Motijobs - Human Resources Admin Template

MotiJobs – Human Resources Admin Template, a complete HR admin template.

MotiJobs is an extensive template for HR business. We have invested lot of time and resources on research for this template. Our HR background was also very helpful during our work on MotiJobs. Thanks to knowledge and experience of our HR managers we were able to create the most functional template for this kind of business.

MotiJobs is powerfull directory, search engine and admin template for all businesses connected with Human Resources. It comes with extensive profiles for jobs, candidates, professionals, agents, teams of agents and companies.

Motijobs - Human Resources Admin Template


30 November 2016

- Fix: Home page category and location field mobile view.
- Fix: Job search sidebar mobile view appending.

26 November 2016

- Add: Changed home page slider with owl carousel.

Comments (9)

July 13,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
July 11,2019
Hi, I am interested to know if its totally working template or still some back end work will be required ? I see registration step 3 there is payment method ( should it be developed additionally or it has already entegrated paypal and credit cards payment options) ??
same like “contact person” when i click it not works – will it work in real version or i need to do some additional codeing to make it work?
July 10,2019
Awesome theme! Good luck with sales
July 03,2019
Hello, I Noticed Some Images, Styles are Not Working in Mozilla FIrefox. Please Help me to Solve the Problem
July 01,2019
Hello, I have just bought the product and have not found information about how to set up the theme. Where is it available?
June 30,2019
hi,i wanna buy these template i have few doubts regarding license can you please contact me to these email [email protected]
June 17,2019
Great Theme! I notice one thing and I haven’t been able to fix it myself. When working with a select drop down I’m not able to use the “selected=true” option to pre-select an item when the page loads. It always selects the first item in the drop down no matter witch one I set to selected=true. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
June 15,2019
Hello I have a few questions concerning your template before I buy it :
1. The links do not work, is there a backend or is it just plain html and CSS?
2. How does the score system work?
June 07,2019
Hi Nice Theme.looks good. before purchase i have some doubt.
1.Is there is a client dashboard,candidate dashboard,admin dashboard is available are not. the database is included are not.