Event Management WordPress Theme

Scale new heights in managing events with Event Management WordPress Theme-the ideal tool for seamless execution of events.

Event Management WordPress Theme simplifies organization of a variety of events, conferences, exhibitions, trade expos, award ceremonies, annual functions, seminars amongst others.

The theme enables systematic presentation of information, in a layout that brings focus to key event details. Event Management WordPress Theme creates an interactive environment, and is capable of executing sophisticated functions such as ticket sales, registrations, media information section with photos, videos, blogs and widgets such as Google Maps, countdown timer etc.

Event Management Theme has been created keeping the varied business needs of event managers, and therefore possesses responsive design, a rich palette of design customization options, and smart layouts to minimize the effort required in sharing information and updates.

Organize landmark events with Event Management WordPress Theme!

Event Management WordPress Theme

Free HTML Template when purchase WordPress Theme

Event Management WordPress Theme
Version 1.8.4
- Fix problem popup video with https

Version 1.8.3
Update Visual Composer Plugin version 5.7
Update Outdate file Woocommerce
Fix Slideshow Multiple Background when page is boxed
Version 1.8.2
[Update]: Update Visual Composer Plugin version 5.6
Version 1.8.1
[Update]: Update Visual Composer Plugin version 5.4.7
[Update]: Woocommerce version 3.3.4
Version 1.8.0
[Update]: Update Visual Composer Plugin
Version 1.7.9
[Update]: Update Visual Composer Plugin
Version 1.7.8
[Fix]: Past Event Page 
Version 1.7.7
[Update]: Visual Composer 
Version 1.7.6
[Update]: Visual Composer 5.2.1
[Update]: FontAwesome 4.7.0
Version 1.7.5
[Update]: Visual Composer
[Fix]: Timezone for event
Version 1.7.4
[Update]: Visual Composer
Version 1.7.3
[Add]: Allow choose hour, minutes in countdown
Version 1.7.2
- [Update] Visual Composer
- [Add]: One Click demo data
- [Add]: Google Font API 
- [Add]: Slideshow with multi backgound
- [Fix]: RTL
- [Fix]: Some issues
Version 1.7.1
- Update Visual Composer
- Update Woocommerce
- Update Breadcrumbs
- Update comment form
Version 1.7.0
- Update slideshow.
- Update Search Event function.
- Update style some pages.
- Update Event Management plugin.
08 May 2016
- Update breadcrumbs
- Fix pricing shortcode with woocommerce
14 April 2016
- Update visual composer to version 4.11.2
- Fix javascript in wordpress 4.5
22 March 2016
- Update visual composer to version 4.11.1
- Update List/Grid event page
- Update Search feature
- Add Event Upcoming page
- Add Event Past page
24 February 2016
- Add woocommerce plugin for booking
- Update visual composer to version 4.10
- Fix bugs: Order in event filter shortcode
- Update documentation
- Fix comment in wordpress 4.4
- Update visual composer to version 4.9
- Fix customizer in wordpress 4.4

- Update visual composer to version 4.8.1
- Update breadcrumbs

- Update visual composer to version 4.8
- Add sort event feature
- Update shortcode file
- Add single category page
- Update visual composer to version 4.7.4
- Fix style for grid, list, search event page

Key Features

- 2 Home variations
- Free Visual composer $34
- One click demo data
- Free HTML Template when purchase WordPress Theme
- Support woocommerce plugin for booking
- Support embed Eventbrite Plugin
- Event Upcoming page
- Past events page
- Event list page
- Event grid page
- Search name/category event
- Filter event by category
- Display great schedule
- Countdown event
- Theme options – Customizer default of wordpress
- Unlimited color
- Wide & Boxed version
- Config layout in each page/post
- Error page, Blog pages pages
- .po,.mo files ready
- 100% Responsive
- Contact us
- Documentation: step by step

Quarter - Real Estate HTML Template

There are included total 35+ HTML files.0
Layout – Responsive
Columns – 4
Files Included – HTML, JS, CSS, SCSS, PHP
Well Documentation
User Friendly Code
Easy to customize
W3C Validation
SEO friendly code

File included

HTML files
CSS files
PHP file
JS files
SCSS files
Documentation in HTML

Flexible Menu
Quarter has an awesome menu that has sticky and transparent options.

