Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme

Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme

Zero is a creative responsive WordPress theme for Business, Blog, Magazine. The theme comes with 8 amazing pre-built sites, each pre-built site has different design concept and style. It also supports best eCommerce wordpress platform – WooCommerce.

SAVE YOU $53 – The WordPress theme includes the best selling slider plugin – Slider Revolution (save you $19) and the amazing WordPress builder – Visual Composer (save you $34).

Zero theme is built with Opal Framework that includes lots of useful options to manage your site. In addition, it supports multiple tools: Opal Megamenu, Opal Testimonials, Opal Brand … and powered with latest web technologies: Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, SASS, HTML5 and CSS3.

Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme

Core features in visual

Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme

More features

Check out more features of the outstanding Wordpress theme.

Powerful Wordpress theme

  • Built on Visual Composer most awesome visual page builder for WordPress
  • Integrated Mega Menu Module With Lightweight Megamenu Editor Tool
  • Integrated Vertical Mega Menu Module With Lightweight Megamenu Editor Tool
  • WordPress 4.9.x tested and approved, compatible with WP 4.0+
  • Built with Bootstrap 3, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Clean, modern, multi-purpose design can be used for any type of website
  • Elaborated clean code for your convenience
  • Cross-browser compatibility: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, IE10
  • Totally responsive design
  • Understandable and easy Visual Page Builder
  • Different sidebars variations
  • Amazing parallax effects both on rows and content
  • Fast and perfect performance while viewing
  • Compatible with many popular plugins
Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme

Ease of customization

  • Wordpress Customizer Supported: allow you configuring theme’s functions via Wordpress options. No need any Theme Options
  • Customizer allow to customize your site: Main options, Side area options, Social Link, Post list options, WooCommerce options, Portfolio options, Styling options, Layout settings, Footer section options, Header section options
  • Advanced options to enable/disable individual features
  • Full control over site width (full-width or boxed), content area and sidebars
  • Revolution slider included with updates provided
  • Fast and convenient Visual Builder
  • Vector icons for perfect retina design
  • Numerous background options: add parallax background images to Rows, style Menus, add as Header background, boxed content background or Client logos
  • Top page additional styling possibilities
  • Stunning Header styling variations
  • Footer builder function
  • Unlimited button styles: you set the height and the shape of the button manually, also additional CSS rules allow even more options
  • Touch friendly interface for your convenient usage on smartphones and tablets
  • Fully responsive design
  • Sidebar generator allows you to create the unlimited number of sidebars to your taste
  • Select Main/Second site color for easy customize tools

Built by most wanted Theme provider

Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme

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  • Support when you need!

    Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme

    The theme comes with an extensive help file to help you understand how it works. Drop us a notice at: Submit A Ticket Now if you encounter any problem or have questions, you will be supported by our best Wordpress developers who will help you solve any problem within 24 hours.

    Zero - Corporate Creative WordPress Theme

    Our support channels and useful references:

    Updates History:

    Version: 1.5.3 Updated 23-Feb-2018
    - Update Theme, Fix some bug
    Version: 1.4 Updated 14-April-2017
    - Updated woocommerce 3.0
    (-) /themes/zero/languages/Zero-EN.pot
    (-) /themes/zero/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/simple.php
    Version 1.3.1 – Updated 16 Jun 2016
    • Updated to compatible with WooCommerce 2.6 , Revolution Slider , Visual Composer 4.12
    Version 1.3.0 – Updated 24-Feb-2016
    • Updated fully compatible with newest Visual Composer 4.10 and WooCommerce 2.5.2
    • Note** : if you can not activated Zero FrameWork. Please make sure you delete current WPO Framework and using only Zero FrameWork
    Version 1.2.0 Updated 20-Jan-2016
    • Automatic active postype when actived theme
    • Implement one click to install sample data and update guide
    Version 1.1.0 – Updated 4-Jan 2016
  • Fixed problem with Testimonial and Brand Short code. Need delete WPO Themer Framework then reinstall when update
  • Version 1.0.0 – Created 15-Dec 2015
    • Release Zero Corporate Creative WordPress Theme

