Breaking News Daily-Newspaper Magazine Blog-HTML5

The Newspaper Website you’ve been waiting for! Responsive HTML5 Theme

Breaking News Daily has been designed specifically for online newspaper publishers with great attention to detail and carefully thought and designed layout variations for all your publishing needs. This theme includes layouts such as Breaking news, Developing story, Breaking news + Developing, Breaking + Developing + Video and so on…

Even though it was designed specifically for online newspaper it can be used for various magazines or advanced blogs.

Check the screenshots and demo!


Breaking News Daily-Newspaper Magazine Blog-HTML5

Multiple colors

Breaking News Daily-Newspaper Magazine Blog-HTML5

Specially designed layouts for all publishing needs

Breaking News Daily-Newspaper Magazine Blog-HTML5

Advertisment positions

Breaking News Daily-Newspaper Magazine Blog-HTML5


  • 20 PSD files
  • 6 color schemes
  • Carefully designed newspaper layouts (Homepage; Article single) for all publishing purposes
  • Specially designed media gallery layout
  • Custom Sports and Business sections
  • Advertising sections throughout the site
  • Easily adoptable to any Magazine style website you’re building
  • Dropdown menus
  • Sliders and galleries
  • …and much more!

Layout variations:

  • Regular news
  • Regular + Breaking news
  • Regular + Breaking with images
  • Regular + Breaking with video
  • Regular + Breaking + Photo
  • Developing story (includes more featured stories on homepage)
  • Regular + Breaking + Developing
  • Regular + Breaking + Developing + Live (Live is used when just an announcement has to be made but no article has been written yet)
  • Article + sidebar
  • Article + sidebar + Slider
  • Business section with live stock quotes
  • Sports section with live score
  • Media gallery

This is just a part of what is included in this theme. There is much more in there so you should check out the demo and screenshots.

If you have any questions about customization of this template witch are not covered in the documentation feel free to ask a question in the comment section or contact me directly via e-mail form on my profile page.

Image resources used in demo:

Other resources:

Comments (6)

June 30,2019
is it compatible with a wordpress site?
June 28,2019
hello, does the Become a members works?
June 28,2019
Your site is overloaded and says Bandwidth Exceeded. Need to fix that so people can see it.
June 18,2019
Is it possible to see the demo because the Live Preview is not working?.
June 12,2019
So, you are not selling this anymore, since your demo pages are not available to view?
June 10,2019
demo please.. live preview isn’t available, please provide a demo