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Handyman Job Board Theme is designed for anyone creating a job board, job listing or job directory site for electricians, plumbers, contractors, handymen etc.

Handyman bundled with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) plugin which allows you to easily build your site. Also it works with the greatest options panel – Redux Framework. You can easily change any theme color. Handyman comes with a lot of elements so you can create any type of content you needed.

Even if you are creating a site for electrician, plumbers, handyman etc., then this theme is a good option. Handyman comes with a nice selection of post formats for displaying different types of content on your blog, including galleries, images, videos, quotes, and links.


Handyman - Job Board WordPress Theme Handyman - Job Board WordPress Theme Handyman - Job Board WordPress Theme Handyman - Job Board WordPress Theme Handyman - Job Board WordPress Theme Handyman - Job Board WordPress Theme Handyman - Job Board WordPress Theme Handyman - Job Board WordPress Theme Handyman - Job Board WordPress Theme Handyman - Job Board WordPress Theme Handyman - Job Board WordPress Theme

For Company

Company can post their job offer using front end submission form. Those who are looking for jobs can then contact company via email or contact form.

  • Add, manage and categorise job listings using the familiar WordPress UI.
  • Searchable & filterable ajax powered job listings added through shortcodes.
  • Frontend forms for employers to submit & manage job listings.
  • Allow job listers to preview their listing before it goes live. The preview matches the appearance of a live job listing.

Based on WP Job Manager plugin (free).

For Handyman

Handyman can post their profiles, including a photo, skill set, location and other useful information, which can then be viewed by those looking for a handyman, electrician, plumber etc. Those seeking to employ someone can then contact the handyman directly through the email or contact form.

  • Allow handyman (candidates) to post resumes and apply to jobs with the resumes
  • List handyman, restricting access to certain user roles if you wish
  • Restrict which user roles can view handyman contact details

Based on Resume Manager (sold separately).


  • 100% Responsive
  • Built on Bootstrap 3.3.7
  • WordPress 5.1 & 4.9 ready
  • Integrates with WP Job Manager plugin (by Mike Jolley)
  • Integrates with Resume Manager (paid add-on for WP Job Manager)
  • WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) included (save $46)
  • Reviewer plugin included (save $28)
  • Theme Options Panel (Redux Framework Based)
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 4 Home Page templates
  • Theme Customizer support (a real-time appearance editor)
  • Custom widgets (Flickr Feed, Latest Post, Tabs Widget, Contact Info)
  • Translation Ready (.pot file included)
  • Post Formats support
  • Jobs & Resumes search forms in the Hero Slider section
  • 7 Footer Widget Layouts
  • Working Contact Form (Contact Form 7 Plugin)
  • Google Web Fonts
  • 779 Google Fonts Usable
  • 634 Font Awesome Icons Included
  • 250+ Entypo Icons Included
  • Demo Content included (xml)
  • LESS/CSS (for easy styling)
  • Free Updates

Compatibility with WP Job Manager add-ons

Release Notes – Past versions changelogs.

Version 1.7.0 – March 10, 2019

* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 5.7
* [tweak] WP Job Manager 1.32.2 compatibility
* [tweak] Resume Manager 1.17.1 compatibility
* [tweak] WC Paid Listings 2.8.2 compatibility
* [tweak] Indeed Integration 2.2.0 compatibility
* [tweak] Embeddable Job Widget 1.1.0 compatibility
* [tweak] Bookmarks 1.4.0 compatibility
* [tweak] Applications 2.4.1 compatibility
* [tweak] Job Alerts 1.5.2 compatibility
* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.5.6 compatibility
* [docs] Online documentation
* [fix] Candidate Dashboard Login button doesn't work

NOTE: All images used in the theme are for demo purpose only and aren’t included into the theme package.

NOTE: For handyman submission and handyman listings you should use Resume Manager paid plugin.

NOTE: Reviewer plugin needs WordPress >= 4.0 and PHP >= 5.3 to work.

Sources and Credits

Handyman - Job Board WordPress ThemeHandyman - Job Board WordPress ThemeHandyman - Job Board WordPress ThemeHandyman - Job Board WordPress ThemeHandyman - Job Board WordPress ThemeHandyman - Job Board WordPress Theme

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Comments (63)

