Surreal - One Page Parallax Drupal Theme

Surreal - One Page Parallax Drupal ThemeSurreal - One Page Parallax Drupal ThemeSurreal - One Page Parallax Drupal ThemeSurreal - One Page Parallax Drupal Theme

Surreal - One Page Parallax Drupal ThemeSurreal - One Page Parallax Drupal ThemeSurreal - One Page Parallax Drupal Theme Surreal - One Page Parallax Drupal Theme Surreal - One Page Parallax Drupal Theme Surreal - One Page Parallax Drupal Theme


If you are looking for something different and a bit surreal, please check out the Surreal Studio – Responsive One Page Parallax Drupal Theme. Surreal is a easy to use one page parallax drupal 7 theme with a loads of great features. It has been designed to make it easy to customize. Choose from either a fullscreen slideshow or a fullscreen YouTube video running in the background of your page. Simply put any YouTube URL and your away.


  • Fully responsive web design for all devices
  • Blog with Image, Slider & Video Post
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Work with YouTube (YouTube only). Copy/Paste a YouTube URL and the video will automatically plays full screen – lots of options
  • Isotope masonry portfolio with prettyphoto lightbox
  • Advanced CSS3 animations
  • Prefix Free CSS (no more webkit or moz)
  • Flickr Module
  • Social Icons Module
  • Compatible on all major modern browsers
  • Well documented

Feedback from Buyers

Surreal - One Page Parallax Drupal Theme

Change Log & Updates

----- 1.6 (19 June 2015) -----
* Updated modules to latest versions
* Updated drupal to latest core

----- 1.6 (18 June 2015) -----
* Updated PrettyPhoto Lightbox for security reasons

----- 1.5 (14 June 2015) -----
* Fixed video background issues (new google api)
* Updated modules
* Updated drupal core to latest 7.37
* Fixed some minor bugs
* Overall performance improvments
* Updated documentation

----- 1.4 (12-03-2014) -----
* Updated drupal core to latest 7.34

----- 1.3 (10-28-2014) -----
* Fixed drop-down mobile menu
* Updated drupal core to latest 7.32

----- 1.3 (09-22-2014) -----
* Fixed css issues on safari
* Updated modules
* Updated drupal core to latest 7.31
* Fixed some image issue on theme settings.

----- 1.2 (12-04-2013) -----
* Fixed some minor bugs
* Fixed css issues on chrome
* Added option to create custom content types

----- 1.1 (12-04-2013) -----
* Fixed some minor bugs
* Fixed css issues on chrome
* Added option to create custom content types
* Updated documentation
* Included Views and Content Types (for standalone installation)

----- 1.0.2 (11-22-2013) -----
* Fixed some minor bugs

----- 1.0.1 (11-20-2013) -----
* Added Template codes
* Updated documentation

----- 1.0 (10-05-2013) -----
Initial release

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Comments (56)

