file manager on their hosting site.
June 09,2019
I am a new customer since today with your event page. I can´t get google maps working – tried many times exactly right map code and double checked like in the demo. I only get blue screen… Thanks
June 08,2019
This is an awesome event theme – works like a charm with our marketing automation solution. Thanks a lot for your work! We’re definitvely going to use this for our larger events.
June 07,2019
The last wordpress update froze the schedule and the scheduled items will not change in any order: no matter what time I change them to.
June 07,2019
Hi! I bought this theme and I’m having trouble adding new categories to the registration section. I have them showing up but it isn’t collection the data from the new fields. I sent you an email last week about this as well. Let me know what I can do to get this to work or if you need more information from me about what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you!
June 05,2019
¿I can use video and social plugin?