    Comments (53)

    July 14,2019
    can you update change log please?
    July 14,2019
    Nice to see new wp theme from Opal Team!
    July 14,2019
    do you guys provide one page theme
    July 14,2019
    How to show particular portfolio on “3 COLUMNS” page only ? not all porfolio categories
    July 13,2019
    Presale question… which version of wp do you use for this template? regards!
    July 12,2019
    If u have interest, i will develop HTML version. Share Profit 50/50
    July 11,2019
    Good job, really nice theme. Merry X-mas
    July 10,2019
    I am a little new to web development. Can the slider you have provided be used with VIDEO CLIPS on AUTO PLAY on the Slider . INSTEAD of a static image ? Sorry i am a newbie
    July 10,2019
    Hi. Just 1 inquiry before I purchase this theme: Can I make it bilingual (English & Arabic) or I need to create 2 separate websites?
    July 09,2019
    Is there a changelog for the last update?
    July 08,2019
    How Can I add link to logo on opal brands (finance version). In settings I can change only name and image…
    July 08,2019
    Are there files missing from the page_templates? There arent any home templates.
    July 07,2019
    Hi, I’m trying to add some custom fields to the WPO Team Grid item. Where is that file in the directory? wp-content/plugins/js-composer/? I know what I’m asking isn’t supported I’m just wondering if you could tell me where to find the file in the directory. I don’t need help doing it. Thanks
    July 07,2019
    Can anyone tell me which webfont is used in this theme?
    July 06,2019
    Hi Support, When Can I get response for my e-mail, because some functions still don`t work…
    July 06,2019
    Hi, I have written a few days ago and I have not yet received a response, how long you’d be doing? Thanks … Atte, Yovanni mail: [email protected], I hope, Answer me …
    July 06,2019
    am trying to import the dummy data but I am receiving an error. I have already tried resetting the database but receive an error.
    July 05,2019
    Does this theme include an API for Mail Chimp? Also, my pages disappeared on the backend after the latest Wordpress update. It’s as if Visual Composer longer works. Are you working on a update or is there another issue?
    July 04,2019
    Love the look of the theme, however, when running the one click importer or wordpresses own, it freezes. On the one click importer, its only when you select “Content” or “All”. I followed the guide but still no joy…. Any ideas?
    July 04,2019
    How do I change the logo size in the css?
    July 03,2019
    Hello, im getting this error when adding the social links in the widgets
    Warning: require(): Filename cannot be empty in /home/hallamdigital/public_html/wp-content/plugins/zeroframework/widgets/socials.php on line 36
    July 02,2019
    Its seems that none of the PBR widgets are working. When adding to any of the sidebars, none of them show up along with the rest of the page.
    July 02,2019
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    Thank you so much for interested in Opal Theme
    We are excited to continually provide an excellent product with superb customer service to all our users.
    If you have any pre-sales questions, please post them here in the item comments and our team will answer them promptly.
    If you have already purchased our-theme, I recommend that you send us a email to : [email protected] Our technical team will give you the best answer or they will resolve it for you.
    You can attachment photo with description about your problem, link , version you are using. More information help us more easier to support you