Comments (90)

July 15,2019
Hi just a pre sale question – does each single event post for this theme allows shortcode integration ( e.g. Tickera)
July 14,2019
Hi Jim. Question – under each individual event a Schedule is displayed, showing the event days and below it the halls and various talks that occur in those halls. When we click on an individual talk it drills down to a detailed page. The problem is at this point the breadcrumbs trail is displaying something like “Home >> Schedule >> The Event We Are Looking At”; if we now click on the Schedule link it opens a page that displays ALL the items created in Schedule instead of bringing us back to overview of the particular event’s schedule. (1) Is there a fix for this? (2) If not how do we disable breadcrumbs completely for the Schedule link (this page does not appear in the list of Pages)? Thx in advance!
July 14,2019
Hi, how do I change the Event filter font-awesome icon from a heart to fa fa-calendar? I’ve tried updating “Insert icon time” and “Insert icon in filter navigation” of the Event filter settings but nothing changes.
July 13,2019
I want to show the events by location and by time events like?
July 13,2019
Hi. How can I change hexagons by circles, squares or an image?
July 13,2019
Hey. I have questions before buying:
July 12,2019
Can I add own logo for my website?
It will be responsove? Or i need to add separate for mobile devies?
July 12,2019
Yesterday I sent a help email, very urgent, who can reply and reply
July 12,2019
I love this theme. Just a quick question though please:
July 12,2019
Is there a way to get the UpComing Event Layout with List view on a template that can be edited through Visual Composer?
July 12,2019
I am running a video as background on my homepage and would like to be able to display the video background clearly. How do I remove/control the slider overlay on the Homepage for each slideshow_tem (eg. simple, Find Event, Countdown)? Thx in advance!
July 11,2019
Hi, pre sale questions:
1) after the event is it possible to upload the event material only accessible to the participants?
2) after the event is it possible to generate in automatic a certificate of attendance with the name of the participant?
Best Regards
July 11,2019
Hello there. I love the event Mana theme and would like to ask if you can instal the demo theme for free for me. Pls let me know if this can be done before i make the purchase. Thank you
July 11,2019
Hello, I’ve implemented your theme on our website but there seems to be a problem. Whenever I click the author link of a custom post the author title of the archive page shows different and ‘Nothing Found’ template pulls up despite of having certain posts authored by them.
Website: https://bricsaconsulting.com
Custom post archive: https://bricsaconsulting.com/news/
July 10,2019
How do you change the color of the timer in the slideshow?
Thanks in advance!
July 10,2019
Is there a way to slow down the rotation speed of the latest events shown at the top of the theme? (same as previous post – used wrong account).
July 09,2019
I keep getting all the time a spinner on the PayPal options on the Checkout page. What could be the reason? I have a valid PP Business account + token.
July 09,2019
Where is support?.... I buy the theme on Sunday night., i send a support ticket a few hours later… Now Tuesday morning and still heard nothing.
July 08,2019
Hello – Have a question before buying:
July 08,2019
Hi, since few days ago Google Map is darkened and watermarked with “for development purposes only”, how to fix this?
And how to change Google Maps API code? I cannot find an option for it.
July 08,2019
I have updated to the latest Version: 1.7.7 but my Visual Composer plugin is still needing update and stuck to version 5.1.1 . I tried updating via Envato Market plugin and via ftp also with no results.
July 08,2019
Hi!, contact form does not work, I have already set several IDs and it does not work, they can give me support. Thank you.
July 08,2019
halo, how can i contact and get they support for my themes? I have contact via 24 hours support form no response at all
July 07,2019
Hi, pre sales question, is it possible to edit the woocommerce payment into your preferred gateway instead of using the eventbrite?
July 06,2019
After the last theme upgrade, I have a problem with the the (1) slideshow and (2)footer. https://startupdrill.co/
(1) There is a gap between the header (menu) and the blue color that goes over the picture in the slideshow.
(2) There is no more social icons in the footer of page but those were there before I updated the theme.
What can I do about it?
July 04,2019
Hello In event information not showing in left side. all details has been field in event page. http://www.lucknowjunction.com/event/90s-night-at-zust-bistro/ please check screenshot url – https://ibb.co/FJVMxdx
July 04,2019
urgent i went o buy the WPBakery Page Builder (Regular License)One year of premium class support and free updates.
July 03,2019
post sale question, how would I go about making the event list for this into an excerpt instead of always showing full text?
July 03,2019
Hi. How can I indicate that shows 12 events instead of 10 on the event grid page?
July 03,2019
Hi I am getting the following error and heading, testimonials and other wpbakery things are getting hidden. I loaded waypoint library at the end of the page. It works good on firefox but on other browsers, it is creating problems.
July 03,2019
The event settings section wont display the information like the theme sample?
I loaded the sample content and that cant be edited either.
July 02,2019
Very good theme, loads of options and features.
I have one issue, I’m still on demo content and on the home page “event filter”, only past events show up. if I change an event date to the future so its listed as “scheduled” then the event does not show up under the filter anymore at all. only one event show up if I change the settings to “not show past events”. please help.
July 02,2019
Hello Im interesting in purchasing your theme. Is there user submission available? can you fix that?. If you can any users submit event. I will buy now.
July 02,2019
Hi, Is possible to create a single page with a events category? Can I view this page demo?
July 01,2019
Hi, I have problem with wpml and search event widget. I have not possibility to translate this string and the search in sidebar landing in a single page either in italian and english version
July 01,2019
How do I turn off the sidebar on every page, post or schedule?
Thank you in advance!
July 01,2019
When are you guys going to fix the “add to calendar” function and when will the calendar be compatible with Google Calendars? We’ve been asking for way too long…
