Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template

Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template

Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template Dani - A Storming Portfolio & Blog template

A storming & clean Portfolio template

Dani is the tempalte you were waiting for. It is the perfect way to showcase your portfolio with a smooth and creative visual experience. The simplicity of Dani will ecstasize you and it gives you the possibility to finish your site in short period of time. Your visitors will love it.

Key Features

  • Valid HTML (w3c)
  • 50+ ready to use html files
  • Responsive Design for all html pages
  • Background Video (youtube,vimeo + html5)
  • Retina ready
  • 7 Single Portfolio layouts
  • Revolution Slider (included)
  • Parallax Background Image
  • Google Fonts
  • Font Icons
  • Sortable Portfolio
  • Well organised css
  • Multiple header & menu options
  • Masonry Portfolio listing
  • Contact page
  • Smart Scroll Portfolio grid
  • Video / Audio support
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • Service Page
  • Lighbox included
  • Carousel & Slider option
  • About Page
  • Cross Browser optimation
  • Mobile Menu
  • Smooth User Experience
  • Google map
  • Well documented
  • Widget area
  • Premium Support

Images / Video Credits

* Images/Videos are not part of the download


Version 2.0

* NEW: Dark Appearence
* NEW: Shop Layout
* NEW: Language Switcher
* NEW: Scroll Down Arrow
* UPDATE: PHP Mailer

Version 1.5

* NEW: Architecture demo
* NEW: Underline hover option for main menu
* NEW: Portfolio filter by url
* NEW: Pagination with images for single portfolio
* NEW: Wrapper big option
* NEW: double width option for isotope-gallery (see architecture single portfolio)
* NEW: list option for socialmedia widget (see footer in architecture demo)
* OPTIMIZED: Bind lightcase links if same href
* FIX: pointer event auto for menu-inner
* FIX: single pagination vertical center fix
* FIX: Minor bugfixes

Version 1.3

* New: Scroll to top option
* Update: Fontawesome library updated
* Fix: Horizontal scroll on mobile
* Fix: Minor bugfixes

Version 1.1

* Load More & Infinite load for portfolio
* Header Right option
* Spaced option for SmartScroll
* Pointer hover on header-top + transparent

Version 1.0

* Release

Comments (50)