July 14,2019
Hi, we’re about to start a new project with parallax as a central element of design. My main concern about the Surreal theme for Drupal is that everywhere I see the “ONE PAGE Parallax” and I don’t really know if we can use the features includes on the theme in more than one page, for instance, I see a contact and blog plages with different layuot than the home bute can I use the design elements in other pages like Ubercart products or landing pages? does this template have the option of place the elements in differents places or use the parallax or other features in pages different than the home? (like left sidebar instead of right) Is there any demo or video showing how can we work at the backend? I know is kind of confusing question but I want to make sure that what we’re buying will meet our expectations.
July 13,2019
Hi, great theme! I’ve just installed it, but the map on the contact section is not showing?
July 13,2019
Congrats , wish you the best with sales.Kind Regards,Bedros
July 12,2019
does it theme ‘views’ output correct? most theme developers forget this feature and produce garbage or bad aligned output from views.
July 08,2019
Hi, I’m interested in your theme. I’ve a question about the “portfolio” section.
July 06,2019
Nice job with the conversion, best of luck
July 06,2019
This template it’s compatible with drupal 6? It’s possible?
July 04,2019
There is a good job on it!
July 04,2019
I just purchased the theme, I need to ask some support, please!
- in the portfolio section how can I translate the “All” category
- I would like to create different sections with only the image with parallax effect and with a text above them, without titles or other contents, how can I do that?
Many thanks
July 03,2019
Hi, in the Surreal demo the pictures and fonts become smaller, when making the Browser window smaller, but if you make it e.g. as small as a mobile in landscape you see mostly only a part of it, and not the whole contents I would like to see. Is it possible that I can set the scale within the theme?
July 03,2019
Hi, we are having problems with youtube video since last month.
July 03,2019
Hey there.
We just bought the template and installed it for drupal version 7.56; But it seems to have a problem: The template doesn’t really load and gives us multiple errors like:
Array to string conversion in include() (...surreal/page.tpl.php)
July 02,2019
hi. just for my concern. this theme is paid for $48 just for 6 month right? is that means that after 6 month we cannot use this theme or it still can be use?
July 02,2019
I would like to purchase this theme but before I need to know if I could be able, later in Drupal, to add a section or a page for selling products. I would like to upload all the drupal modules for eCommerce shop and create so an additional ecommerce page.
It’s no problem if I’ll need to reset al the look and feel or not, what I need to know mainly it’s if I could add a shop page.
July 01,2019
i want t bay the theme but i have to ask if there is metalanguage supported
June 29,2019
Turkish characters have problems
How do I change the font
June 29,2019
Hi ,happy new year,Is RTL supported?
June 29,2019
Hello, I’m trying to rename the theme so I can develop on one and not break the core version.. I got it working for the most part but it seems like there’s a css or js issue because a lot of assets do not load on the copy vs the original. I did a find and replace all for the word “surreal” in the copy and replaced it with a copy name, copied the “surreal” folder in the files directory and renamed it accordingly as well. Any advice?
June 29,2019
Does this come with the drupal backend CMS? or is it just a theme?
June 27,2019
An excellent job. Good luck dude!
June 27,2019
Is this theme compatible with PHP 7.2?
June 27,2019
As other comments have already indicated there is a problem with the mobile drop-down. This problem persists in the version currently available for download (October 2014) and in the online demo! The cause of the problem is wrong coding in the file inspiromedia.js in the js folder of the theme. More details about the problem and how to resolve it:
June 25,2019
When I tried to upload a background image, i get this error.. Please can you advise me how to fix this? Thanks
June 24,2019
Hi, i want to install this theme…..i found my drupal core is 7.26…is this template compatible?
June 24,2019
Hi and congrats for your awesome style!
Is there a QSPack?
Thanks for your time.
June 23,2019
With this one-page template, there is an option to have other pages on the site and place the links in the main menu, correct? Just need a confirmation before purchase.
June 23,2019
My slideshow on the front page stopped sliding. I have 5 images, but only the first shows/loads. Also, the up/down arrows are missing. It was working fine, and when I switch it to display a youtube video, it displays fine. Is this a problem with the them, or other module?
June 22,2019
Can I use this one page Theme to theme my Drupal front page and integrate in the menu system and have another theme for the rest of the site (perhaps using a module like ThemelKey).
June 22,2019
Nice theme, i just wanna know how can i translate the parallax text
June 17,2019
I’ve got the problem with video in background (slider).
June 17,2019
I installed my site and I can’t see the zoom effect when hovering the images in the portfolio you show in the live site, it just fades the title and description div.