July 01,2019
Is there a way to slow down the rotation speed of the latest events shown at the top of the theme?
June 29,2019
if we use this them this theme have feature any person or ngo come here and create event from front end and also people subcribe for this and have record of these
June 28,2019
The front page of my site is pulling the right sidebar and I have no idea why.
June 28,2019
Hi there, I am editing your theme for a client (he is the buyer, not me) and I am using Polylang plugin for translating and creating multilanguage site. I am creating events in different languages perfectly, but I have a problem. At the Home Page I can’t find out how to set up the Event Filter Setting so that the events texts would change according to the selected language. Thank you very much
June 27,2019
I sent you a message via the Item Support form. Any news?
June 26,2019
good theme, i like the style ! very nice work
June 26,2019
Hi. I’m trying to import the demo content. I wait more than 15 minutes and the circle keeps spinning, but it does nothing. What I can do?
June 26,2019
Hi there, just needed to enable woocommerce and I get an error “eventmana/woocommerce/cart/cart-empty.php version 2.0.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.1.0”
June 25,2019
Before i buy it i have a question.
It’s there any place on the template that you can see the people/attendance to an event? export to file? or make a report of that?
June 25,2019
I have purchased your theme but when I try to use WPBakery page builder, it asks me to activate license. Please guide me about how to activate it as I want to use page templates provided by WPBakery page builder
June 25,2019
1. Top Navigation Bar has text that is way too small. How do I get this font size bigger for the items in the top navigation?
June 24,2019
Event Registration form link please share
June 24,2019
Event Filter Element which is not working well. It doesn’t go ASC neither DESC. It shows the 6 upcoming events in random order.
June 24,2019
Hello, how are you? Does your theme allow people to sign up for events and manage their events?
June 23,2019
Hi. How can I remove the “breadcrumbs” in the “group” (event categories)?
June 22,2019
[Pre-Sell Q&A]
Hi there,
I like your theme. On demo when I clicked on any single event page that big round (page loader) can we hide or remove coz it takes time to load page.
– Thanks
June 22,2019
hi, can I sell tickets by external link? i mean button register/buy tickets will be redirect to other website
June 22,2019
Hello, i noticed only 4 events show up on my upcoming events page even when i have more than 4 events. i double checked all the settings but everything looks okay. upcoming events page: http://djamedia.com/upcoming-events/
however the home pages shows the full list. http://djamedia.com/
June 22,2019
I want to create e-certificate for the participants. Can you recommend any plugin which suitable with it? Thanks.
June 21,2019
Hi, How can I see the submission page ?
June 21,2019
Jim, the live preview as well as the default demo template suggests that we can post Galleries (containing a few pics) and videos within the homepage Gallery plugin. Can’t seem to find a way to do this at all so far. Is this possible or are the words “Gallery” and “Videos” used in the slugs purely for demo purposes but the Gallery plugin doesn’t support this functionality but only supports posting individual pictures?
June 20,2019
I sent in support email- I need help with theme- not updating with current information in slideshow and event details! Please help!
June 19,2019
Looks wonderful and works like a charm, all the best!
June 18,2019
I have inserted in the single event page the customization of the sidebar with the widgets. You can help me on how to insert a widget now to extract the titles of scheduled events.
Nothing is automated in this template I need to make changes to simplify the creation and management of events.
Please if you can help me.
June 18,2019
How can i remove the gradient on top of the slideshow images on the homepage? I do not want the images to be dark
June 17,2019
Also, in the upcoming events, i cannot see those scheduled for year 2018. I can only see those schedules for 2017. I can see all of them normally in Event Grid which shows all (past and upcoming)
June 17,2019
how can I put a custom sidebar inside specific events?
June 16,2019
I have two categories of events and would like to use different headers for them.
How do I create headers and link them on the event pages?
Best regards
June 16,2019
Hi, i would like to see the login section of the demo site what would the login credentials be ?
June 16,2019
What about Front-End submission and denying backend access?
June 15,2019
Site pages will not load. Black and red circle just spins and spins. Really need help with this. Do you have a support page where I can submit my website login details so you can take a look?
June 14,2019
Hello, Is it possible to see all the events in an agenda?
June 14,2019
How can I update WPBakery Page Builder Plugin, after install your theme in godaddy vps server. Website down after activate Woocommerce plugin. And I am not able to install “Instagram Slider Widget”. I am getting this error – “Something went wrong with the plugin API.”
June 14,2019
hello. urgent questions. first, is this theme is rtl ready? second, once i purchese it, can i get the psd for this theme?
June 14,2019
How do I change the overlay color for individual slides on the Main slider? I changed the color through Typography Settings and changed the color but it only appears on the first slide and gone from the second slide.
June 14,2019
Hi, I have purchased the theme but I have a problem. When admin create new event it appears in event-list. But when user click on newly created event it does not show up in single-event.php page. Because I did not entered content while creating event. Do i have to enter all those countless shortcodes in content for every event I create?
June 13,2019
Hi. Is it possible to limit the TOTAL amount of participants to an event? Example: I want to set 3 different type of tickets, each of them with its price (FREE, 20USD, 50USD). And people can buy any of those tickets to a total amount of 20 shared between the 3 of them?
June 13,2019
Hi. How can I automatically sort by date on the “grid page”?
June 12,2019
Can I add calendar page? I like this theme but there are no calendar pages here.
June 12,2019
hi, can i change the loader image black and red circle in to another loader in gif file?
June 12,2019
I am trying to find this solution also. The others are talking about the very top left header hot-line>