    View Our Online Documentation
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    Thank you, we look forward to serving you!
    Opal WordPress Team
    July 01,2019
    How enable Visual Composer for editing all “opal footers” ? I see only classic wordpress editor.
    June 30,2019
    Pre sales question: Is there a way to change the colors on Jewerly theme or is it always “black/grey”?
    June 29,2019
    Hello, why is the Footers section translated by WPML not shown on the website?
    On the version /es page you can see the default version (pl)...
    June 28,2019
    Hey just waiting for help over in the support form regarding some questions, should I ask them here as well?
    June 26,2019
    The pre-installed shortcode: [wpo_testimonials number=”1” skin=”slide light-style”] does not display the testimonials. What is the correct code (Finance theme)?
    June 24,2019
    Hi there! I have a couple questions:
    June 24,2019
    Is that possible to have a menu stuck on the top when scrolling ? And to have a button scroll to top ? Thanks.
    June 23,2019
    no more theme updates? latest plugins?
    June 21,2019
    Hi – we’re trying to replace the background image that’s at the top of a lot of pages (the group shot of business people). Can’t find it anywhere in WP though – where is it located please?? Thanks
    June 20,2019
    Great theme! Good luck with sales!
    June 19,2019
    Hi Aftersales required,
    zero plugin install issue:
    June 18,2019
    Since 3 days I have this error : WPBakery Visual Composer To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit Settings to activate your Visual Composer. Does it means Visual Composer is no longer supported with Zero Theme ?
    June 18,2019
    I am having the same issue as akimetinc I have installed the Finance Demo and I can not get any of the Carousels to work on my site. This includes the the Brands and the Testimonials. Why is this happening?
    June 17,2019
    How do I change the images that are 50% left and right. For example in the edit “Background Styles” Image 5 50% right
    June 17,2019
    Please I can’t import theme data because Revolution Slider not accepted my Purchase code and said it is invaild
    June 16,2019
    hello, in the documentation it is talking about opal footer, there is no opal footer in admin, where do i find it, please let me know, thank you
    June 14,2019
    after update to 1.4 the testimonials doesnt work anymore
    June 14,2019
    I installed your demo on a site and the coming soon page that appears on your demo doens’t work on mine.
    See here’s your coming soon page:
    June 13,2019
    Hello, is there any way to have the menu(of the financial style) to stay when scrolling down ? thank you
    June 12,2019
    On the studio demo, next to the menu it says “START YOUR PROJECT” how do you change the text and link?
    June 12,2019
    Hello, im getting this error when tried to activate “ZERO Framework For Themes” Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{’, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or ’$’ in /home/c/cw04193/wordpress/public_html/wp-content/plugins/zeroframework/import/ajax.php on line 86
    June 10,2019
    ​After update the WPO Testimonials Shortcode not work
    showing as text on site
    June 09,2019
    Hi Dear
    This Theme RTL Full Support?
    and .po File?
    Thank You
    June 09,2019
    Hi, i cannot see your demo page?
    June 08,2019
    Just FYI. I’ve tried all the demos and keep getting a Database Error page. I’m not sure who’s side that is on, but you may want to check into it.
    June 06,2019
    HI Sir
    I already buy theme, install like your guideline write inside attached document
    But i get many error :
    Failed to import Media “testimonial – 1”
    Failed to import Media “testimonial – 2”
    Failed to import Media “testimonial – 3”
    Failed to import Media “testimonial – 4”
    Failed to import Media “testimonial – 5”
    Failed to import Media “testimonial – 6”
    Failed to import Media “portfolio-1”
    Failed to import Media “portfolio-2”
    Failed to import Media “portfolio-3”
    Failed to import Media “portfolio-4”
    Failed to import Media “portfolio-5”
    Failed to import Media “portfolio-6”
    Failed to import Media “portfolio-7”
    Failed to import Media “portfolio-8”
    Failed to import Media “portfolio-9”
    Failed to import Media “portfolio-10”
    Failed to import Media “logo-white”
    Failed to import Media “logo-black”
    Failed to import Media “bg-service-2”
    Failed to import Media “bg-service-3”
    Failed to import Media “bg-service-4”
    June 06,2019
    Hi there! How can I change image of the page in the header where you have title of the page?
    June 06,2019
    Using finance, how can I change the row backgrounds? Its seems I can only use the included pictures in the theme. Am I missing something here?
    June 06,2019
    Nice clean style. Good work! Best of luck with sales.
    June 05,2019
    I purchased this theme on march 28, 2016 but it is no longer available to download from my downloads page and I haven’t downloaded it before. What can I do to recover the file? I sent you a Private Ticket request: #865429
    Thank you very much.