Thank you
June 17,2019
How to add multiple image to the slide show, with ability to add links?
what i found is only the ability to add three images with text only!!!
June 15,2019
Best support ever for drupal theme … these guys are the best!
June 15,2019
nice work, I installed the demo, everything ok, but I do not see the images in the home .. and I can not load them … why?
June 14,2019
sweet looking theme! any chance of having a look at the install docs before purchase?
June 14,2019
I want to congratulate the authors of Surreal. I’ve tested dozens (literally) of responsive full screen themes and this is the only one that behaves consistently and smoothly across all devices and browsers. I am happily proceeding to purchase this theme now—thanks!
June 14,2019
Hi.. I was trying to create a sub theme from surreal. But somehow the css wasn’t loaded. For the new sub theme following files were copied: logo.png, screenshot.png, [sub-theme].info.
June 12,2019
Apologies in advance for my noobishness. I’ve scoured the theme forest site in search of the perfect theme and yours was what I found. Before I purchase it I need to ask a few questions-
1. Can I add a store on it with either a wordpress plugin or just building a new page?
2. Though you have a wordpress version, I like the flow and options of the drupal version best(such as the dark fullscreen video). Can I install it into my wordpress? I’m sure that question has an obvious answer but this is pretty new to me so I appreciate your patience.
June 12,2019
Videos on the home page aren’t working on my sites, even on the live template demo page. Google video API is returning 410 error. Please advise.
June 11,2019
Would love to see this theme merged with the functionality of Hotel Diamond. Would like it to look like:
June 11,2019
Hi this might be a silly question but how do i get back to the admin section of the theme, i clicked the logout button and now i dont know how to get back to the admin section
June 11,2019
Hi, Do you know where I can find the css file for a custom view that I created?
June 10,2019
Very nice, I Like it GLWS
June 09,2019
I want to add some spaces between images in portfolio view. I try via view fields settings and css modifying, but with no success. Could you help me with this?
Thanks in advance,
June 09,2019
I purchased this theme some months ago, but just now I start to install and customize it to my client’s site, thus I haven’t any support now – it has expired. I did not face any problems, but my client’s needs are to have more than one portfolio, in fact 3, one below the other. I try to create this, by changing and adding code to your theme and I succed to have 3 portfolios. But I have an issue with the javascript: sometimes when I click to portfolio2 and 3 categories (All, etc.) I don’t have the expected results (it goes to first portfolio icons, or to footer section, etc).
Could you help me with this, and if you could I will renew my support license otherwise not.
June 09,2019
Hi, I saw there is an error with the gallery hover effect in Chrome and Safari. The dark theme works perfect but the light/white theme does not work in Chrome or Safari. Great theme though! Want to buy the white one but first want to know that the error has been sorted out before I purchase.
June 09,2019
I visited the “live preview” about a month ago, and the fullscreen video worked beautifully. Now, it doesn’t seem to be working – nothing has changed with my browser (Safari Version 6.1 (8537.71)). Has anything changed? I so want to purchase this, but want to double check that it’s going to work, at least on my own browser
June 09,2019
I purchased this theme and I am having problems with the drop down navigation on mobile devices. If a separate page from the front main page has been added to the navigation, you can’t go to it at all once the menu has switched to the drop down. I tried registering for your support forum, however, it won’t accept my item purchase code. I really need help with this ASAP for the site was supposed to launch today.
June 08,2019
he main menu links do not work on the mobile version liks that are outside the parallax could help me and I bought the template
June 08,2019
Sorry for my English translated with Google …
June 06,2019
I have the same problem as briand617. No video on my site or your sample site for the last few days. Have tried a few options with no luck.
June 06,2019
Nice theme , any clue on how have the portfolio show not all items at start but just a product category i chose ?
Have no problem remove the “All” but cant find where define a filter that work on page loading.
June 06,2019
Before buying:
in the slider, the titles can be clickable?
It supports multilingual?
It’s possible to add buttons in the blocks with the background images, these blocks can have height 1080px?
June 05,2019
Wonderful theme and easy to build websites with. My compliments! I still miss an important option: I would like to make links from the portfolio to a blog page.
June 05,2019
Is it possible to show only the specific sections (example only home, portfolio and about us)?
June 05,2019
I just purchased the theme, I need to ask some support, please! – in the portfolio section how can I translate the “All” category – I would like to create different sections with only the image with parallax effect and with a text above them, without titles or other contents, how can I do that? Many thanks