July 15,2019
Hello, is it possible to use play-on-hover videos (just like in “Videographer”) in the “Main Agency” home items? I mean, keeping the Main Agency structure, but instead of having only images, also mixing it up with some videos. Thanks. Great theme.
July 15,2019
Nice theme!
Will you make the wp and one page version?
July 14,2019
Hello, very good theme ! By the way there is a little bug : When background video audio is on (on index-video.html for instance), it does not desactivate when you click and watch a pop up video (so sound is overlapsed). How to fix this without needing to click on mute button everytime ? Thank you.
July 14,2019
Beautiful work as always! I hope you make a wordpress version of this. Truly stand-out stunning work.
July 13,2019
I believe I’m not the only one waiting for wordpress version Last time you estimated time of release to be somewhere around 15 – 20 august. As of today, it’s 04. september so could you please tell us, if the wordpress version is going to be available soon ? Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you
July 13,2019
i buy the template at first time, the template is available now. It isn’t possible to have the left menu, in some page there’s red line, is it possible to change that ?
July 12,2019
@SpabRice Please notice that the Main Agency Portfolio Grid has obviously a bug in SAFARI browser after the last Update. Check this on the Demo site in Safari. The Smart Scroll of the Portfolio Grid doesn’t work properly.
July 11,2019
Hi, is there any way to add 2 filters to a portfolio item? For example on your theme, the sodamaker would show up both on branding and print…
July 09,2019
Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale
July 08,2019
Hello, I could not find in the live preview an example of the language switcher added in V2.0 of the HTML version of the theme, do you have one that I can test? Thank you.
July 08,2019
Hi, I purchased this theme, but it cant be install by wordpress because it says there is missing layout style.css. Can you please help?
July 07,2019
Really really like this template. Fantastic work guys!
July 06,2019
Hi! Congrats for your work! This theme is amazing, and the code is very well organized. It´s being a joy to work with it!
July 06,2019
Hi, Have have downloaded the latest version. But, I don’t see any reference to “Dark appearance” in the documentation. What does out refer to?
July 06,2019
Nice job, When you do an update with a lightbox ?
July 04,2019
Great template! Congratulations on being the featured item!
July 03,2019
Great theme. Having fun integrating with Craft CMS. I think there is an error on your style sheet line 2407: [class*=’wrapper’] .one-third {width: calc(33.33% – 16.66px);} It breaks onto next line. width: calc(33.33% – 33.33px); seems to work.
June 30,2019
Hello. Thanks for the great work. I just purchased, and I was wondering if you can add the source files for the logo versions as well as the fonts used for them? Kind regards.
June 29,2019
Hi, Can you please give an estimate of how long it will take to publish a wordpress version ? If not too long, we can use this static and then purchase the WP. Q2: Will the WordPress have the same layout structure ? so if we use this static one and wanted to jump to WP version will be the same image sizes, flow …etc Thanks (Already subscribed)
June 27,2019
a version for wordpress coming soon?
June 26,2019
Hi Spab, I’m currently viewing the template via iMac 5K/Safari and I realised that the grid layout is off the grid. Look at this: https://s3.postimg.io/jods72zlv/Screen_Shot_2016_08_25_at_17_41_31.png
June 26,2019
Congratulations, one of the best template i ever seen
June 25,2019
Hello. I want buy this theme but i have a question. I have photos in format 3:2 and i want use them as a slider in main page. But i dont want them resized in mobile. Its possible to keep them in orginal aspect ratio and over and bottom will be displayed background colour black or white? Greetings Wojtek
June 24,2019
I’ve sent you a few emails and haven’t heard back so I thought I’d comment, I’m having trouble with the google map widget, it’s asking for an api key can you tell me where to put it or how to solve this? I’m not seeing anything in the js to put it, thanks
June 23,2019
Amazing design, but I cant get it to work Every time I click Appearance/Theme Options, selecting one of the categories (General, Styling, Header and Menu, etc) it 404s.
June 23,2019
This is so awesome. One question: Is it possible to add a lightbox instead of get a new site openend if I click an image on this page: http://www.spab-rice.com/themeforest/dani/demo/portfolio-smartscroll-minimal.html
June 23,2019
Great work as always! I’m picking this one up for sure. I noticed on – index-video.html – when you click on the play button the video in the background does not stop. Also is it possible to have the background video start on mute? and can a pause button be added next to the ‘sound’ button?
June 15,2019
Great theme! Is there a chance that you will add a shop function in the future?
Greetings, Alain
June 14,2019
Hi, I am interested in buying your template, but I do not have PHP skills. Can you tell me what pages are done in PHP or what has been done in PHP?
June 14,2019
Nice Theme, will buy it. But this has to be fixed. Maybe with a little blur transparent background: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dv527qhj3rggl51/Screenshot%202016-08-25%2017.46.46.JPG?dl=0
June 14,2019
Hi SpabRice,
I really like your theme one question is it possible to have the open menu centered?
June 13,2019
hello, I bought your template and when I want to install I get the error “missing CSS files” as I can fix it?
thank you very much!
June 13,2019
Hi, does it have a dark theme? than you
June 13,2019
hi there, will i obtain the psd after purchase?
June 13,2019
I made the same mistake than “Adria1988”. I bought the “HTML template” . There is any possibility to get back the money when I will buy the “Wordpress template”?
June 11,2019
The screenshots show a hamburger menu on the left with an off-canvas menu on the left side, but all the demos only show the menu on the right. Any demo that actually shows the left white vertical nav with the hamburger at the bottom?
June 11,2019
The live version of the site requires an Google Maps API key, where should one insert that?
June 11,2019
Hi Spab. Great work as usual. Just a quick question. Is there any way to add some tweak to the single portfolio pagination? It would really awesome if one could add the project previews as pictures to the single portfolio pagination.
June 11,2019
Thanks for adding the “dark” version!
June 10,2019
Hi, I would like to purchase this theme, but i saw 2 things. First is that on mobile (samsung note 5) it scrolls horizontally in some pages, for example SERVICES. The second thing is that you are missing some elements like cards/boxes for “view more services” or “view more articles”. These things usually appear at the end of a blog or service.
June 09,2019
Question: I see a dribble feed on the Dani template. Is an instagram feed possible? Thanks!
June 09,2019
Cool design! If it would be WP I would buy it.
June 09,2019
Do you have the sites set up separately so that I don’t have to disable the multiple versions. thanks mark
June 08,2019
when will the wordpress version be avaible?
June 08,2019
I need this theme in WP, any news regarding a WP version?
June 07,2019
Good morning. I am pretty happy with the template and so is my client. Almost ready to publish, I’ve noticed tough 2 issues that I kindly ask your help to solve.
1) The hamburger menu on small screens have no right margin and if I try to fix it it affects the desktop version, which is fine.
2) On the full background video SOUND (mute-video mute-vimeo) is not working…
Thank you so much and keep the good work. Cheers. Stucky
June 06,2019
Hi, I just bought you your project and I can only tell you that I love it. My question is how can I make social media icons bigger?
June 06,2019
Does the video portfolio have the option of infinite load (without pagination)?
June 05,2019
Hello there! I’m customising the theme to have the header & footer to load with PHP on different internal pages, but it seems it doesn’t get passed the page-loading block. Would you guys have any idea what might be happening? You can see it at http://www.paularupolo.com/index.php. Thanks!
June 05,2019
Congratulations on the theme. I really like it.
But it has a low speed score… is there room for improvement?