Boxter - Creative Responsive WordPress Theme

Boxter - Creative Responsive WordPress Theme Boxter - Creative Responsive WordPress Theme Boxter - Creative Responsive WordPress Theme Boxter - Creative Responsive WordPress Theme Boxter - Creative Responsive WordPress ThemeBoxter - Creative Responsive WordPress Theme

Boxter WordPress Theme is a fully responsive HTML5 theme that is ideal for photographers, agencies, freelancers and creative blogs.

It offers full and fixed width portfolio grids, awesome hover effects, full width sliders with HTML5 background video & touch support, fashionable captions, contact form with honeypot spam prevention and tons of professional styling options.

Boxter - Creative Responsive WordPress Theme Boxter - Creative Responsive WordPress Theme Boxter - Creative Responsive WordPress Theme Boxter - Creative Responsive WordPress Theme Boxter - Creative Responsive WordPress Theme

Theme Features

Loaded with Options!

The Foundry Theme Options Panel makes it easy for you to control every aspect of your site from logos, colors, fonts to various site settings and much more.

Responsive Layout

Adapts to fit your users’ device, from large desktop screens to tablets and all the way down to mobile.

Unlimited Skins/Colors

Easily create your own look, the combinations are unlimited. We have included two skins (light and dark) to get you started.

Portfolio Full Width / Fixed Width Grid

Choose between two different grid layouts for your portfolio index.

Filtrable Portfolio

Categorize your projects and optionally use a portfolio filter.

Awesome Hover Effect

Great looking hover effect with customizable parameters such as zoom factor, rollover color, font color and choice of using either logo or custom captions.

Fullscreen Background Images

Set global or invidual fullscreen images for pages, posts and projects. Opactiy and overlay pattern are customizable.


  1. Full width slider with touch swipe support by UDTHEMES with support for HTML5 background video, custom captions and different transition options such as left to right, top to bottom and fade. Set different transitions for desktop and mobile.
  2. Flexslider with custom captions.

AJAX Contact Form

Sleek AJAX contact form with form validation and honeypot spam prevention.


Fancybox lightbox with custom captions, image, video and SoundCloud support.

Demo Content

Demo content (pages, posts, layouts etc.) is included so that you can be up and running quickly.

PSD files

Full source plus invidiual PSDs for all sections and patterns included.

Well Documented

Extensive online and offline documentation

Supports Major Browsers

Supported by IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Note: some CSS3 styles not supported in older browsers.


All support is handled in our support forum at We encourage you to post all your questions concerning Everest WordPress there as your questions may have already been answered or may be of help to other people that have also purchased the theme.

Accessing the Forum

To access the forum you will need your “Item Purcahse Code”, which can be found in your download section of your dashboard. Click Here if you need help finding it


To see all contributors and credits for photographs, videos, and scripts used please click here.


Version 1.5 – Status: LIVE
Update includes:

Contact Form Honeypot improvements

For files affected in this update, please click here.

Version 1.4 – Status: LIVE
Update includes:

Improved Child-Theming Capabilities: Theme functions can now be overridden
Changed Accordion Shortcode behavior. Active Accordion can now be closed
Added [year] shortcode that can be used in the copyright notice in the footer
Updated Epic Slider
Updated Twitter icon
Various minor improvements

For files affected in this update, please click here.

Version 1.3 – Status: LIVE
Update includes:

WordPress 3.9 Ready

For files affected in this update, please click here.

Version 1.2 – Status: LIVE
Update includes:

Name change from Brooklyn to Boxter
Various Minor Improvements

For files affected in this update, please click here.

Version 1.1 – Status: LIVE
Update includes:

WordPress 3.8 Ready
Updated the Foundry Theme Options Panel to version 4.2.5
Added 500px to Social Network Links
Epic Slider Background Video Mute button bugfix

For files affected in this update, please click here.

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Made with Passion for people with passion.

Comments (63)

