TravelGuide HTML Template

About Wordpress version!

Wordpress version is already done but because Themeforest has raised their design standards, it got rejected. So if you need it right away, you can contact me from profile page but otherwise you just need to wait and see if it appears here someday.


Theme Information

TravelGuide is simple & clean theme and it is designed to used by all kinds of travel sites and blogs.

Thanks to MedioWorks for this beautiful design!

Latest Update: v1.2 – 24.11.2011

  • Added: Fullwidth page template

Main Features:

  • Valid HTML and CSS Tableless Design
  • All files are well commented
  • All images are compressed with PunyPNG to increase your site performance.
  • CSS -based Multilevel Dropdown Navigation
  • Fancybox (jQuery Lightbox clone)
  • Trips Viewer with Tabs
  • 5 Pre made pages:
    • Home
    • Single Post
    • Single Page
    • Archives
    • News
  • Crossbrowser compatible
  • PSDs and Documentation
  • And many more “little” features

I’m also ready to your suggestions to improve this template. If you can’t find something what you think this theme really needs or you spot that something is wrong, please leave a comment and I’ll get right on it!

And you don’t need afraid to leave without support because that’s not the case. So don’t be shy, if you have question just ask! I’m going to do my best to help you. TravelGuide HTML Template

Flickr images used in demo:[email protected]/3114276532/[email protected]/3472778601/

All Updates

v1.2 - 24.11.2011
    Added: Fullwidth page template

v1.1 - 18.11.2011
    Added: Gallery page
    Added: Media queries for 1024*768px resolution

v1.0 - Initial version

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Comments (55)

July 15,2019
Amazing job! If you decide to make a WP theme I’ll for sure purchase it Would love to see a gallery page added.
July 14,2019
Dude let me ask again after everyone else has. Wordpress theme please
July 13,2019
Hi Smulii, Great theme! How would I get access to the WordPress version? I would like to see a demo first.
July 12,2019
Not give any explanation?
That sucks! This is inconceivable!
July 12,2019
i want to use it in Right-to-left site with unicode. is it easy to do so? some themes dont work on IE when i change its direction to RTL . will this one work nice?
July 10,2019
How can change Color on “TopShine” in the psd?
is a flat image?
July 09,2019
hello again can you comment if this theme is responsive?
July 08,2019
Hi! I have a problem on index.html
When i change the #featured-trips or #popular-trips or #most-viewed-trips name, the slider dosen’t work normal, is slide it…:/
July 08,2019
Hi, we would like to buy your templates and wondering if you can make the HTML template design responsive?
July 07,2019
its pretty nice template you should convert it to wordpress
July 06,2019
it can’t be done in WP, any possibility of having the admin panel instead? would love to have this theme for a travel site..
July 06,2019
We want a wordpress version for this template!
We need it! `Cause it’s so beautiful …
July 06,2019
Hi, I have recently purchased this theme. Only issue I have is that I cant get it to work at all in IE7 . I am viewing it with IE Tester and all I get is a blank page. Has anyone else come across this issue?
July 05,2019
or it has an admin panel already?
July 05,2019
You should put clear: both at #trips-viewer .trips-container class. Right now, if you rename tab titles it can become messy.
Otherwise, great template.
July 04,2019
Hy! How can i duplicate the trips-viewer in the main page?
Duplicate mean diferent content.
July 03,2019
I agree that Wordpress would be great!
July 03,2019
Thanks for the reply Smuliii.
The problem is not the look on ie6, the problem is that when you test the site on ie6 it looks like there is no CSS available at all. This happens even on the live sample that you have on themForest.
July 03,2019
Can I please get the wordpress version of this template? Thank you
July 02,2019
Hi Great template, its says it’s compatible with i.e. 6 but it doesnt load a style sheet for this does it? the layout is lost in i.e. 6 and floats down the left of the page?
July 02,2019
Throw this into wordpress with an admin interface and I’m 100% buying – outstanding clean work (without all the extra bullshit!) !
July 01,2019
hallo guys is a very nice template but i have a small problem
the bg in drop menu in ie 8 i have is not show also the trasparent bg on slide photos also don’t show.
July 01,2019
Dude i sent you an email and a tweet. My email is [email protected] I want to buy your the WP version of this theme. Please contact me Is there any documentation of this theme to learn more details ? Thanx a lot
July 01,2019
In the HTML version – do the comments update automatically?
July 01,2019
hi whats the best way you advice to edit this template i mean i wana fill it with information and news .. what program should i use ??? .. thanx
June 30,2019
very nice layout. I´m using it but I need dark version
June 30,2019
Nice template here . I will buy it very soon and start a brand new travel blog. There is something I do not like and I was wondering if I can do something else.
The gallery has only one page now. I wish, when a visitor accesses the “Galery” page to be shown a list of sub-galleries (ex: Pictures from Rome, Pictures from Munich, etc) and when you click on that album you will see the real gallery for that one. Yes, that’s the word: I need to be able to manage albums. Is this possible in your template?
Later edit: I did not noticed that this is not a Wordpress template, so the question is for the wordpress template . Can I see a live demo of that template somewhere?
June 30,2019
Wow this is great, well done!
June 30,2019
fantastic theme, i think i’m going to buy it
a gallery page would be perfect!
June 29,2019
SO waiting for a wordpress version. This is an awesome theme!
June 29,2019
I absolutely adore this and would like to vehemently back the calls for a Wordpress theme!!
June 27,2019
WP please and multiple colors please
June 25,2019
Nice Layout! I purchased it and i am wondering how can i change the team color of the template?
June 25,2019
Is it possible to change the red color for the navigation buttons to a different color. I can not see to find it in the css
June 23,2019
i´d immediately buy it for my project – if it´d be responsive …
June 23,2019
I would like to buy this in Wordpress. Pls contact me [email protected]
awesome them by the way. thnx
June 22,2019
I like this theme, and i’m using it for a new project but…
Is it possible to do a full page without sidebar ? and after this, is it possible to provide a “forum” style template page ?
June 22,2019
can i have the wordpress theme ? where?
i bought the html template by mistake
June 19,2019
Hi, my slider doesn’t stop onmouseover, how can I change it?
June 19,2019
Very nice template, I like it a lot!
June 18,2019
i cannot get the theme to upload no matter what i do. Is there some special instructions? Do i need to unzip the theme and then rezip it to upload?
June 17,2019
I apologize that you all had to wait my replies over three months but I’m going to fix this issue in this weekend. Still I need to say that I can’t read these comments on a regular basis so I ask you to be patience and find solution from somewhere else, like from Themeforest forums.
June 16,2019
Hello, i would like to buy wp theme, could you let me know if that’s still available?? Plz mail me back.
June 16,2019
Hello, I noticed you are ignoring each user’s request for a WP theme.
June 15,2019
I purchased the WordPress theme and I am really happy with it. It is very well built!!! A really nice clean theme that suits the subject perfectly.
June 13,2019
Wow great job any hope having a portfolio page and side bars ?
June 11,2019
Thanks guys! If I only have time I will make WP version but I can’t promise anything yet.
June 11,2019
Hi, can you make the html website responsive?
June 11,2019
Hello. Have this been fixed for 1024×768 ?
I’m having the same problems than “weeramon” 3 months ago.
June 10,2019
Very good job – so clean and elegant!
June 07,2019
I would like to get the wordpress version as well, can you let me know ho to get it?
June 06,2019
Awesome, any plans to make it a wordpress theme?
June 06,2019
This is a really beautiful, elegant, flexible and well thought out theme. Fantastic job.
June 06,2019
Purchased it Hope the gallery part get’s added too,
niiiiiiiceeeeeee work!