July 16,2019
Hi Dan, a quick question please. I am currently using your Petsitter theme, but thinking about switching to your handyman theme. Is it a big workload to make such a change or is it just some general modifications? Will all resume and job listing settings be the same? Thanks for your help!
July 16,2019
Hello! There are 3 user groups. 1,2,3 If a group 1 of users submits a job, only 2 groups of users see it. If 2 groups of users submit a job you can see the 2.3 user group. This can be done?
July 15,2019
I am trying to buy this theme, but have questions
1. Can i customize to sort professionals by review or rating.
2. Is there a pay package for professional to pay for featured listing
July 15,2019
Hi Dan, just want ask, this job boars its little same like https://www.ratedpeople.com/ ? Same princip? Costumers post a job, and? trademens can apply for a job?
July 15,2019
Hi Dan
For theme transportability reasons I do not want to buy into Visual Composer. Does your theme require VC and/or what will be missing if I do not use it?
July 14,2019
1. does this theme support buddypress?
2. can u share demo credentials?
3. Does the theme customizable, I wanted to customize profiles.
July 12,2019
Is it possible to have revert job board:
July 12,2019
How do i add the icons to the website like in the demo.
July 11,2019
Hi Dan, if I purchase your handyman theme do I need to then buy Resume Manager?
July 10,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
July 10,2019
Hi Dan, i like your theme, but i want to use it for a bussiness directory with about 8000 companies in 700 categories of activities aproximately. Do you think your theme is good for this?
July 10,2019
Hi, looks very good, before I buy, if is possible to do on board
July 06,2019
Thank you for this great product!
July 06,2019
I am very interested in buying. But first I would ask questions.
- Is it possible to have a home page with google maps and the list of candidates within (for example) 30 miles radius with geolocation?
July 06,2019
I have a pre-sale question:
In the single job description, in the right side you have a form to get in touch with the professionist. This form send an email directly to this professionist?
July 02,2019
Your resume page shows in grid view (I love it): http://preview.themeforest.net/item/handyman-job-board-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/17327679
July 01,2019
1. how can i add a profile picture ?
2. when you signup user can select, candidate or employer. but when i login i can do both ?
3.is there anyway admin to add locations to select for the user in search era ?
4.where i can see the admin ?
July 01,2019
Hello just a few question before I buy! This theme comes with a payment method plugin? or I need to buy separately ? it is a paypal setup? Can I remove the free option?
July 01,2019
hope you are very well,Good chance.
Is your theme support RTL mode?
June 29,2019
Presale question – i am wanting to use this for an Escort Directory. Do you think this will be suitable?
June 29,2019
Can you advice me on why my purchase code is not activating the license within WP although i have given all the correct and needed information?
June 28,2019
Wow! It looks good! Good Luck With Sales!
June 27,2019
Hi Dan, installed wordpress and your theme, gives me a 500 Internal Server Error. But whenever i delete the theme everything works well.
June 26,2019
Hi, I am wondering if your theme can do the following.
June 25,2019
I want to let the team know this is a beautiful theme. I will showcase my website next week for you to appreciate the theme.
I transformed this theme to a full freelance website, with lost of customizations and 3rd party plugins.
Dan is a wonderful person
June 24,2019
Hi there – would you be able to explain when a customer posts a job, is there any notification to handymen to apply or send quotes? I’m looking for some automated way to match the two up – like the customer gets a few recommendations. I’m just trying to figure out how the customer and handyman get matched up. Thanks!
June 24,2019
Hi there, I have a couple of pre-buy questions. For the provider email, can I change it to the site webmaster instead? I mean I won’t let the customer to directly contact the provider. Is it possible? Thanks!
June 24,2019
this is pre-sale question. How we can make money with “push job or push profile” listing? or we just make money with membership only?
June 23,2019
Hi there, interested in buying this but I have a few questions… 1) is it possible to see an example of where a video about a helper would appear on their profile? 2) I’m looking for something that extends wider than just handyman jobs, So about 100 categories in all. Would the drop down tab of categories work for this?! 3) I need to demonstrate that my website is channeling business to the tradespeople who sign up to it. When prospective customers get in touch, will the helpers be aware that they have gone via this site? Can I collect stats on how many enquiries have been generated and to whom? Many thanks in advance! J
June 23,2019
The review section is no longer coming up on the resume single page. I have tried everything possible, but cannot make it appear. I need help
June 23,2019
Hi, I am looking to buy a job listing theme for my company, but can we disable to login register functionality? I just want to list the jobs at my company.
June 21,2019
I see that the theme has a tab “skill” is it possible to add a 2nd “Skills” tab and add tags to that?
June 21,2019
Hi Dan, any news about the plan to add a sidebar filter to your theme? Would be a big plus! Thanks.
June 20,2019
Could you please allow a temporary access to the system administrator?
June 20,2019
Its nice one, looking to be an excellent idea to build a website for finding the labor force easily. I hope this will attract good audience.
June 19,2019
I want to do e-commerce business on the site. Can shopping features be added? Thank you
June 18,2019
HI, Yesterday I purchased your theme. but having some problems while activating reviewer theme. also its showing No Demo Data Provided while trying to import demo data.
June 18,2019
can i make in resume 1.sub categories ? 2.select location in adding page ? 3.and also in search area ?
June 17,2019
I Have Few Questions To Clarify Before Purchase. 1)Without sign-up or login can a person search/find the resumes of the candidate with little information. 2)Without sign-up or login can a person search/find the Jobs with full information or little information. 3)Can i able to import couple of job postings in a single way. 4)Can i able to import couple of resumes in a single way. 5)do i need to purchase any extra plugin to access full theme. 6)if a person sign-up as a employer so will he can able to post the resume or only the jobs he have the access. 7)can i able to import the companies contact information list.(Like- name, location, phone, email) 8)Indeed integration is use for? 9)is this a user-friendly theme. 10)is there any extra for resume upload by candidates
June 16,2019
Hi ! I need some features and i want to known if there are supported in your theme, I will be working on a job listing webpage
1- Search job offers with filters (like city, salary, category, etc)
2- candidate profile to upload resume(cv)
3- candidate can add jobs to favorites/bookmarks and see it on their profile
4- candidate can apply or contact to offered jobs
5- employeers can upload job offers
6- employeers can saw resumes of candidates
7- candidates and employeers can use private messages
8- when candidate or employeers create profile can choose different plans with pricing that each includes different options (only 1 job publishing, 2 jobs, unlimited, etc, only see, upload 1 resume, apply jobs…)
9- I need any extra plugin to buy or any extra fee ?