Standart Event Name Here "15 October at 20:00 - 22:00 on Manhattan / New York"

Standart Event Name Here "16 October at 20:00 - 22:00 on Manhattan / New York"

Standart Event Name Here "17 October at 20:00 - 22:00 on Manhattan / New York"

Standart Event Name Here "18 October at 20:00 - 22:00 on Manhattan / New York"

June 11,2019
Is there a way to add exhibitors too? Next to the speakers?
June 11,2019
Hello, we are evaluating several themes for a client. I have a couple of questions:
1- Does the theme manage capacity of the events and calculates it each time somebody registers?
2- How does the theme manage bookings for a free event? we don’t want users to go through woocommerce wheckout if the event is free.
June 10,2019
hi Jthemes, under the event price list, when i click on the Register Button it should redirect me to the Cart page but it my case it does not go there. Check out my website here: http://soflomixer.us.tempcloudsite.com/event/boots-and-hearts-2016/ please check it out and see how can we fix this please.
Thank you!
June 09,2019
Hello first of all thanks for great plugin:
June 09,2019
Hi. How can I change the word “event” in the URL?
June 07,2019
The countdown shows NAN, not a number. I have updated all the theme files as well as the Wordpress files. Still showing as NAN. How can I fix it?
June 06,2019
Do you have Payfast payment platform integrated in your theme?
June 06,2019
Hi I’m interested in purchasing this theme. I’d like to know if its possible to have multiple Featured events countdowns displayed on the home page like you have here – http://demo.ovathemes.com/eventmana/ but instead of just one 2 or 3?
June 06,2019
The Visual Composer plugin is the same as WPBakery Page Builder? Or am I doing something wrong with the installation?
June 05,2019
Hi there, does it work with tickera or ticket tailor?
June 05,2019
How do I remove “by JThemes Studio” from the Testimonials section?
June 05,2019
Hi there,
We are a non profit 501 c3 and we are creating a new department cultural center.
We want to create a specific website for this department.
We have 2 to 3 events a week.
We will also offer regular classes and host events from other organizations.