July 15,2019
Hey – what font you use to create logo?
July 15,2019
is the theme also compatible with the Visual Composer? or are you planning the next update to install this?
July 13,2019
Tell me how to use demo content?
July 13,2019
Looks awesome! Good luck with your sales
July 12,2019
How easy is it to change the Portfolio filter animation style? I would rather display only the selected filter and hide the ones not selected.
July 10,2019
I have a problem with template boxter for wordpress and font owald on google chrome, the text is truncate.
July 09,2019
Hi, my question is how can i order the projects into the category page?
July 09,2019
Nice and simple, just the way I like it. But I would like to read the info for the Brooklyn Theme. Not the Raw theme…
July 07,2019
Amazing work, I love your work.
July 07,2019
Hello I love Boxter, I have a question: why my chart look like that ; without backgorund, thanks!
July 06,2019
I’m surprised Envato allowed this to be called Brooklyn. There was another WP theme of exactly the same name released last week.
July 04,2019
Killer theme. Easy to use. Thanks a bunch!
July 02,2019
Hello, I have a few questions for you regarding this theme.
July 02,2019
Hi, does this theme work with the latest version of NextGen Gallery Plugin? Thanks.
June 30,2019
First at all – thanks for a great theme! One question: can you tell me about the credits for the great smoking woman vid into the slider? Is it a stock video?
June 30,2019
I did like your other template but this one makes me crazy Not easy to work with.
How do i remove the black widget area? I don’t mean the footer but the area that shows up over the footer?? Can you please send me the costume code i need to use on code area?
June 30,2019
How can I make the height of this Featured Image lower, while keeping the width the same? Whenever I upload the image with half the original height it always resizes it to fit the default featured image.height.
June 29,2019
Is your boxter themes homepage unlimited as far as how many sections can be added like multiple sliders, looping video, testimonials, quote sections, etc.?
June 28,2019
When I click on a video, it takes me to an entirely different page. Is there any Ajax plugin, etc. that would work with your theme so the video would appear over the portfolio page? (so site visitors don’t leave the portfolio page) This will most likely be the determining factor on whether I buy the theme. Thanks!
June 27,2019
How do I make the header larger? I want my logo to be bigger and for the menu to not overlap it. Thanks
June 27,2019
Hi Having trouble with image galleries.
June 27,2019
In the blog How do I make the date show a Month/Day/Year. I tried to change it under settings>general but it’s still the same. right now it shows day/month/year
June 26,2019
Why turning the WP Version into something completely different? Waited for this such a long time ….
June 26,2019
How can i set just one image on slide, i mean, not slide, just one image feature
June 25,2019
Hello, I love the theme! Pre-purchase question. Can the posts be removed on the home page? I would like to have just the products, then the footer? Thanks!
June 25,2019
Hello, how can I use custom CSS per page?
June 25,2019
Hello. When I try to install the theme on WP it tells me the the theme is “missing the style.css stylesheet” and cannot be installed. Why is it doing that? Please let me know, thanks.
June 24,2019
I announced yet another problem now more than a month ago! No one has bothered to fix it. This theme sucks, there is always something that does not work … or solve the problem immediately, or claim a refund of money spent unnecessarily on this subject that never works!
June 24,2019
Great theme, but have I understood this correctly: you cannot have full images just smaller in size on portfolio index page? Instead they are cropped?
June 23,2019
Awesome work my friend!!!!! Excellent theme, congratulations, wish you many sales!!!!
June 22,2019
Can i add youtube or vimeo videos?
June 20,2019
Hi there,
I sent a message via the support forum on the 23rd December regarding the epic slider on the home page and not being able to insert any of the video formats (ogg,mp4, htm) into it, still waiting on a reply. I apologise for the impatience here but at this stage my deadline has passed and is now a pretty urgent request.
June 20,2019
Nice Design, I am sure I’ll be purchasing soon. Good Luck on sales!
June 20,2019
How do I define which portfolio categories are shown on a page. I want to have different pages that show a specifice portfolio category rather than all categories
June 20,2019
I’m really pissed off about your theme Boxter. It doesn’t work anymore! It’s impossible to see the home sliders on iPhone and iPad!!! I see a big hole instead… I understand that you need time to update the scripts but it’s too long… It’s not professional!
June 19,2019
Looking for Brooklyn, where is it?
June 19,2019
Does this theme have a fullwidth option? I know it’s called Boxter but I may have a need for this feature:)
June 18,2019
I have a problem right after activating the theme without any plugins or modifications.
When creating a new page the additional options provided by the theme appear below the other panels as seen here: (please note the scrollbar)
June 18,2019
Here is a new one. My Talent roster drop down needs to be 2 columns because i cannot see all the names. There are 16 and will be more, but I can only see 8 or 9 names. Its goes below the fold and I cannot scroll down. How can I change that?
June 17,2019
Is there any way to see a demo full-width? I personally hate boxed look site, but the rest of this theme looks good. Just would very much appreciate having a full-width version to view… thx.
June 17,2019
Does this theme support child theming?
June 16,2019
I have recently purchased the theme and I love, it is fantastic, it has plenty of options with a simple and clean interface, is the best theme I’ve bought so far. Thank you very much.
June 16,2019
Hi, I love this theme and am looking forward to buying, but first I have a question.
June 15,2019
Hi, is this theme RTL compatible?
June 15,2019
Wonderful work , congrats.Kind Regards,Bedros
June 14,2019
Scam, theme full of problems … money down the drain
June 14,2019
Hi, I want to make international website. Does this theme support any multilanguage solution?
June 14,2019
Hi, Great theme! I was wondering how through the featured image area, where in the Media modal drop down you can assign “Featured in Slider” images, how can you order these? it seems to do them at random no matter what order, or image name I put them in as.
June 13,2019
How is it possible to translate this them into german?
June 13,2019
Come on guys, please get back to work and invest the power in your themes instead of this Issue with the naming.
June 12,2019
1+ Please rename it! was very confusing for me too.
June 11,2019
The above options are set in Foundry > General under “Select Front Page Layout”
June 10,2019
HI, i’m trying to use the IMPACT CAPTION, but the letters are being written with drop shadow, and i don’t want it! Can u please help me.
June 10,2019
Wow! realy nice design love it!
June 10,2019
I think we have all been very patient here and we certainly gave you the benefit of the doubt due to the holiday season, but I have to ask…
June 09,2019
Hi – I’m interested in purchasing your theme (Boxter) The one issue I am having are the lines on the home page photos. Can those be removed?
June 09,2019
I want the blog layout to look like the homepage layout where there is all the posts in the middle…..kind of like
is there a way to do this?
June 09,2019
Hi there! I’m interested in purchasing this theme. 1) Is it retina display compatible? 2) Is the theme compatible with ecommerce plugins? Thanks!
June 09,2019
ive purchased and installed the theme but i dont have the page layout options available. how do i fix this?
June 06,2019
Hi – tried to visit the Brookyn demo at UDThemes with my iPhone:
June 06,2019
hi, if it is possible to add videos to de homepage slider?
June 05,2019
I need help, I can’t find this information on adding a second top menu navigation bar? I really need this and also adding Social Icons at the top?
June 05,2019
If WooCommerce was integrated… I would buy in a heartbeat!!!