Rava - Creative One Page Multipurpose PSD Template

Rava is beautiful and clean Multipurpose One page PSD Template which is Perfect choice for portfolio, agency, landing page, personal use, creative, teams and much more.The PSD file is built on bootstrap 11700px gird system and fully customizable and all elements are in groups and can easily identify by the group name as well.

Cetus - Creative Portfolio Psd Template

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- 8 Home version
- Well Organized layers makes it very easy to update
- Site content is 1170px grid wide
- All fonts used in the templates are available for download, the links are below

This template include 95 PSD files
+ Home Version
01_01_Home v1
01_02_Home v2
01_03_Home v3
01_04_Home v4
01_05_Home v5
01_06_Home v6
01_07_Home v7
01_08_Home v8

+ Inner Pages
02_01_About Us v1
02_02_About Us v2
02_03_Our team
02_04_About Me
02_05_Services v1
02_06_Services v2
02_07_Price Table
02_08_Contact Us v1
02_09_Contact Us v2
02_10_Contact Us v3

+ Blog
03_01_Default Version
03_02_Grid Fullwidth
03_03_Grid With Sidebar
03_04_Grid without sidebar
03_05_List Style
03_06_Masonry With Sidebar
03_07_Masonry Without Sidebar
03_08_Blog Detail

+ Portfolio
04_01_One Column With Text
04_02_Two Column With Text
04_03_Three Column With Text
04_04_Four Column With Text
04_05_Four Column Fullwidth With Text
04_06_Five Column Fullwidth With Text
04_07_One Column Without Text
04_08_Two Column Without Text
04_09_Three Column Without Text
04_10_Four Column Without Text
04_11_Four Column Fullwidth Without Text
04_12_Five Column Fullwidth Without Text
04_13_Two Column Without Spacing
04_14_Three Column Without Spacing
04_15_Three Column Fullwidth Without Spacing
04_16_Four Column Fullwidth Without Spacing
04_17_Five Column Fullwidth Without Spacing
04_18_Five Column Fullwidth Without Spacing
04_19_Masonry Two Column
04_20_Masonry Three Column
04_21_Masonry Four Column
04_22_Masonry Four Column Fullwidth
04_23_Masonry Five Column Fullwidth
04_24_Content Stick Image
04_25_Content Sidebar Custom
04_26_Content Sidebar Fullwidth
04_27_Image Slider
04_28_Big Image header
04_29_Image With Detail
04_30_Content extended

+ Action
05_01_Menu action
05_02_menu icon action
05_03_Quickview action

+ Shop
06_01_Shop Grid Style
06_02_Shop List Style
06_03_Shop Without Sidebar
06_04_Product Detail v1
06_05_Product Detail v2
06_06_Product Detail v3
06_08_My Cart

+ Element
07_03_Call To Action
07_04_Contact Form 7
07_05_Couters & Countdown
07_07_Gallery Image Only
07_08_Gallery With Bock Content
07_09_Google Map
07_10_Heading Style
07_12_Icon boxed
07_13_Image With Text
07_14_List Stye
07_15_Logo Clients
07_16_Message box
07_17_Pie Chart
07_18_Price Table
07_19_Progress bars
07_20_Social Icon
07_21_Subscribe Box
07_22_Tab & Accordions
07_23_Team Member
07_26_Work Process
08_Landing Page

Fonts used


Icon used


Comments (2)

June 17,2019
Nice. I did however notice that in the contact form, that the text entry is black, and is almost transparent. I suggest that it be changed to white, and make the input text, larger as well.
June 07,2019
New to Muse templates. Purchased the template, however can not afford adobe editor. Any chance of converting to WordPress and if so what would it cost? Thank you!