Best Regards !
June 16,2019
hello , what are plugins that are included with the theme files ? do we need to purchase any plugin separately so that we can get a website like in your demo ?
June 16,2019
How do we activate the Reviewer plugin?? Ive used my themeforest credentials and it doesnt work…
June 16,2019
Is there any way to charge job poster a specific fee or monthly subscription fee?
June 15,2019
Looks incredible man, great job as usual!! Good Luck!
June 15,2019
Looks like a great theme! Congrats! I would like to create a local contractor directory where contractors would list basic for free, but upgrade for additional charges. Customers could post their job for free. Contractors could respond to job posting. Which additional plugins would be needed to accomplish this? Looking forward to your response. Thanks!
June 15,2019
Hey there, there are some offensive comments being left on your theme, probably the spam filter isn’t activated. Look at “C & G Plastering”. Good luck with sales, great theme otherwise!
June 14,2019
Does you theme has Email push notification for subscribers selecting specific job category & location Or Do we need to buy extra plugin for that ?
June 14,2019
If i buy this theme, can i send you my hosting details you should help me with the full demo installation?
June 13,2019
How can I remove the “skills” section from the “Team Member” page?
June 12,2019
Hello, yesterday I bought a template Handyman. I installed the template, but have some problems with activation of some plugins. I can’t activate Reviewer plugin, it writes that my code is not valid. Also, I just have added a categories in the raw Enabled: http://prntscr.com/cjddfw , but it isnot working, as you can see: http://prntscr.com/cjddqy We have no field there, but we have saved the settings. So, the template is not working correctly and I cannot going on with my work(((
Please, help me with it.
June 12,2019
Hi Dan, is it possible to filter the resume search by service areas? The handymen select to which areas they come to do their work as they usually do not only work within their city, right? So when potential customers search for a handyman they can select their service area, not only their service category. Is this possible with any plugin? I thought of Geolocation plugin, but radius search is also not the best option, as some handyman travel only a few kilometers while others travel much further. Maybe Job Tags? Thanks in advance!
June 12,2019
Excellent theme, clean and professional. Good luck with the sales
June 12,2019
I am looking to create a wordpress website that is a “directory” Homepage has search criteria with a drop down box : “category” “City”, “State”. once the criteria is entered it will route you to another page the “directory” The directory will list the companies name, address, phone number, website (With a hyperlink to link them to their website). Can these theme works?
June 12,2019
hi Dan … very nice clean and corporate look theme … we want to use this Theme as a JOB Portal as well. just have few questions before by this Theme:
June 12,2019
Nice job Dan! Is there a way for you to show all the jobs that have been posted in addition to all the handypeople on the home page? Thanks
June 10,2019
Do you have a page template for wooCommerce or I’ll have to create my own
June 09,2019
HI, Very interested in buying your theme but want to know if you can add a 3rd searchable database. Same set up as the handyman search database but for a different group of companies.
June 09,2019
I have a specific website that will function like hireahelper.com. The difference is my website will be one corporation that allows people who need moving help to select the employee’s they want to help them move instead of selecting a company.
June 07,2019
I’m interested in purchasing your theme but have a pre purchase questions if you don’t mind.
1) Which Premium Plugins/Addons will be required to be purchased to be able to set up the Theme as your demo.
2) Does the theme include the Demo files to help with initial setup?
June 07,2019
Downloading installation package from https://s3.eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/danfisher-bucket-2/handyman/C9Q9nGvH/df-custom-post-types-handyman.zip…
June 05,2019
Hi Dan, this looks good, but just a couple of questions. 1) Do you allow for multiple locations? i.e. Can a handyman who’s prepared to travel put down for eg. Liverpool, Manchester & Leeds on his profile, and appear in the search results for each of those places?
June 05,2019
I am new to WordPress so I may sound silly, can you please explain what Resume Manager does and what will it add to the website if I purchase it?
June 05,2019
Thanks for your theme. I want to completely hide the Hero content. I get a black box after hiding, I want to remove it temporarily for the moment.